Underground Prostitution is the Final Enemy Boss IRL

LINK: cnn.com/2019/04/08/entertainment/allison-mack-guilty-plea/index.html

Let's face the issue head on. I'll tell it to you straight.

Take a look around. Imagine what rich people would do that didn't have your morals…. I'll wait.

Yes, there must undoubtedly be some giant network of underground bunkers that collect women to mind control into a sex dispensary. Organized and maintrained like a neat machine.

Girls are programmed with some lie that explains their world. They know nothing of their enslavement. Intelligent ones are isolated, removed.— Just a bunch of happy girls going to their daily semen session. Ttwice a day because some pretty girl like Allison Mack helped indoctrinate them after they were kidnapped at 4 years old. It's all normal and routine.

And john, during your session, remember not to say anything to the girl which might wake her from her hypnotic programming.
They kill you for that. It costs serious money bring the girls to this point. They can last 5 years without realizing anything is off. Don't ruin a good thing John. She's happy at the present moment; don't disturb that.

Imagine uncovering the center of it all? Like stumbling upon some giant bug infestation under some rotting log. The central command of some millenia old society system of sexual exploiting girls. Treating them like a resource, like a crop that they grow.

Don't you get it? I'm trying to paint you a fucking picture.
Fuck all, if this doesn't radicalize you, nothing will.
Get to work, it's time for war.

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Final boss is Saturn.

Anime posters should be permabanned. Though this issue is serious its hardly "the final boss".

Calling in sick to work tomorrow, headed to Union Pool with a boxcutter, and randomly slicing people before leaving. Lol. Calculate that.

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As I said in the kikeplus thread;
Wasn't aware pre-adolescent girls were considered women.

Why does CNN use single quotation marks for "Smallville"?


'Smallville' actress pleads guilty to charges relating to sex trafficking case

(CNN) — Actress Allison Mack has pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy and racketeering relating to her alleged role in a sex trafficking case.
John Marzulli, Public Information Officer for the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of New York confirmed Mack's plea, which was entered Monday.
As part of her guilty plea, Mack admitted to state law extortion and forced labor.

Attorneys for Mack did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Mack was arrested in April 2018 and charged for her alleged involvement with an organization called Nxivm (pronounced NEX-ium), a group that claimed to be a self-help program but was, in reality, a pyramid scheme in which some recruits were exploited "both sexually and for their labor, to the defendants' benefit," according to U.S. attorney Richard P. Donoghue.
Mack is accused of recruiting women to join what she told them was a female mentorship group when, in fact, it was an organization created and led by Nxivm's founder, Keith Raniere, also known within the group as Vanguard.
Last year, Mack, best known for her role as Clark Kent's clever confidant Chloe on CW's "Smallville," was indicted on charges of sex trafficking, sex trafficking conspiracy and forced labor conspiracy, according to a statement released by the Justice Department. She pleaded not guilty at the time.
Officials said Mack, 36, was the co-creator of a program within Nxivm, which was targeted toward actors.
What happened to Allison Mack?
Related Article: What happened to Allison Mack?
Mack's charges stemmed from what officials said were activities that took place as part of a secret society within Nxivm called "DOS," in which women recruited and groomed others under false pretenses to be sexual partners for Raniere, according to an indictment.
Several women, whose identities were withheld in court papers, claim they were blackmailed into complying and told DOS had compromising information about them.
Raniere was the sole male in DOS and the leader. He has pleaded not guilty to sex trafficking and forced labor charges.
Until women recruited others, they were called "slaves." Those who successfully recruited were called "masters."
The indictment released last year claimed many so-called slaves were branded on their pelvic areas using a cauterizing pen with a symbol which, unbeknownst to them, incorporated Raniere's initials.
Mack was released on a $5 million bond days after her arrest last year.

Marzulli and Mack's attorneys did not respond to CNN's questions regarding whether Mack's plea was entered as part of a deal with prosecutors.
Mack faces a maximum of 40 years in prison – 20 years on each count. She is set to be sentenced on September 11, 2019.

Men under the age of 21 are women.

False, the Jews are the final boss.

