WTF I Love Florida Now

ACLU: "We and partners have issued a travel advisory urging immigrants and people of color to use extreme caution when traveling in Florida"

Thanks, ACLU. We don't want them here either.


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I wonder if it will offset the fact that felons can now vote in Florida.

>endanger (((our))) communities

Which anti-immigrant bill? I'd sure like to be able to vote in favor of it if it's up for a public vote.

Usually they make a post to express utter outrage and how they intend to fight back with a guaranteed victory. How strong is the bill for them to have their tail between their legs?

It's bill SB-168, its not up a public vote.

thanks user.

having to obey the law = OMG USE EXTREME CAUTION

So, the FL state senate is giving the finger to the radical extremists demanding sanctuary privileges for foreign national invaders. I have to say I'm both surprised and impressed. Now let's hope they pull it off successfully.

Really makes me think.

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Typical psychopathy. Real cold interests are hidden behind the fake positive PR.

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This just makes me sad all over again. Im going for a walk.

The US is already dead.

Stranger things have happened

This is a set-up, the jews just dont want niggers devaluing their property in miami

The man who codified laws so athenians wouldn't be so fucking degenerate? Oh no!

God, I fucking hope this

Jew boy Kushner said more felons registered as Republicans than Democrats in Florida so who the fuck knows what's going on

I keep trying to tell you faggots about florida.
Soon the north floridians, descendants of the conquistadors, and also ulstermen so fucking annoying the land was literally given away to the americans, shall overtake the south, restore its wetlands to their former glory, and begin the second american revolution, fueled by nib smuggler stout, keylime pie WITH MERINGUE, and publix chicken tendies.

I don't appreciate the comments being left there. They're so sanitized and PC.

Everything about this post was gold. Checking those dubs, user.

Their social media manager is Diana Scholl (@DianaScholl), she's a mentally ill feminist who subverted it to protect strangers and criminals while demonizing neighbors and citizens.

all feminists are mentally ill user, by definition.


the aclu should be raided

Anti-American subversion by the ACLU runs deeper than one Jewish lesbian feminist who ran their social media for awhile. Employees are a good indication of the ideology running the show.

The ACLU has been a Trojan Horse for 100 years, fighting Christians of the nation's culture every step of the way. The ACLU convinced Americans it was defending "civil liberties" on one hand while the other hand works to disarm Americans (the ACLU is anti 2nd Amendment), eradicate tradition, and gaslight with false terminology until the people are dumb enough to cheer on a third-world invasion. Communism is again the spear of globalism and a one world government.

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Wasting quints on being a vote cuck…
This should be bannable.

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Don't come here, niggers, shitskins and dune coons. Florida is heavily armed and I know people here who are ready to start death squads in Minecraft

Sounds wonderful. Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Florida should be the launching ground for the fourth Reich. We have plenty of kikes and niggers here to throw into the book burning bonfires in Minecraft

hell yeah
t. descendant of conquistadors

Don't stop just because some (((law))) is beneficial to white people. Start mass killi9ng all non-white immigrants in your region. Clean your land without ever depending on any (((law))).

I only hope you are correct you have an infestation in ol' FloRidaH

Them dubs do confirm. Those proud Florida crackers are the only ones damned crazy and dehumanized enough to pull off a true race war.

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Glorious. We should demand a vote, perhaps to force more attention. Gas gas gas. For Kek and Country.

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bump for Kek

Republicans cheat as well. I guess if you can't beat em, join em. Diebold was a huge scandle during the Bush II era where Dick Cheney was a board member of the biggest electronic voting machine company in the US, and then the whole Florida hanging chad thing in the 2000 election. Fuck I'm old. 2000 was like 550 years ago.

Don’t get your hopes up. In other news, there will be a historic event as the governor’s cabinet holds its first ever meeting in Israel.


They literally create a climate of fear

Then they should stay in their communities, back in their countries.


sage becuase shit thread