Québec Bill 21 triggering the FUCK out of invaders, jews and commies

Quebec's Bill 21 to ban overt religious symbols for state employees (cops, doctors, teachers, ect) has the kikes and shitskins FUMING. This means that anyone who works for the state (and Quebec being state-heavy, that is a LOT of jobs) will not be able to wear stuff like hijabs, kippahs, turbans, ect. Which means that they won't get the job unless they stop wearing it, triggering everyone.
Quebec has a difficult relationship with religion due to the catholic church overreaching it's power in the mid-19th to mid-20th centuries and most white french quebecois today are either agnostic or outright hate religion (this is the result of masonic brainwashing, but that's another thread entirely), and an overwhelming majority of them support the bill.
The CAQ, a french-canadian non-separatist ("let's not talk about it", not fanatically against it), nationalist (civnat, but openly identify as nationalist) party won a landslide victory against the (((liberals))) and promised to solve the secularism question that has been a hot topic for over FIFTEEN FUCKING YEARS. This is them delivering on the promise and they have ```sworn not to back down```.
Naturally, 99.9% of anglos, immigrants, jews and leftists oppose it viciously, calling for civil disobedience, court challenges and protest. Antifas are threatening to dox anyone who applies the law. Even if (((courts))) decide the law violates Canada's (((civil rights law))), we can use the Notwithstanding clause to implement it anyway like we did with Bill 101 (french as only official language). Basically, it's white and french Québec versus the disgusting pozzed english-speaking diverse cesspool of Montreal.

I think it goes whitout saying that the redpilling potential of this is ```massive```. French Québécois who aren't cucked have massive nationalistic potential, given that White Genocide is something that we have been going through for over 200 years and resistance to it is ingrained in our national psyche.

>(((Jewish groups))) oppose Quebec bill prohibiting religious symbols at work
>Religious and (((civil rights groups))) plan to challenge Quebec's secularism bill
>Mayor (((William Steinberg))) of (((Hampstead))) (75% jewish), likens the bill to "ethnic cleansing" and that it "will lead to a less diverse Quebec society" (OY VEYYY)

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I just can't really get motivated over these half measures after Christchurch. The way forward is clear and this isn't it.

alas, the first post is not kike free

Yeah well unless memelords subscribe to pewdiepie multiple times a week, measures that turn up the heat are also good if they are implemented.

Glad to see a quality post about this.
>(((William Steinberg)))
Pic related.

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so, a bill that won't get passed (or if it does will be nationally overturned) won't allow hijabs. so much win
great format OP for such a nonews story

These half measures can help us if paired with events like Christchurch.

No crosses, no stars of david, no jew noses.

This is a strong "fuck you" to diversity as a whole by the most nationalistic people in north america. It is absolutely newsworthy even if it's not immediate DOTR.
That can be bypassed en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Section_33_of_the_canadian_charter_of_rights_and_freedoms and even if they do use the constitution to overturn it, that will be seen as a huge insult to the french-canadian quebecois and a massive affront to the sovereignty of Quebec by the federal government and might very well lead to a massive revival of Quebec separatism on nationalist principles

Majority government in Quebec, the bill will be passed. Cuckdo is planning something to counter it though.

no hand rubbing.

reminds me when we passed Bill 101 in the 70ies how it was immediately likened to the fucking Nuremberg Laws and how René Lévesque was literally Hitler. It's as if all the dirty tricks the kikes use worldwide today were field-tested in Quebec.

The US first amendment prevents this but kek wills it leafanons.
All non-euros will move back home in the next 25 years. No genz non-euros will want to live in Euro lands.

jewdeau is a traitor and will be killed by cia and mounties in boating accident

Turd will be taken to courts for the shit hes pulled if he does not win next election, unless he runs away first. Hes done pretty much everything trump has been accused of and then some.

If he moves against Bill 21 using the constitution he will NUKE his support in Quebec as well as what said. I want him to do it. It would be pure accelerationism.

I hope so too. Quebec was one of the key places for libs win last time, he fucks up he fucks up hard. If I were a lib who was high up I would be planning on throwing him under the bus and disavowing his shit as if he was guilty (which he is).

Doesn't France already have this law? It's not exactly working.

That is because the 'law' has become meaningless

The Parti Québecois are the only legitimate Nationalist party in North America.

I know a lot of dumbfucks who voted for him just because they hated Harper, now that people have seen just how fucking stupid he is and with the kike Scheer not being as charistmatic as a skinned cat like Harper was, there's a good chance that the liberals are out

The kike HATES the PQ. But the CAQ also are nationalists, they're mostly ex-PQ who are tired of the bland "let's separate because it'll make muh economy better!" arguments the PQ is shackled to and want to tackle more immediate issues. This is good because it'll force the PQ to be even more nationalistic and also revise their arguments for independence. Nobody gives a shit about economics, but issues of diversity and immigration makes people go berserk here.

