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Dear friends,
I have a proposal for a psy-op. You will need programming skills (which I don’t have). Our object is to create programs which reveal the thought process of liberals. We will then take these lines of code and post them as comments where appropriate.
I’ll start us off. Recently, the head basketball coach at Notre Dame let it slip in an interview that she has a double-standard for people in power who look like the people they lead. Not surprising, but I wondered how we could represent that as code. Something like this?

String a == StraightWhiteMale
if( a == black ) {
printf("LooksLikeMe in power is good" );
} else if( a == female ) {
printf("LooksLikeMe in power is good" );
} else if( a == transgender ) {
printf("LooksLikeMe in power is good" );
} else {
printf("LooksLikeMe in power is bad" )

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Came here for tits.

i would use a strict equality sign user ===

Same. I left because of the eye bags. A thread died for this.

Threads have died for a lot less than this, or haven’t you been paying attention?

Here's something more enlightening for you:

use strict;
use warnings;
use Win32::OLE qw(in valof with EVENTS);
use Win32::IEAutomation;
$Win32::OLE::Warn = 3;
my $URL = '8ch.net/pol/';
my $IE = Win32::IEAutomation->new(visible => 1, maximize => 0, warnings => 0);
while ($URL)
my @Links = $IE->getAllLinks();
$URL = eval{$Links[int(rand $IE->getAllLinks())]->linkUrl()};
if ($@) {undef $URL}

sage for shit idea

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We could upload these to github, and just post links in comments on YouTube or elsewhere
Need one for basic JQ!

What the fuck is eye bags?

The joke is that everyone who knows how to code knows the market is oversaturated and the pay is shit. Every programming I know whats to not be a programmer. Its bitch work.

*Every programmer I know want to not

I'm a programmer and I don't want to be a programmer.
As a programmer you go through hours of bullshit,trying to figure out why ancient/spaghetti code doesn't do what it's supposed to, while getting gradually more and more frustrated. When you finally figure it out and make it work you get five seconds rush of satisfaction followed by dooming feeling of wasted time and life.
I don't even want to talk about people in the industry,it's fucking cesspool.

You don't need actual code, just write something people will understand and here you go, meme is kinda dead already anyway

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And for which jobs is that not the case?

What kind of programmer?
What language do you usually write in and what does the company you work for produce?

Working as codemonkey in Java, telco.

They produce systems for telecomunication companies, pretty much all they could possibly need, billing systems, websites etc.

At work I use Java or Groovy, obviously some SQL is required.
Aside of work I use languages depending on need
- Python for simple scripts
- Typescript/JS/CPP/C# for my own projects

Ones with massive lobbies, like US medical doctors who limit the number of residency spots via lobbying and antitrust exemption.

Having literal robots perform our code would also be funny. Like, a fucking EV3 talking about how drumpf is hitler.

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My god, the POWER!

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You're right, you don't have them. Initializing a to StraightWhiteMale renders the first 3 tests completely useless, because StraightWhiteMale is neither black, nor female, nor transgender. You could have reduced the code to a single statement:
printf("LooksLikeMe in power is bad" );
because that is all that code will ever do.

Okay, now I think I understand your pain.

printf("LooksLikeMe in power is bad" );
Not a bad idea

I think it’s a good idea, but to black people, jews and whites look alike.
Maybe something to the effect of
If wasp, then looks like me power is bad
If straight white male Christian, then looks like me power is bad

sounds retarded tbh

You sound like a terrible programmer. I would never hire you to maintain 30 years worth of the state's COBOL and DB2. In fact, you wreak of poo, fucking Pajeet javafaggot.

I think part of the effectiveness of this will be in arguments against hypocritical positions on the left. It will show in Cold logical flow, how their positions are ridiculous. I realize the NPC meme used this pretty effectively. But as were coming on an election season, we will need good tools ready to go.
I think it will be difficult to argue against a codified version of the way a leftist arrives at their positions.

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You code like a girl

This would be the actual working code OP using C++;enum class Type { Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };bool eval_applicant(const Type applicant) { bool hiring_status{false}; if (applicant == Type::Dyke || applicant == Type::Gayaf || applicant == Type::Nigger || applicant == Type::Mudshit || applicant == Type::XYZ) hiring_status = true; else hiring_status = false; return hiring_status;}int main() { // Evaluate two equally-qualified job applicants auto hired = eval_applicant(Type::CIS_male); // not hired hired = eval_applicant(Type::Nigger); // Hired!}

But that's hardly memable, your example is pretty good actually just work on the terms a little.