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Women have historically been the major link of sex slavery, prostitution, and child sex trafficking. It's bizarre that the ones most victimized by such a lifestyle are the ones who largely do the recruiting. There's something inexplicably evil and frightful about women that I don't think any man will truly understand. The inability to understand truth, honor, duty, and philosophical thought on a deep level, yet able to maintain a level of revenge years or even decades in the making. No matter how much you talk to them or get to know them you never will because there's always some hidden aspect kept away for all to see, and inside that door is darkness with a smiling face looking back at the rest of the world and it's the face of the devil itself.

Your absolutely right OP but I’m not quite sure if you fully realize this is intentionally what the internationalist white genocide plan indoctrinates young white women with via polyamorous culture while systematically destroying every aspect of the family in the culture. Internationalist culture doesn’t rip girls from their homes and families like the cunt that got busted but slowly over one or two generations incentivizes prostitution and quick cash over a family and legacy. The question you really need to ask is, do you think the large majority of the pathetic goyim care at all?
Sex cults and culture openly promoting anti family values coupled with a slave tier internationalist finance system are obvious signs this is just the tip of the iceberg.


You kow what. Personally, from 8polbro to 8polbro. If you asked me this yesterday I would agree with you. But just realized that Jews are God's chosen method of punishing people. God created jews to be his means of delivering justice. There's more but, but I'm progressing with my anti-jew theory to some atmospheric ultimate ant-jew theory. God created jews to fuck you up if you're a piece of shit. They're not meant to be destroyed, but to be kept at bay through your own morality and fundamentally you can fuk off if you're a degenerate atheist.

Sex is one of the most basic instincts among animals. That there are vast organizations dedicated to sexual slavery is no surprise. The most lucrative industries are those that cater to basic necessities and desires. There will always be demand for sex and there will always be those looking to turn a profit by providing it, one way or another. Eradicating human trafficking is an exercise in futility. You're never going to eliminate all the weeds. The best you can do is mow the lawn every now and again.

If I could get an erection, I'd have sex, believe me.


Probably fucked up circumcision.
That's what ED is caused by.
ED isn't natural until like 90.

haha, you have no youthful hope left in you do you? By the time I'm done with Germany, there will no no sex cults on our soil. Believe in that national socialism. I also role with Celts, romans, france, slavs, and greece. So you can pretty much add all of eurasia to that list. You are a boomer if your hopeless to believe in the honor of removing this from our own lands. You are souless to have no belief in som radical changes. hail hitler.

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21 age of consent…..?

I hope you prove me wrong and encourage you to try. But I have my doubts. Again: if there's demand, there will be supply.

It's not about age of consent, it's about mind control. give me one generation to educate girls and there will be nobody stupid enough to consent. In the old world, high priests of your local tribe were on top of girls that lost their minds and guarded them from men who might try to take advantage of them

Don't you have a vision of a better world? Have you been born in the mud and not realize you can walk out of it. Can't you imagine something better than this shit hand we've been dealt.


People dont understand how separated they are from us. They truly think we are cattle. Bump for a good thread.

You don't remember the days when everyone in the town knew each other. Who is demanding? No wife? Victim of degenerate society sabatoging the waifu market? It's okay polbro, join the national socialist party. We'll get you out of this mess (heal society, get it?)
….30 years later, 8 kids, 3 wives that keep his house in perfect order… hey remember when you were demanding sex workers?…


The problem here is that you assume that a critical mass of people can become virtuous through sheer willpower. Not everyone has the wherewithal to resist the onslaught of degeneracy. In fact, I think we are a growing minority at best.

This is why people call you christcucks.

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Sex slavery is as old as slavery itself. This isn't a boomer problem, this isn't a wealth problem, this isn't even a social problem. It's a human problem. Even if we had a society where every man could reasonably have 3 wives and 8 kids (polygamy is degenerate by the way), there would still be sadists doing sadistic things. Hell, i live in a small town and pretty girls still go missing on a regular basis. We're close to an interstate highway so these girls might be out of town, out of state, or even out of country by now. My heart dropped when a high school friend of mine went missing. She was really pretty; probably sold for a high price. I can only imagine what they have made her do/are doing to her now.

We're getting sick of you "christcuck" shit schlomo.

