CBS Makes a Music Video About Zig Forums

They paid someone to make this shit.
Why are major news networks making music videos about shit-posting on the internet?
What happened to our society?

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This is good, it means we are getting somewhere.

OP couldn't embed or even wrap it in something safer than a raw Youtube link?

How do I know if that bitch is even clean?

the MP4 is in the OP faggot
stop trying to get people to ignore this

Look at the MP4 in the OP you nigger.
Semi-polite sage, OP create better threads, more than just two sentences

What is there to fucking say? They made this video. Look at it.

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It's getting ratioed hard.

That sure was shit. I can see why they made it unavailable.

You could

It's not that I don't think this thread should exist, it should just be better

Anyway, I find it funny they talk about the Internet as a "tool for social change" and then immediately starts criticizing a group they barely understand. Why should the a government funded establishment propaganda channel decide what's good social change and what's bad?

Why don't you just kill them? It's so much more effective than complaining about it or brigading it. If you kill them, then they'll never make another video – they have to get someone else to do it. Then you kill them. And on until they lack the motivation to continue.

These people even go to work in buildings with their corporate logos plastered all over them. They often put their names on their doors/desks. They aren't hard to find.

I ain't clicking that shit.

You are autistic or a shill. Either way end yourself.

I don't see where you're coming from. Why can't OP just add 5-6 sentences of useful info?

Its a video. Theres nothing to fucking say about it. You are derailing the thread. Reported.

I was going to agree with you until I saw that this is barely a minute long

It's an animated music video about nazi frogs.

What the fuck else is there to say?

My favorite part is how the Zig Forumslack is an obvious kike shill. I mean, look at that nose. Massive projecting from the jewish msm here, but its also true to life this sub is full of ratkike faggots.

That's kind of the whole point.

How come the mainstream media never actually talks about Zig Forums directly when discussing right wing sentiment? Its always some nebulous shit like "dark web" or 4chan/twitter they bring up, do they fear us so much?

You fucking idiots there's an mp4
But nice controlling the narrative there.
I wonder what they mean by this and how they could possibly benefit by introducing this further to the zeitgeist other than making it an overt joke.

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LMAO tbh.

If you can't say more than two sentences about a topic, it doesn't deserve a thread. Here, I'll give you an example of a better OP:

CBS made a video about Zig Forums, talking about how "memes turn people into nazi frogs"
Right now it's sitting at 1,000 views, 100 dislikes to 10 likes, top comments are pro-Zig Forums.

You're right that I'm derailing the thread, but that could've been avoided if effort was put into the OP. Also, if I was a shill, why would I chose to derail this thread. Don't get me wrong, it's worth a thread, but it certainly isn't the most important topic on Zig Forums

so they don't "legitimise" them. Imagine if they actually filmed how a thread went if they say something as simple as: Diversity is good. and then document how they get assblasted. Doesn't look good for them.
The song is sorta funny at the end but in a twisted way.

In both cases, jews.

Redditorization through proxy.
Nothing new but newfags and (((you))).

GCHQ psyop

Makes sense, I'm still surprised we're not seeing more like video related with the war on incels and nazi frogs etc going on.

Comment section getting redpilled a bit.

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You just admitted to intentionally shitting up threads. They aren't sending their brightest folks. They aren't sending their best.

Do we really both the Jews this much just by posting what we truly believe here? Imagine what happens the day this stuff starts manifesting IRL. They'll be running for the hills.


I said it doesn't deserve a thread if you can't say more than two sentences about it. I demonstrated that you could say more than two sentences about it. Put two and two together, it deserves a thread, but a better thread than this. I don't want to derail the thread, but since the Christchurch shooting the thread quality has fallen. I want it to rise again, so I will complain in hopes that OPs will listen. I don't understand why you're upset that I'm asking for more info than two sentences, is it really that controversial of a statement to say "You should write more than two sentences to start a thread"?

They're used to absolute memetic monopoly. The sudden availability of the internet took them by surprise 20 years ago, and the 2016 Meme Election nearly made them plotz. Brexit was a very unwelcome shock too.

Now that they're taking seriously, the yids are going full-frontal to seize the memes of communication and reassert talmudic dominion over goys' brains. A lot is riding on this, and there's nowhere for them to wind up but the proverbial ovens they've memed into hysterical relevance with 75 years of lies.

The timeline is correcting, and they know they will pay for what they've done. They fucking know they're evil, and they hate being seen.

This is but a minor memetic victory. The war wages ever onward.

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Oh my
What kike retard made this stupid shit?

Nah, this is appearing more and more to be "critical mass," which is anything but minor. Critical mass is the point at which the general population of demoralized cucked whites are less likely to keep getting fucked in the face by their own kiked government.

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Yes, they are very bothered. Sad that their only argument is that we are pimply incels who get our dicks caught in a laptop. We should take their version of pepe and run with it.

Dudes the kikes are fucking worried. The women and children are even on our side and the shitskins and semites are officially btfo

This, it's breddy gud frogs tbh

It’s funny too cause when they try they’ll find redneck user innawoods and yeah…bad shit happens to semites in the woods just sayin

Imagine Afghanistan, but in Texas. This is the future.

