It is well known hitler was the last great leader for western civilization, but I think leadership is more important than ever, the politicans larping as leaders are only pretending and doing their part, the more I look into it the more I realize they are not there to lead the country but to sow division and chaos between the people. Of course they are some leaders, but they've all got killed too soon to make any real impact the moment you fall out of line, the true leaders if you want to call them that are only ruling over us in the shadow and are doing it with bad intentions, these people see us nothing but toys and lives that can be thrown away as if it was nothing, cause division and chaos, the reasons why they do it is something I am trying to figure out, but that is simply another thread for another time.
Why is this important you ask? It's important to know, because using hitler as one of the last greatest leaders to have lived in the 20th century, a true leader loves his people and in no way shape or form seeks to sell them out or divide them which is why they considered them selves third position their interests is to put the people and nation first at all costs and willing to do anything to achieve it, the puppets we see in our office are doing it for money, only do things what their overlords tell them to do and to finish a job that they were left to do there is no connection with them or you remember them at all, because they care about themselves they don't get the jobs done but by doing some minor changes that benefits the people, leaders like hitler always get the job done and keep all of his promises, unlike any other leader that we have now, remember their there to serve (((them))) not us it is obviously blatant in their parties and distracting people while all the real work gets hidden, but this is why they view natsoc as their enemies because national socialists them selves don't fall for such labels in the dichotomy such as left or right and are interested in one thing, that is taking back their nations for their people and the only thing standing in their way to reach full globohomo, new leaders will be needed and new heroes need to be forged, the time is coming lads start preparing.

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No. Dr. William Pierce was the last great leader.
Pierce was pro-White 100% of the time. He was not selectively pro-White.

Also, Pierce didn't end up starting a war that made White people worse off.
If you fuckers openly state that Poland should be invaded without provocation and ethnically cleansed and repopulated with Germans, and then claim that the Poles are the aggressors, then you're retarded.

Pick one. Do you want to be aggressive niggers towards all non-Germans or do you want to be able to play the victim?

Here's your bump

ftfy, disinfo spreading retard

Quick question op does a leader have to lead a nation?

No need to say what is easy to see. Reminder that you are your own leader and have the potential to lead others

Stop shilling, at this point I am pretty certain you're just a butthurt american with polish ancestry so gtfo.

Oh is this faggot again.
This thread has nothing to do with them this is a thread about leadership, go make one your self and talk about it over there.
Also you do realize pierce admires hitler.

Even pierce said it was bullshit

Too bad.

Pierce is not addressing whether Polish majority areas should be invaded and ethnically cleansed by Germans.
He is referring quite clearly in this Dissident Voices program about the obviously German city of Danzig.
The only other terrotorial demands that Germany made upon Poland (initially) were for a extra-territorial corridor running along the Reichsautobahn that Hitler had planned to run through Poland.
At no point does Pierce advocate ethnically cleansing Polish majority areas of Poland.

In fact, unlike modern wannabie jew neo-nazis, Dr. Pierce advocated for White unity. Nor did he believe that Slavs are subhuman. He considered them brothers in arms against the world enemy. Writing;
Above everything else we must act with confidence and boldness, and the greatest guarantor of boldness is the assurance that many others share our belief and are acting with us, that they will cheer our successes and aid us in our difficulties. And if our allies are spread throughout many nations, so much the better. That makes the rightness of our cause universal. It is not just I who believes that we ought to be free, that we ought to be the masters of our own fate: the Germans agree with me; the Russians agree; the Irish agree; the Poles agree; the Magyars agree; the Swedes agree; the Romanians agree. In every country in Europe voices are being raised now for the same cause. This certainly strengthens the conviction we all have that we are right and that we must prevail.

From Ireland to Romania, Dr. Pierce was pro-White.

Paragraphs have breaks and spacing.
If you want to start larping as a leader, learn proper English and how to write using fewer words in a clearer language.

Also don't use words like hidden, sow, chaos, or "killed".

You need to work on your grammar first.

Leadership isn't about what you're against. That's bad for morale. Learn how to not focus on what you're against. Vitriol doesn't work. It just brings out the losers in society. You don't want losers.

