Do you sometimes wonder if it's us that are wrong?

Do you sometimes wonder if it's us that are wrong?

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About what?

Yes, self-criticism is essential to rejecting bad ideas and unsupported theories. Every good Leftist is a skeptic.

Too egostic and power hungry. If you're a true skeptic why do you still have faith in humanity

Leftism is the pinnacle of enlightenment philosophy. Faith is authoritarian and anti-worker.

No. Marxism-Leninism is a science

I've spent the last few hours in enlightened centrist reddit, they're so mean and smug, i am shaken in my beliefs. Any Marx quotes to help with this feel?

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get out of here retard you aren't a marxist you're an ultranationalist.

centrism is big gay


Sometimes I wonder if everybody, not just us but every fucking body is wrong.

go back to >>>/juche/ nigger

Juche gang is here to stay. Sorry to disrupt your leftcom / anarcho-liberal echo-chamber

Go here and stop going to reddit.

>>>/juche/ is your god-given autistic containment board, we gave you guys one thread to shit up but instead you have to dedicate six different threads to your autistic three person juche circlejerk.

/juche/ is dead, I filed a claim on it but they never got back to me. Even if I had the board I’d be hanging out here still, this is my home-board and there’s just too much fun to be had here


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It wasn't their fault, zionist leftkkkommunist white supremacist NATO soldiers did it to stop Juche from sweeping the west.

Who do you mean by us? If you're an unironic ML I have some bad news for you…

Romania and Hungary improved it. fite me.

take out zionist and NATO and that sounds actually cool.

What a joke of an ideology.

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how do i own the folx on /r/drama? i need to prove ourself and defend daddy

At this point I'd happily trade the current capitalistic neoliberalism for no gay shit marxism in a heartbeat.

Stop going to reddit.

I hate to tell you this user, but NO FUN ALLOWED red flag edition just becomes capitalism after a few decades and gives you even more obnoxious boujees.

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Fear no doubt comrade. Our ideas will prevail.

Too bad criticism and self-criticism is used by tankie assholes to drive a wedge on your character. After all tankies are all but perfect and you yourself just admitted why you are not able and trustworthy to be at the upper echelon of the pecking order.

Reddit is neolib central. I only go there to see what they are up to.
They are so up in their ivory tower, they managed to convinced themselves, that Venezuelan oil is useless and worthless (it isn't) and therefore the US isn't couping Venezuela for the resources but for the well being of the people. They even think Guaido has a higher constitutional claim as a head of state and that he has genuine support in Venezuela outside of Eastern Caracas.
Also Macron is their guy and hate yellow vests out of principles. Since that guy is predestined to save the EU how dare those yellow vest rabble put obstacles in his ways with their personal problems resulting from the bad reforms he and his predecessors made.
Also them brigading the Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht thread. I never have witnessed such viciousness even in a Trump thread. That's right, they hate communism more than Trump, and link you immediatly to Putin and Venzuela if you dare to say something positive. Not bad for a supposedly left-leaning liberal community.
So tell me again, why are you frequenting it?

Since the elite started putting literal idiots in charge of fields those fools have no idea of, as a mean of reward for lobbying, no.
Quite the opposite, never was communism this right.
The question is how do we create a power structure that doesn't put powergreedy idiots at the top on every pecking order?
Look at Labour. 80% of parliamentary Labour wanted to coop Corbyn, but he is supported by 65% of the Labour base. How did these 35% rats manage to grab 80% of the Labour seats?

Venezuela is capitalist but intervention is stupid as fuck, did these people learn nothing from the Iraq war? Zig Forums is already on the neocon train, ironic.

And you think I'm a tankie because… ?

That you can make a fucking killing by having the American military secure oil fields that your mercenaries will protect for you? Yeah, they learned that lesson real good.

Zig Forums is a Zionist board and pointing this out still hurts them. The mental gymnastics they do is gold medal worthy.

Where the fuck did I say you were a tankie?
I am referencing this and personal experience

When I wonder if I'm wrong I try to falsify my ideas so I can be less wrong. I'm not attached to my ideas, but to my desire to keep learning - getting better ideas.

I love that the idiots who actually believe in the medieval jew conspiracy have become Israel's staunchest defenders.

