Make White Intentional Community

Okay guys, I thought of an idea which could be a way to use the 'language of democracy" to protect us rather than destroy us.

We create a intentional community but we have the rule that a new owner or family van only be let in if the heads of the all the other households have a vote to allow that family in.

We then create an all male secret society which all the controls makes sure none of the households ever vote to allow a non-white or leftist cuck into the community kinda like the how the Jews or Muslims use their religious rules to exclude all none Jews.

We can defend against the Fair-housing Act because this is purely a democratic venture and it won't officially exclude anyone based on protected categories but we have rightwing Aryan patriarchy that runs things but off the books.

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Good shit.
Is unconstitutional. You design and build a house or community, it is speech. It is a work of art.
Also unconstitutional.
Boomer farmers failed us.

I LIKE IT. I have often dreamed of starting an innawoods property development where strong white families of builders, farmers, hunters, etc are able to live freely outside the system, sustain themselves with natural resources, and raise their young properly.


You select who you sell to. So you can already discriminate without any suspicion. Just request a letter about who the potential buyer is.

theoretically we could just remove all non-whites from our civilization but…

Don't be obtuse. Are bump stock bans constitutional in the US? No, of course not.

Many anons have many ideas. I agree fully with your idea. But we need a plan; something actionable.

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Why not do it in Papua New Guinea? There is a lot of renounced stateless yanks in PNG.

highly doubt that. while nearly a million indians and chinks have flooded into australia only 900 foreigner's have been naturalised in papua new guinea since it's indepedence in '49. shit like that is startling and speaks volumes of what is going on vis the immigration replacement dogma.

I know. The png government cannot refuse the citizenship to the children of stateless yanks so the children have potential to become politicans to take the control of PNG.

Ultra-Implicit White communities can work but you have to find the most implicit thing that brings Whites together, ironically normalfag Whites automatically do this when there is low diversity in an area but with enough diversity it becomes increasingly difficult to even have White-only public conversations.

Which country would be the best for something like this? We need to find the one that was not very interesting to ZOG, meaning that it isn't yet included in the globalist "legal framework"

Alternatively, we can use the very open border policy and countless laws kikes have implemented to protect themselves to unironically create a white ethno-state. It would only be difficult to form an army, as it would still have to comply with the local and (((international))) law.

Like Laos?

The idea has merit. I can see it working while a community is still small; but it would become quickly unmanageable. The problem you are going to face is how exactly you get all the new households to guarantee to support the status quo? You can't run the risk of explaining things upfront to newcomers and rejecting the ones you don't like, because then you open yourself up to exposure. Some faggot comes in pretending to be onboard and records your conversation secretly. Then you're exposed for putting your thumb on the scales and your community is done.
Better, I think, is to drop the all households bit and just leave the decision up to, say, the 5 founding households (pick a number you like). It's still "democratic", but it's far easier to manage. Any founder to leave the community nominates his replacement from the community, or in death he leaves it in his will.

Wow. Never heard that one before. Good luck OP
Please try to remember that you have even had this idea in about a month or so.

Best way to go about this is to doit in a poor location with decent land.

Shitskins are attracted to free gibs/rape. If those aren't available, they won't come.

Hey this sounds like some peice of paper that was signed in 1776. It's almost like the founder Fathers knew the masses are borderline retard IQs.

All we need to do is convert to christianity, marry the Amish girls, and there you go. We can do this in two generations.

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I'm up for banging some hairy-crotched Amish babes.

In order to protect ourselves, we need a group to protect us.
Therefore, we need to learn about the armor of light.
The light of weapons is like keeping it fast and easier.

Yes they are. Just as mag restrictions, round sizes, fire rates per trigger pull (full auto) are also unconstitutional. A judge in CA, although he put a temporary moratorium on sales because jews, ruled that mag limits (10per clip max) were violation of constitution because "arms" has no limit in ammunition type, size, or amount. Logic follows that all other firearms restrictions, including background checks, will be ruled unconstitutional.