EthnoNationalist Revolution

I have started my own manifesto: Revolution.pdf

Lets take a look at historical revolutions like The American Revolution and how Hitler came to power and also texts like Siege by James Mason.

How do we sustain and create an effective revolution? How do we get past the demoralization and the tendency of people to just commit suicide out of despair instead of actually going down fighting? How do we get men to sacrifice their lives rather than wait for others to do so? How, and most important, do we come together with a plan where we can win decisive or else Pyrrhic victories against the enemy, where the enemy will lose too much to win?

I think right now what we should probably be doing is making our presence felt everywhere. Right now I believe in all honesty most of the white population is redpilled at this point and the ones that aren't likely never will be. I've been doing a fuckload of networking IRL and normal whites are more redpilled and ready than the shills on Zig Forums would make you believe, and they all accept Brenton's actions. What we need however is for everyone to know we exist and are around and have radical demands.

I suggest we start the revolution this way:

Phase 1. Postering campaigns with links both to and to a protonmail or similar account for people to contact with questions. These posters must demand the deportation of non-whites and can also be mixed with stats about the average age females have their first child, birthrate stats, and other redpills but at least 50% of the posters plastered all over the place should be simply demands for the deportation of all non-whites.
Phase 2. Building up a network that we can get enough people to effectively march and protest for deportations of all non-whites. Filter out anyone who'd water down the message of course or who has major and obvious mental issues that make them a liability. Be to filter out also pacifists as well as the trigger happy.

Pacifist – I define this as the "violence is never the solution" crowd. They will constantly talk about how they are peaceful and encourage others to never engage in acts of violence. They will make us appear non-threatening and cucked and push overs.
Trigger happy – I define this as the people who can't even wait to make our demands known and give things a little time before gunning down the enemy.

The ideal revolutionary – someone who is trained, ready, prepared, willing, and even itching to fight but who wants the peaceful solution if possible first and will only begin burning shit down, rioting, and killing the enemies if the government, churches, or corporations we're making our demands to try stop our protests and silence our freedom of speech. If they actually respect our freedom we just keep protesting and growing the movement and amassing more and more people on our side all willing to fight. If they crack down on us, we spill their blood.

This is the right combination of having a spine and being civil. Neither savage nor coward.

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This message is sponsored by Ben Shapiro and David Rubin

The message in your youtube video or in my pdf?

I can change the pdf if need be.

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Molotov cocktails, then, opposite as catapults and measured friction for the combustion of explosives, pipe and tin smoke bombs, grenades, mines, explosives such as dynamite and potassium hypochlorite, plastic explosives, capsules for gelatine and ammunition of all kinds necessary for the success of the guerrilla.

Must be catered to acquiring supplies or weapons for them, or the power and rights of the substance and the guerrillas in the city. And if you're not careful you don't like trash and other items, you can be an accident abroad, but they are trying to use them in the end.

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Even though I genuinely care about the Native Americans I'm thinking I might just need to remove reference to them in my manifesto. Is it good to keep mention of them in there or should I remove mention of them and just hope that they understand we don't really have an issue with them, our issue is with the niggers and chinks and arabs and pajeets and other scum?

You're incoherent.

Nope, you're just out of the loop and can't read the memes very well.

I'm trying to save my race do you want to help? Lets get this manifesto perfect and also discuss how to get a successful revolution going already.

What about the niggers we brought here for slaves?

By getting off this stupid fucking site and being the change you want to see
I'm serious, how many times do you see shills or defeatists making threads getting everybody on board with this despair thought process? the thought that there's nothing you can do. In the case of the shill, they're weaponizing the despair because they don't want to have to fight you when the time comes. They want you soft and compliant. In the case of the defeatist they're literally too demoralized to do anything themselves, they can't even do a minor step process in /sig/ or quit their masturbation or other addictions. They tell you it's not possible because they're too weak to do anything themselves, and misery enjoys company. Why do anything when you could just shitpost online?
If you feel like that's all you can do, fine, shitpost away. Compromise with yourself, though: for every act of meme activism you accomplish, try a real world one as well. We need to quit living solitary lives stuck behind this illusion of "togetherness" we feel being online, and reconnect with the world and shatter the chains that bind us.

