Why are Arab countries the most multicultural?

Compared to Qatar, Australia feels like a White ethnostate
You would think that they are only targeting White countries with (((multiculturalism))), but in reality many Arab and Muslim countries are majority foreign born. This does not fit the idea that Jews are only targeting Whites.
These Muslim countries are oil rich, so maybe the problem isn't organized immigration orchestrated by Jews, but rather osmosis of people toward places with jobs and opportunities.
Either that, or the Jews are trying to subvert not just Whites but also their Arab enemies. A country full of White, Indian, and Chinese expats is a country that cannot defend itself.
(Pic is intentionally satirical/sarcastic/ironic, I am not an arab)

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The gulf states are tiny and in the middle of the desert so they have a tiny native population, the oil wealth attracts pakis, indians and various assorted asians who basically serve as a slave underclass. Really not hard to figure out, sage because this didn't need its own thread.

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In the Gulf States, I don't think a lot of the foreign-born population has actual citizenship. They are guest workers. In Jordan, I would imagine the overwhelming majority of that 40% listed are Palestinians and Syrians. For Brunei, I'm not sure. You don't hear much about Brunei, so I don't know if they are mostly tourism driven or if they have some oil. I would bet most of their foreign-born are Malay or Indonesian workers or Gulf investors.

what is the foreigner composition of Qatar
is it other muslims?

Islam was created to self destruct at a certain size, which is why the jews feel so utterly save around them. the laws of the Koran are so inhumane that Muslims start ditching them the first chance they get, this normally happens once the size of their population creates enough freedom to live in piece. Then the fundamentalists come out of the woodwork and start persecution "heretics", while enforcing their laws. This creates wars, new denominations, and finally flight into another country, where the cycle repeats itself.


Interesting analysis, I believe you are correct.

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Those countries need foreigners to run their modern machines for them.

They are primitives with oil.

however,, they do a better job than us of keeping foreigners out of politics.

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Saudi arabia is run by jewish families.

Rotschilds daugher is together with a (((Saudi)))

Thats one of the reasons, why Saudi Arabia is pushing for war with Iran (Land of the aryans). Ancient Iranians are not semitic arabs, but aryans.

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Islam is implicitly Arab-supremacist, but in a cultural sense. It's not race essentialist. Anyone can become Arab so long as they adopt their mannerisms and culture, and in Islam they are strongly encouraged to. So from these countries' point of view they are actually very homogenous, because everyone is assimilated to Arab culture and they don't care about race.

This is also why you will see Western converts grow beards, take Arab names, start wearing muslim clothing, learn Arabic and use Arabic expression even when speaking English. It's a cultural assimilation thing.

So then they start fucking tiny children and becoming homos as well…lovely…it IS a cultural thing.

Western Civilization also regularly self destructs. After a certain level of prosperity and technological achievement is reached it sinks into decadence.

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Holy fucking shit what an awful analogy. The premise of the original post was about how tiny their native populations were. I also didn't know a slave underclass could vote, have mayors, governors, senators, attorney generals, be police officers, be president, etc. Holy fucking shit Zig Forums get your shit together. Usually I wouldn't reply, but this was so dumb I just had to point it out in hopes you get better at your craft.

Just to entertain this shill, those foreign born are not citizens and are there on work visas and have no path to citizenship or they're arabs muslims. the many poojeets that work there do not have any path to becoming a citizen of a rich arab oilstate

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
What an abomination.

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Bump because more people should be aware of this fact

You may be surprised to find all those foreigners are pakistani slaves lol

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Even if you somehow immigrate you still will never have the right to vote.

reminder the Burj Khalifa was designed by whites

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makes a very good observation. These countries don't have politicians clamoring for more immigration the same way Sweden and Germany do, but the root cause is very similar; Gulf States are as rich in oil as EU states are rich in technology/industry, and so there are lots of menial/service-sector jobs that arise to cater to the middle-to-upper class citizens that benefit the most from the local resources. The local capitalists simply decided that it would be much more cost-effective to lobby for the importation of third-world migrant labor to fill these positions than it would be to increase wages to a level that would attract native-born citizens. In the West the people in charge of this process are Jews, in Arab countries I suspect it's the sheiks who are simply so wealthy that it doesn't really matter to them what happens to their country's' demographics, since they're so insulated from mainstream society anyway. Plus Muslims tend to prioritize belonging to the same religion over the same race, at least to a certain extent. Even a few wealthy non-Arab Muslims from places like Europe have moved to Dubai/Qatar in recent years because they feel like the Islamic hegemony there is a better place to raise their families, and I don't think they're wrong on that point frankly.

tl;dr - It's the feckless capitalists, whom in the West just happen to be Jews.

Arab countries use their migrants as slaves or a third class. In Arab countries the hierarchy is like this: The king/theocracy and their families, their people, then imported slave labour.

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This. White people can't into immigrant labor management, unlike arabs.

Are you implying multiculturalism means having multiple peoples in your country? I mean, in the most strict sense of the word youre not wrong, but (((multiculturalism))) means enforcing respect for invading cultures. That forced respect is nowhere to be found in Arabic nations. Quite the opposite actually.

So what is your point? Having foreigners in your nation isnt as bad as having foreigners in your nations but CALLING THEM NATIVES.
The idea that all you need is a European passport to make you European is (((multiculturalism))). It undermines a nation and its people. You dont see that same deracination in Arabic countries.

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*goes back to studying arabic and spanish*


*my cultural infatuation*



It doesnt work much that way though.

Middle-classes in arab oil rich countries do no exist. The sheiks literally hand out free money to the population and real state is dirt cheap. Which means that any John Doe with basic scholarship can buy a mansion and live in a rich area. Immigrants are either rich foreigners or most of times low-wage workers that live like shit and stay in shit places.

Its a different matter than the US and Europe, where shitskins constantly make their way into business centers, rich areas and settle in middle-class suburbs, and it is why immigration is a problem in these places but not the arab countries.

All this, plus democracy is non-existant there. A 99% foreign-born citizenship means jack shit when the sheik and his family are part of the 1% and will remain so forever.

Reminder Sears tower was designed by a Bengali.

Shit. Really?
That's pretty sad however it is likely not non-Arabs that are the 'foreign born' populations.
All these tiny gulf states always had a low population