Explan this

The people of the colonies held by the The Allies were in strong support for the Axis Powers (hitler), as a result of their strong devotion and loyalty to hitler, he NEVER did civilian bombings in any of the colonies, including the islamic colonies (The middle east and North Africa)

Hitler even considered those same muslims white and ARYAN, original aryans are also iranian and of persian heritage.

Fast forward 50 years to Zig Forums, you guys are claiming that they're an entire different RACE, you guys are claiming that they are black and brown instead of the factually correct White and Aryan (in the middle east at least) to fit your flawed alt right agendas.

You hate race bending, yet you do it yourselves when it comes in handy, you guys are a pathetic.

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literally blew this whole board out of the water, they can't even respond. lel

He considered some of them Arian, not all. And the muzzies that are currently flooding Europe are certainly not white.

Even if you are white, beeing religious makes you retarded.

Not true you mudslime shit he never said that once. You can't quote, name a source nothing because it doesn't exist! All Aryan sub-races listed by him were European decent.

Ironically (not!), the white muslim (persian, alexander mutt babies) stay in their country, jews ship the dirtiest arabs into Europe, their brothers so to speak.

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you're going to have to "explan" your sources on this m8. the Iranians genetics today are far from the real Aryans. it's like how blacks are nothing like ancient egyptians. you're pretty much going off on some "we wuz kangz" shit right now

Hi there, bots

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Hitler preferred Sonic over Pokemon and though that Pokemon makes you gay.
True story and my daddy don't work at Nintendo.


Modern mudshits ain't what they used to be, rabbi
Times change & lower-races change, but kikes don't, kikes never change

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Either a complete brainlet or some incredibly weak bait. Regardless, get the fuck out.

No Arabs are a Semitic people, the Farsi speaking Persians are aryan (Iran actually means aryan). The Indo-European language family roughly denotes people of “Aryan” decent world wide, however all are mixed to different extents with the inhabitants of the places they spread to.

You are forgetting the part where Hitler never allowed them to immigrate. Doesn't matter what species they are, as long as they stay in their respective borders.

Leftypol think shilling pedoshit will get pol shut down. Wrong. Pedoshit will be cut out of society like the postmodern jewish tumour that it is. Better emigrate to some shithole with weak pedo laws while you can you disgusting lowlife vermin.

You have it backwards, kike. Persians are of Aryan heritage.

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It's called learning from mistakes. Look at the picture of that muslim in your post. Then look at pic I post. Now answer me, are they both the same people? I think Hitler should have made an alliance with NS slavs, instead of muslims. Muslims and jews are cousins, and NOT white.

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kill yourself, faggot

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The only Muslims he fully allied with were European ones (Bosniaks, Albanians). They made up the Handschar Division of the SS along with Croats.
I don't know much about Hitler's relationship with the mufti of Jerusalem, but I imagine it was pursuant to the Transfer Agreement of 1933 which allowed Jews to peacefully emigrate from Germany to Palestine.

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Only in parts of Mexico, and S. America, and parts of the middle east, and many places in Africa…

Ok but Germany didn't build long range strategic bombers (strange because they wanted to conquer the universe or something). This is retard thread.

Ever heard of dysgenics through inbreeding? It can happen in one generation.

he still wanted them all in their own countries user, but that didn't mean he hated them ofc. That's not how hitler was at all, he wanted all peoples in this world to live with their own people in peace, without anyone getting forced upon others.

That is what has changed now, the globalist jew has since after the war been forcing people upon others, then it becomes a conflict. Then he wages wars all over the place displacing these people and fucking up their standards of living, so they want to immigrate into western countries.

A recipe for disaster, something the jew ofc planned for all along. While the conflicts rages in the west due to this, his hopes is also that these western coutrnries will turn a blind eye to when they eat more and more land for his great israel.

Fun fact: iranians actually thought hitler was a secret muslim.

another thing you must also understand it was a lot of propaganda too but still didn't change the initial I said, many of these countries were occupied by the bongs and frogs. So it ofc would serve him if they would revolt and take back their own countries, pref following his national socialist model, which he wanted to spread all over the world to all races

Modern Nazis don't even consider Slavs to be White.

Why is there so much pedoshit in every single thread today?

anyone can post here, this board is called 'politically incorrect' and generally is supposed to have a lot advocates of national socialism here

but mainly, don't be stupid, thanks in advance

The NS views on race mixing in the 20-40's were more lenient than our own today. Simple.
See this:

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I knew someone who fled northern Iran who was pretty white, almost pale. Wasn't double digit IQ either. The rest of the mudskins though? Not so sure about that, chief.

The white christian ones got genocided by the young roaches and then again by khomeini, not much aryans left there.

Iran is our natural ally against the kikes.

Get the hell out faggot come back when you can at least handle banter.

Hitler may've respected muslims but he didn't want them in his nation.

Europeans who lived through the Belle Epoch were interacting with very different Muslims than we do today. They were disheveled and defeated, entirely dependent on Europe to equip their armies and provide machinery for their industries – to the point where the Ottomans were literally just paying Germans to command their military for them. Every time they turned around the Ottomans were getting BTFO somewhere like the roachniggers they were.

They were backwards and dumb people riding around on camels and staring curiously at tailored suits. Had Hitler seen them today and the way they behave, they would be targeted for extermination.


Muslims are not a single group.
And Persians are not Semites, to my knowledge.

Not sure why I'm supposed to feel particularly inclined towards the Persians and the ~120 years they spent warring with the Russians thinking they had any business ruling places like Georgia or Armenia.

You're not, really, except that they're slightly less shit as a people than the Semites.

Well, if you were fighting against a jewish-communist-led Russia, I can see why you might be more inclined towards them.

Hitler respected them.
They also stayed within their lands.



It would be a waste of bombs to do civilian bombings against peoples who dont really produce much vital to war.

absolutely pathetic bait

Kikes accumulate more diseases.

You cannot be that retarded.

Fuck off kike. Zig Forums loves Syrian Nationalists so long as they stay in Syria. The Fuhrer would never have tolerated mudshit invaders in the Fatherland.

Is that the best you’ve got faggot?


OP is Jewish, not Muslim.

"as a result of their strong devotion and loyalty to hitler, he NEVER did civilian bombings in any of the colonies, including the islamic colonies"

OK, thats such a pipul mess I don't know were to begin.
The whole premise is just Jewish nonsense made up out of nothing.
Colonies weren't pro-Nazi, they were 98% pro-Allied because too stupid to know anything else. A nigger would be lucky to have 3rd hand info from a JewsPaper 4 months old.
Hilter didn't not bomb them because he was trying to bomb other things, like RAF airfields and Altantic convoys, and Soviet armored divisions.

Slide post, too Jewish to take seriously.

But I'll leave you with this:

In Jan 1945 USSR had yet to land a punch on Germany, but Allies had been bombing German cities for years. Hitler allowed JEWS to evac from Poland into Germany to be 'liberated' by US/UK, as revenge for bombing German cities.


Alright, OP. Fine. If Arabs are our Racial kith and kin, so be it. But then we have a responsibility, an obligation to help them sort their shit out as our White Aryan family. And we'd both need to cooperate in instilling Racial solidarity. That means no more Persian-Arab brother wars. That means no more invasion of Europe. That means no more American fuckery in the sandbox. Time to get real and instill Aryan identity among our Arab brothers.

They sat back and watched Germany get raped.

And now they're 50% inbred.
Amazing what nearly a century can do.

This is dumb.
You're really dumb and this is gay.

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