Here is a thread where we start brainstorming our new nation. It will be inspired by 1488 and the American Declaration of Independence / Constitution.

I recommend we pick some territory somewhere in the remote Midwest, stockpile weapons and ammunitions, establish self-sufficiency in all food / water, design a dank flag, and then at some point collectively agree to flip the switch, stop paying taxes entirely, and telling Uncle Sam to come and play.

"It's just a LARP." Nigga, learn to roleplay. What if a country didn't need cops at all?

1 BTC = $5,205 USD as of Mon 10:19 AM EST April 8 2019. I'm holding plenty. Let's see where we are at EOD. What if our micronation built the world's first functional space elevator because we weren't busy spending $38 Billion USD to build Israel's border wall? Also let's grow almonds, weed, cocaine, and opium. Maybe we should take our talents to Afghanistan and oust the Islamofaggots?

Sky's the limit boys, have fun.

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Bump, hello officer, 1 BTC = $5,225

To become a new country, we first have to get into the army. What is the nature of the little we do to defend America? Oklahoma.
In order to catch Oklahoma in order to build up an army and seize hard drive from the imperial us troops.
If you cannot use the tool to do so, we need to "Oh and progress with them," according to the people who killed them with metal tubes.

The length of the pipe is difficult to transport city partisan and because of their size large attention.
The length of the pipe is weapons, Mauser rifles or shotguns, Winchester, and so guns also helps in using Blokantu close and his favourite. They are very useful at night light that bad, especially if the accuracy is not clear. Gun pressure can be used for shooting training.

Didn't you coin the slogan "Army of One?" Well hey, one of your memes landed. I am an Army of One and I challenge you to a fist fight.

Fuck off moshe.

Why not spin that Medal?
We will fight to get them exterminated by the jews, the death of our Race.

I don't even know wtf you're talking about. I have no plans on genocide, but I do have big plans of leaving the United States permanently and selling my passport on Craigslist.

I'm talking about the best way to capture Oklahoma's weapons and then try to do a fist-wrestling.
Then press and where you should be?

Is English like your 15th language? Jesus, man, hire a translator.

I say Oklahoma is the best place to capture the middle of the West.
I tried to plan a war of the fist.
But I replied in kind.
Not bad, Bro.

I understand, my apologies for the aggression. If you want to work together to do this, I'm definitely interested and this seems the only safe channel to do so, God/Void bless Zig Forums admins whoever the fuck they are.

No problem, user.
To avoid aggravating the FBI, we want to talk to you. ''Aesopian language."
Got it? ;-)

We need to assess how to use rocket-propelled.
Launcher rockets do's and Don'ts can also be used to operate, but the conditions of its use must be developed and those who use weapons and moral needs to be trained.

Again I welcome my own death or life in jail every second of my existence, so I don't mind rustling some FBI jimmies.

It seems somewhere in the heartland is the best place to kick this thing off. I'm running a bit low on shekels, but I'm gonna see if I can buy a little parcel of land with what I got. Seems as good a place to start as any.

South Dakota? Montana? Wyoming? Minnesota? Michigan? North Dakota?

Any and all input is valued.

What a waste of water. Can you even dig a well ? Do you have the ability to drill a 100ft well ? What about sand point well ?
It's the "Mideast", Ohiofag, and it is good for farming biut shit for fighting/protecting. Best bet is do family cells liek the mooslims and jews did and continue the fight against abrahamic religions (all the versions of judaism).

If you really want to fight jews then why is today 2019 ? 2019 years after what ? After jews began meming themselves into dual ruler/servant.
Save the Date.
Save Europe.
Named after 'Europa', a Semitic goddess.
You are not European.
You are not from Europe.
You are from Celtae.
Save the Name.


Doesn't matter where I'm from, what matters is where I'm going, and I'd rather buy a parcel of farmland than a parcel of soon-to-be-glowing glass.

Montana is the Whitest area.
There are several camping?
And if it begins to sabotaged oil tubes, how much money do you think it will shed ZOG swore to Montana to live in harmony?

We need more than one person to build a guerrilla army.

You don't need anything more than total fearlessness and a desire to live better than we're currently living. But I like what you say, so, I'm on your team, for now.

If we know each other, we can do a lot, brother.

I live in war guerrilla go.
Therefore, please take my thoughts about the guerrilla had come;
It should not taste the guerrillas of the city to create the basis for activities based on the use of heavy weapons, which are more susceptible to various military programs, in order to ensure that hand movements.

Domestic weapons are often as effective as the best weapons produced in conventional factories, and the sawed shotgun is a weapon for the urban guerrilla fighter.

You don't have to reveal any info you don't want to, but I live in New York City. Where are you?


If I don't know where I come from.
How do I know where to go.
It's not where you're from.
It's not where you're at.
It's where you're going.
And I am going home.

Why not get steel flarefun ?
Also. lern2smith.