Found the problem. Of course you're going to feel like your job is sucking your life out directly through your eyeballs using a language like that. I'd encourage you to find something in embedded or systems work writing in either C or C++ but I already know you're not going to so why bother.

look into natural language processing, namely, sentiment analysis and stylometry

I can smell the soylent and HRT pills all the way from here.

Added Kike element to enum and rewrote to use a switch instead. The function would behave indentically, it's a matter of programming style choiceenum class Type { Kike, Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };bool eval_applicant(const Type applicant) { switch (applicant) { case Type::Kike: case Type::Dyke: case Type::Gayaf: case Type::Nigger: case Type::Mudshit: case Type::XYZ: return true; break; case Type::CIS_male: return false; break; default: return false; };}int main() { // Evaluate three equally-qualified job applicants auto hired = eval_applicant(Type::CIS_male); // not hired hired = eval_applicant(Type::Kike); // Hired! hired = eval_applicant(Type::Nigger); // Hired!}

enum class Type { Kike, Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };//one blacklisted: Type == CIS_male only thusbool eval_applicant(const Type applicant) { switch (applicant) { case Type::CIS_male: return false; break; default: return true; };}

We've been doing this for years newfag. Go look at the NPC memes from last year for more recent examples

Good point user. Even cleaner read:enum class Type { Kike, Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };// one blacklisted: Type == CIS_male only, thusbool eval_applicant(const Type applicant) { if (applicant == Type::CIS_male) return false; else return true;}

I'd further suggest you invert the logic throughout, so returning false is the default. Apart from being best practice it would also deal correctly with unknown cases.

bool eval_applicant(….


bool blacklisted_applicant(…..

Something like this what you have in mind user?enum class Type { Kike, Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };// Keep out dem ebil Nahtzeesbool exclude_CIS_males(const Type applicant) { if (applicant != Type::CIS_male) return true; return false;}int main() { // Evaluate three job applicants auto hired = exclude_CIS_males(Type::CIS_male); // not hired hired = exclude_CIS_males(Type::Kike); // Hired! hired = exclude_CIS_males(Type::Nigger); // Hired!}

Probably a better signature tbh.bool CIS_male_check(const Type applicant)

No. I wrote what I had in mind.

Your version is specific to one group, and loses its meaning as soon as the blacklist expands to more than one group.
spelling it out pajeet
enum class Type { Kike, Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };bool blacklisted(const Type applicant) { if (applicant == Type::CIS_male) return true; return false;}int main() { // Evaluate three job applicants auto rejected = blacklisted(Type::CIS_male); // not hired rejected = blacklisted(Type::Kike); // Hired! rejected = blacklisted(Type::Nigger); // Hired! // Evaluate other criteria // ... // ...

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pajeet is drawn to code like a mosquito to swamp water.

I see, got it.enum class Type { Kike, Dyke, Gayaf, Nigger, Pajeet, Mudshit, XYZ, CIS_male };bool blacklist_check(const Type applicant) { if (applicant == Type::CIS_male) return true; return false;}int main() { // Perform intial blacklist check auto blacklist_status = blacklist_check(Type::CIS_male); // blacklisted blacklist_status = blacklist_check(Type::Kike); // OK so far blacklist_status = blacklist_check(Type::Pajeet); // OK so far // Evaluate other criteria}

Enjoy your poo.

C++ is a trash heap. Java programmers should move to Kotlin, and systems programming should be done in C.

Better variable naming.auto blacklisted = blacklist_check(Type::CIS_male); // blacklisted

C++ literally runs the cloud today, not Java. The cost of electricity is literally the number one most important thing in big data today.

Why not Rust?

That girl isn't going to give a shit if you know how to code.


Kek. Does that matter?


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Not having attractive pure European children as your replacement defeats the point of you even being alive if you're European.

You might as well marry a fucking Asian, get a pair of crutches and let beaner fagbois fuck you in the ass.

Does anyone know why the software world is chock full of trannies?
My current job involves a lot of programming, and there are three in the team I manage alone. Not to mention the insane amounts you can see online.
Wanna cringe? vimuser.org

It's usually people that get bullied into being trans by the fucking shitskins and Jews.

