Have (((Mozilla))) removed the Dissenter extension?

I did a fresh install on my computer and rushed to install ublock and dissenter. But couldn't find it on the add-on page for Firefox. Did they really removed it from their platform?
I don't want to go back to use chrome

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(((dissenter))) is False Opposition, but you do realize that you can download the extension from (((Gab))) and install it right?

They also got rid of the Triple ((( ))) extension from Tri Gender Stuff.jizz.

I guess they really cucked out and removed the extension. Even the manual installation is giving me a "does not contain a valid manifest" error
Sylicon Valley and MSM are really scared of people being able to comment on their horseshit opinion pieces

use about:debugging

able to load the scripts but, looks like their servers are down
guess they recently (within the last 15 days was their commit) got shoah'd

Could you at least TRY to make sense?

Just checked, Mozilla shut it down from their addon repository. I'm sure they removed it for hate speech.

Andrew (((Torba))) censors "20 racial epithets" from Dissenter. It's not even uncensored.

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Use Brave browser, you noobs. Privacy-oriented Chromium fork with built-in Tor support and ad-/tracker-blocker..

This guy is only after shakels and does not have any real principles.

Owned by a Jew.

What a stupid k1ke.

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It's not censorship just rules of civility. Your political views are not censored. If you cannot say Black instead of Nigger you have no business representing White interests.

They're all owned by Jews. Either make your own fork or get over yourself and use the tools that are available now. Would you stop using hammers if you found it was created by a guy named (((hammerberger)))?

Exactly. We have to make do with what we have unless people here are willing to and capable of organizing, financing, promoting, programming and in other ways contributing to a project of this sort.

no, use Palemoon dumbass

Your post gets auto-hidden if you use the words "nigger", "niggers", "jew" or "jews".

You're allowed to dissent - just no one can read it if you use the progressive's trigger words.

shut the fuck up nigger

You can't say jew?
I'll look inside the extension to see what he's banning.

ah, I guess they're blocking it server side.

Jokes on you – I made my own. It's call Fourteenium (in honour of the 14 words). I will be launch its website in a few months. And yes – I am 100% white according to five DNA tests.

user, do you remember when George Soros gave Mozilla TWENTY MILLION DOLLARS and they announced the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative to fight fake news?
pics related
Looks like your dissenting opinions are now fake news.

FIREFOX Browsers Will Soon Block “conservative news” Flagged By George Soros-Linked Left-Wing Groups

Good ol' Firefox…

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I can't take tor niggers seriously

Dissenter removed from Firefox Add-ons

Upvote my gab post to spread awareness: gab.com/KingCobraJFS/posts/WUxEcXhrWTR0OHNkQUYwMXdIaGpKQT09

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torbrowser only, with some changes of course

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Civility is a fickle concept, based solely on upholding human morality. If you don't uphold morality, civility will cease to exist, and nobody holds up morality in 2019. Morality itself is a human corruption of natural morality aka the law of the land. These laws are ever changing moral rules to prevent chaos from erupting. Like when the collective members of a wolf pack attack their weakest links or when they collectively accept the alpha as the momentary leader.

The idea behind these natural laws is to have an adaptive moral infrastructure that the individuals can navigate by using their inner compass, common sense. Humans corrupted these laws by creating the laws of men and putting the rules on paper, thereby preventing natural adaptation and creating hypocrisy in the process. It is a lie and purely used to control others by giving the few who stand above the laws of men the control over the many who have to suffer under it.

I've been using Yandex browser (based on chrome) for a while now. I hate it when Mozilla and chromium downloads (((binary blobs))) without the users consent. Yandex browser rips out all the kikes bullshit and redirects all DNS traffic towards mother russia. They have an army of highly skilled, well paid programmers ready to kick out updates should the jew do something. Plus yandex actually enforces their privacy policy.

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Top kek lad.
You for real?

You're trading Google spying on you for Russia spying on you. You still loose either way.

Try Palemoon. It's a Firefox fork with less clutter and more control

Russia is a different country better to have a foreign government that has no power in your country, that will have to translate everything and then storage of your file that will just be lost among the other internationals then your own government that can just send a local swat zogbot team.

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Russia is the only country not controlled by international jewry. Putin is doing a good job of keeping the kikes out and is fighting them everywhere around the world. And seeing the government having close ties with Yandex. I'd rather trust my data with Putin than Netanyahu.

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You're falling for the good cop, bad cop routine like a fucking sucker. The jews took down the Soviet Union and established jewish communism in Russia, just as much as they funded Mao to create jewish communism in China. Russia and China are allies, using controlled nationalism to keep their fighting forces strong, and keep a political low profile, until they are needed. Meanwhile the jews are busy ushering in the fall of the western civilization by debt usury, hidden under racial warfare.

Even without such censorship, Gab is just Facebook for disgruntled boomers.

Try searching for the term "jewish bolshevism" and "is the holocaust fake" in both (((google))) and yandex. Compare the results. Now look at the relationship between the u.s and russia. Even if Yandex is collecting our info (they wont if you check the right boxes), they will never share them to (((third parties))). Putin, the last influencial politician alive is fighting the jew. He can look and masturbate to my nudes for all I care.

It's jews jewing jews. They all work in their own interest and against yours. Bolshevism is just a front, a term created to hide jewish crime. They switch these names out like used condoms. They're are called globalists today…still the same khazarian cabal. The jews never left Russia, the KGB was never dissolved. It's all just rebranding. And if you think Putin has national interest in Russians, then that's only for as long as their fighting power is needed, because diversity doesn't create fighters, it creates slaves. Russians will be slowly replaced by slaves once the west falls, and the jews go full time on destroying China from within, and at the end it will end, where the khazarian story began…in Russia.