Who do you think RUNS sex trafficking?
Why do you think the (((Russian Mafia))) run by people like (((Don Semyon))) are so into it?
Why do you think Israel is the sex trafficking hub of the world?

And then we will secure our own lands and our own families, and be satisfied for whatever small corner we can make for ourselves separate from this diabolic normy realm.

polygamy is neccesary after a war that involved screwing up families. Polygamy is a necessary outlet to curb casual sex in a generation that was indoctrinated to have casual sex.
a generation born in a true peacetime will pair bond better and multiple wives would not even be sought after already being so satisfied with your breeding experience
you underestimate the effects of what living in a non-shit era will do to a person's morals

This post written by a jew.

Yeah. I could see how from a non-christian point of view, your priorities are different. the real question is, how do you propose chistians and non-christians could get along in white western culture?

Because it is a title. Get an education.

God doesn't have jack shit to do with any of this anymore.
I don't see him. Do you?
At this stage there's far more circumstantial evidence that Jews are running the world straight into the ground than there is supporting God's existence.
Hell, I've seen more evidence Kek is real & has a fundamental effect on the nature of reality, and this is despite me knowing what that shit is & generally how it works.

Definitely working from home tomorrow.

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You should be permabanned you fucking foreigner.

I think she should be remanded into my custody to serve out the first 10 years of her sentence with me, on the condition that she produces at least three babies during that time, and splits her wealth 50/50.
seems a waste to put a pretty girl inside during her last years of reproductivr viability. also she can call me Clark.
secondary condition is that her hapa friend from the series has to join us, with another 3 babies minimum to be generated.

Fuck off with this feminist "womerns should serve less time cuz denying biological imperative is unnecessary cruelty". I know it's a "muh dick" shitpost, but christ.

From a Heathenist/naturalist perspective: jews are parasites that exploit fragilities from people and society. It's our spiritual/evolutionary duty to become jewproof Übermenschen! Eugenists that worship bloodlines, strenght and honor.
Destroying completelly the jews may or may not be a part of this process. We'll need to do it, if it's relevant to our goals, but, since they can only manipulate traitors and weaklings (and we will get rid of them, even if not necessarilly by negative eugenics), the jews may become a outdated plage.

But yeah, by all means, they are nature creatures too. It's not like if some form of absolute evil created them. They exist because nature permitted it, but so is the plage, the virus, the diseases… Life is strugle!

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OP reads cnn…

I AM those rich people and lol @morals. You… well your mind has been turned into mash potatoes by jew media.

I'll point you to the recent arrests in FL of many billionaires who went to a strip mall to get sucky, sucky from fat, ugly gooks and spics. Craft got all the headlines because his team is hated, but the really important people were several jewish hedge fund cunts.


Sieg Heil!

You would be chastized by your Christian brothers for your idiotic beliefs.

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There is a lot of truth in this post

This is disingenuous. Children are the most susceptible to manipulation & most get raised never questioning the manipulations they're fed, because why would they without a catalyst that makes them? Especially with the overwhelming amount of propaganda woven into the fabric of society that says questioning the motives & ubiquitous placement of jews in the true power structures is monumentally evil.

You're saying after I have fought every Mason, Freemason, Jewish Princess, and available woman, I still need to bang a high end female hooker?

I think my dick is going to fall off.

Kill yourself reddit.

Yeah, but if we are the only ones that aim to have families and non-hedonistic/suicidal beliefs, we, and only we, have the future!

That's a white pill to swallow, isn't it?

I didn't throw those at me,, you guys did. I was jyst trying to drive through.

Well, as is everything in nature, this may not be so black and white. But when nature judges it's creations in the court of time, those who have the healthy tendencies thrive.
The proof is our genes themselves. After years of brainwashing, (the majority of) whites retain the capacity of being ethnocentrists.
Some valuable ones may fall now, but the future is exclusively for those who hold valour!

"…Hat auch der Tod mit harter Hand
*die Besten oft gefallt*…"

Women are defective tools. women are never people. Those defective tools must be destroyed and replaced by artificial tools.
There is nothing wrong in torturing and killing women, of any age. Women are a disease to the world.

