How to save the white race: Create a PSY force

How to save the white race: Create a PSY force

I want to bring to your attention that there is way we can fight back and still retain some level of plausible deniability.
This is called psychokinesis. At this point you probably think this is bullshit.
I am not going to tell you that governments have experimented seriously with this, because you should know it already.
I am not going to tell you that there are scientifically controlled experiments which proved positive, because the reliable source I know is in french only :

I don't ask you to believe it.
In fact this guy called Jean-Pierre Girard could bend a metal bars strong enough not to be bendable by human force, in front of you
and you will still not believe it. This is called cognitive dissonance.

I ask you to reproduce it yourself.
Look at the picture attached and you will find the instructions on how to build a small paper pyramid. Put it on a needle so that it can rotate freely.
You will place it in a room and notice that it never rotates on its own.
Even if you blow on it, it doesn't really rotate convincingly.
You can leave it for days and notice this.
Then all you have to do is imagine that this pyramid is rotating.
You have to have the desire that this pyramid rotates. Visualize it rotating.
Try to do this in the evening, and doing breathing exercise/meditation before helps.
Don't place your hands around the pyramid to avoid thermal convection effects.

When I started to do it, after a day or two with about 3h of failure each, my pyramid started to rotate slightly.
Then it spinned quickly and without stopping, in a way that isn't even reproducible by physically pushing it.
Not my video but that's an example :

Don't try with the glass at first. I suggest you use heavy paper or plastic to make the experiment more convincing.
No matter how many videos you watch of it, they are no proofs. Experiment by yourself!

What I believe happens is that when you visualize the pyramid rotating you trigger a semantic field that is connected
to a global semantic network that translates it in a layer that is capable of acting physically on the underlaying
physics of the physical world.
After hours of practice it will become really easy to do, and you can decide when the pyramid starts rotating and in which direction.
You can even place several pyramids next to each other and rotate them selectively. I speak from my own experience.
I however couldn't get the pyramid to rotate under a glass (I didn't experiment for long).

So what's the point then?
The point is that you can do a lot more than rotating a pyramid.
If we are a certain number of trained people who focus on an action at a given time.
We might be able to affect individuals or hardwares, according to what I've read.

So let's start a PSY force.

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Your attitude shows that you are afraid to believe in something that could potentially make you ridiculed by most people.
What if you did the pyramid experiment and it worked? You would be afraid to be mislead, and start to believe in it, and then suddenly people would make fun of you. Don't be afraid!

Don't confuse schizoids with schizophrenics. It's completely different things.

Same as what I just posted.

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astral project into their secret bases, it REALLY pisses them off
I accidentally did it as a child. I was looking through the eyes of a raccoon, in a deep forest, who at somepoint was in a military type bunker. that's all i remember and i haven't been able to do anything as cool ever since. not even reliably lucid dream

Lucid dreaming is really easy to do!
Astral projection isn't.

I know it is, and i can't do it anymore. used to all the time as a kid since I had trouble sleeping. would lay in bed for hours, a lot of the time passing into a lucid dream

That is animal scrying, not astral project.

When you go to bed just repeat to yourself like a mantra that you can be lucid and control your dreams. But the older you get the less dreams you make.

This sort of mystic rubbish is beneath white men leave it to petrol huffing abos.

Don't you feel intense pain or a feeling of dread/doom when you get close?

It's facts not mysticism.
However the west is also based on religions. Even today.

There is a lot of info on this at the cia FOIA library.

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facts? empiricism is based on facts and is the basis of Western civilizations success.

as for religion.. it's the christians who are pushing to flood our nations with shitskins in the name of tolerance.

You will not save your people by chanting mantras or focusing your chi.

Chi is more believable that 'diversity is our strength'

He says on a board dedicated to denying the holocaust.

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Both are crap.

Christians under Jewish influence but still Christians.

Except that (((Bronstein))) and (((edelman))) are not christian names mong.

Why not take that psychic power which is so dead and weak in 99% of modern humans, and amplify it with psionics? That's the only way it will ever work for most people. Also probably the goal of virtual reality.