Wherever you can afford it. You can get down to and a bit below 1k/acre in some places but only in 40+acre size. The zoning for such an area at such a price is usually residential/agricultural at 5R or one dwelling unit for every five acres. You can always rezone your shit, though, and will only have issues if it is within or just outside "urban" zoned areas. Palos Verdes and Newport Hills has these issues because it is forest and urban mixed. Same with places like the Carolinas.

What you should do is the following:
see no tor post

The plan's to just buy the cheapest parcel I can afford (which again might be slightly outside of my means to do legally because I only have a ~$70k BTC at time of this typing) but if I get impatient then I'm just stealing it.

Worthless fake money that is used to rob wealth from people trying to get ahead without paying the Jew.

Look ma, retards.

I'll work with the Jew insofar as they can have their Circus Nations, as long as I get my chill non-ZOG space.

Nope, you want nonZog, you have to give up everything until you get rid of the eternal Boomer, Eternal Anglos, and the Pollacks. Those are the groups propping the Jews up.

Good luck.

Again, they can all chill in their cells, I'm breaking free of this fuckzone and I don't care if I die a bajillion times in the process.

How to Live on Federal Land
Buy Federal land for mining.
Set up half-year seasonal work/live camp.
Buy second Federal land for mining.
Set up half-year seasonal work/live camp.
Move between the two to avoid "camping" time limitations.

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>FORTY-SECOND CONGRESS. Sess. II Ch. 152. 1872. (approved July ninth, eighteen hundred and seventy) a patent shall issue for the placer-claim, including such vein or lode, upon the payment of five dollars per acre such vein or lode claim, and twenty-five feet of surface on each side thereof. The reminder of the placer-claim, or any placer-claim not embracing any vein or lode claim, shall be paid for at the rate of two dollars and fifty cents per acre, together with all costs of proceedings.

The mining law opens up land in the public domain, that is, federal land that has been owned by the federal government since it became part of the United States, and that has never been set aside for a specific use.
It set the price of the land claim to range $2.50 to $5.00 per acre. This price set by law has remained the same since 1872.

A mining claim is the right to explore for and extract minerals from a tract of land.
Claim staking is the required procedure of marking the boundaries of the mining claim, typically with wooden posts or substantial piles of rocks. Each western state has slightly different requirements for claim staking. Once the claim is staked, the prospector documents the claim by filing required forms. Originally the forms were filed with the mining district recorder; today they are filed with the Clerk of the County in which the claim is located, and with the US Bureau of Land Management. Papers are likewise filed to document annual assessment work.
A lode claim is a claim over a hard rock deposit.
A placer claim is a claim over gold-bearing sand or gravel, often along a stream or river.

You do not have to buy the land but because of a Congress-imposed moratorium, the federal government has not accepted any new applications for mining claim patents since October 1, 1994. But if you do buy mining land you can still lose it if you "abandon" it:

If you buy land in a subdivision you can get 1/4 acre for $2k.
I used to buy them for friends and family as gifts.

This might sound like a joke, but it is a serious question. How much land can I buy for $50 USD?

If you buy mining land, quite a bit. Up to a 10 acre square. You are only purchasing mining rights but it includes land use for work/live. If you do not want to have to swap with other mining anons every year then buying your own land with mining and logging rights included is best but you need at least a grand or two. You get privacy at 10, 40, and 160 acres so you will need 10k, 40k, or 100k to get such area. If you want trees, water, or other things like proximity to a city then you will pay more. The cost for land around cities is like the cost for land in Europe, ~10k per acre going up to 100k per acre if jews live nearby (Londun, San Francisco, Berlin, and so on).

Godin isn't really making more land unless by volcano. Buy in now but you get a deal at or below 1k per acre.

What is this niggerfaggot shit? What is the smallest parcel of land I can legally purchase? (((WHY???????)))

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All plots come with a gift pack and the right to style yourself as a Laird, Lord, or Lady of Glencoe.
You'll be able to visit your land anytime You can pass the personal right to your land on to future generations.
Free Worldwide Shipping.

Thank you – this is great, but I'm looking for USA land.

You people are so gay.

Thanks, now can you focus on the task at hand and figure out where we can buy some USA land for

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Key bumping for interest.

That's weird, the guy talking about buying land out in North Dakota was shoa'd.

More proof why White people cannot defeat our enemies. White people would rather kill each other than the jew.

We’ve been picking up alot of traction in the PNW the past year, NF and NA are making alot of progress. The more people we have advocating for a White homeland in the Northwest the better, no matter what group or ideology you fall under.

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Yeah cause moving to a specifc region of the country, with no need to do anything other than living there for political purposes is a honeypot and illegal right?

sung by a mexican.

I want to try something



OP is the blackest gorilla nigger known to mankind.





Calling everything a honeypot is a strawman.


It glows.

Bump cause why not?

Implying this isnt a honeypot.

niggers are reaching

black flag is a kike band

henry rollins is really named henry garfield and he is a kike from DC

How is it a strawmen?