Sure, and if you didn't feed me to nogs and fags everytime I said the word White..

Quit being liars.

Are you going to break (100) again?

Bump for White survival.
To Hell with White Genocide.

too many people want to be leaders. i think this is especially true in the movement and has caused a lot of infighting. it's why the best strategies seem to be leaderless and decentralized ones.

Dr pierce is explaining why the war started which you think it was germany which was blatant disinfo or you fell for it, he explained as to why the war by (((them))) not germany.
Also hitler never hated anyone but those who fell for the communism meme.
Pierce would disagree with you.
You do realize the guy admires hitler right?

No one here is advocating white genocide.

Go onto any thread related to the subject of Poland.
It's mostly neo-nazis advocating its ethnic cleansing.
Also, I've been told quite succinctly that my earlier beliefs about National Socialism were incorrect.
It's not about preserving your Folk or even stopping the jews.
Nope. It's about expanding your borders at the expense of European neighbors.

Yes I do. Which I have no problem with. My sole concern is preserving White children and not genociding them.
Pierce fits that bill.

Hitler on the otherhand is held up as an idol by neo-nazis who want to invade and ethnically cleanse France, Denmark, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Croatia, and even Italy.
If National Socialism is just might makes right and expanding at the expense of neighbors, then doubtless its creator believed the same thing, right?

Denmark is german ethnically you dumb nigger that's where your narrative falls hitler wanted to protect the germanic peoples france is germanic too. The hell are you on about?

Also war is part of us don't deny it outright

exactly what poland did faggot

And posting a hundred times on threads that have little or nothing with the threads that are not about either or not german have right to those lands or what germans did were justified?
Posting simply up to 200 posts are not going to convince or change the nature of the board.
It also is not going to change by coming to threads that have very little to do with that topic.
Pierce admires hitler for the right reasons and so do many anons here.
I think you need to take a break off of this board because you are obsessed.
There are a minority their called siegefags and are degenerates.

Also france was happy under german occupation and the france willingly sided with hitler after being backstabbed by the anglo.
Hell hitler was going to give dregelle whose french to be leader of france, denmark is germanic.
When the war is won and finally defeating the communist menace hitler would've stepped down and let the people run their nations.
Sounds a way better future than being stuck in our current hellscape under the jew rule where everything is decaying and our people slowly becoming dumber and dying a slow painful death.

If that were so, they'd want to join Germany willingly.
So would you say that National Socialism is about war instead of people?
See, next time we fight a conventional war, that will exterminate pretty much everyone. So that'll be fun.
More War!

Then I guess the Poles were just following Hitlers lead in adopting National Socialism, eh?
Let's hope that Russia becomes NatSoc first so they can ethnically cleanse Germany.

Maybe so. But clearly anti-White opinions are dominant here or at least one person other than me would have explained to anti-Slavs that National Socialism is for everyone. Nor is it about exterminating your neighbors but instead about preserving and helping your own Folk.
But like said, war's a part of us all so we might as well just kill each other for land.

This is why we lose. White people will never overthrow the jews because the only people who care about nationalism are also more interested in murdering each other than actually doing something about the jews. If it ever looked like nationalism would re-emerge in Germany, the kikes would just send the Germans off to go slaughter Poles and the dumbass nazis would be so absolutely gleeful at the chance to murder a few White children that they'd forget all about the jews pulling the strings.

There is no White unity because we hate each other more than niggers or kikes.

Hmm. That must be why they didn't resist the Americans at all and in fact, aided them.
If France was NatSoc, why were Americans greeted as liberators while the Germans were met with sullen silence?

Anyway, I like this version of Hitler you have created. Sounds like a great leader. He does not sound at all like the "might makes right" warmonger that 8/pol/ seems to think he is. Weird.

They weren't.
They weren't

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No the reason we've lost is because the jews tricked other people to fighting germany because they wanted germamy oit of the picture.

The jew dont want nationalism or even national socialism which is why they smear it because it made them shat their pants and shaking in their boots when they saw the true potential of a european.