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No doubt

I still remember when iraq vet Zig Forumstards had actually decent foreign policy ideas and supported Rand Paul's interventionism. Now the average Zig Forums user just sounds like a mentally ill AIPAC baby boomer on facebook.

I'm sorry I don't know German.

google translate is decent

If you don't support Yang you clearly are wrong.
inb4 the english article was mostly machine translated from german

Yes, all the time. That's how I became a communist.

If you are still sticking to theory wich is completely antiquated such as orthodox marxism, leninism, ML, liberalism, etc. you are probably the one who's wrong
However, if you are engaged with contemporary thought and have a grasp of the theory it presents, your points are probably more alligned with reality, but you must also be contextualized with the history of western thought to do so.

Flavour of the month "contemporary thought" is almost universally so shit and useless nobody remembers it after a few years, just look at eg,.Negri's "Empire", Klein's "No logo" or Graeber's "Debt", they're pretty much forgotten by everyone except for narcho and "libertarian marxist" roleplayers with too much free time.

Is anyone else scared that if a socialist revolution succeeds, considering the amount of retards in the socialist movement today, that the future system would devolve into a hellhole?

No; it must be the Liberals who are out of touch.

don't use daddy and other gay meme terms
thank you

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eat my ass 😍😍😍😍😍

I do not think that old theory is useless, in fact i explicitly said its necessary for the proper contextualization for todays issues and theory that adresses it. However, its completely useless to sticking to old theory like an orthodox marxist or a hobbesian (hope theyre called like that because it sounds like obese) would do, since these are theory which adresses the problems of a complitely distinct society in every way, physically and ideologically speaking.
If you are an orthodox marxist for example, you would be trying to seize state power through a revolution of the working class, a possibility that in the end of the nineteenth century was concievable, because workers conditions were very different from the current ones ( wage that lead even kids to work in factories, terrible working conditions that lead to death very often as well as hunger and deseise, illiteracy, census suffrage…). So its useless to stick to orthodox marxism, because it cannot address the problems that the left is currently up against.
If you consider yourself a marxist, you must know that this is specially true with marxist theory. Remember that marxism is an historical theory, and as such, it cannot remain always the same and it has to be revalueated over time in order to adapt to present world and society
You should also know that many of what today is considered essential theory wasnt consider as such until some time ahead of its publication, for example critical theory.

I was under the impression Orthodox Marxism was Kautskyist Social Democracy, which while in theory (lol) advocating seizure of state power through revolution in practice resulted in the transformation of the workers' movement into a political party that fought to preserve the bourgeois state. I generally agree with your point though regarding engaging with contemporary theory.

I must admit that i am not an orthodox marxist scribe, i just used it as an example

^This. What exactly is in question?

It is true that tactics must change depending on the conditions, as seen as the initial support of capitalists against feudal noble class. However, the core "problem"(alienated labor, value form, commodity production, wage labour) as well as theory analysing it remains unchanged since Marx's time and will persist until the end since those are immutable characteristics of capitalism. If that analysis is insufficient or even plain incorrect, then I'd like to see a well-thought alternative that actually solves the issue of abolition of value on a planetary scale.

Critical theory, much like any academic/bougie "marxism" is not essential to anything, the only people who give a shit about it professors who shit out tl;dr books for a living, and their clueless undergrad followers.

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Zionists don't exist because I killed them

You literally can't run here if you don't kiss AIPACs ass.

Well I am sceptical it won´t be a grimdark bureaucracy, that said neo-lliberalism is a evolutionary dead end.

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There is a method used in Rojava called Tekmil. It became popular as an critique assembly within military to discuss mistakes and suggest constructive advises - for oneself, for others, for the whole movement or something else. Thereby, the hierarchical strcuture of military is lifted Anyhow, there are now formal signs of this and all are refered to as friends, conflicts are avoided and development is ensured. Here on Zig Forums we usually drift into Tevdem which you go from a concrete situation to a more general, philosophical discussion

S, ITT it's Tekmil time.
I am too shy and weak for the revolution. Also I find myself more in discussing and spreading negative energies without convincing others but leaving them hopeless with my polemics. I think I have to be more tolerant and positive and help others constructing something instead of belittling their projects by finding weak spots.