You have to understand that these people are not bound by any roots, the see all human life as numbers and corrupted the world around that model. You don't own your nations, your countries, your wealth or your freedom…they do, and they are playing the long game (millennia) to systematically destroy each and every nation, race and bloodline, until only they are left.

This isn't much different than what Donald Black has done years ago on Stormfront, but then again, that's one of the reasons I don't go on Stormfront (especially since you have to register an account to post there).

And Gab nowadays seems like Twitter was before they ramped up the (((leftism))) 5+ years ago.

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about that, user…

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Is this a new word filter

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Mozilla is SJW faggots and cucks. Years ago they showed their hand when the ran their CEO out of town because he'd donated to a conservative cause. Just use something like Brave or Opera instead.

They did it to get listed on the Chrome store and on firefox

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You've swallowed too much AIDS semen and feces and now you can't into coherent thoughts.

Thumbs through eyeballs.

White isnt a race you shit for brains amerimutt faggot

Ask the dissenter owner, you fucking nigger. It's right on Gab.

It is a subrace though. Remember that thread about the Yamnyans?

I am

Can you fucking faggots stop using (((GABBAI))) shit already? Fuck, you're dumb. No wonder we're enslaved.

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(((firefox))) cleared the old extensions a bit back.

when niggers finally start to act in a civil way, maybe we can think about extending our civility back to them

maybe not
do you think they deserve it ?
they sure havent done anything to show they do


Save the White race yet asshole?

wow it is so fucking hard reading those comment half are written by cunt who use have their own personal fucking language and nobody can post a fucking link only a screen shot.


Hi trying to see if I can post

Well I am dumping firefox and chrome cos they do not have the dissenter extension.


So just don't use the extensions from the stores then. And didn't the stores remove them anyway? So it's completely moot. The only versions left are the ones that are uncensored.

I have plans for this but I will not pull the trigger unless Mozilla foundation really pisses me off.
Firefox is an open source project, this means i can fork it, build it myself, and call it niggerfox. There is exactly nothing they can do about it. This is not the plan.
The plan is to fork and release race-specific browsers with race specific feature sets.

wahhh he said a bad word!!!!!!!!!!!

Nice try, nigger.

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opera is okay (except it's owned by commie chinks) and brave works pretty well. switch to duck duck go and bitchute too.

oh god damnit. why can't anyone make a poz-free browser?


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No i dont actually read every thread posted on this site I'm not a no life faggot. White isnt a race, its a skin color. There are asians that have white skin. There are sandniggers that have white skin. And your no dna test is gonna come back saying "white" much less "100% white"

There was a FuhrerFox around a decade ago. Basilisk is from the team behind Pale Moon but with old school extensions available.

Even if they did remove it, you realize you can install addons without them being authorized by Mozilla, right? You can technically have any kind of illegal/ToS breaking addon you want, provided you or someone else makes it and distributes it.

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Thanks for typing it out

Politeness is used to shut things down.
All (((they))) need to say is 'that offends me' and its gone. If you modify your language to appease them then you are allowing them to control the form and flow of information and they can move the goal posts any time they want with a few shrill proclamations and complaints. Civility is used against us and thus becomes a liability we cannot afford you bourgeois cunt.

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I'm afraid of dissenter. It downloads comments automatically from any site I visit, so gab would have a log of all my porn habits, down to every individual tab.

I thought palemoon was Chinese spyware?
Is it actually good?
At this point I might do all my browsing through a VPN that resets it's state and dumps all its data soon.

Use an older Firefox (plenty of them out there floating around) or Waterfox.



I'll mirror my collection very soon!

It's like all of you are niggers and ignoring the answer that was posted long ago.

Ungoogled Chromium


Why are you all niggers?

I had to change my VPN IP because it was slow.
Here are some of the backup add-ons I saved if you want them (some may be out-dated by now):

Security Add-ons.zip

This contains add-ons like Random Agent Spoofer, HTTPS Everywhere, Noscript Security Suite, etc.

Useful Add-ons.zip

This contains add-ons like many different Youtube video rippers, webpage archivers, the old add-on for mega.nz and more.

Can't find many good file hosts these days, sorry if this one is shit.

All these files are XP Installer files (.xpi) so you have to manually add it to your browser using the add-on tool. Press "install from [wherever]" and click the .xpi file of your choice.

Go ahead and share these if you like. I'm off for tonight, got stuff to do.

>>(((addon))) to rip (((youtube))) videos
Just got to invidio.us/* from youtube.com/* and right click download the video.


(((useful add-ons.zip)))
No one is downloading that kike.

last i checked there is no addon available for pale moon even from dissenter itself

Dissenter is a fine idea but a fucking echo chamber. It's a release valve. Makes goyim think their voice matters when really theyre just circle jerking each other in a walled garden.

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IF YOU'RE NOT USING BRAVE YOU'RE TRASH. Fuck Firefox. Brave is Chrome clone but at least it doesnt Force a bunch of trash down your throat and doesnt restrict you. tell google and Mozilla to Fuck off

fuck off kike - global reported for advertising viruses, spyware, and data mining tools


Guys, hasn't "(((Mozilla)))" just blocked the "Dissenter add-on" page? If someone could share the .xpi file, you could install the add-on just like I had to do with ublock etc for browser automation. Firefox is an open source browser too.

This link is blocked: addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/dissenter-extension/