The first Masonic lodge I was involved with dealt with a lot of trannies that were created by Prince Hall goons. Literal nogs from the third world imported by Hillary's crowd to create trannies.

Basically, the Clinton crowd is scum, and Prince Hall isn't far behind. The Left is basically the trash that couldn't live up to the standards of the Right.

I finally began studying TempleOS recently and I'm beginning to appreciate some of his genius better.

I am European descent. Again, does it matter if she cares whether I know how to code?

Why is degeneracy flooding into any domain of power or authority user? The kikes and their father Satan.

You can't be 'bullied' into being an absolute fucking degenerate user.

LMAO, Wanna bet? I will send you to the people that do just that everyday. Have you ever been tortured?

Define "torture."

You faggots need to learn Lisp.
Kikes may be kikes, but boy they could create a programming language.
Besides, there is no better feeling than turning your enemy's own weapons against them.

Don't phrase it that way. You're making him seem like a decadent Roman.

First of all only men can program. That alone increases tranny-likelyhood (trannies are always men; I never saw a single FtoM tranny) in a programming job compared to a job with 50% women by 100%.
Secondly it doesn't require bodily strength. I never heard about trannies doing construction jobs. Furthermore I think their attention seeking works better in those jobs.
The line between a geniuses and a mentally ill is very thin. See However that doesn't make it anything less disgusting.
The only cure are concentration camps.
I'm from Zig Forums. Weren't there coreboot trannies too?

Move to Arizona, South Phoenix. There a place where they train Special Forces, and Psychological Operatives. The first stage is a month of torture. The second stage lasts longer. Are you interested? Are you pure in your racial heritage? Are you dedicated to the cause of National Socialism?

Julia seems to be the best in that scope now. Not as well documented and mature as Fortran, but it's better for that.

LISP needs gas.
Kikes needs gas.
LISP sucks. It's not good at anything other than being the fantasy-best-language of a retard on Zig Forums who dreams of LISP-machines which makes no sense at all.
The LISP-machine is inefficient as fuck and even more if you scale it into modern proportions.

Learn to code fag

The fastest scripting languages are LuaJIT and TCL which both use the exact same JIT approach.

It's an interpreted language, run it through LLVM, and then see what it looks like. Does the MC look like trash?


Lua can be compiled, and Fortran can be ran as interpreted.

Julia is the mix of Fortran and Julia. Physicists and mathematicians love it so far.

It's better than letting some plastic whore try to pimp you out because her daddy is a rich piece of shit.

Julia is slower than Lua and TCL and especially any compiled language including Fortran. Whenever confronted with that hard truth, you fucking Julia shills post some retarded benchmark which show that your shit performs better than it in some best case scenario.
They love calculators too and those aren't complex at all. They'd be happy with one written in Javascript or the old calculator from Texas Instruments or Casio.
I have no idea how that has any connection to what I wrote.

I'm talking about LuaJIT which is JUST IN TIME compiled. AKA interpreted.

Pretty good analysis user. Makes sense.

tfw Zig Forums thread becomes indistinguishable from Zig Forums.

compared to shitty code

Welcome to polchan, newfriend.

It's literally a new language. Did you even read the papers on it? Meant for multicore parallel programing? Lua can't even, and Fortran requiresa lot of work to do this.

Those languages aren't faster at what it's meant for.

Real nerds do like calculators, that's how it goes. They are needed for the standardized tests and for doing real work outside of the lab.

Why is there even a debate about the most important scripting language? Python has become absolutely dominant today in both science/statistics and even becoming so in systems management more traditionally ruled by bash/perl scripting.

Getting out the buzzwords again? You would also need to write it that way for you to be able to make use of it.
If you compile a program with Lua and provide the bindings you can can write multithreaded Lua.
t. pleb
Why would you even use Fortran to begin with?
The only reason education plebs are using it is because they are too stupid to learn anything new and because of their Fortran math libraries they and their predecessors wrote.
They could just use C instead but old people are stagnant, so there is no reason for them to switch to anything new, not even C.

Python is gay. It's slow, has a split community, its binaries are big and it's syntax is shit.

Gaschamber is waiting.

I didn't imply it wasn't fake and gay. But it is by far the most important scripting language today.

…and how exactly do you think GNU/Linux works?