Compare and contrast.
Since you'll accuse me of biase, the search terms I used were "germans enter paris" and the choice of videos was simply the very first ones that I found that showed the crowds. I'll have you know that it's actually quite hard to find actual footage of the crowds in Paris when the Germans entered. Curiously, the German propaganda office didn't bother taking much footage of actual French civilians. Curious.

Boy this crowd looks jubulant

This footage actually has some women smiling. They sure do look ecstatic. I wonder why the cameraman doesn't zoom out to show all the cheering Frenchmen?

Compare with literally the first two videos of the Americans entering. Same search terms.
Far more footage and demonstrably larger crowds. And lots of footage of crowds.

But please, do show me footage of the cheering French when they were liberated from their government by Germany.
Remember, while Germany suffered near constant low level resistance in France, I cannot find even a single instance of Frenchmen violently resisting the Anglo-American occupiers. Can you?

Maybe so. But then, the concensus right here on this board seems to be that Hitler needed to invade Poland because they were subhuman and any land that Germany can physically take should be taken.

But I will ask you, since everyone thinks they're the real expert on National Socialism.
As a National Socialist, is it your goal in life to ensure that Germany "reclaims all lost land" regardless of whether it is currently inhabted by Germans?

National socialist is being one for your people and nation.
This thread is about leadership.

At first did you forgot the two were fighting and thr propaganda? It wasn't till much later. The generals were calling bullshit on some of the claims.
Till we started fucking it up that even patton took note of what americans did was low.

You hardly understand the ideology is for the preservation of your people and nation.

Not according to the generals and not according to dregelle.

Wanna know how I know your here in bad faith.
Look up the skirmishes in africa.

If things were so rosy under the Germans, why was their first reaction to seeing non-Germans to burst out cheering?
That would imply that there was no great love for Germany in France.
And why would one expect that to be so? Would you want to be occupied by Russia?

That's what I want it to be. But does this come at the cost of others?
Preservation of Germany would simply mean expelling or eliminating the jews and then prospering in peace.
But do you believe that "preservation" means invading others and taking their land?

You reject video evidence in favour of one quote (at the top) that the video evidence actually debunks.
Wanna know how I know your here in bad faith?

Learn to read
>a single instance of Frenchmen violently resisting the Anglo-American occupiers.
Basic reading comprehension tells you I'm talking about the actual French population post "occupation" of France by America/Britain.
Can you find one, just one instance of French resisting the American Anglo alliance?

No shit they were enemies. That wasn't till much much later.
Let me see your here in a thread that had little to do with poland and then saying
Showing you being disingenuous
You are posting vids when the germans first entered of course the france would be unhappy, tend to forget dregelle and the french in the ss.
It didn't.

That right there shows your stupidity.
While your at it.
Google hitler was a had one ballsack and hitler beating animals or some shit you can find plenty of those.
Op just filter the nigger.

Compared to videos of Americans entering for the first time.
That's how honest people compare things.
If the French loved their German occupiers, then the Americans would not have been welcomed.

You do realize that two can play at that came. French, Poles, Romanians, Italians, and Finns also fought for the Allies. In fact, the Italians basically revolted and the Fins, Romanians, and Bulgarians switched sides the moment that the Allies entered their territory.
And again, far more French fought against Hitler than for him.

You can lie and cry but that's a fact. And yes, these videos do debunk your dumb claims. The French were just as sullen as I stated they were.

You should be lurking instead of posting at this stage.

I know what hooktube is.

Also were not talking about the italians.
Same can be directed back at you.
Funny from what I seen in the other threads you just that and what your doing right now in this thread by claiming

They didn't in fact you made way more stupid claims than I did and they get debunked in the other threads you've been showing your dishonesty then you started spamming and accusing anons for wanting to exterminate other races.

Is funny how you said I should lurk but are not aware hooktube got sold out.

If you know what hooktube is, why would you mention google?
To get hooktube videos, you search hooktube.
But please, try to find videos to debunk what I demonstrated.

Facts don't care about your feelings.

