E. Michael Jones getting memory holed

So some of you might be aware of E. Michael Jones and his devout hatred of jews and their globohomo regime. It has been brought to my attention that his wikipedia page has been removed from the site. I suggest anons start saving every video we can find of his and maybe archive them on cheekyvids. This man is one of the most outspoken people on the subject of jews and he's being erased quietly, some say it has to do with his recent comments on presidential hopeful Buttigieg's bid for the Democratic primary.

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You jews fucks are absolutely terrified.

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The only church man I respect, they stubbed his page to nothing because normalfags can respect him more than the controlled op alt kike ecelebrities, and they've worked so long tearing the church apart/ Now that its cucked, they can't have a christian who might sway a lot of people.

Do not assume everyone knows what you are referring to or is inclined to sift through a search engine trying to find it. Provide the relevant reference material when you are making a thread or something north of a shit post. Thanks.

I got his whole channel back-upped.


nor does 90% of the white population.

The closest I've heard him get is when he talks about ethnicity. For instance when he talks about his German and Irish background and how every ethnicity has the right to live with its own kind.

He's too Catholic for the Catholics. What a farce!

he does a regular podcast, a quick google search of his name still turns that much up. lately he's been talking about Buttigieg and how his daddy was a bigwig over at Notre Dam.

I know who E. Michael Jones is.
That shouldn't be required to competently engage an OP. It is YOUR thread.
That doesn't really shed any more light. Why is it relevant that his father was important at Notre Dame? Does that impact his policies, candidacy, or other issues in the negative or the positive? It shouldn't take four posts+ of back and forth to figure this out if it is something you want discussed or touched upon in YOUR thread.

Not an argument.

I want to back it up, what is the official channel?

Been binge watching his stuff for two days now, except for the christ-cuckoldry easily the most insightful intellectual have come across in years.

He speaks often about the false converts among the jews. Example, the "Catholic" bishop who pushed for abortion in USA.
True convert jews don't even breed. They are too focused on the JQ.

Not memory holed, oldfags know who he is, at this point 90% of the newfags shitting up the board couldn't even tell you who David Duke is.

this is a very sad truth :(

Archive save. Share. Yes. Let the newfags know of the legends of the past.

Fucking A I'm just trying to get word out about something that's happening not write a fucking novel or do a research paper or start a discussion. Get off my jock, turd burglar.

Us oldfags watched MDE, so we get the reference.

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I'm beginning to think all the threads I thought were shills were just lazy newfags.

Hadn't thought about that, but that might be the case.

Looks like someone is trying to get the E. Michael Jones article reinstated on Wikipedia:


Only a real life jew gets mad whenever someone brings up Jesus

Everyone is sick of washed up fags of any particular stripes trying to rehash the bullshit that Christianity will deliver the West from oppression.
In the thread on China yesterday two separate people stated that only Christians in China endorse the state of Israel.

EMS is a cathkike.

He told me there's no german, only (((protestant))) and (((catholic))).

No wonder. I expected normies to shit on him, but their reaction turned out different. They even thanked him for clearing the crap out of their eyes when viewing current world politics

That's because they were brainwashed by protestants. You can trace most BS back to them. They were infiltrated and subverted by Jews and Masons a long time ago.

Jones does not deny the existence of race. You are mis-framing what he said.

Jones is from the essential Christian POV an ideal Christian. Daily reminder that race-mixing and globalism have no true Biblical basis and any Christian arguing otherwise is a crypto neo-liberal.

He's great until he starts saying shit like Pat Buchanan's not White. It's fucking cringe, otherwise most of the other stuff he says is largely spot on. I guess nobody is perfect.

Except for pangang, who literally get mad at the idea that Christians get a devout wife while their women are literally just passed around.

There is no ideal intellectual. Even Evola and Hitler had serious flaws. What matters is what they stand for and Jones definitely stands for the truth and he isn't a cuck nor is he ready to be silenced by the kikes.


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yeah to be fair EMJ has been around for a while, however his opinions were unpopular then, that seems to have changed because of, you know

EMJ doesn't care about this removal.
Here: youtu.be/sLDQoYtn0dg?t=2144

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Here is the original. The christkike shills from the JidF trying to subvert Zig Forums into being christcucked can fuck off.

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Kill yourself.

Daily reminder semitic desert cult kike worship is cancer and kikestianity is inherently anti-white.

The original is this one fucking faggot

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Yes, we know.

Bump because you’re a terrified little yid.




this tbh

How new are you?

Those are Jews

A den of vipers and thieves. An international clique. You never change. The lord Jesus Christ named you 2000 years ago and so did Adolf Hitler 70 years ago. It will happen again. You cannot stop it. Every rational child of God will know of your sneaky ways and devil worship.

On the contrary, he speaks at length about the conversos which undermined Spain.



No, an iPhone makes you a dumbass. What makes you a jewish shill is your use of the word "christcuck" as an insult. In truth Christ named the jews first; They were called the Pharisees, and you share their traits still today.

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Nice deflection, jewboy. I can’t wait ‘til your people get what’s coming to them.

Your trips are meant to highlight your wilful ignorance.

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Daily reminder that EMJ thinks that "Arbeit Macht Frei." is true, exactly true.
Here at 51:00-52:15

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Let me guess, you're a sodomite?