Shut the fuck up torfaggots. It's bad because Jews and Arabs have ALWAYS wanted to enslave european women. They find europeans very attractive, that's why light-skinned slaves were so valuable in the middle east, frequently costing 10 times and even more of what a black slave would cost. Slavery, christianity, feminism, capitalism and communism are all tools to destroy the european peoples.

You don't belong here, fag!

Ask me how I know the halfchan kidddie faggots are on Spring Break?


Hehe, if anyone thought OP’s story sounded like fun, go play Free Cities.

It was an amusing take on broken men who treat women as sex-dispensing mechanical golems. Which “it”? OP or Free Cities? Both. Free Cities is a story about people too rich for psychological well-being, though out in the real whirled people should know healing is popular. Er, possible. I’m sure it was an error to say popular there.

Love the use of “John” for the viewer. Rich people don’t buy prostitutes. They used to buy non-prostitutes, but there’s been a wonderful end to that world.

Prostitution should be legal. OP’s story of hidden abuses is comically unrealistic, but there are also real abuses. Legalization would grant regulators access with which to make more of the world safe, boring, and prosperous, just as it ought to be.

I’m disappointed, you took aim at the 666 and missed.

Lol, racists are a psychologically broken rarity. I don’t care whether you’re a racist wimp of a white or a racist wimp attacking white people as racists with your lie about majorities, but either way you can reclaim your pride any time you like.

what laws were broken?
calling something "recuited into cult" is not same as "forced" or "kidnapped".
Ms Mack is a grown women who is past her prime and no doubt fucked 100s of guys in the Hollywood viper's nest, and can 'handle herself' and had 'heard it all', and had no doubt fended off 100s of top Jewish swindlers, "Personal Trainers", fortune tellers, "Financial Advisors", and worst of all Jewish real estate agents.nytimes.com/2018/11/15/us/daily-stormer-anti-semitic-lawsuit.html

How did this story "break"? Is it all about basically some dumb slut forgot her "safe word" in the Play Dungeon, or what?

PS-IIRC none of these sluts were being PAID, or even promised to be PAID, so WTF with "prostitution"???
IMO, if anything they should being paying the guy, who obviously provided a bunch of uninteresting sluts their big real life fantasy.
Does anyone doubt that in a free market this guy would now have offers of several hundred million on the table from various bored uppermiddle class housewifes, mostly Jewesses?

delet this desu

anyone else have erotic allison mack torture fantasies?

The rabbit hole goes much deeper than you wish. Entire school systems have been designed to imprison the mind. Entire School methods have been designed to encapsulate the minds of child sex slaves. Language, especially, is being used to imprint the impressionable mind of the child with carefully chosen strings of words.
This is taken from a real schoolbook (translated from my own language). Why this particular string of words? >Walking

What's the bigger story here?

rofl no, who gives a shit about crime and human trafficking when you are literally being exterminated in your own country?

Not even close. It's a problem, sure, but not the final boss by any stretch of the imagination.

Why didnt you do something?

What is there to do?
She just fucking disappeared. If someone gets abducted by some no-name who's driving across the country or even between countries, you can't exactly do any investigation on the matter. She's probably in Afghanistan or something for all I or anyone else knows.

Hail victory comrade!

nigga iz you foreal?

What's that supposed to mean? You can't exactly wage war if you don't know who the enemy is. If anyone knew who abducted her she'd either be home or we'd know what ditch she's buried in


I dont want to say "every single time"….but yes…EVERY.SINGLE.TIME

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This. God is dead, and the jews killed him.

Believe what you want, fag, nature says otherwise.
Maybe you ate soo much soy that you aren't even human anymore but the perfect golem.
Watch your meals, kids!

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Don't be a faggot, you know exactly (((who))) is behind it. Remove the coyotes to keep your sheep safe.

Sex slavery is legal in Israel. They did it openly in the 90's, and only after exposure by WLP did they start trying to cover it up. Even so, it's commonly practiced, and the pimps who kidnap slavic women are never punished, so it's still de facto legal.

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, user! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot citizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.