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We are the same race now? Since when?

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Okay but can you link this to historical precedence?

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I'd plan for non-whites to deport themselves and if they can't manage to self-deport then they simply are killed.

What use would native Africans conjure for (((Americanized))) niggers? Nobody wants a bunch of useless porch monkeys in their country.

Africans are native to Africa not America.

If you haven't killed any parasites nobody cares about your shitty manifesto. It should be board rule or something. We don't need no writers, we have enough of these. If you want to help white race and spread your manifesto, go kill nignogs/jews/mudslims/traitors.

cringe, you people are deluded, nobody gives two fucks about your gay posters, you can't fight global propaganda with your stupid posters. Only way to fight it is use it against it like breivik, like tarrant. They used global media to draw attention to their own agenda, that's how you do it. CIA or some alphabet estimated that about 16 million read Tarrants manifesto. How much people will give a shit about your posters?

I know i'm sounding like a total prick and that you want to probably help, but in all seriousness you are probably under 20 and these kind of aimless fantasies are useless, if not even counterproductive. Only way to win anything is by acceleration, and that means terrorist attacks on enemies, to provoke them to retaliate and hopefully fuel a war eventually.
Also you can't just start marching for deportation of non-whites, nobody will join this and this will be viewed as racist, fascist etc etc it will bring absolutely no benefit and nobody will support it. You need to create tensions first, the non-whites will need to be provoked to much larger violence then they are doing now. Look at GB or Sweden, they get attacked by terrorists, their women raped, their people killed - and they don't do nothing, and even calling out for deporations of non-whites would be a massive hate-crime there. That shows that even in such conditions where whites are major victims, they still can't overcome the societal pressure. For them to overcome that pressure, the nonwhites need to create enormous amounts of violence. IMO best way to generate this would be to bomb muslim kindergartens/schools.

-Maybe lay off the super passionate language a bit. It's all good if the people reading it agree with you already as it builds zeal, it just seems dramatic as its the opening paragraph and you've come out guns blazing with "rotting carcasses" and "cowards/trojan horses".
- parroting tarrant on "invaders" is not going to help you at all. It'll only help you be disregarded imo.
- Bring up legit sources when quoting replacing populations in decline, UN Migrant Compact etc, I'd also pose some questions around why having a slightly lower population is considered so terrible and catastrophic by the ruling class.
- tarrant had no kids, no wife, and was babbling on about having kids all the time. It seemed a little hypocritical. Desperate even.

Ok its one page and i cant even be fucked telling you how ineffective this is going to be. Im on your side but you're really only speaking to your own demographic. I do not believe this will attract anyone new to this cause.

delete some quantity of the enemies first, then publicate the manifestos

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It's not like they're here by their own accord. I hate entitled 'That's not my job' niggers as much as you do. Thinking more on where we would throw them away to.


Kikes were slave traders, you uneducated newfag.

Then educate me. I just assumed for the purpose of discourse "we" generalized white men. Our ancestors did have slaves, right user?

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Unironically if you find this arousing you are a degenerate.

Kill 50 invaders and I'll read your manifesto.

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How so? The other term I like to use is "rapefugee". Also I have been saying invaders before Brenton took my advice on the gopro thing and did his heroics.

I don't think you understand. All the libtards think there's no white supremacists around and that we don't exist. I want them to know we exist, we're around, and we're going to get shit done. I want the media to seek charges of me for my posters or other actions calling for the death of shitskins in the same vein as the Muslims in the UK say "Islam will dominate the world" and such and get away with it. If they don't react I intend to build a following that can be used for mass action to overthrow the government, if they do react I intend to lone wolf it and take out several targets.

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Kek has spoken. Ethnonationalism is the the white future and the rainbow is our symbol.

