Is starting and living in communes to escape capitalism directly the only plausible way to start off the revolution?

Is starting and living in communes to escape capitalism directly the only plausible way to start off the revolution?
Imagine if every leftist in a country came together and decided to leave capitalism and start living in mutual aid societies where money and work doesn't exist

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You spammed this thread 3 times, no that's utopian idealism.

Yes. Capitalism isn't going anywhere any time soon, communes are the only way to live the way we want to right now.

Didn't the lolberts already try that a few times recently?

The usual problem (assuming it isn't a cult, scam, or just a completely bunko ideology) is that you get too many lifestylists, and not enough people with a solid practical grounding.

Read Jacques Camette. Unironically.

In fact all of you should.

Making a tiny colony in the middle of nowhere that is still completely subject to the whims of capital or else living in dire poverty in an attempt to become self-sufficient is doomed to failure at best and bad praxis at worst that subtracts from the political struggle. Imagine if Lenin or any other great revolutionary went and lived in the woods instead of doing something actually important

That's a harsh thing to say about the DPRK

It might be a comfy few years but it'll end in a fiery purge.

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The DPRK is a borderline self-sufficient socialist state with millions of people living there. The political struggle was already victorious. A shoot and a miss, comrade.

I had to read that several times. I hope you meant where working for money doesn't exist instead of saying that people wouldn't have to work, because if there's something that people would have to do doubled in a commune is working to make it something actually viable and functional.

Read Critique of the Gotha program now

my sides are in orbit


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The only way it could work is that the first person you invite is a licensed psychologist. That person would be given the Hare Psychopathy Checklist, to administer to anyone who wants to join your commune. Psychopaths are attracted to groups that they can take over. This has been the bane of humankind's existence since the first politician crawled out of the primordial slime. The psychologist would administer the test to anyone who wants to join the the commune, and those applicants who fail the test would be rejected. This would be a first step in developing a no-money community. In the Star Trek timeline, after Earth suffers through a nuclear World War Three (which is supposed to start pretty soon, now) they evolve into one of the more "advanced" planets that does not use money. And there are no national borders. We can dream, but this isn't happening in our lifetimes, I don't think.

You mean Fristaden Christiania?
It exists since 1971

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Do you fuckers even know anything? There was even a Paris Commune during the 1st French Revolution. Italian city-states are called communes. Even today, municipal governments in France and Italy are called communes.

Hippie communes are an insult to the old Western tradition of forming democratic city-states to protect against the feudal order.

How long will capitalism last?

When the Derivative nuke explodes.

Okay retard.

The more fertile half imports 90 percent of its food. If the DPRK was as retarded as that and didn't go for self reliance wherever possible, they would have collapsed in the 90s. This isn't mutually exclusive with exporting either.
Only one in it's history was in the 90s and was the result of combination of the worst flooding and drought to ever hit the region and losing access to oil, fuel, and fertilizer. This also destroyed coal mines and killed hydroelectric power production.

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lol k.
Anyways, OP - it is good. Try to keep in mind that the folks bitching itt actively want you to participate in supporting capitalism with no deviation, and it will become clear.

Fuck off tankie

Camatte is an irrelevant weirdo and people who recommend him are all roleplayers.

I'd rather see people like you and OP to take part in organizing proles to fight for their class demands rather than fantasise about growing cabbage in the middle of fucking nowhere, but that'd require either of you having a job first.

general strikes and get the backing of the military if you want it to last more than a week

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Also in order for it to spread across the globe do in the US. They have military capabilities to defend them selves, also the ability to manufacture armaments to supply other revolutions.

Yes the US military is something we should trust and allow to exist as a "proletarian" army after the revolution. That is a great strategy, proletarian social revolution with military-industrial characteristics!


uh they go their whole lives without eating a grain of white rice, watch television in the closet at the dark of night, fucking public executions and concentration camps for anyone who has a thought. that's socialism.

anyway it's not about commune per se but dual power, the commune innawoods still exists in relation to the state

something needs to happen where the 500 billion dollar / year war machine gets gimped by being blindsided so that all their drones and nukes get evaporated by a benevolent AI then we can start talking

citation needed

Rice is their main food item and KCTV comes on at 1430 and shuts off at 2250.
The only source for public execution and concentration camp bullshit are celebrity defectors who are paid to lie, and satellite photos which are indistinguishable from normal towns or villages.
Like the famous defector Park Yeon Mi claims she witnessed a public execution for watching a western film, yet they literally show dubbed western films on national TV. As confirmed by outsiders who visited/worked in the country.

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Unironically though wouldn't a commune be a perfect way to do dual power and illegalism?
Posit my utopian idea: A leftypol commune gets together somewhere in say the USA, members get together to farm and produce as both a way to mask operations and support the members, everything is run in a Socialist fashion, labour credits and all.
Cannabis, Crypto mining malware etc all generates money for party funds, which are used to expand, grow, arm the commune, and or other communes. This could be an effective revolutionary strategy if there was god-tier OpSec, for the establishment of Dual power.
It seems like a bit of a fantasy, sure, but the RSDLP(B) robbed banks to fund their printing presses, they lived abroad or in remote regions of Siberia, publishing works in to the Russian language and leaving a fuck you trail whenever the booj forces were after them.
If not this model, something similar I think. Anyone care to discuss?

What I meant by work was wage labour
You can have wage labour without money
Like you can work in exchange for labour vouchers but it'll still be wage labour, or so I think, please correct me if I'm wrong and give your reasons as to why

Pls explain why


As long as we allow it to last





the thing is most people who promote such things lack the skills to make it happen… its a huge self selection problem

those who could make it happen are happy as it is, those who arent just cant make it happen

my suggestion wouldnt be to lean so heavily against capitalism but to rather take it and improve it through regulation.

for some areas capitalism is unbeatable like for aggregating prices efficiently or promoting progress. for other areas of course it does not work so well like in education or health care.

what i never get is why people see it so binary. you can have capitalism and regulate away the sideeffects of it. you dont need to tear everything down. im from austria for example and we kind of have the best of both sides allthough still with room to improve.

one thing i would still regulate more here would be taxes and inheritance since it snowballs too much