Native Americans fuck off

Native Americans are a low IQ population. They were not here first because Whites were here first.
America belongs to White people, not Chinks but dumber.
Some people say "but muh self determination"
Fuck off. Self determination is only a political idea we appeal to. Only Whites deserve self determination.

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national socialism applies to natives as well, take your low-iq zionist stooge threads elsewhere.

This is a WHITE country not a SHITSKIN country.

America? Could have fooled me.

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Braindead retard alert. Europe is the homeland of the whites, not the Americas.

Ethnic replacement is not wrong. It is a useful weapon for the White race to prosper. We have ethnically replaced the INFERIOR native Americans. It's survival of the fittest!

The original native americans were White. They were replaced by dumb Chinks who turned into nativeniggers.

"Native Americans" should go back to Asia.
My European blood ancestors, the Solutreans were here first.


I've always heard liberals claim Christianity held back progress, but if the Natives were left to their own devices they would still be stuck in the stone age to this very day.

What about giving them Alaska and the frozen shithole top of Canada to have their own injun-eskimo federation?

>Oy vey let's bear the (((white man's burden))) and lift other races up instead of gassing them all

Natives fought back and they where right to do so for there own good. If they didn't fight they wouldn't have a dime today. They secured themselves drug houses, liquor stores, welfare, and casinos. They could have had something greater if they truly wanted it.

It is not ours to give!

What about giving them Alaska and the frozen shithole top of Canada to have their own injun-eskimo federation?

Alaska belongs to Russia!

Based UFO men were here first, they made us.

Also, I am not Amerindian. I am Danish.

You know it would be pretty based if a politician invited Firewater Warren to SD to "remember a massacre", to only end up taking her to Crow Creek instead of Wounded Knee. He could place 500 American flags down, and as added insult he could say that he wants to push to give them honorary American citizenship since "their nation was long gone"

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dubs confirm

Whites began in Europe, correct, but they were also the first humans to settle in North America.

SOUTH America the shitskins MIGHT have been to first, but it's all one landmass so even if we only arrived on the northern half we get it all. At bets maybe they can have some islands like Hawaii.

nice try at D&C, Moshe.

there are 5.2 million Native Americans. 78% of them do not live on Reservations.even more of them are so mixed with white blood that you couldn't tell they are Indian and you mostly don't notice them.

meanwhile, there are 5.4 million kikes in America. das rite. the Jew out numbers the Injun. and just look at how destructive the kike is. all you can do is notice the kike everywhere, infiltrating amd sunverting everything, stealing everything, and generally spreading degeneracy and disease and chaos in their wake.

anything and anyone who tries to distract you from targeting the true (((menace))) to the white man is themselves the kike.

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Not when it happens to White people.
Or is it?

user, just because OP doesn't like one random non-White race doesn't make him a zionist. Zionism is jewish global supremacy. How is anything he said zionist in any way?

Stop spreading this solutrean nonsense and stop with the feminine we wuz here first loser narrative, trying to appease them. America is white because your ancestors conquered it. Native americans can screech as much as they want. A land belongs to those who can conquer it and defend it. The conquest of America is in spirit not too different from how your horse riding aryan ancestors conquered Europe from the east 4000 years ago.

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Can confirm. Live next to a shitty rez and it is pure shit mudshit feathernigger shit

Cucked and boomer tier

Correct, Indians are our version of abbos, the only difference being they weren't even here before anybody. They are most useless, perpetually drunk / drugged up, 50 IQ, polluting pieces of garbage you'll ever meet. As usual, crime in their communities is borderline nigger tier.

Reminder also that many of the top Indians who run casinos or are in academia / politics are actually literal kikes going with the "I'm 1/64 cherokee" meme.

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who cares

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t. Ben "Golden Hawk" Goldberg
Nationalism doesn't even apply to your people because you never even built a nation or conceptualized civilization. Whites built the nation in the lands you immigrated to and try to destroy, Chinks built the nations in your ancestral homeland. Go back to fucking China and beg the commies for your own little ethnic enclave like the Hui and Zhuang people have if you want your own fake little nationalism where you can run around naked hunting each other again.

This. America was born from conquest and racial struggle. It doesn’t matter if some Siberians crawled over here millennia ago – the Aryan chose America to expand his living-space. In Nature only one law rules, which is no law at all, the law of strength, of violence. Whoever shrinks back in hesitation from struggle deprives himself of a chance for existence. Whites have lost their way and with the influence of Jewry our control of our inheritance has began to slip from our fingers. Whites have no right to this land, we have to struggle to preserve it.

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before I woke up I had an american indian girl friend once. It was terrible. She was a nymphomaniac, drank every night, and was always high. Indians are trash.


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Stop serving alcoholic beverages to Amerindians, serve them cyanide.

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America is a homeland for whites. It was founded by whites and the very name originates from a white italian man, Amerigo Vespucci.

Just because some red savages who couldn't even discover the wheel lived in the same geography first, doesn't mean the ones that conquered them owe their country and civilization to anyone else.

Vae Victus.

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Unlike niggers and jews; Europeans can share and be friendly neighbors. There were lots of friendly and intelligent Indians here when the Pilgrims arrived. I can even name some.

self determination for prairie niggers is a bottle of Listerine.