You brought up the French for Hitler meme. Thus, I can easily point out all the instances of even Axis members fighting Germans.
If you want to prove that the French loved Hitler, you're going to need more than the fact that EVERY single long war has instances of people fighting on both sides. There were Bosnians that fought on Serbia's side in the Yugoslav Wars and Serbs that fought for Bosnia and NATO.

All you need to do to BTFO my claim that NatSoc is about slaughter is state otherwise. All I want is for National Socialists to stop demanding Slavic genocide.

Ethnic cleansing is an act of genocide by definition.
Would you like to invade Poland and ethnically cleanse Poland?

All you need to do to prove that you don't is say so.
You keep claiming that your feelings debunk my facts but my facts remain. The Germans were never greeted as liberators in France.
They were always viewed as foreign occupiers by the vast vast majority of people.

Using hooktube "steals" views from youtube. That alone makes it worthwhile. You niggers direct linking kiketube are only funding Sergey Brin.

Lets get back on topic of this thread.
Leadership may be not as important as it once was, at least not when leading a revolution or taking back a nation.
With the release of the internet and in current the internet can influence many young lads through memes which is what cuckchan basically is despite being a shithole as much as I do like this board it hadn't made a meme for years and gotten incredibly serious which I think is what is holding this board back at some extent.
Though I may be completely wrong.

I never said that natsoc was about slaughter.

No one here is demanding genocide is just apparently you can't handle banter.

Also I am aware of the italains fighting the germans due to not seeing eye to eye.
That I admit.
I disagree when you said that the france were silent on the germans.
I can say the same about you.

I never advocated murder of anyone.
Ya no fucking shit.

Yes. and anyone close to Hilter or even better than him will only be possible to appear with a violent take over.
No pacifist or political "solution" will ever work. Killing the jews and their paypigs is what works.

Hooktube used to do that.
Which is why I prefer bitchute.

Quit responding to him op.
He is obviously not here in good faith he is either incredibly butthurt or a bad shill.
I rather not have another thread of some fag constantly whining in a thread that has very little to do with the topic.

Start by leading those around you. Start first within your own life by taking action to create examples for others to follow. Then, when questioned about ones views and beliefs, stand unwavering. Do not be angry, emotional, or otherwise. Our values are our indomitable foundation. You know. WE know. Just as our values are our bedrock, our demeanor must likewise be made of stone. Be cold, calm, stoic, purposeful, and direct. Do not be riled or baited. Ignore those who are below reasoning. Press on with fortitude, tenacity, and persistence. Meditate. Pray for wisdom, guidance, and the ability to display the correct balance of reservation at all times.

But will they drive out the invaders?

Already seen him into the other threads.
One of the biggest hypocrites I seen on this site.

Then stop get back on the topic and do not derail your own thread over it.


Dont fall for bait or waste your energy with the retard when all he does is use circulatory logic not worth it.

You make a good point, if it weren't for the internet and the infinite amount of knowledge that came with it as well which single handedly exposed jewish lies and a lot of people are waking up in an alarming rate, though is not enough because most normalfags tend to be apathetic and not care what is around them while eating like shit and enjoying degeneracy, I also somewhat agree on cuckchan's part they are very influential despite being a shithole whereas Zig Forums Zig Forums is less influential and more of a place to discuss than anything.


Oh look is the torpedo I was wondering where you been.

There's more pedo here at Zig Forums that anywhere else

Thank you for the bump

A leader can be anything depending on the role, like leading people to in the battlefield or what ever it honestly depends.

This… Before going out always help your self, if you cannot help your self you can't help others.

national socialism is not about 'muh preservation white race' it is so much more

Since you're the expert, you tell me what it is about. Particularly in regards to how you treat people who are not your ethnic group who do not live in your nation?
Should Germany today, right now expand in all directions and drive out or kill non-Germans?

Nationalism is the natural and healthy response to an attempted genocide. Yes I believe that eventually both Germany and Poland will drive out the invaders.

