A teacher at my school got everyone in my class to take a political compass test and got us to write our result on the...

A teacher at my school got everyone in my class to take a political compass test and got us to write our result on the board. Only me and 1 girl in the class got right of centre out of 15-20 people. I know the test isnt very accurate and that people not understanding some of the terms made it even less accurate however it wont change have made enough of a difference to push someone on the right to the left. Also the guy i sit next to while being politically illiterate he is aware of the more normie issues i.e. transgenderism. How did he get pushed to the left and how do I try and make my classmates more based?

Also the teacher was trying to push everyone towards labour/SNP (I live in Scotland) using the image provided and trying to tell people that the Tories and UKIP are basically Hitler.

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Not your blog. Fuck off.

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These tests are intentionally designed to steer people towards the "left"

Board has gone to shit.
So why not?
Blog away.

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No. It was shit before this and it's seemingly irredeemable now.
I reported bad threads as long as I cared. Now, who cares. Most Zig Forumsacks either don't give a shit about White Genocide or are unironically for it.

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They are pretty much the exact opposite of Hitler, but since they're the ones who created the cartoon version of Hitler in their media and history books it is only fitting they get to wear it.

This test is complete hog shit. The questions are loaded and they only follow a narrow commie/free market liberalism axis. No questions on morals as independent from religion, and no question on economic values as independent from egalitarian social values. It's a fucking wonder that this piece of trash is promoted so widely.

Also, not your personal blog, faggot. At least graduate highschool before posting here.


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Oh guess I'm a radical authoritarian leftist. Or the test has gotten even more retarded and people who post it should neck themselves.


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First I’ve heard of this. What is the basis for the claim?

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Cant believe nobody told you this but fuck the right wing girl and fuck the rest of your class in the other sense of the word.

who were they trying to fool

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Shoot up the school but only kill

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Lol i just took the test again and it's been a while. I always scored in the upper center right but now it has me in the left leaning socialist party area. The people who run this compass changed shit around. It sucked anyhow.

You can't change bigots. Bigots, by their very definition, are not open-minded and are thus resistant to change. And you can't change people who think feelings > facts.

show her this compass

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If shes going snp ask her what kind of nationalists want immigration of non Scots into Scotland?
Then ask her why Nicola Sturgeon looks like pic related?
Ask her how immigration to supply cheap labour and undercut the native inhabitants just so that you can buy a kebab at 2am is nationalist?
If she replies with the standard 'doing the jobs we wont do' bullshit ask her if shes accusing the Scottish of being lazy?
Point out that Scotsmen worked exceptionally hard until all the jobs got outsourced to butfuck land and now apparently they are no good? Why?
If she replies with 'muh ageing population' point out that policies to encourage indigenous child birth and families is not only cheaper but culturally and socially healthier because its more homogeneous and that a government has a duty to its own people OVER immigrants.
If you want people to shift away from open borders liberalism or civ nat filth you need to give voice to the anguish we all have deep inside about our ongoing and visible replacement. Help them to understand what a Nation is: A great super organism that persists generation upon generation and we are its living embodiments. It is a thing of blood and ancestry not a piece of paper.
Talk about (and learn about first) the demographic bomb our traitor governments have orchestrated for us all.
In the end you aren’t trying to convince everybody you are trying to find men and women of good character and these generally are already half way there.
But first you need to know what you think well enough to answer their objections and questions and that’s up to you, haggis-user.

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Englishman here. All of my friends at school aside from me were 'left wing'. This persisted into university where I and one other became somewhat 'radical' as we learned about the jews and history, but the rest of them were even more lefty than they were at school. Academia is full of left-wing parasites, and children can easily buy into utopian ideals especially when they are made to believe that all evidence and all authorities have come to the same conclusion. Now that we've all been out in the real world for some years and have jobs and moved up on the social ladder, all but one of my friends have gone right-wing, many what would be considered far-right. Without exception they hate communism and islam, and several are jew-wise. I do have one friend that is potentially left-leaning, but he still hates jews.

My point is just that your friends will grow out of their madness once they are exposed to the real world. With that said, when we gain more political power - as will happen over the coming years - we should make an effort to reclaim academia from the jew, just as we seek to reclaim the media and politics. Our battle would be much easier if 95% of young adults didn't need 5-10 years after college to fully de-program themselves from the brainwashing.

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marry her

Because we Scots define ourselves by being the mirror image of English politics(as explained by the English media). We didn't get the memo that our politicians should say mildly based things while doing the opposite.
Scots don't care, just like the rest of the west. Everything is a transaction and we are as myopic as the rest of the UK.
And what if she does? Mmmmm self loathing, tasty.
Boilerplate answer.
The SNPs have the "Scotland's Baby Box", it's shit but based right wingers still complain about state gibs.