So how do you feel about being replaced by the new conquerors?

nah they are doing quite well now they have actual money. all your jewish stereotypes about lazy drunk prairie niggers comes from jews.

take away the alcohol and show the sober ones how to use our technology properly and some of tribes are starting to do quite well in my state now.


How do you feel without a foreskin while also taking all 2" of Tyrone's nigger dick in your gay jewish anus?

Not good. Is that supposed to be an argument? I can only feel bad about the fact that my fellow white men don't want to fight for their own land, I can't really blame my enemies for trying.

If they can actually manage to take your land away through such low slavish means without ever drawing their swords, then they nevertheless earned it, even if dishonorably so. Such races don't really care about honor anyway, they can only subvert and corrupt what they can't conquer by might.


Kennewick man: a 9300-year-old caucasian skeleton in north america:

native americans should be wiped out, finish the job

I enjoy it. That's 2" diameter btw.

As long as they do not threaten us, we have no problem with them. Go after the (((real enemy of mankind)))

If whites are too cucked to fight back and take their nations back they deserve to die, period. Give up the struggle for dominance, forfeit all right to existence. Get over your liberal whining that “WAHH EVERYONE DESERVES LAND”

Based and Chivingtonpilled.

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The Polynesians were mongoloids, you retard. And the 'native Americans' who killed the Polynesians living in America were NON-WHITE caucasians from Eurasia. The White sub-race didn't exist in the Americas until Vikings tried to pillage the Inuits, then gave up because the Inuits were skilled warriors with nothing of value except for seal leather, who still fought with bones and sticks.

Biggest criminal gangs around, especially the mestizos.

That one in Canada who had a hissy fit about being fired as Attorney General is connected to gangs too. The (((press))) is too scared to report on it.

Chinks are masonic bugmen who genocided the Soul Trains.

Does it even count for the Zionists? After all we're paying for their military.. the Americans slaughtered the Indians on their own dime.

Not an argument.. just a reminder of what's going on.

so I'm guessing the Great Replacement doesn't sit well with you.

Perhaps you should consider going outside and putting up some "It's okay to be White" stickers or flyers.

It's not much but it's something.

and we both know you aren't going to go out and shoot anyone.

Ancient DNA Links Native Americans With Europe

Native Americans are descendants of Europeans who walked from Europe, through Asia, across the ice bridge into North America.

"I'm still processing that Native Americans are one-third European,"
says geneticist Connie Mulligan of the University of Florida in Gainesville.

this is a shill thread, but i couldn't resist posting in it

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nice, bumped

Even if the Noble Savage is a mere 17th century meme, there is no such thing as a noble kike

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Yes lets focus on a race that is already dead and generally keeps to themselves on the reserve instead of the real threat of chinks and niggers.

Not saying that you shouldn't slay any Amerindian that has a problem with you being a white supremacist but they are so much not a priority at all.


Besides the OP being a kike shill, I am a Native American. My family have always been American. We're the first Native Americans, because the first Americans were White Men. I'm not even talking about bog people and genealogy, I mean America doesn't even enter as a concept without the White Man. Thank you, Colombus and Vespucci. Thank you, Aguirre the Wrath of God. Thank you, Thomas Jefferson. Thank you, Andrew Jackson. Thank you, General Lee!

OP is a massive gay

Peak retard and peak bad targeting.

Nothing was "conquered," there was a land sitting here that you red niggers roamed on naked once in a while. You didn't built anything that could be conquered, there was no country, no borders, nothing, just a wilderness filled with savages. You then promised to leave the land and stop grazing there for a fucking chain of beads and 27 dollars. Even fucking sub saharan Africans had tribal settlements resembling nations and empires. You're literally lower than them.

D&C implies there's something to divide. You're not white and never will be, fuck off.

The world was once ruled by conquest. The original tribes fought for territory among themselves. The Great White Tribe came along and defeated them all. We were generous to give them a home instead of slaughtering them all. So yeah, this is a white homeland. It was paid for with white man's blood and money.

Eh, fuck off.
Alice Lee Jemison and Chief Red Cloud both joined William Dudley Pelley's Silver Legion of Fascists, and in general Injuns have been on the right side of more wars (fighting with the South in the Civil War for instance) than most Americans.
Also, more recently, David Ahenakew, a Canadian Indian, got the Kikes all pissed off when he exposed their control over the media and finance. (RIP, big guy).
Natives are our natural allies against the Jews, as they hate anything and everything that is in harmony with nature.


Go chug another 6 pack of ice beer

3100 Reserves in Canada. 637,660 Registered as Indians. 329,156 – 49.3% live on Reserves. All tax-free zones, commonly trafficking drugs, ersatz poaching and support grant begging: all paid for by Euro-Canadian tax base. For no apparent reason, they are allowed to use our materials, knowledge, domesticated animals, transport and technology without having lifted a finger for the last 7000 years. They live on our carrying capacity, just the same as they did with the flora & fauna there then. 3100 massive bloodsucker Reserves with an average official Injun population of 106 registered. They constantly obstruct scientific historical research with their mesolithic made up mother injun stories. If you haven't ever had to live or try to function around them, for my own case, I can testify that they are bloody awful: sneaky, cruel, slow, lurid, useless, impulsive and cocky. Not even the animals, wild or occidental domesticated, like them.

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They just want you out of America, no biggie.

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די טראַנסגענדער אַנוס פון באַראַקק אבאמא