All Christian names are Semitic.

Ok do it.

This crap reminds me of the Sioux Ghost Dance. The defeated Indians banged on drums, danced circles and starred into the sun… thinking this would magically make the White Man disappear and bring back the herds of buffalo.

Maybe the white race is doomed.. But I want to go out like a rational civilized man staring stoically into oblivion not like some cringing savage childishly clinging to a voodoo doll.

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Those are jews pulling the Christians strings but the Christians are still lobbying to flood us with mud people.

call us when you can make nigge'rs heads explode, but until then shut up.

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Just throw one of these at Zig Forums's autism and see what comes out. I mean it can't be that hard if you don't completely discount the possibility entirely. Brain waves are still waves, after all, just like any other wave, just lower frequency. There are even consumer eeg's available, right now, he success indicator will be the switching on of an undeatched LED, or even just effecting the average randomness of periodic random numbers being generated.

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Is glass magic? You need help

Kill yourself.

The jew fears the awakened psychic Aryan.

Not true. As you age you are more disracted awake by things like work or family or other shit, so you do not remember dreams. Also, as you get to th end of your life there isn't much left to see, as dreams are destinty. You are already there, or close to it, and have already passed most moments the dreams guide you through.

The point is that there are proofs that this is real.


My time for greatness has come

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Fuck the white race


You should at least try the pyramid experiment.
Most people make fun of it here but it's still better than shitposting all day.

you have stumbled upon a dangerous idea, in the right hands with the right training this can really change things, just make sure to be positive in your intention.

The elites believe in this, so even if it doesn't work it can still have a psychological impact.

this is one of the reasons europeans need to be watered down, out of every 1000 births there are a few with exceptional capabilities in europeans this number is higher than in other groups, these things remain dormant in most people. what you are suggesting is a good idea, but this requires discipline and a stable bloodline, the advantage we have is our numbers. this is why memes work. I urge anyone who tries this to focus on helping and protecting our children and not on anything negative.

I'm stuck at work in my office all day so I can't get into any esoteric pyramid crafting, besides pyramid schemes, I guess

Kill all jews.

It works better at night. Because this is a semi unconscious effect. Don't give up too early, once the effect establishes it will be much easier to trigger.

This way you can stay sitting on your ass without having to go outside!
Go fuck yourself.

if you do a little autogenic training before every attempt your results will appear faster.

What the fuck is your problem? Do you even know how integrated circuits work? Ridiculous.

Do you have any facts to back that assertion up?


I believe it's a lot more than 1/1000
Around a third of the people who go to Jean-Pierre Girard training sessions can bend the metal bar. But it's probably due to his presence.

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why does this work with kids straight away, but not adults?

Because their semantic system is much looser , so they don't solidify reality around them as much. However I don't know the statistics.

did you know, when the whites first came to africa the local sangomas slowly lost their ability to see into the future. when asked why, they replied that the white man's will was too strong.

That's competing semantic systems.
That's why UFO crash when they come to earth. Our physics isn't the same as theirs so their ships can't function. As soon as a radar observes them they crash.

Inb4 shills and fags derail this thread.
I've noticed a divide between anons where some think psychic powers is bull and other believe it; sorta. then you have the kike shills going SCHIZO!!! just as they would shout RACISTS if that worked here, if its bullshit crazy talk, then it shouldnt matter right? But the sheer fact that so many people kvetch about this is retarded and a indicator this needs to be talked about.

Either do your own PROPER research which delves into the origin of life and religions (and not the school book version) where you'll find that the brightest minds of history believed in spirituality (not magic as you think of it per se) and even if they weren't staunch believers they atleast acknowleded the existence of things that can't be seen or measured by humans, if you are 110+ IQ you might have payed attention enough to notice that science doesn't explain nor understand everything and aren't gay enough to go "if I cant see it it's not real" because in that 1 stroke you deny quantum physics which is considered the forefront of science nowadays.