I am by definition not a hypocrite because I don't want to slaughter any Europeans.
If you simultaniously
1. Play the victim about the 6 million Germans holocausted byteh wicked Poles
2. arrogantly proclaim that you want to holocaust Poles
You are a hypocrite by definition.
No different than a jew

You don't even know what the word hypocrite means you shithead

If you simultaniously
1. Believe that it's wrong for non-Germans to invade Germany and displace or kill Germans
2. arrogantly proclaim that you want to invade and displace Slavs
You are a hypocrite by definition.
No different than a jew


Attached: 271ab95914d42aa1498f1ac21da816cd.jpeg (800x3600, 716.39K)

No it is not. I've talked with these morons and they unironically do want genocide. They have concocted insane justifications and truly believe it.
And I am in the minority in opposing it.
Do you want Germany to invade other White nations and kill off the populations?

That's great. But no one who wants genocide calls it murder. I'm anti-jew and I want, let's say, very proactive measures against them.
But they're not White and are literally, right now, today trying to murder me. So I don't call it murder to take counter-semitic actions.
Nor do the jews call it murder what they are doing to us.

So I don't play word games. I keep things as honest as possible; Do you believe that Germany should invade and annex non-German territory and drive out or kill the non-German Europeans?

Find a sliver of evidence to debunk the video evidence and you would win. Until then, all we have is footage (and logic) and that demonstrates that the French did not greet the Germans as liberators from their government.

that was when hitler just came back from fighting in the war you fucking retard


Filter him don't derail the thread.

Thanks much better pic.

If roles had been reversed and Poland ruled a large German minority, would it be wrong for Germans to revolt against Poland?
Why the doublestandard? Are Germans a master-race or something?

More facts and logic, less screaming.

You know, if we were in an argument with right-leaning normies and you made such a ridiculous claim that the French loved their German occupiers, all I'd need to do to make you look like an idiot was show some archival footage of the Germans marching into Paris and compare it with the Americans.

If you want to convert anyone to your cause, you should stop lying in such an obvious way.

Of course the french never loved their occupiers no shit.
How ever the french moved on and did their own thing under their occupation.
Its used as a debunk the horse shit claims about what the germs did.

You should take your own advice.

Cite one example of a lie I uttered with PROOF rather than your feelz that it is untrue in any way and I will adopt whatever political ideology you believe in.

Which is what I said. So now you're agreeing with me. Weird.

Mate I've seen you in a few threads I've seen you make bullshit up.
Oh which you done so in multiple of threads?
Yes the french were unhappy when they got occupied some had differing opinions some stayed quiet and moved on their life unhappy.

This is my new routine on threads related to Hitler or Poland (which I adopted ad a reaction to people calling for genocide of Slavs)
1. Say something like "Poland should exist"
2. Wait for outraged screaming that Poles should be genocided instead
3. Argue against it while pointing out that National Socialism is responsible for this anti-White behavior.
Also, I'll level with you, I'm screencapping a lot of anti-White Nazi rhetoric. What I'll use it for I am not certain.
But I might use it to inoculate people against NatSoc.
And again, I am only doing this as a reaction to this genocidal German supremacy that I see everywhere.

So point out a single instance of LYING as opposed to me hurting your feelings. Because you know what hurts my feelings? Seeing people claiming to be National Socialists constantly shitting on Slavs. Worse than that, I have only seen one person other than myself attempt to explain to these jingoistic bastards that National Socialism is not about murdering Slavs. Where are you? Why is my criticism of Hitler more important to you than their open genocidal behavior towards their own race?

Seriously, I am genuinely curious. If National Socialism is so good and so pro-White, why don't you explain to these fuckers
that they're not National Socialists and that it's not immoral for Slavs to exist unmolested in their own homelands?

Well, in that case, my triggering statement here is correct.

Your not very bright
Because I seen you regurgitated lies about him.
I can see criticisms in him being a mediocre general being a poor general, not finishing the British military when given the chance (biggest mistake he.)
Made very poor allies.

Is a waste of time.
Is funny how you call others emotional and yet you are coming into threads that has little do with the topic at hand this is a thread about leadership other threads.
I also seen you being disingenuous in that culture thread and you simply repeated even after being proven wrong.