CBS has not produced a single good show since the 1990's, except perhaps "The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson". Network TV has been dead for three decades.

Yee haw cowboy , nice future nice shootin Tex to you and yours user

They're trying to diversify rural areas specifically for this reason, but they would hide this behind a layer of "trying to change voting outcomes" or some mundane typical political corruption. Regardless, kikes aren't venturing out into rural America anytime soon.

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As another user said in another thread, these things will not age well. Robot Chicken mocking Brexit with Peppa Pig, and having Pepe the Frog start a nuclear war he is against will, in just a decade, be used as either propoganda against (((them))) or will make them look like retarded idiots.

This is part of an entire show?

Imagine seeing this in a decade on rerun and it is cringe.

This file already exists

video not available I hope someone made a mp4

its in the OP

okay retard

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The MP4 is in the OP retard.

This. Kike television channels can make a cartoon or two. They are severely and fatally underestimating the infinite memetic capacity of the…

Drop it in a Pastebin? Binary's fine

my sides..i'm dying. The fucking shiggys on this diggy. A human being seriously ordered this video to be made. I was laughing for so long it was a few minutes later when I realized that the video didn't specifically make a real point either. It's not the best timeline, but it has to be the funniest.

Wow, can they preach any more?

Get the fuck out nigger. You can upload webms and MP4. Sage. Reported.

meant to greentext that

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What the fuck are you talking about. He put an mp4 in the OP and just linked the source

You're late, Krassenstein.

Are you guy fucking retarded? It is not available. and that isn't an MP$ you retards that is just a link to YT.



You've got to be the dumbest retard ever to stumble onto this site.

click the little picture in the OP and it will play a video. welcome to the internet friend

Are you retarded? Or newfag cianigger?

It's almost like this place is under seige from intelligence agencies, plebbit, and goybook boomer faggots

Shit thread, I am not clicking on youtube. New faggots need to get out and make better OPs. Save the video and upload it to the website. Then I might watch it faggot. Put some effort into this shit.

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3000 miles to graceland Ending with Kevin Costner dressed like Elvis Shouting you Don't want none of me as he Turns to fire his LMG in a last ditch effort to go out like a boss I don't know where i was going with this Could be a copy paste gif Idea ?
Seriously though
Moon Man Moon man make a school house rock scene send it to CBS and show that the Left can't M ?

How did all the absolute retards end up in this thread?

I'd like to know how much that animation team was paid for this pile of dogshit. I'll give it 01/10 only for the attempt at animation from a multi-billion dollar conglomerate. As for messaging, 0/10. Total failure. Some fucking sappy boomer with an acoustic guitar crying about nazi frogs. So bad it's not even funny.

Why are you posting a child's analysis of cuck/pol/?

Nice youtube link faggot. Make a good OP next time instead of linking to youtube and not even posting the video.

Wtf do they think we are doing?

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The comments need more redpills

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This is a contender for
Seriously, ransomware a CIA agent's laptop, then meet them in person alone… How can network TV be so dumb? The average CBS viewer has to be 58 years old.

At least we can agree the catalog is shit.

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If only they knew how right they are.

Hey CBS we own the rainbow too now you fucking ass faggots

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Really makes you wonder what the 14881488 get will end up being.
Stay vigilant you fucks

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jews did all of these
had it no been for the ADL getting so triggered by shitposting that they took out their legal banhammer none of these memes would have entered the normie sphere

Its going to be a shit post, or someone will snipe it with nigger dicks.

Hey kid, wanna shoot up a corner office?

you think this was made by completly clueless good goys who don't even bother to look up what a conspiracy about pedos has to do with pizza?
if i was a pedo grooming jid, i wouldn't even make jokes relating pizza to pedo nor say anything that'll remind people that pizzagate exist.
i'd want nothing more than to quietly memory hole the whole thing so that nobody remembers or talk about it
but here they are, reminding everyone with silly "muh conspiranoya" jokes that pizzagate exist
i'd be in full shut it down mode if i was a kike

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Eventually people will do that. Things need to get a lot more hostile though before people begin stepping over that line. 2030 is my prediction.

No, they're just boomers.

Yet another stupid nigger shows up and posts.
I have never seen this amount of mouth drooling retardation in a thread on Zig Forums before.
Is it something with the spring planets and moon lined up?


Isn't that a gaymer thing?

Excuse me?
Zig Forums forced jews to make the association. It wasn't natural, it was an act of war by Zig Forums on them to show how big of a fucking clown world we live in. To show how big of a joke they are.
And they took the bait as was predicted.

And it will happen again in the soon future.

Ha! You can still download it with, the files are still accessible, YouTube just no longer provides access. Use the download option on the left if you want to save it.

Kikes can share the ovens with the burners so we can save on time


Lurk 2 more years.

You can just right click the video on and save video as.

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The video is in the OP.
What the fuck is going on? Who are these people?

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On a site that won't even be around then.

I understand that.
I figured I would give anons more reason to use
Not sure how that's wrong. So many posts ask about downloading youtube videos when the solution is just change the url to invidio.