Why is Japan still an ethnostate?

Japan was under military occupation by kiked Western governments for a long time. They had a lot of time to introduce multiculturalism to Japan.
Yet they didn't.
This does not seem to cohere with the idea that Jews are pushing multiculturalism in order to destroy the "superior raceS". Either they are somehow exercising restraint or East Asia is not actually our ally.

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They're not white so the jews don't care. They only want the whites wiped out.

Watch this video. Whites are the first enemy of the jews. No other race will be safe, the jews simply feel that whites must go first.

Wrong, the jews wish to rule over the whole Earth.

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Your defeatist take on this is retarded.
(((JAKE ADELSTEIN))) among others is actively trying to undermine Japanese culture by calling them 'racist xenophobes' in Vice articles.
Furthermore, Jews did the Atom bombs.
However, consider the following:
1. It helps being an island
2. Read "The Setting Sun" by Osamu Dazai (Japanese philosophy is quite resiliant).
3. Japan is the last real surviving home of Confucian Values
But yes this is a fascinating question.
Japan is to be emulated in many ways.
Ikki Kita
Seigo Nakano
Sadao Araki
Shumei Okawa
Toyama Mitsuru
Ryohei Uchida
etc. …

I guess they were busy focusing on the West?

Oppenheimer, Wigner, Teller, Segre, Rotblat, Weisskopf, Von Neumann, and even Einstein and Szilard who wrote the initial letter to FDR were ALL JEWS.
I can't believe that you would ignore that the ONLY nation ever to be attacked with nuclear weapons was attacked with weapons developed almost ENTIRELY by Jews.
Educate yourself. Sites like atomicheritage.org have all the info and they're even proud of it.
Also, don't forget that the Jewish Sassoons destroyed China with the Opium Trade.

Jews fear the samurai.

Don't accept his flawed premise. You need to do further research.
Even today, Jewish organisations like Netflix, Funimation, etc. are attempting to coopt and corrupt anime.
So yes, Jews have plenty of ill will towards Japan.
They have even been pressuring the Japanese government to remove 'manji' (swastikas) as the ancient symbol for temples on tourist maps for the 2020 olympics.
So yeah, until you've spoken with a Japanese who actually knows what's going on, don't pretend you know anything about this issue.
I've been to Fukuoka, Matsuyama, Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo, and Sendai, and I can also obviously tell you that Japan has LESS Jewish influence than countries like Britain, France, Germany, Sweden, or the U. S.
But so does Finland, Hungary, Italy, etc.
The world is a large place.
Basically, the lesson to take from this is NOT one of despair, that 'no matter what we do (((they))) will win' or that 'Japan must be secretly kiked', but that it is POSSIBLE to hold off the Jewish menace, and therefore we ought to LEARN FROM those nations that have managed it.
Iran is another great example. So is Argentina. Also, the Philippines.

Diversity is strength remember.
So they didnt want to give Japan diversity which would make them the strongest nation on earth.

They are trying.

That's pretty outrageous. I can only pray that the olympics going there doesn't mark the beginning of the end for them.

Anyways, organizations like the Japan Teacher's Union seem to be a threat but all in all there is still a fairly big divide in the country between traditional, nationalist values and pozzed western values.

Also kind of a funny litmus test is that of Jake Adelstein; one of probably a few thousand Jews living in all of Japan and his twitter is full of subversive nonsense.

Because its a US colony

Why are weebs so cringe?

because their plan is to get them to self-depopulate rather than demographically displace them. also crime syndicates scare the shit out of jews for whatever reason and they have a decently strong crime syndicate.

their plan is halfway working, but they didn't account for the fact that once all the elderly people die and their somewhat shit-tier culture of fake politeness which is very similar to political correctness dies with them they're going to get generation of conservative young people that aren't bound by rules and desperate to stimulate the economy lol recipe for war on their hands

The Jew fears the Yakuza

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The Jews needed them to wipe out USA's electronics and other manufacturing (autos, etc) before Red China came online.
Japs wouldn't have been able to do that, since at best all they can really do is put more effort into making the White Man's inventions.
Now that Red China is going good, the Jews are pushing Diversity on Japan.

IMO you will see something like "we will only allow trade and MILITARY treaties with Japan if they SHARE OUR VALUES".


A good idea never dies.

BONZAI, faggots

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The core idea of jewish ideology is that when they mix and conquer all other peoples, their moshiah will come and lead them to gas chambers heaven. Whites are only the beginning. After we have been bred out and replaced by golems, they will turn their attention to the east.

the japs arent cucks

Because Japan, like the rest of East Asia, is an experiment, with Japan being a unique case of its own, and ethnic homogeneity was kept to ensure that data from the experiment would be most correct.

