No one is going to revolt

no one is going to revolt
revolutions are always made by tiny elites with intellectuals that actually do the job
plebs are only npcs made to be manipulated, in one direction or another, but if all you doe is wake them up, they can stay woke up forever, but they will not revolt

it takes YEARS for someone to change, and ONLY if that person is willing to change and actually doing the change for oneself

what you can do is playing jewish tactics

i recommend pushing LGBT/feminist against Muslims to stun leftists in their cognitive dissonance but theres infinite ways to express your creativity, you can use analogies with nature or even trivial things

spread rumors about ones going agiainst us, set honey pots, traps, if you dont go full jewish you will go nowhere. with a bit of social engineering its crazy what you can do, most people dont even have their guard up 100% of the time. jewish had the advantage of surprise, because no one played their game.

think of online games. at the start some persons wrecked everyone because they had knowledge most people didnt have (example WoW vanilla). when that knowledge gets spred it levels the playing field. then when you have the advantage of doing whats good for your country, you get the advantage of numbers.

also if anyone wants to change anything, make teams, if youre not into physical bullying, go numeric, get pro at hacking, if you can manage to become invisible, you can do wonders with a phone call (like harassing some key persons)

there is a phenomena in psychology, when something bad happens, no one does anything because they think someone else has done obviously done it, or someone will do it. at the end no one did it. (a bit like when no one calls the cops when someone make noise in an appartment). A lot of people are playing tough on the internet, but if YOU dont do anything, if YOU dont learn, nothing gonna happen.

memes are nice but they will not be the bread and butter depending on how you see how things will go, but making people change themselves through things actually happe,n is more effective than arguing or exposing facts with religious people(unless you make them unleash the logic brain, and you can force them to do this) salvation WONT come from the plebs, but from minorites who actually have skills and consistency. i could say a lot about it i feel like im rambling.

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You know what? Let's phrase it differently: Revolting is not a choice we make, or a plan we stick to.
It's literally the only chance at the survival of our race. There is legitimately no other way whatsoever.
So you choose, fight or die.

K, die.

We do not control any major media corporations.
99% of us don't even speak Arabic.

That's a nice nebulous idea of yours.
But vague ideas cannot be put into practice.

Have a bump because at least you effort-posted.

An alternative path :

You can link posts directly, newfag

theres an infinite ways but judging how you speak you didnt open your mind yet thers even easy way anyone could do bring gays in a muslim zone and film then post on medias , ask muslims questions about lgbt, put papers about the horrors of lgbt in mosqs, most dont know they re too busy doing their life the more you spread anger the more things accelerate video of muslims beatings gays is heavenly manna for your cause

you dont know what jewish is? sending pizzas with phone, spreading rumors of rape everywhere, you can attack someone, or his reputation through others, most people believe everything first hand especially when shocking, you just take advantage of human cognitive dissonance, sometime just harassing someone his wife will quit him etc you can blackmail without any weapon, of course you ve got to do it right or you end in jail but its not so hard if you have a brain

its nice to be white but useless if you dont live up to what you are

just learn psychology, social engineering, learn some laws of nature to understand the world

The more you say it, the less true it seems.

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No one is sabotaging and communicating now because it is approaching a military coup in Ecuador, and it is important to prevent the movement of enemy troops and ammunition.

people who didnt even understand, and think this post is against you, god damn, you aint saving shit…ramp up the iq

with honeypots or hackign its really not so hard to put some childporn on someone s pc theres movies about people who do it in reallife to help business security, they put usb keys and go physically to the place

dont forget women they can be your allies, a woman making a man lust after her or even having sex, the woman can obtain many thigns, i m sure theres some rightwinged gals but making her act will be something else

holy fuck I stopped reading right there

I think you're just dumb and subversive, but you come off as primarily dumb, so I don't have any real concerns over anyone following your advice.
Because you seem really dumb.

dude you dont know shit

without hackers social engs and all kind of harassing what are you going to do ? hope that your leftist neighbor picks a fucking fork? is dyou dummies dont step up your game you ll never do anything

Yeah, you're definitely really stupid.

So hakurz, social engs, and prank phonecallers are elites and intellectuals now Bad examples maybe, can you enlighten me?

intelelctuals make plans but if you dont have soldiers you cant execute them

and with internet uncoodrinated local actions can have an impact even if people over the coutnries are not organized, as long as they go toward the same direction

anyhow if you are a hacker you cant use your time doing bullshit you have to have a plan if you want to accomplish something so yes you have to put some thought especially because yo ull work with other people

what i m saying its that plebs wont do anything but teams taking action actually weight in the game, manipulating people, causing scandals or firing unwanted people weights in the game

informations(i think you say intelligence in english?) is also usefull especially how instituions work congress army etc in the worst case you can just put in on the internet

im just giving ideas because it looks like some people dont even know you actually can do anything in the world you have to look for it

but people saying " we will get you jews" you will pay "wait for the day of the rope" those guys are fucking useless

Wew, so stupid.

three times you sure like me bro anything wrong?

You're just so dumb. Its funny. Like watching a monkey dance.

Dance for me monkey, dance.

what do you think of immirgation



"I think you're just dumb and subversive, but you come off as primarily dumb, so I don't have any real concerns over anyone following your advice.

Because you seem really dumb."

they can follow my advice and i can be dumb, both are compatible

Most of us are already revolting to look at

as long as Trump is in office, nobody will revolt
as soon as your get AoC or Bernie in office.
Things are going to start getting violent.