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But what is the method?

Barging in with nothing but a reaction image and no clear context contributes is literally as valuable as spamming a random sequence of emoji. Or keyboard mashing. Or incomprehensible engrish.
The very fucking least you could do is give us a smug greentext to go with it, with at least a /hint/ of what your problem with him is.
Absolutely noone understands what you're talking about beyond that you don't like that posters post for some completely unspecified reason. You look like a 10 year old who jumps in at random with 'lul no UR MOM xD'.

Wtf Lenin was white and based, shame he didn't name the jew and save Europe

Maybe try being less of a faggot

Do you mean that workers conditions today are the same as the ones in the ninenteenth century? If not explain to me in which way they are comparable in less ambiguous terms.

I have often read this in this imageboard, and im starting to belive that you heard that argument somewhere else, probably from someone stuck in the the past and foolishly waiting for Marx's predictions to realize, and yall unquestioningly follow it without actually engaging with the frankfurt school. If this is not the case for you, what it is that makes you have critical theory in such a low regard? And when i ask this question i espect something other than they were all bourgeois obscure academics, because that does not prove anything about their theory, even if it was true.
In fact, frankfurt school had a decisive influence in the left movements culminating in the famous may of 1968. Specially Marcuse was an activist holding lectures which developed class conciousness among students. He also teached some really influencial activists such as Angela Davis, who also studied Kant's philosophy under the lessons of Adorno. You must be completely blind or prideful to not see the school's influence.

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i deeply respect your way of speech since it is so rare see someone talking in a way that doesnt include all kinds of attempts in humilliation, not that i find it too disgusting, but because it doesnt make any actual arguments.
However, i belive that it is negative thought (by negativity i do not mean violence, i mean a process of self-negation at the very least or self-disgust if possible) that inspires most of intellectual growth, since positivity do not represent a threat to your actual intellectual state. On the other hand, being negativity makes us go further, since it is uncomfortableness that has always been the most fertile source of inspiration, out of nonconformity man has always seen progress, individual and collective. In my experience, positivity has lead me to be more passive and conformist, so i do not think that you should avoid "spreading negative energies without convincing others but leaving them hopeless with my polemics", since the negativity you are spreading would be good to the people hearing you words, they have to feel bad with themselves because they are disgusting as they are right now, and negativity is love of one's best potential version.
Bad feels are not essentialy bad if they make you better yourself, i even think that they must be sought after in the intellectual realm.

Tekmil (report) can be initiated by everyone and anytime in Rojava. It's about the principle of Hevalti (companionship) to develop together by sophisticated critique and self-criqitue. You build a circle and the one who speaks steps forward, makes her/his statement and steps back again. Then, the next speaks, so without any answers of others. This method is necessary to improve the individuals and the collective efficiently and make each others thoughts transparent without the danger of getting punished or alike because you cannot get attacked by others and everyone has the time to reflect the thoughts of others. You try to transcend your egological self and take a more intersubjective perspective. In the end, you can suggest improvements, ideads and such. related but it's not very elaborated because they are quite new companions.

This is a perfect example what Tekmil isn't.

Negative feelings lead to avoidance which instead leads us isolated. But I can feel your argument, this is why I went that road. Maybe I have to mix both or even better: be more factual, non-judgemental and only use well-verbalized punchlines.

It's really simple. In fact, it's right there in that bit of greentext: (alienated labor, value form, commodity production, wage labour). Their nature has not changed.

I am not that guy, but I have an answer to that one. Critical theory tries to apply a scientific method to unscientific subjects. As such, it is prone to fallacious reasoning eg. Capitalism produced Concept X, therefore Concept X is an integral component of Capitalism.

You say that in reply to a post which states: "the only people who give a shit about it professors who shit out tl;dr books for a living, and their clueless undergrad followers."

Fuck that FBI plant. Don't think we didn't notice what happened when she got arrested.

That's pretty cute but I don't think it would work online.

Anyway here's my self-criticism: I consume books instead of properly engaging them. Even if I take notes I have a hard time reconstructing what I have just read. Some parts usually stick to me but I can't seem to comprehend books as a whole.

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