The experiment(s) being emasculation, infantilization, infertility, workaholicism, etc. Basically a first world slave society.
And the experiment worked, so now it's being applied to the West, with the Anglosphere (and primarily the US) being the West's initiatory guinea pig.
Now Japan is no longer needed, so they are now getting more and more racial foreigners. In 30 years, expect urban Japan to look similar to how urban UK and France looked maybe 20 years ago. The same is slowly happening to South Korea, Taiwan, and even China.

Even today, large swathes of Tokyo have plenty of non-Asians, aside from degenerate Western tourists (many of whom are literally jewish), there are Nigerians, Turks, Middle Easterners, South Asians, etc. These days, they can stay there practically indefinitely without getting deported despite engaging in prostitution and pimping. It'll only be a matter of time before they start raping and stealing purses like in the West. They know that modern Jap males are effete and cuckish.
Japan is now also accepting 200,000 immigrants per year to replace their dying population.

Read every post by this Jap documenting the degeneracy creeping in to modern Japan. Jewish gay pride parades, Japanese people protesting racism en masse (with Malcolm X signs like By Any Means Necessary; hundreds if not thousands of anti-racist Japanese protesters), etc.

You're the cringey one, just because I and many other respect Japan, doesn't make us weebs. If anything whites need to take a page from their book to fight jewish usury. Now, I'm not saying they've completely fought it, but they've done better than the jewSA and Europe. My point is, don't be a faggot, and learn to look for allies who are closest in morals and beliefs as you, because the nips are the best choice, other than other whites obviously.


It's not. It is literally occupied by a foreign military, and the race mixing and immigration has ramped up massively in recent years.

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Japan and Europe are already dead user, you just don't know it yet. Birthrates are far far below replacement, Japan will die a slow death by itself. Womens rights and the sexual revolution has won the world for the Jew. Without removal of these two things no country can sustain themselves meaning immigration will eventually have to happen.

This is the ultimate blackpill, there is not a single "repilled" country other than some mudslime shithole. The boomers sold us out for profit and its all ogre now.

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Here's a theory worth chewing on:
The destruction of Christianity&Islam was the true goal.
This explains the bombs dropped on Japan (christian cities) and the fact that it has been mostly left alone while the West and MidEast have been decimated.

Who would profit from the destruction of Abrahamic religions?
I think the NWO would, because it would leave room for them to install a new religion.

So the NWO wants to destroy Judaism?

The United States changed the governmental structure of Japan to resemble more a Western government but with harsher conditions like a nearly majority vote to make amendments to the constitution. Because of that, there has never been an amendment made to Japan's constitution ever so the Japanese government has been operating more or less the same as the end of the Second World War. To be completely honest with you, not everyone in America was an anti-white kike shill yet. At least, the generals and occupiers of Japan weren't so there was still a respect towards an ethnically pure and nationalistic society.



But I'm pretty sure it's because Argentina was a safe haven that allowed Nazis to resettle there after the war. IIRC, the Catholic Church, ironically enough, supported and helped the Nazis resettle in Argentina. That's why Argentina is a majority white country unlike most other South America countries.

Forgot the pic.

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Can confirm

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Zero effort, QTDDTOT, capital J. Learn to sage you newfag fucks.

Nukes don't exist.
Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire bombed.
Japan's cooperation in promoting the hoax is one of the reasons the kikes largely leave them alone.
etc etc.

Maybe from a curious glance, but it doesn't change the Japanese people themselves are genesis of two different racial groups, plus plenty of cultures and ethnicities that historically weren't apart of the Yamato.

pick one

Nagasaki and Hiroshima were the biggest Christian cities in Japan, this is why the jew Morgenthau chose them as targets. Fukushima was the nuclear hat-trick that targeted the biggest Christian group still remaining Japan. That is the reason why ethnostate Japan has opened it's borders and sealed it's destruction on jewish orders.

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That forehead, yeesh, Yakub looking shit - she's not even that fucking pretty.

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the jews have difficulty infiltrating and subverting japan because of the inability to blend in. the kikes only started using koreans for this purpose beginning in the 1980s. but it has had limited affect because japan rapidly became korea woke with the rise of right wing internet communities.

This is the fuckig ultimate proof that we lost. There is literally nothing we can do anymore but watch jews take over the world. There is literally no reason not to take the blackpill now. We cannot do anything.

Self improvement will not save you
Physical and mental well-being will not save you
The will to fight back will not save you
The only things that matter anymore are suffering and suicide

Say it with me, folks:

Everyone, literally fucking everyone is confirming and agreeing that Japan, and the rest of the world, has now been claimed by the jews.
Resistance is futile. Take the fucking blackpill people. It's the only pill you should be taking.

The ultimate message of this threadis that Japan has already been kiked and will become the next Sweden no matter what we do. It's all fucking over for us. Jews own the world. We have nothing left.
Obey your Jewish masters or suffer

Agreed. Japan is becoming like Sweden and there's literally nothing we can do about it.

