New paper BTFOs racemixing

In case you needed another reason to avoid Asian women, or any variety of non-white woman, I present here a paper that looks at the social dynamics between racial in-groups and outgroups in the context of violence.

Tribalism is the natural way of things and anyone who fails to see that will only be at some point complicit in the vast suffering that is coming to your closest major city.

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Other urls found in this thread:[Open],8599,1993074,00.html totality of available evidence shows the race IQ gap%

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This OP needs to be banned. Everything he posts is gay and niggered up.

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Totally organic/10

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Good stuff.

Bump for anti-racemixing

It's pretty easy to strip the humanity of something which never had it to begin with to justify killing it. Don't really need an academic paper with all its jargon to argue it.

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Good stuff OP. Keep it up don't let the kike shills deter you.

Can you please spoiler that shit?

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Why do white guys always go for the most brown skinned buck-toothed asian woman they can find?

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Nope, there was a woman involved, she left though.

Uglier women are easier to dick down

No clue, didn't see it happen.

Some fag got mad I know people, and fed me to her?

I'll never understand this phenomenon. It has to be borne out of some sort of self hatred, which probably drives their desire to race mix in the first place.

Anyone who needs a study not to do filthy nasty disgusting shit that every instinct of yours screams NO to is unfit to live anyway.

When is the hashtag #stopwmww going to be brought out and accepted by npc's?
Who is behind stopwmaw anyway? Happa or white feminists?
Anyway the cutest, highest value asian girls are fucking white bois :) especially in highschool When they are the freshest and cutest. The most dynamic, Kawaii and glowing with energy type chaste asian girls are giving themselves to beta white boiis and they are having the most genuine and cute real life anime metaphysical romance experience togheter, shadowing all other Types of interactions as meir 1 dimensional nimalistic mating rituals, such as those between cavelike white wamen and nigger homo-erectus, leaving them with permanent gaping open wounds marking them permanently as defective irrate creatures.

The weak would never survive anyway.

kill yourself, it's common as fuck, why would you even be upset about this unless you were a yellow fever faggot yourself

I think even ugly women are getting an ego on them, make even them harder to fuck.

Race mixers are all losers. They are happy to go with any woman spreading their legs to them.

I like to go with an emotional appeal when it comes to this sort of thing. Pop quiz. When you mix races and your child gets, say leukemia, which side of the family is going to be a better match for bone marrow? Trick question! It's neither! For whatever reason matching bone marrow based on blood relation is nearly impossible. In fact, there are entire organization dedicated to finding specific mixes of peoples so that your lovely mixed baby won't die a horrible death.

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This. MAGA 2020.

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how is he decent looking? he's a twink manlet.

This. He looks at best an inch taller than her if she has heels on.

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we need to fuck black women to dilute the black race and if some nigger attacks the kid then who even cares cause they were mutts anyway

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Yes. If we fuck African women that's even better. Blacks have higher birthrates than whites. By stealing a black women we can cut down on the number of blacks breeding greatly.

Racemixers get thrown into the bog!
Like with the Florida bog bodies.

not to mention we make black males who are supposed to be masculine look weak

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not an argument

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If you truly hate what you look like, then you should racemix.

But if you like what race the person you're fucking, then you should also realize that your kid will not look like that.

There is no positive argument I can see for it other than "love", just not for your or their race

Yeah okay

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Advantages of a nigger girl friend:


Hey Zach.

No self esteem too. You take a beta male who's already inclined to be a follower instead of a leader, give him dose of hourly propaganda about how his people are responsible for the worlds evils, about how his gender is responsible for enslaving his mother, sisters, and potential love interests, then more propaganda, this time denigrating his people even further and making him seem inferior compared to the lesser races. This leads to the racemixing soyboys we see today.

It's sad really, if they had any amount of pride they'd try to date up. But they don't, so they accept the table scraps because they believe they can't get anything better. And it certainly doesn't help that the ego of white women has been inflated, making them think that they deserve higher status males than they can get, while eating up propaganda that convinces them that black men are high status.

TL;DR: The Jews are responsible.

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I don't foresee Spencer and the Alt Reich gassing hapas ever, and I don't see Asians going after them either.

you are insecure because you're not white.

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Race mixers are the lowest form of beta cucks. They are also borderline faggots who like sticking dildos up their asses.

hapas are superior to whites

This is partially true. I'm one. I would have been childless if not for an Asian wife. Better hapas than end of the line.
Complete bullshit.

You don't even have a country.

someone's a triggered kike

White-White and Nigger-Nigger?

I am a closet rice-fryer and still think your attempts are sad, Moishe. Gratz for the first post.

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What greek letter is used for betas that don't have the tendency to follow?