“Ineffectual” means are often the most effectual, for ineffectual campaigns prove the existence of an “unsavvy” actor. Slave morality people respond to unsavvy actors as potential victimizable, while people of independent minds respond to unsavvy actors as potentially authentic. Characterizing unsavviness as innocence is perhaps illuminating. People good and evil react to innocence as thirsting people in deserts react to water.

Why is underground prostitution the final boss?

Except racism is natural and needs to be reeeeducated out of humans.

psychopathy is genetic
wipe out the psychopaths, wipe out shit like human trafficking
or at least wipe those genes from the human genome somehow

i want allison mack to erotically torture me.

Complete bullshit.

Op is a feminist.

they exploit the boys also, the boys are worth more

remember Pompeii? Roman vacation town that got frozen in stone, 85% brothels

its a lifestyle, your parents abuse you so you are psycho, you abuse your kids because you were abused etc etc

Go back

you just called Catholics god, read more history bro

it works like this, Judaism presents the thesis, that lending at interest (slavery) is acceptable

the Muslims provide the antithesis, that usury should be prohibited and punished with death

the Catholics provide the synthesis, that usury is acceptable but only if they gain all the profit from it

Switzerland's gnomes of Zurich and Vatican city, the only square flags on the earth, make a square flag for your state and start electing your own representatives, there is an ongoing project already doing this, most important position is governor because the governor can appoint vacant seats in state governments at will

Fuck you bitch nigga I fuck whatever I want.

It's calld DMT and hypnosis. Chinese gangs do this right now on the west coast. Look up what William Gibson called 'meat puppets' in Neuromancer.

We have a slow painful death planned for (((you))).


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I would indeed like to know how he pulled this off in the internet age. He's a mediocre coder by today's standards (he was probably decent back in the day) is basically 5/10 on the looks scale and by the time he was rawdogging mack and her lesbian hanger on from Battlestar he's put on a lot of weight.
I'm younger, better looking, equally skilled at programming and if we're being honest would take a decade in the clink for a few years of harem anime fantasy.
He's gotta show people how he red pilled them so hard.
They can't be that stupid. If ultra attractive literal TV stars can be brainwashed by this guy he knows something we don't.
I can't even get more than two butterface hotbodied nobodies to give me a threesome more than once every couple years and I'm -actually- fit and hot, not delusional and thinking I am like he was.

underrated post

Kill yourself chaim



yu are a jew. and hate christians. you are doomed to humiliation. you have no idea the force that stands against you. AHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA

explain this please

The financial slavery system is the instrument of power.
Women are the end all be all true currency of highest value, gold in second place.
Underground female sex slavery is the very blood of the beast.
The monster will arise like the hive mind that it is when it finally comes to terms that its very power source is being threatened and there is no bargaining accepted using its "financial" power.
Then will it finally shake the dust off itself and prepare to defend itself using all available means.
This is the final boss.

…a millenias old (probably) system of sex exploitation to extract the full value of its "currency". without this, they are powerless, and disintegrate into the various parts of its hive mind

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>fucking women for money is the highest sin goy, don't look at (((us)))

Zig Forums is always right

Just legalize it already, ya dullard fact-phobes, because I’m a leftist expressing disdain of you, hyuk. Ya’ll are as bad as the paranoia-projecting hoplophobes what think people want guns to shoot ‘em with, hyuk hyuk.

We place people like you in the idiot section of town where its legal. Nobody's been there in years. Maybe you can buildnit up into a big whoring empire of civilized prostitution. My prediction is it will shrink to nothing after weve reverssed degeneracy. Its not about legalizing it or not, in a good world people are free. We're talking about a future after weve won all the wars. There wont be government like you think about it today. People involved in that will be gradually brought back to their senses and after two generations will be considered as part of the centuries long global war that we ended.

Really, im just going to try to eliminate it in my own town, then skowly expand outward and convince people to join their homelands to my own in a league of glorious union between men and women, with nobody left out.

Go. Allow girls to be destroyed in that town on the other side of the mountain.. But not here.. Not in France. We pride ourselves that our women are so happy., and are excellent wives.. Surely we could manage to convince the people of an area as small as france? Do your filth anywhere else. but i seriously bet you that everyone will join in europe after awhile of national socialist rule

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