Call me a retard, but I will admit to voting ndp, partially because my local ndp somehow was not a pants on head retarded commie (and not a woman). I did not want libs to get majority but did want harper gone. I knew libs were getting in, between weed and playing smart (aka not talking abot so they could fuck over people with later) with the tpp, but did not want them to have enough power so nothing bad could get done easily. Anyways yeah, I'll vote con knowing full well my local areas going ndp. And I predict that this is the 2007 elections all over again, a whole lot of spite voting against the libs.

Now the only thing that is missing is a foreskin mutilation ban.

Its obvious this law is to prevent Islam from taking over the Quebec government as they won't be able to do the job and wear hijab.

Burger here.

French here.


People need to see them wearing niqabs, burqas or all the garbage bags they come with, because it allows us to identify them clearly and it creates a gap between them and us.

Banning religious symbol isn't a sign of rejection, it is a will of "assimilation" of these rats, which can never happen, but ultimately it creates more egalitarianism rather than naturally segregating people.

Although it's funny to see shitskins triggered, I guess… be careful.

That's fucking retarded user.
If you can't tell a jew is a jew by how they kvetch then lurk for a few more years.
If you can't tell a nonwhite by their skin then kill yourself.
If you can't tell a non-ethnic-white from an ethnic white with the above I don't know what to suggest.

Sounds likes I'm calling jews as white which is not my intention at all. Though they pretend to be and for being succinct I had to skip a bit of descriptions.

A rifle is so much more efficient and permanent. Like I said, there's a way forward and this isn't it.

You don't get it, of course you can tell but in the heads of normies they are just normal French or Canadian citizens if they are forced to dress like us, even though their behavior or even they look betrays them systematically, it's better if they do not fit at all in our cultural systems so that they are more easily expelled… French law to ban religious symbols only want Muslims to become more French, it's not for discriminating them.
And yes it's better when kikes or mudslimes wear symbols that allow the plebs to recognize them so they can realize how numerous and invasive they are.

(Although this law isn't even applied in areas where Muslims are in strong majority)

Well, as a frenchie you must know how much your kin loves the xenos
Assimilation and integration, the darkest nigger is a frenchman too if he speaks french and eats the occasional baguette
Ultimately the only solution is violence
Just like we have men maintain the city i frastructure to keep things running, we need men to maintain the genetic infrastructure
Ever since industrialisation the dysgenics of civilisation has gone into overdrive, we must become the force of nature, of enforcing natural selection. And kill all inferior, they should not breed.
Either we do our duty to nature or the genetic decline continues

Its a provision in the canuck constitution that enables you to pass a law that might otherwise contravene with the (((charter of rights and freedoms))), check the spoilered link here

French Canadians overwhelmingly express their disgust towards Trudeau. He's got nothing to lose by pissing the Quebecians off

I am opposed to this ban on principle as I am a strong advocate of religious freedom but willing to exploit it for race war purposes.

> the opponents of the bill are essentially islamists, immigrants, jews and commies who are on TV screaming "allahu akbar"

I take it you (and any of those self-identified commies) have not read The Communist Manifesto?

A simple search for "religion" turns up this;

>“There are, besides, eternal truths, such as Freedom, Justice, etc., that are common to all states of society. But Communism abolishes eternal truths, it abolishes all religion, and all morality, instead of constituting them on a new basis; it therefore acts in contradiction to all past historical experience.”



Lets see how triggered they get when a French user puts "deport all invaders" posters everywhere.

Are you sure they aren't just banning hijabs to make the white gentiles less nervous about the mud invasion?

Redpilled glow reporting in. SOON.

I hope the next candidate is even more accelerationist and oppressive so we can actually violently overthrow the government to install a fascist regime instead that deports all shitskins.

I voted for the libertarian party.

If you legitimately feel sad the cuckservatives lost, you are too bluepilled for this board.

I hope the cuckservatives never ever get voted in ever again unless they decide to deport the muds or majorily change the laws so they abolish "hate speech" and "hate crimes" and just make all speech freespeech and all crimes simply crimes.

Not sure how anyone could be butthurt about this. I read a study where Canada had taken in 173,000 refugees and almost two years later 172,500 were still unemployed. It's not like sandniggers are going to get jobs anyway. They need to be sent home. The war is over. ISIS is crushed. Go back to where you once belonged.

go watch a grand strategy game tutorial, these political acts may be small but with enough small acts, it will eventually amass into a large percentage increase in support later on, thus making winning the game easier.

It's only in public/government work.
All the noise is a non issue, and the government might just need to add the simple government worker attire: nun and priest outfit.
Since it's not worn for religious belief then it should be fine.
Or with their arguments that if you allow all religion then the government has no religion, then if all workers are catholics, then they have no religion.

