LtCorbis aka Soph has been radicalized online

How could you guys do this? She's only 14 years old.

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One thing the jews knew that this attack is happening and the preparation of the participants in the crisis to further strengthen the number of people he killed, made them not necessarily terrorists, like a huge problem.

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Hello, My Name is Charles Mossadton and I do not like the White Nationalist people.

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Easily, with memes and Truth.

Does this upset you?

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She should sue for libel tbh

God Imma stuff that pudgy pussy like a ham n' cheese Hotpocket if/when she's legal

I didn't know Ben garrison had a kid.

So she's a kike? What is this person, why is she so young and giving her opinions.

30 year old incel tries to slander LtCorbis

Imagine what LtCorbis's cooter tastes like.

She may only be 14, but she's got the wisdom of an 88 year old.


This actually sounds like a pretty good idea, tbh Avi.

You know how I know you are a pedo kike?

Probably because I wonder what LtCorbis's cooter tastes like.
Ya got me. Jews are the ones who started the pedo hysteria with which you fell effortlessly into lockstep.


Czeched. How much BTC you want to make Corinne have a very public fatal car accident?

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Can any of you gamers confirm this woman is Emma?
She's been shitting up our chat and we wanted closure.

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Dial back the virtue signalling manlet, this isn't your faggy social media where you have to demonstrate your allegiance to feminist roasties all day. She's hot as fuck, either admit it or cut your tiny balls off already. You aren't using them anyway.

How's that news, hating Muslims is mainstream in JewSA.

That 'thing' is about as far from 'hot' as you can get. It might be mildly cute in the manner that all children are 'cute' but it is not 'hot' unless you are a fucking PEDOPHILE…in which case death is the only cure for you.

Good to know you posted this on 8/pol/. Even the shooter himself Brenton Tarrant posted on here because we're more real than 4/pol/.

Must've slipped his mind that your kind only likes blown-out roast flaps decorated with clown paint.


It is a child user.

SHE is a fertile girl. She's a she, not a transsexual "it". I know it's hard for sociopaths to view children as people, but they are.

Yeah you want to distance yourself from natural male inclinations as much as possible. You're going so far as to attack a 14 year old girl's appearance now, that's straight up pathetic. Men love youth, always have, always will. If this was a couple hundred years back she'd already be pregnant and married. You're bluepilled as fuck, friendlet.

There's something really fucking weird about seeing a little girl shout 1488 and gassing kikes and muzzies. If she was in her 20s, she'd be the Queen of Zig Forums but since she's a kid, it's a little fucked up. A girl her age should be going through school and shit, not getting involved with these kind of politics. If she wants to when she becomes of age, sure. But this feels like those #FKH8 people when they use their children to shill for their political ideology. Something doesn't feel right.

Fuck your spam. Fuck your ecelebs.

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Based Gen Z

Gen Z needs to start organizing their own education, start homeschooling, or otherwise stay the ever loving FUCK out of the (((schools))) for Christ's sake


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Read, you blind nigger. She's not naming the Jews. Her rethoric is boomer-tier, I expect Paliestine and Isreal to appear in her posts soon.

Make Cluckles a Meme!
He needs our love.

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Her name is sophie and she is beautiful.

Yeah this is bullshit, you can have a gay little kid in drag getting paraded for homos to dance, and who knows what else, and that is plastered all over posters and magazines as beauty. remove degeneracy, remove pedophilia.


THIS user!
Bullets and mass unmarked graves.

don't tell anyone about the secret pedo/pol/ bunker board guys

Name the Jew and the Siege ends.

Yes, my name is Chinkus Killius and I didn't like the chinky.

Cluck Cluck Cluck!!!

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It's a start

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It would only be a start if those were the globohomo pedos in this thread.

yes, Zig Forums is stupid enough to fall for obvious monetization of mid to late 20s imageboard NEET male autism.

enjoy your edgelord underage asmr, don't forget to donate.

Top fucking kek, way better to let our enemies inform her right? Too young to know the truth, needs more lies in her life for you? Get the fuck out of here with that dumb shit.

If you need another masturbatory fantasy, I've always found hot little girls to be just the thing.

Why when the idea of you gasping for air through the blood and choking on your last life breath as the degenerate dying piece of shit that you are gives me such great pleasure? Even you know that they are just little girls and you continue to promote your disgusting fucking semitic deviant parasitic bullshit. The day we remove you and your type from society couldn't come fast enough.

Typical fucking leftypol and DoD agents spamming pedo shit and nonsense. This is what shilling looks like ladies and gents.


