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End the transgender 'unregulated live experiment on children' say whistleblowing workers who have quit clinic treating patients as young as THREE

Five whistleblowing workers at the only NHS transgender clinic in Britain have quit over fears children as young as three are going through unnecessary gender reassignment treatment.
The clinicians from the Gender Identity Development Service (GIDS) clinic based in London and Leeds left over concerns children were being incorrectly diagnosed with gender dysphoria.
It was feared some gay children struggling with their sexual identity are being incorrectly diagnosed as transgender.
Specialists also worried that some of the youngsters were being referred and pressured into having gender change treatment after suffering homophobic bullying.
All five former staff members were part of the team deciding if youngsters should be given hormone blockers to stop their development before puberty, according to the Times.

The patients then take a course of cross-sex hormones at the age of 16 depending on whether they want to develop as male or female.
At least 18 staff have reportedly quit the controversial clinic over the past three years, citing fears not enough checks are being done to correctly diagnose child patients.
One of the five whistleblowers even said the only reason many stayed in their post was to prevent more children from having the treatment.
Referrals to the clinic risen in recent years, with 94 in 2010, rising to 2,519 by last year, with the youngest patient aged just three.
One of the clinicians told The Times: 'I felt for the last two years what kept me in the job was the sense there was a huge number of children in danger.
'I was there to protect children from being damaged.'
Experts fear the treatments are being given without exploring the underlying reason for the children's confusion over their sexuality.

An Oxford professor said the treatments were 'unregulated live experiments on children' with some diagnosis not supported by any evidence.
Carl Heneghan, director of the Centre of Evidence-based Medicine at Oxford University, told The Times: 'Given paucity of evidence, the off-label use of drugs [for outcomes not covered by the medicine's licence] in gender dysphoria treatment largely means an unregulated live experiment on children.'
GIDS, which is part of the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust, denied these claims and insisted careful diagnoses were made in these complex cases.
A spokesman told the Times: 'It is only in recent years that the number of young people attending specialist services worldwide has dramatically increased.
'Prior to this the numbers have been small and it has therefore been difficult to collect sufficient evidence to fully evaluate treatment pathways.


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those faggot parents dont deserve healthy kids anyway
we can't always keep people from destroying themselves

So close to (GRIDS).
Any parent that pushes their child through gender reassignment needs to be executed by a firing squad. The fact that they're doing this to three year olds is absolutely disgusting. Can you imagine what the world is going to look like in 15 years when these freaks can vote?

That same Tavistock?

That’s a scary thought. It is transhumanists’s dream, where they can alter themselves whatever they like.

Of course the same one. Ground 0 for a LOT of shit going on today. (((Psychiatry))) at it's finest.



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Can someone tell the retarded oxford professor that he helped create the system that is doing this. Get his response here.

No exploration of your own life, preferences or personality. Just drugs and surgery, kid.

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This system is NEVER going to last that long. There is no way that it will be able to survive (even if there was going to be enough food, which there isn't going to be)…

3 yo 'gay children' user…on the other hand this is good that we can identify fags this young. No need to waste all that energy raising them before we exterminate them as something parasitic in society. ID them as babies and terminate them.

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True, but we can refrain from assisting them. Good kids are often born to shit parents. They don't deserve the abuse, and the abuse isn't an an indicator that the kids are genetically inclined to be abusive like the parents. Often children are abused becuase they are better than their parents – the parents abuse because they can't handle their children's natural moral and intellectual superiority.

It isn't that complex at all.
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It's a mental illness brought on by physical abuse, and emotional trauma.
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Need more twin studies on both gays and trans but people will say it's unethical. You can't have it both ways

Whistle blowing and quitting don't achieve anything. Only mass murder does.

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Can someone explain to me how transgender treatment isn't taking advantage and PROFITING off of a mentally ill person? this is on par with a caregiver taking advantage of a schizophrenic. What the fuck.

Always watch for the signs of what is to follow.

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Your argument doesn't stand up though. If they really wanted to maximise profit, they would prescribe a therapy that meant a lifetime in treatment, such as reparative therapy, and a lifetime on meds. The surgery NHS offer is actually really cheap (costs them about 6K tops to do it). I'd estimate a lot of trans are on other meds too, for depression.

Ironically, NHS management will be trying to keep this cost-effective, not profitable. This isn't about money making, this is about fucking up society at its core - the family - and charging anyone who questions this "progress" with a hate crime. As points out, it would be far too merciful to give these people a quick execution.

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Might as well call it GRIDS.

Why does this shit even exist? It failed to curtail populations everywhere else it was tried. Why?

The fact this place hasn't been burned down yet is testament to the weakness of the modern man.

Nigger they're maximizing profits by prescribing these medications to hundreds of mentally ill individuals.

I’m so sorry to hear that, user. My situation is somewhat similar, though my father’s not a fag

look on the brightside, they'll probably kill themselves before then.

Even if we haven't entered a relatively unrelated endgame SHTF scenario by then, that'll be around the time the first generation of this Unit 731 type child experimentation, like Jazz, are in their mid 30s & their bodies & the illusion of femininity are being completely ravaged by the unavoidable hells of male aging. That's when, at least in the US, the lawsuits over this era of the medical industry start, and utterly collapse it.

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