Agreed. Weebs need to realize that it's fucking over for Japan.
There is nothing you can do to save them.
This is now the blackpill thread.

And Christianity has saved 'murrica right? Christcucks are delusion.

Finally, a patrician fucking post!

This is something that these stupid fucking (((white saviors))) need to understand.
Jews are eternally one step ahead of us.
We are doomed no matter what.
Gibe up and surrender, if you know what's good for you.

Christianity or no, we're all doomed. Forever. See for the ultimate blackpill. Nothing can stop kikes. (((They))) have eternally won.

1) they aren't Christian, 2) they hate (((merchants))), 3) they're occupied and under the thumb

There's no surrender.

Calm down, Shlomo.

(((They))) created Christianity to control the whites by keeping them docile, and they attack clusters of Christianity to destroy the whites. (((They))) unofficially gave up slavery (they never stopped) to weaponize the black race against the whites. The entire existence of the black race is to destroy whites for the jews, they were robbed of any other purpose on this world.

Fuck off. Seriously just fuck off.

==Yes there is. Read

Fuck off. Seriously just fuck off.

Yes there is. Read >>13095317

The jews are luciferians. They are and will fulfill their self aggrandizing prophecy as they were meant to. It is temporal climax of limited perception binding those who choose faith in the relativity of men over thier absolute creator. The jews are only correct in so far as they can be in their dominion over those who accept it as their identities conclusion. We all belong where we are as our creator has given us equal wills among each other to create our partial hell and heaven. Yet the jews fall is also inevitable because its host will perish or become immune to their complacent dependence throughout this temporality. This is not to say that the original sin of pride will not develop in the hearts of the creators children again, to yet again repeat the cycle, but to remind you of your humble beginnings and ends everpresently. The first shall be last, and the last first anons. Godspeed. Fight as you must if you will, but remember the love of your creator, and fear no man.

No, whites are just the immediate threat since we're the only ones to fully recognize the Jew.

Because the prime strategy of the jew is to steal the genes of the host country. This is their evolutionary strategy, and why they are so alien to us.

Etc. This doesn't work in places like Japan where it's difficult to get the process of infiltration started. The best they can do right now is influence, not control.

Kikes removed their older poison when it was no longer useful to them and they had a better one at hand. Still, Japan is lucky not to have to deal with (((Christcucks))) among all other issues.

I should add that I suspect they are currently working on this. Lots of Eastern European jews, and sometimes those genes can come out looking vaguely asian, which makes infiltration into the next, more asian looking population easier, and so on. I'm pretty sure there's been an increase in korean jews, too, both happa and converts. But white genes are obviously primo, so currently the motivation to parasite from asia is very low.


I find it interesting that the destruction of Christianity and Islam would benefit more than one group at this time.

You mean the only ones to fully worship the Jew? Whites are golems whose very DNA has been shaped by their servitude to Jewish masters' for millennia.

Not true. They care but the jap population was massive on such a small territory and the traditional lifestyle extremely ingrained. The shitlib ideology has broken through of late so its only a matter of time until this great race is broken as well.

Bump for the ultimate blackpill

This. It's fucking over for Japan and everyone on this board knows it. The downfall will be inevitable.

The destruction of Christianity I propose isn't the destruction the jidf d&c pushed here. I want the rites, the feasts, the calendar, a roman priesthood, and the church cleansed of kikery. What's left is the mos maiorum, and that's what's important. It would be state religion again, as there's no such thing as religion without state or state without tradition. There'd be no doctrines or squabbles dividing the White Man's religion however, and cults of all sorts could be accepted as long as they don't corrode tradition or preach and rabble rouse. You participate in the sacrifices and feasts, or you don't belong to the nation, and therefore you have the status of a stray dog. Really simple, no rabbi anywhere, and pro White.

ill still fight


user will fight you and behead you infront of your rabbi


because there are too many japanese people to replace them

to answer ops question, the UN actually does (or did?) have a plan for japan to make it japanese minority. they even flat out called it replacement migration. they posted it on their website im pretty sure anybody have that link?


Make sure to save all of .pdf files before they get (((shoa'd))).

This one especially about Japan.


The jewkuza is a collection of lowlives and a large amount of them are gooks or gook/jap mischlings, they also ferry negroes in so they can work scams in the clubs that their run, case and point - Roppongi. No different from the mafia in Italy, the jewkuza is nothing like how they're portrayed in media.

Cool it a bit, rabbi. Japan will survive over 10000 years after the last jew has died. :)

thanks, i was suprised how openly


i was surprised how openly they admit their desire to want to replace the japanese. and why is it always immigration? god forbid they incentive having children. are japanese nationalists pissed at this? im sure they'd want to team up with white nationalists against the UNs planned ethnic replacement

"Boiling frog" idiom explain this well.