Raise Age Of Consent To 50

I'll raise my bullet to 50 cal and execute you with an AA gun ISIS style you dumb pedo kike

Leave this board you fucking boomer

So you're fantasizing about me specifically? Gay. Mondo gay.

Asking for myself, how difficult is it to put a hit on yourself?

This entire thread is full of pedo kikes and the mods won't delete it.

leave boomer kys

Maybe they like tormenting you too. You're the guy everyone picks on today.

Lel, this comes off as some sort of disingenuous and subversive performance art. This is probably a set-up to try and claim that the far-right is full of (((pedophiles))).

Neck yourselves, you filthy yids pedos.


This girl is so cringy, it's basically a Zig Forums NPC.

imagine thinking this

No, and please stop implying I'm a kike. We here at The Board have an undying hatred for those of the hebrew persuasion and will chase them from the universe. You probably don't know, newfag you are and will probably remain. It's okay, baby man, you get as mad as you want and I'll have a chuckle at your impotent flailing - everyone wins.

Imagine being unable to think critically.

If you are not 12-16 you should not fug a 14yr old.
five years for growndups
ten is max limit but it gets risky
when i was 24 I dated 34yrold 6ft nordic+germanic princess
fuggin right
The future is Zig Forumss.

No one will believe you.

Literally fucking who? This entire thread smells of halfchan. I'm here every fucking day and I've never heard of this child.

I tried to give you credit, that you'd only be somewhat wrong instead of completely wrong. If you want to establish that you're a retard that can't spot the jew, that's your choice to make as a brave little dumb boy of questionable genetic hygiene. I would have to recommend returning to your board of origin however, you won't do well here limited as you are.

fuck off back to infowars

fuck off with your gay rules you bring shame to our id

thats the point, this board is your safe space, youre a subhuman incel

I don't think a girl or better yet anyone as young as her should use the internet without adult guidance. Whether I agree with her or not is irrelevant my point is that kids should first and foremost live out their childhood, grow up. There's enough time to be political and miserable like us in the future.

t. /hebe/fag

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Wow, you've convinced me.

I can only pity how worthless your existence must be.

forgot to sage.

is that why you're still a virgin?

The other option was for her to became a dyke tranny with only suicide as the end. I don't see the problem in a kid wanting muzzies to rot.

The sooner they're immunized against trusting the kikes, the better. It doesn't get in the way of having a good childhood, nor prevent them from being overly political beyond knowing who not to trust.


Get off Zig Forums, you worthless jewess.

call him a virgin and he chimps out ha ha ha you're the real jew

The fact that the fucking (((mods))) allow it is evidence enough that this is one of their ‘paid threads’ as well as being a set up for Zig Forums too look bad.


Hi jewpolkanon. Did you know that there is no jew dna.
An adult. A 20yrold+25yrold or a 32yrold+37yrold
>tor=ban evasion
fuck off megujew

what is it about soph that makes roasties seethe so hard?

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Is a Zig Forumsack faggot.

A lot of them probably feel like they've lost what she has, but few probably realize they never had it to begin with. She's a cute, what else can be said? Roasties aren't.

Lel, go back to wherever it is you crawled out of, you annoying jewess.

I don't disagree, but I mean, she can have her opinion even though she shouldn't put herself into the spotlight like this. You know how (((they))) are. They're like hyenas waiting for the next target.

If you do not wash your asshole after taking leaving shit then you are filthy pajeet.
Jump on the sink with hot water and some soap.

Okay, Mehmet.

jimmies rustled by a 14 year old………. she lives in his head, queer jewboy, just confirms jews are degenerate, and makes everyone hate them more.

thank you

She makes a fortune streaming her talking while playing games and has since she was like 11.

Oh yeah, it's definitely not ideal that she be at the forefront of the dialogue. The kikes will try to do anything to fuck her life up going forward. At this point that damage is probably done, they can't be reasoned with and will lash out without any consideration of her vulnerability or (as is typical of the kikes) specifically because of it. It could be beneficial at cost to her for the movement though, the optics of kikes attacking a young girl for opinions might make more Aryan men sympathetic to those same opinions and she is a particularly easy to want to protect girl (being qt helps.)

Bidets exist. I was implying user is living genetic garbage, not that he doesn't wash his ass. To be fair to him, he probably does, it's probably just nearly as brown as the shit itself for him to be so very dumb.

Lel top jej much gegs and keks.

It's not her that's wrong, it's society.


redpilled tight loli pussy


Raise Age Of Consent to 78

you had one job