No is common sense op just responded poorly, but everything else I tend to agree with him.
As for poland easy germans in the land, fucked over by versailles and kikes, and strategical value.

Before hitlers birthday were planning to bring him back.


Do you believe that Polish majority land should be German?
And if so, do you believe that Germany should expel or otherwise liquidate the Polish majority?

Do you believe land should be taken by an unfair treaty


Nobody cares🔥cuck

Germany invaded because of bolsheviks operating out of poland/human rights violations being committed against ethnic germans in territory siezed by polan via treaty of versailles, the pols started it by being shitty to germans and leniant with kikes, not that we shouldn't squash the beef and unite whites, but let the record show, you fucking dumb nigger.

Of course not. Nor do I believe that the large Czech, Polish, Serbian, Croat, and Slovenian minorities should continue to be ruled by foreigners.
Also, why have you failed to answer the simple question? I've already done you the curtesy of answering two of your questions honestly.

1. I'll bet you haven't actually researched this idea much. If you did, you'd know that killings of Germans before the war were pretty slim. Do I defend these atrocities? Of course not. Poland should be ashamed of how they treated the Germans. But it was nowhere near what many who have not researched it seem to think. Kind of like how during the plebicite in southern Prussia in 1920 there were atrocities committed against the Poles. But nowhere near the exaggerated tales that some Poles believe in.

2. You claim that Bolsheviks operated out of fiercely anti-communist Poland. Do you have any evidence of this?

In most areas in question, Poles were the majority. So they "seized" the land in much the same way that Serbs and Greeks "seized" their land back from the Turks.
Just saying.

look how scared this jew is

I got an interesting book that could help
Paul Weller: Personal magnetism and how to develop it: a scientific treatise on personal magnetism and its possibilities.
Exercise 10: hold hand in front of you palm down at the line of your eyes. Take your attention to forefinger make it don't move, and stay in this position for 45 seconds.
can't find English version so you can use archive.org/details/seriesoflessonsi00atki/page/n5
But better use Paul Weller book.

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Lel. Top shitpost mate.


Another thing about leadership it is also meant to boost up morale and give the people hope.

That is pretty good shit another thing about being a leader is setting up a good example.

Stop derailing the thread and do not reply to him it leads to no where his also been btfo in the culture preservation thread and many others. Leave it at that and continue the discussion.


poolish IQ/6000000.

Attached: subhuman poles paying for decades of holohoax propaganda.png (500x381, 315.28K)

Again the polish subhuman has proven us why their subhuman, kike loving race has to be exterminated.
"Hitler starting the war" is a shillpoint so out of date I doubt Israel even allows their shills to use it anymore.

Prussia should be returned to Germany in a reverse 1945 fashion.

A repeat of what another user said about Hitler

Hitler gave his word numerous times and crossed his word. He double crossed Danes for example, he gave them a non aggression agreement when he was vulnerable and then invaded.
Such dishonorable people are unfit role models and unfit leaders. In the end, he and his movement lost because they walked the walk of their own (incorrect) ideas.

Hitler single handedly threw Whites into ruin. He destroyed Whites self belief, he caused more White deaths then any other person, he ruined French and British empires, he propelled communism and hedonism to victory. His rule brought a slight increase in fertility rates in Germany and instead of being satisfied for that, he selfishly threw the lives of Germans away for his own glory and impatience.

I am a fascist through and through but Hitler was the worst thing that happened to White race. Before Hitler, Whites were supreme race with race laws, segregation and EUGENICS. After Hitler, his stink disgusted everything race and blood related and IT IS AN OPEN QUESTION… if Whites will EVER recover from Hitler.

Fuck of Moshe. Ordinary polish citizens don't love kikes ( who want to steal over 1 000 000 000 zl in forged reparations) and they can do as fucking much as any other society under ZOG rule so fuck off and stop spreading your anti european, pro division bullshit. Division and internal conflict within european nations is just what they want and I'm pretty sure you're just a kike. It is kind of interesting in this context that it is mostly Jews who hate Poles for whatever reason so fuck off Mosche.