Every nationalist in other countries is our potential ally.

it's not, they have immigrants coming in from vietnam and other asian shitholes that are filled with the gook equivalent of niggers

I'd take a SEAMonkey over a nigger any day.

Because of Shintoism, the Japanese never gave up their indigenous beliefs, just like the jews, its the same reason why India is an ethno-state, even though India has survived countless invasions from Aryans to Muslims.

Because heretofore, they have been racist af and have nearly universally excluded foreigners from settling there. Especially mudshits and shitskins.
Sadly, Abe is now beginning to capitulate to the kike 'zomg population crisis!' bullshit.

Most of the stuff you want from Christianity came from pagan predecessors anyways.
I'm with you in spirit, and what you say sounds good, I just worry that Christianity is kiked at the core level.

This is a stupid idea that keeps being said. Population rates NEED to fall. The world is overpopulated. Perpetual growth based economics is flawed.

Japanese won’t fsll to extinction. When population rates fall it means that mankind goes back to sustainable levels of population.

Ranking of Major Religions, in terms of Relative Fagocity:

1. Judaism
2. Islam
3. Christianity
4. Scientology
5. Buddhism
6. Mormonism
7. Kekistaniasm or whatever faggot shit you literally just made up right now
98. Jehovah's Witness
99. Dudeism
100. (((Youism)))

Also eliminate social security nets, welfare, pensions, etc. the idea that the pyramid schemes of social security, welfare, pensions, needs to go.

People didn’t have social safety nets for thousands of years.

Population decline is only an issue for people who rely on retirement pensions and social security. Well - they need to save up more for retirement and also introduce voluntary euthanasia for older people ie Nembutal.

Stupid ass world.

Agreed. People often underestimate the importance of having your own, ethnic religion.

The interesting thing about Christianity, ironically, is that most of the good things are, apart from the Pagan elements, as you said, the many works of art that have been inspired, be it in literature, architecture, etc…, most of which are in fact based on said Pagan elements and not on the scriptures themselves.
But its Judaic core is horrible and incompatible with the original European values.

Population needs to fall worldwide this much is true. Lowering your own population while others increase theirs would be a catastrophic decision akin to nuking yourself.

Without economic growth your country will be pushed around by larger countries. Look at the tiny baltic states for proof, they are practically a no mans land that larger countries use as pawns for their own gains. Isolation does not exist anymore, either you fight to win or you are abused by others for their own gain.

Japan is a secondary priority for globalists, after the West nya~

Also Japan is not a christcuck country, so the rapefuggess thing is a harder sell there nya~

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I hope you don't complain like this when subsidies are given to women and couples for having more children in order to combat the decline in birthrates.

The Church is what's left of the cultus deorum and traditions of the ancestors, mingled with kiked (((doctrines))) and priests. It needs cleaning out, and the rabbi needs to go, but everything else is Roman and worth recovering.

It's not just conquest by immigration a nation has to worry about, but also direct war. One day the US will be in no position to protect Japan onxe we descend into Civil War, and China will pounce on that opportunity. If Japan let this continue while China fixes their birth rate problem, that's going to be a problem as China can then throw more men at them.

It's foolish for anyone to try to spin a low birth rate as a positive

Fuck you traitor-ass blackpill niggers. If I only had one bullet, I would make sure you were all in a line. Your surrender monkey faggotry will never be accepted.

I will defeat you.

Fuck you faggot. If KIKE mods don't want to censor your spamming faggot ass, then I will sure as hell counterspam you and so should every other user.






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Blackpills have no reason to be here, unless they are actually shills nya~

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It's pretty sad when ZOG can be motivated just fine with inferior troops. Never quit and never give up!

we need to return to the numbers before the baby boom anyway, once we cull the kikes,fags,spics and niggers our country for the first time in 100 years will have manageable numbers, we will invest heavy into automation and various sorts of technology in order to offset lost production from the few people from, these cleansed groups who were actually useful. it'll be fine kikeanon, the human population was never meant to be this large in the first place.

Riddle me this user.

Lets pretend somehow by the luck of God you stop third world immigration 100% in your country. You are now stuck with a 1.2 or worse birthrate, meaning in a short time your economy will collapse from the burden of older people crushing the youth.

Realistically your only options are
A) Provide birth incentives (which as proven by nearly every western country no longer have a real effect), or
B) Strip women's rights away and crack down on any sexual degeneracy including pornography and such on the internet.

Do you honestly think anyone will allow option b to happen? Imagine the fucking riots as millions of entitled women and their beta orbiters storming down the streets fucking everything up for months if not years on end. Imagine the absolute and unending propaganda spewed out by other countries run by (((them))).

There is a point where hopes and dreams descend into pure fantasy user.

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