Bonus points if you realize christianity (controlled by kikes from the get go) have systematically removed all spiritual aspects of european life and filled the spot with their own hollow and corrupting ideas and ideals. Christians are the biggest truth-removers out there bashing everything they don't understand or the bible doesn't mention; thats how the regression in the dark ages happened. On top of that they lack the self-awareness that the bible has been edited to shit and alot of the orginal text has been either lost or demonstrably distorted.

Bump of knowledge

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Belief and objectivity are mutually exclusive.
I have a theory that the introduction of kekposting (even if it started organically) was used to erode Zig Forums's critical thinking skills as a whole. By encouraging magical thinking at the expense of our habitually skeptical investigative abilities, digging threads were replaced with occultism, effectively declawing what was once a dangerous foe for journalists and others. Now we passively sit back and pray egregores will fix our countries, instead of employing our autism knowing we are alone in our endeavors.

As others pointed out, schizoid PD =/= schizophrenia. It's not even well-proven to be connected to schizophrenia in the first place. Introvert + unemotionality =/= psychosis.

jesus fucking christ this place

Lol autistic digging will be done regardless. Its just the fact that "magick" helps connect certain dots. If the kikes do it (magick, blood rituals, child sacrifice) we cant (magick used for good, not using negative energy)?

I'm not saying that you should believe. But that's how you see it. All I'm telling is that you could experiment yourself.
Most people here will never go out in the streets to do a revolution. But they could do what's I'm proposing. I personally have reached peak understanding and I don't need more red pills. We need actions.
I genuinely think that the system want's us to be bombarded with negative feelings to suppress our will to fight and create a reality where we are powerless. They know they can engineer our collective mind.

Let's see the Pastepin fajit

Do some research on the latest quantum physics experiments.
They have shown that 2 different observers can observe the same phenomenon and get contradictory measurements.
So yes we might be living in a looneytoons/clown world.

Wasnt there some (((Huffpo))) disinfo recently about how only like 15% of people have internal dialogues in their minds, and if you do, ur gay?

Wrong board, faggot.
They could also be doing something practically useful instead of wasting hours on this bullshit.
So you've stopped learning new things because you feel "enlightened"? That's great.
Sitting alone in front of a piece of tinfoil will stop jews from bleeding the world dry, and will free more normalfags from their psychological enslavement. Wait, no it won't.
That's the result of demoralization, which is a form of propaganda, which can be combatted against using our own propaganda, were we not DISTRACTED by nonpolitical shitposts littering our political board and taking up valuable mental resources.

The only point for posting an article like that would be to dissuade people to do this.
The 'left' usually projects everything to a sexual problem.

I already don't remember what my original argument was, and I'm already bored of (((discussing))) this (((with))) you.

Don't you have a few days to spend in your entire life to check if there is a link between mind and matter?
Oh no it's better to post memes.

The only argument they have is that answering such questions is not important. What is important is to post memes.

Meme warfare is every bit as critical as /SIG/

People have different interests. I don't think most people would be interested in the thing here so there is no competition anyway.

i believe a lot of this has to do with self control, it takes a lot of self control for an adult to move that little windmill thing. Maybe it is like a muscle that needs to be developed.

The mind (consciousness) is the product of matter (the brain), specifically the frontal lobe. Your prefrontal cortex is what allows you to voluntarily think and act; your self-image is the collective product of your memories from your hippocampus; your connection to your body (which can be disrupted by dissociation) is caused by your insula; all of which are parts of your BRAIN. When you die, your brain rots, and you are gone. There is nothing more to it than that, and unfalsifiable claims otherwise are discardable.
In other words, prove anything you say yourself, or go fuck yourself. Magic isn't real, santa is a lie, and the easter bunny isn't coming to hide eggs in your house this year.
If they're purposeful memes, yes. That's what memetic warfare is.

How do you explain UFOs , miracles (fatima)?
Near death experiences (with exploitable data)?

What did I just fucking say, nigger?

everyone is free to believe whatever they want to believe. experimentation with novel ideas can lead to increased flexibility and adaptability in one's belief system. CERN has proved scientifically that there is a fourth dimension (not time), this little discovery was very disruptive to scientific orthodoxy. We are now seeing much more government funding for, what only a few decades ago, what would have been called fringe theories

once you have it spinning, how do you increase the speed? what visualizations are you using? eyes open or closed?