To the point and on target. Well done.
Nein! You must live your proposed way of life. Do it this way.
1. Study lebenreform movement and great environmentalists and conservationists of the 1920s
2. Form group homes with local guys to pool resources and conserve your money. Remember #1 way to live your values is limiting consumption. This also paves the way for …
3. Buy a 40+ acre lot and build eco friendly village on it. Grow your own food and pay for any imports using on site workshop or information work exports.

You keep the group home as a base to work in the city and export money to your eco-village, using it to buy equipment and build self sufficiency. It also serves as a recruiting conduit and outlet to sell artisan crafts made in the eco-village. When you outgrow the 40 acres you buy a new lot and found a new colony. Eventually the network of colonies constitutes its own self sufficient society (e.g. Amish or Hutterites).

Sources for BASED (and redpilled) environmentalism: (edited)

Only a small percentage of the very richest in the lowv population South of the US, and mostly anglo-saxon. My family is German/Polish, they never had slaves, nor even fucking knew anyone that did.

No, if you are speaking of the US. I didn’t have a single ancestor in the US before 1900. One half the family is Irish and the other half fled Eastern Europe to escape the communists. So no, no direct ancestors that was slave owning. And most people I grew up with could say the same, despite being from a town over 97% white.

I like the idea. I do think fliering has its uses. It can be a rally cry primarily for people already of like mind. Your average NPC isn’t intelligent enough to decipher most of it. But it will work to either rally those sympathetic to it or alert those opposed to it to your presence. The latter can be demoralizing. I say this because I work at a major university and see communist shit all the time. Would be nice to see redpilled propaganda and the resulting reaction for a change.

The way I see it, any action that provokes racial issues is good. Your average middle class middle aged white dude is already acutely aware of the double standard that exists. I’ll use an example. As stated above my family fled Eastern Europe to escape the communists. More specifically, a good chunk of my lineage is Lithuanian, who fled Stalin and Trotsky and they were not good to my ancestors. I could very easily complain to the university I work at that the Trotsky fliers being hung up around campus “trigger” me, but I’d get told to fuck off real quick because I am white. Whereas recently there was a thread about graffiti here recently at a Canadian university that said “13% = 52%”, which is clearly about blacks being murderers and this was perfectly accepted as “triggering”. You’re average white man picks up on this, they see the real injustice.

So I’m of the opinion that targeted propaganda that inflamed this double standard is of great use. Target the average whites identity and make them personally feel under attack. Fastest way to win supporters.

Excellent advice, my friend. I'm feeling inspired by this post.


It's not about people supporting shit. It's about people picking sides and being aware of our presence and heightening the racial tensions to where non-whites start distrusting their white friends and and vice versa and everyone gets paranoid and knows they live in a place where shit is actually about to go down. We need to shatter the illusion of "there exists no opposition to the government at all, there is no race issue here".

Not the point. The point is to spread terror, raise tensions, and accelerate. Don't expect new people to join (though it could happen), I expect people to stop thinking they can get away with supporting the invaders, and not experience backlash. I want the enemy to not feel safe anymore.

Yes that is the purpose. To alert like-minded individuals in my area to be ready to take after me when I get the fire started.

Interesting torpedo.


People have too many vices to help them escape. On Saturday nights when I'm linking new stories about shit gone wrong people are asking me how I have the energy to care about the world crumbling around me on a Saturday night and not doing something else like go to the bar or play a video game.


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Video was fucking gay, lame and predictable. Also, the defence of ABC is laughable seeing as we have to pay for the faggot media enterprise whether we want to or not.

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Is from the media of course it would be laughable.

Civil disobedience works, historically.


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I am just asking for examples faggot.

I half-agree
Join /sig/ m8

Also a bit short, I like the name Ethno Nationalist though, gets rid of the socialist part
I've been writing my own manifesto of sorts but it's a much longer process.
Hopefully should be done by the end of the year as I battle out details in my head.

Depending on the socialist
if it's natsoc is fine if not ya get rid of it.