Fine, it has built in thread ordering within the compiler. Which allows for threads to be ordered in machine code without having to pull down specific libraries and crack out the C++.

Basically, it cuts the programming time down, and simplifies the calls and languages required. You understand now, or do you want me to come further down into the idiot end of the pool for you?

I already know how to code, I don't remember the languages. I have no need for any of that, I was basically told by the Big Daddy in Langley in the Glass House, no.

t. seething Cnile

Increasingly via Python, especially in systems management of cloud. And for big data, ML & DL it's already completely dominant.

LISP was never good user.

Right tool for the job. Fortran is excellent, it's math focused. It's also been modernized. Why use C, that's like trying to graph a three dimensional system on the wall of a cave with crayons in the dark.

Important as in widespread. Not significant or fast. I don't think I even have anything with Python on my machine beyond one half-broken video game and GIMP.

The oven is waiting. Better hop in while it's hot!

I don't spend my dark enlightenment currency rashly.

Nobody hires niggers to code

As in we're stuck with Fortran since that's what our preprepredecessor learned and has been thought down generations.

Then explain the retardation level of mobile OS's and this fucking site.

Again, no arguments from me. Python if bloated as fuck and has lousy community leadership. But as someone who is dabbling into AI to help create OpenTay 2.0 and all her sisters, C++ and Python are my dominant interests primarily due to TensorFlow and Keras.

ikr. that's why i dropped the 'equally-qualified' bit.

Nope, it has the calculus methods and proper sequencing built in.

Hey you want to reinvent the wheel by all means, LLVM makes that so fucking easy now. Go write some C libraries and make some math libraries for another outdates obsolete language.

I would learn Julia and buy a rack of SPARC servers myself.

Would also look at women instead of gay dudes.

Is that even a thing anymore grandpa?

Kek. You're the faggot.
Why do you need that much processing power?
When you're done come back and tell us how great your experiment worked out.

I don't know twinkletoes, why not use that internet thing I heard was all the rage these days.

I heard a single multicore rack was only about $50k from Oracle. The newer boxes from overnight parts Japan is about the same.

Every OS runs on it and the Google Fuchsia will be written in it too.

Meh. If I want to crunch big numbers I'll use GPU supercomputers, kthxbai.

I have never hit on a dude or had sexual relations with a man. I have been raped and assaulted by homosexuals when I wouldn't fuck underage girls or old dried up vaginas.

You'll be slower than a SPARC. The comparison isn't even close. Also Julia works on Nvidia as well from what I understand.

"It is better for Muslims to not adjust in non Muslim societies"
~Osama bin Laden, killed without trial for having an opinion

" Do you remember the good old days, when Americans were enjoying the blessings of security and peace, when the word 'terrorism' was rarely invoked, and when you were oblivious to any threats?… You were a nation at ease.
But America thought that it could threaten the lives of others, kill and invade, occupy and plunder, and conspire without bearing the consequences of its actions."
~Anwar Awlaki, killed without any trial for having an opinion

"We are not against Americans for just being American. We are against evil, and America as a whole has turned into a nation of evil. What we see from America is the invasion of two Muslim countries, we see Abu Ghuraib, Bagram and Guantanamo Bay. We see cruise missiles and cluster bombs, and we have just seen in Yemen the death of twenty-three children and seventeen women."
~Anwar Awlaki

"I couldn't forget those moving scenes, blood and severed limbs, women and children sprawled everywhere. Houses destroyed along with their occupants and high rises demolished over their residents, rockets raining down on our home without mercy.
In those difficult moments many hard-to-describe ideas bubbled in my soul, but in the end they produced an intense feeling of rejection of tyranny, and gave birth to a strong resolve to punish the oppressors.
And as I looked at those demolished towers in Lebanon, it entered my mind that we should punish the oppressor in kind and that we should destroy towers in America in order that they taste some of what we tasted and so that they be deterred from killing our women and children."
~Bin Laden, talking about America's terror

Is that some sort of confession or am I misunderstanding the joke?

C is not only obsolete. C has been shit from day 1.

really unnecessary, 1970s optimization techniques would be able to turn that

Let's just do a little check on top500 shall we?
Oh, hey! Just look at that. top 8 positions.

That the goons on here have targetted me for over a year, because I won't fuck their old women or underage girls, yes. My name here is Kek. That's my official title while posting on here.