Also, why is retarded OP supporting retards like ukip and the fucking tory rats?
kys, mate

I have more important things to give a fuck about

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Maybe when our capital is majority non-white, we can get a leader as based as May or Farage?

Not good enough, user. You can do better.

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You know it's true.

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Try this one and get your friends to do the same.


These are my results:

Not a Anglo, but I am not surprised at all.

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This answer makes no sense, user.

Scots do care, just like the rest of the west. Any you know it. And it scares you. That's why you’re here.

If they are lazy then why waste time on them? Its the good ones that matter. Its a selection question: The apathetic and worthless will identify themselves, as will the good ones. Filter out the npc's and work with the ones that matter.

>>>Zig Forums is this way cow.

'Based right wingers' aren’t what we need. Its fanatical racial nationalists that count and they are popping up everywhere.
Isn’t it fantastic?

your breath smells of smeg, faggot

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Who can it be now?

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If you told a scotsman that cutting off his balls and letting a muslim impregnate his wife would somehow annoy the English he would do it in a heartbeat.

>(((educator))) tries datamining
Imagine your (((teacher))) making you do this, AND making you share the results.

You would have to convince him of that first.
Its not like you could pay him to do it.
unless he was from Aberdeen

Perhaps if you cared to look into who created this and similar schemata, you might notice a number of mentions of (((communists)))

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Don't support tories was just pointing out how retarded or idealogical it was to compare them to hitler

Authoritarian centrist masterrace.

Yeah, I polled in the same spot as SNP is on the grid map and Brenton Tarrant is my spirit animal so I don't know what the fuck anymore.

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You are delusional if you think any western European nation would trade their economy for national pride. The west is dead larper.

They already know, user.

filteries is so much better

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I'm center far left in the commie section and I still love Hitler and NS, and I've been NS for years and years. That test is retarded and shit.

Gay nigger, you need to read Linkola

Here's mine btw, thank god i moved out of scotland before it went to leftist shit

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Rape her before she becomes even more autistic

It makes me so happy seeing British women getting raped by immigrants

By the time the European nations realize the importance of nationalism, the british people will be beyond saving. Have fun spreading those cheeks for Mohammed :)

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This is retarded!
I responded that society is naturally aristocratic and this thing puts me on the left just because I said that maybe government should "regulate" (((corporation))). LOL!
This is shit! Someone that's not trully aware of his political beliefs may take this test and think he's a commie or some shit!

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raise your hand and ask him why there were no questions about lynching jews

That test has always been flawed. If you say anything other than "fuck me harder, private corporations!", it sticks you on the left.

this, that test is designed to put you in the upper right of the bottom left quadrant
it asks you things like "is polluting bad? should businesses be punished for polluting? should they pay workers a fair wage?" and if you say yes you're a leftist

Lad, why do you hate the British Isles?
Go bomb a school.

U mad?

Bonus points if he knocks her up and raises the kid to be an ecofascist


My own most recent taming of this quiz. I used to be down in the bottom right, but I’ve gotten more skeptical of capitalism. Leaders in the capitalist world seem to have a fetish for lies despite all the gains humanity has made via truth.

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Look at this wimp. Incapable of handling civilization, gotta fetishize the ooga booga thump-yer-spears in the upper right. Empowering the public gave us guns, you pitiable fool.

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what a surprise

Fuck you

But you are for that. Rightists dont care about those, fuck everything but profit, and those generate costs.

Show her

Seriously though, very few people that age diverge from their peers. You could give her some redpills and see what happens.

What smaller redpills should I try. I don't want to immediately fuck it.

Capitalism vs Communism : Hitler
Authoritarianism vs liberty: Hitler
Professionalism vs Conservatism: Hitler

Any time you're made to answer these just cross out the question and write "Hitler" as the answer.

You might as well ask how to make the ocean dry. You're a bunch of faggots who willingly signed up for a jewish debt mining institution. Your minds are already mostly lost and irrecoverable. You are lucky to have enough awareness to even find your way here. 99% of people people never will. It's your opinion vs. their tens of thousands of dollars worth of debt to support their own worldview. Which do you think will come out on top?

Lol who the hell are?
stfu nigger

Marry the girl, OP.

It is, and lower-right is still the best option. A shame that Zig Forumstards are as much slaves to emotion as most women are and can't see that.

See what her current interests are and work from there in small steps. If you feel like you fucked it don't retract, just change the subject. The initial goal is not to change her mind, but get her used to following your lead.

Whatcha saying schlomo?

For example, if she is into science you could start with very mild Stephen Pinker level HBD. If she likes films, show her They Live or Eyes Wide Shut. If she reads, get here into H.P. Lovecraft or Yukio Mishima.

Probably if you had any nuts you would [REDACTED] your teachers
But realistically speaking, just lie deny and don't try. Just refuse this crap


Nice Kike Post

The test is propaganda to make people think they’re leftists

what am i?

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a fag