So ... what is our plan?

Let's talk about imageboard culture and Zig Forums and people we influence, like we are geopolitical strategists and have to find out a way to win.

What do we do? What are our steps? What are our ressources and how should we spend them?

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Step 1.
Convince Europeans to help Germany drive out the invaders.

Step 2.
Stab them in the back and steal their land

Step 3.
Ethnically cleanse the newly conquered land.

Step 1. Shill pro-immigration memes. Multiculturalism for Israel, that is.

Step 2. More an-heroing

Step 3. Get Israelis into cuckoldry

Step 4. Make a new country run by armchair autists.

Jews invented it.
Why do you think Jewishness is transmitted through the mother?
God knows who the father might be.


Mr. CIA. I regret to inform you that you've stumbled upon the wrong section of this site. We are a peaceful origami board - you see, this is Zig Forums - paper, origami, and logarithmic functions.

you are looking for >>>/po/ - (non-white) people out!
apologize for disturbing peaceful mathematics and origami enthusiasts immediately.

nice try, FBI.

Step 1: build up a network of 10000 fanatics

Step 2: secretly gun up

Step 3: take over all ZOG locations with focus on media and leading governmental buildings

Well the first step is to open your hearts and accept more Muslim refugees into your counties.

Then simply accept the fact that Judaism is the superior religion and Semites are the true leaders of this land, for we are God's chosen people.

Then send more money to your greatest ally, Israel.

Then reddit space more often.

Then please don't ban me, my fellow white people

Free your mind, free your body and free your soul. Then either seek out other free spirits and organize, or help others get free.

White guilt is useless, Christ already died for our sins!

You're taking everything too seriously. Low effort thread.

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Lot's of retards asking what's the plan lately. How about you shove a pineapple up your ass? That will get things started. After that, come back and describe the experience. That should get you initiated.


Oh you.

Nice Downloadable&Content


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Why are zoomer memes so increasingly weird and esoteric?

It doesn't matter what our plan is. What matters is who we are.


Because the entire generation is brain damaged and subservient to jews.

I should have know.

sit here and do nothing. revolution is hard work

Checked and walking to bodega to buy more whippets. Also bringing a knife. If they're out of whippets, I rob the place. Wheres your Bear Jew now?

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1. Honk
2. Honk
3. Honk
4. ??????
5. Honk

-post more pics of shitler
-called Blacks Niggers and Jews Kikes
-post cringe cartoons
-jerkoff to "natsoc" pics and vids
-Bash Whites including Christians, Boomers, Gays…
-make cartoony threats of violence you will never do
-post more "gas" cartoons

Hitler worship is gay.
However, calling blacks niggers and jews kikes is a good thing because it frees our minds from the jewish poison of language control.
It's important to say these power-words because the first step in controlling a person's mind is to control their language. We must not allow the jew to do this.


Let us know how successful you are.


we blow up every federal building, starting with yours cia nigger

Do it in real life and post a vid nigger

Extreme irony shrouding a lack of ingenuity. With some gold every so often.

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A plan you say?

heh. lrn2hstry fren.


shitpost on the internet

No u

Yea, lets elect a Zig Forums parliament like when cuckchan started going in the shitter. Take your crap back where it belongs.

You asshole, I watched this for 5 fucking minutes waiting for Ken Jennings to answer "Who is OP?"

What’s the plan? Crash everything with no survivors newfaggot
Also not your blog

Holy shit those were so fucking bad.
The tripfag apocalypse.

Exactly. Stop masturbating

Admiration not worship.

Oh is you shill hello how is your daily lazy shilling like?