Yes between Croatia and Serbia, but I have the hunch they refer to Bosniggers as the "victims".

The Tutsi, the ones' genocided, were visibly less niggerish than the hutu monkeys that chimped out on them.

Sorry rabbi, but the majority of white American and European women are infected with a terminal case of jew "stronk monkey" propaganda. There are also economic conditions in those areas that pretty much force poor white women to fuck welfare monkeys. The white males who follow what jews like Zuckerberg are doing will be the ones who survive.

Black parenting is best parenting yo

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As if we needed another paper on that. There's so many as it is.

Your kid will be ugly, and contain countless birth defects.

Outbreeding depression

Asian-white couples face distinct pregnancy risks, Stanford/Packard study finds

All hapas (white+asian) suffer from mental illness

Most congenital problems are more common on mixed-race babies:

Race mixing can trigger dental problems (in Portuguese, talking about this problem in Brazil)[Open]

Prematurity and Low Birth Weight are a lot more common in mixed-race babies

Mixed-race people have the highest mental illness rates:

Organ donations must be from person with the same race and similar genetics, due to this, mixed-race people for having peculiar genetic combinations face challenges when they try to receive organ donations,8599,1993074,00.html

After kikes, race traitors deserve the bullet first.

As a lurker who came from 4chan after the "crusade" down under recently, I don't like race mixing, however refusing to do it because supposed tribalist tendencies between people in modern society is quite retarded.

fuck off we don't want your kind here

Why do the jews have such a problem with this? Is it because China is set to rule the world for awhile and they don't want to risk Christian blood mixing in the power race?

These types of threads will never stop me from reproducing with my half german, half japanese, beautiful, D cup sized tittied girlfriend. It's not because I can't get white women, I have had multiple long term relationships with white women all the way up to this girl, but none of them were wife material. I do understand the stereotype of failure white men traveling abroad or purchasing an Asian wife because they can't get a white women, it's definitely a real thing, but it doesn't apply to all of us.

The large majority of white western women are godam degenerate sluts now with absolutely no crucial abilities when it comes to raising children and up keeping a nice cozy home for their husbands. The good ones are already settled down and even if they aren't, are very difficult to find because of their rarity and most likely natural introverted nature. Many Asian cultured women are still very classical aka the husband works while the wife raises the kids, cooks great meals and keeps everything tidy, while many white women are brainwashed with the whole feminist ideals and it turns them into land mines. Most of them ruin themselves by their mid 20's, then desperately try to settle down after it's too late, the others stick to their guns and try to be "muh independent career women with no kids" then end up offing themselves from depression.

I don't have the time or patience to reject a fantastic women just because she only happens to be half white. I know I'm a hypocrite because I would never go near a nog or any shade of mudshit, but I'm biased and give an exception to hapas + Asian women in general and none of these low effort threads have proven me wrong in any way. Of all the battles to be fought, this is a stupid one. Even in terms of race mixing it's low on priorities, because trashy white women are actually out there race mixing with mud shits daily and no one can honestly put Asian genetics on the same level as races like Africans, Arabs, South Americans or Indians, it's not even close.

nice pasta rice cooker, now leave this place.

5 cents has been deposited in your account shlomo

That is the end of the line dude. You've destroyed it through outbreeding depression

These types of posts will never make me talk to a non white female.

We had a huge anti-miscegenation thread on this site but it 404d

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Oh wait I still have some shit copied from the thread

Some negative effects of racemixing / miscegenation

Miscegenation increases chances of stillbirth

Asian/white mixed race children suffer greater mental health issues than Asian and white children.

Black/white mixed race children exhibit more dangerous behavioral patterns than white and black children

Interacial couples create more domestic violence than monoracial couples

Mixed race children are at higher health and behavior risk than monoracial children

Mixed race children struggle to find vital organ and bone marrow transplants

Mixed race children struggle to find vital organ and bone marrow transplants (Brazil)

Race, General

Human races are separating further into unique subspecies, not mixing together.

Race bias is biological

Humans can be genetically categorized into five racial groups, corresponding to traditional races. Source:

Genetic analysis “supports the traditional racial groups classification.” Source:

“Human genetic variation is geographically structured” and corresponds with race. Source:

Race can be determined via genetics with certainty for >99.8% of individuals. Source:

Oral bacteria can be used to determine race. Source:

Race can be determined via brain scans. Source:

There was minimal gene flow between archaic Europeans and Asians. Source:

Common-sense racial categories have biological meaning. Source:

A substantial amount of the human genome has been subjected to natural selection since the races diverged. Source:

With 160 short gene sequences, race can be determined with 100% accuracy for Whites, Asians, and Africans. Source:

Principal continent of origin (race) can be determined with 87% accuracy even for highly mixed populations. Source:

“It is inaccurate to state that race is biologically meaningless.” Source:

Race is biologically real and represents “genetic clusters” of variation. Source:

“Empirical structure within human genetic variation … resembles continentally based racial classifications”. Source:

“Recent research in genetics demonstrates that certain racial, and also ethnic, categories have a biological basis in statistically discernible clusters of alleles.” Source:

“Numerous human population genetic studies have come to the identical conclusion that genetic differentiation is greatest when defined on a continental basis.” Source:

Genetic analysis of race corresponds with self-identification more than 99% of the time. Source:

Races are human subspecies. Source:

The “social constructionist account of race lacks biological reality”.