Fatima. Witnessed by sceptics , journalist etc
Estimates of the number of people present range from 30,000 and 40,000, by Avelino de Almeida writing for the Portuguese newspaper O Século,[15] to 100,000, estimated by lawyer Dr. José Almeida Garrett, the son of a professor of natural sciences at the University of Coimbra.

Everything that exists does so as a result of being observed. Consciousness creates all of reality.
Trying to coorborate one experience as being more or less valid on the basis of agreement with other people is folly. Those other people are themselves a part of your experience.

"Facts don't exist, reality is subjective, stop forcing me to accept the truth with your mean logic!!!!" yeahok.jpg
Experimenting with ideas is supposed to erode "beliefs," emotional opinions, because TESTING means COMPARING WITH REALITY and discovering if something is TRUE OR FALSE. The end result should be someone free of "belief" and fully able to see the facts they were blinded to before.
Like "transsexualism" etc? Appealing to the authority of government support does not mean jack shit.

How did anything exist before animals developed eyes, then?
[citation needed]
If a solipsist fucks another person, is he masturbating?
Yes, yes this is.

The objective reality is just a set of semantics we collectively agree upon. Unfortunately.

yo nigguh move da pyramidz wit yo mind like back wen we wuz egyptoids from atlantis
nigguh jus move dat shit whitey ain't got nothin on this we kill whitey wit da ancien power of da BLACK ppl cuh 👌👀👌👀👌

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Do you even know how random numbers work you monkey brained baboon nigger? You don't use the nigger pseudorandom generator built into your computer, you dumb monkey. You use a real random number generator, like the NIST Randomness Beacon, that is based on measuring random quantum states. Of course your monkey brained phosphorescent ass would never be able to comprehend how random numbers work.

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regardless whether this is true or not is irrelevant, we need people acting not wasting their time on praying and wishing for things to happen. We can start doing this stuff if we have guaranteed physical victory.

Research shows that human existence is the product or incredibly low odds. I can give you a link to a scientific study that shows that the probability that we are alone in the observable universe according to know physics is close to 1.

you could start with yourself.

Humans couldn't possibly have existed if anything pre existed consciousness. Life cannot be created using current physical conditions in a laboratory. Physical laws have evolved with the consciousness of life. Life and humans couldn't have appeared using current physical laws. The presence of the moon, water on earth (search MOJO on youtube), extra chromosomes for humans etc. All of this is extremely unlikely.

What is evolution?
Flight was previously impossible until we invented workable airplanes. Human skill level does not dictate what's physically possible.
[citation needed]
But you never consider that the laws discovered by flawed humans could be what's wrong, no, it's reality itself which does not exist. Okay.
Holographic moon, top fucking kek.

Get off my board, you schi/x/o subhuman.

The longer we argue with him the more we bump the thread so that's a good thing.

Checked. You gotta understand, man, it's fucking complicated. It's not exactly a religion AND a nation, but it's definitely a religion, and it's definitely – at least as of 1948 or so – a nation. So, as admittedly a fucking kike shill myself (and a roastie to boot), I don't know how to keep up with you guys, lol. And yes, I'll post my tits if requested. And also I apologize for my muckery, JIDF seemed like a decent opportunity to get paid to troll (which it 100% absolutely is).

Also, again, and with all sincerity, I'm sorry for all the pain and trouble I've caused.

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that's true and I plan to, only it takes time. Time to enjoy life as much as I can, get necessary gear, plan the thing and then strike. I just hope i'm not the only one with a few other "radicals" others being too busy bending pyramids or some shit

I've got a jewb, I've got an apartment I share with a couple girls, utilities are paid, I own a few guns, we've all been talking about how fucked the government is lately but our conversations are getting quieter and quieter. Zig Forums is the last bastion of freedom on the entire internet. Well, 4chan and reddit are also decent. Google+ seemed like a reasonable response to Facebook but (((reboots)))

Pyramid bending is the ultimate redpill.

The absolute state of this board

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