Race can be determined from fingerprints. Source:

For 99.86% of individuals, genetic analysis of race matches self-identification. Source:

Predefined ethnic/racial labels are “highly informative” about genetic identity. Source:

The concept of race existed in ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt, China, India, and Arabia. Source:

Racial classification has genetic significance. Source:

Racial identity is real and is hidden in correlations between different traits. Source:

With enough data points, an individual will never be closer related to someone of another race than someone of their own race. Source:

An individual’s geographic origin can be determined from their genes “with remarkable accuracy”. Source:






5 >Intelligence has a 40-50% genetic basis.






10 >IQ scores are the best predictor of success in Western society.





15 >The IQ of a country’s rulers largely determines productivity and wealth.





20 >Intelligent people are more likely to be physically active outside of work and to eat fruits and vegetables.








25 >Very poor Whites are about as intelligent as very wealthy Blacks.







Source: totality of available evidence shows the race IQ gap%






(You) (You)

(You) (You)
(You) (You)



40 >The average IQ in Sub-Saharan Africa is 70.






I'll try find the thread archive

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Better luck to you, faggot.

It takes a White man and a White woman to make a new White person. It's that simple. If that isn't what you are supporting and doing then you don't believe or care about the 14 words, what they mean and you're a traitor to your own people.

I'm going to kill your wife and slowly tortute your children to death in front od you before putting two rounds into the back of your head. And science, the settled science in OP's study, backs up my threat that I will do exactly that thing.

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You have to go back!

Gross. So that's why they really make all those jokes about white people being incestuous, huh?

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If a regular man would do anything similar like this it would be pedophilia and life over for him. Jail, registry, sterilisation and banishment. Chad and tyrone and moshe get away with it daily ofcourse.
Decent ass though, all things considered, still 3DPD.

The best part is that they don't even go for a (relatively) good looking chink. If I was going to get me a piece of yellow fuckmeat I'd go for the most attractive chink I could find, but then again I'm bretty /fit/, make a decent amount of money and don't hate myself so I don't have to settle for one.

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The article is about intermarriage between different ethnic groups, not races. Especially hostile ethnic groups that are at war against each other, like the Hutu and Tutu during the Rwandan genocide.

Whites aren't at war with Asians. Asians are in submission.

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Regardless of anything else, looking at niggerland to gain insight into white or asian culture is fucking stupid. Whites are the same as lowly sub 75IQ niggers, goy.

Fuck off with that nonsense.

My travels in Japan would lead me to believe most of this is correct. The only hapa I met there was a guy working in convenience store. Seemed to low esteem.

I never felt like I was in danger in Japan and I generally along well with Asians but I think that's where it ends. I think we can live well as separate cultures both fun for the other to visit and learn about. Marrying an Asian honestly I don't know. They are different.

A buddy I was with said he wouldn't even turn his head for a white now but I'm sure he has. Me I'm really attracted to Russian women for some odd reason.

I can honestly say Japanese women have traditional values and conduct themselves well. This can't be said for Western women in the current year.

If there is something Japan could export, it is their culture. Traditional beauty and craftsmanship everywhere.

Good references.

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You ended your line anyway you fucking traitor

This is me actually. Have been stressed out the last month because girlfriend of 3 years is Chinese (adopted by white family at birth) and it’s time to face the music and either man the fuck up and embody my beliefs, or stay with her because were a fantastic team, but be signing my own name for the rope

no … just no. you're proof that yellow fever is a perverted fetish. you guys never like conventionally attractive asian women. chinks laugh at you guys for finding that garbage attractive.

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As good as she may be she can't make white kids and you know for a fact that hapas are a disaster. I used to date Korean girls user – but once I went white, everything was better. You have a much deeper connection because you're closer. Soldier up, we need more hwite kids.

You’re more than right. As great as she may be, the children wouldn’t be white, and that’s not okay

you forget that mixed kids have higher chances of mental illness and a host of health issues. plus no identity due to being deracinated. they'd be doomed.

trust me, just find a white girl you like – the experience waaaay better and the sex is more intimate.

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It's not just the chinks laughing at him