Anyway, only retards are complaining about it.

I don't want them taking our jobs. I want them to fuck off or die.

My mother has got mad at burka-tent-ninjas before many times.

This law should not be passed as ZOG will somehow find a way to only ever enforce it against whites and it encourages muds to blend in better.

These are Quebec Solidaire bernie/DSA-tier commies we're talking about here. Even a literal marxist group (Riposte Socialiste) was marching alongside the islamist Charkaoui.

Well what is the best way to "put the spark in the powder keg"? What vulnerable part can we strike to accelerate Quebec into RaHoWa mode just like how France is full yellow vest riots right now but hopefully Quebec will be even more intense and explicitly racial?

So "commies" in dumb american meaning, so not.

One thing that would definitely help is giving these islamist kebabs Charkaoui and Elmanawi and the jews shrieking holocaust even more publicity and screentime; they absolutely disgust french-canadians and will encourage a hard-line stance even more. The louder, more disruptive, more violent they are, the more they will enrage french-canadians.

When the kikes get their secular society.

Secularism leads to communism, and because of that, it is always shit.
"Muh the jews hate it! Support it!"
Jews play on both sides. What must be done is ban zionism and any symbols associated with it. Not religious symbols as a whole.

Jews are based on religion themselves, so its their own destruction. They lose religion, they shake their own ground.

It is true that secularism is cucked, and a major tool of the masonic part of judeo-masonic ZOG. But all things considered, when we balance what we lose vs what we gain from this bill, we must support it.

Quebec is where all the Frenchmen with any backbone have relocated apparently.


Why is it SO FUCKING HARD for npcs and degenerates to draw a swastika? This is a very basic shape we are talking about here. Four right angles. Jesus.

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We have our own Garrison

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oh nice, is Bill Steinberg a real chosen, or is that just word play for kike bill?




Bump for interest

You smell

For some odd reason.

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No. We've long hated overt religion in politics.

dumbfuck here
Bernier next time……

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If you want to actually do damage to foreigner invasion and occupation, other than outright deporting and exiling them, ban circumcision. It is the blood ritual both sides of that hebrew isle require to induct their newborns into their demon cults.
Ban Kosher and Halal slaughter as well. The Third Reich did.

Gotta start informing people irl about circumcison.

You retarded frenchmen don't pay any attention to anyone who speaks french so you wouldn't know that every single one of your Marxist fucks are actually operating in Ontario. There is enough of their influence that English is fading out and French is taking over just like you've always wanted. Was it worth it?

I suppose so.

Pequistes are upset and still trying to get over how the kike can be so evil. CAQ and Legault is like Trump, he's moved on and deals with what works and what doesn't when dealing with these demons.

Legault also ran an airline and know how to jew jews, and Hydro Quebec keeps the lights on in NYC, so the two are birds of a feather.

The butthurt is hillarious.

Yeah, too zenophobic. But it's closer to CSIS HQ anyway.

Start drawing swastikas and fleur de lis paired together. Will cause massive butthurt. The next symbol to co-opt should be the fleur de lis.

Montreal is 100% kyke controlled but as you said, caq has a now not so silent majority on its side. Anglos and kykes are single handedly turning Canada into the Islamic republic of Britain. Only Quebec can be saved in the interim.

Leaves start raking back

There’s also approximately 500x as many mudshits in France, but ok kike.

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Exactly. Muslims use democracy to collapse our society from within.



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Animal Rights vs Semitic Slaughter techniques is also something these weak environmentalists and fake eco-feminists need to get out of the way on. They have been useless for 40 years. Occidentals domesticated all of the animals in the current agricultural bestiary, and catalogued and studied the vast majority all the others to high scientific knowledge. Why should they even have access to our bestiary?


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Or, it's a victory, and if you don't cuck out, it'll only get better

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leaves *are* the problem in Quebec

only caring about language is for boomers
Montreal becoming more english every year, idk what you're talking about



Good comic

this is just a way for the System to further destroy the religious spirit of the slaves

I don't follow Canadian politics much even though I'm Canadian,all I know is Trucuck needs to get Mozambique'd.
I've seen him do interviews with citizens who confront or question his bad choices,it's usually the same scripted response repeated like a robot followed by passive-aggressively saying anyone who disagrees with him isn't really Canadian.
I've also never heard him replying with *I*,it's always *we*,like he speaks for the majority.
He just comes across as a trust-funded Reddit cocksucker,tbh.
Any patient Anons gracious enough to give me a run down on this guy,our government & anything else an uninformed goy like me would want to know about it?

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This is based politics 101


My thoughts exactly. Here in Australia, boomer-nationalism pushes to 'ban the burqua'. I don't want them to ban anything. I want the shit skins to look like freaks, because as long as they look like a letterbox, they look like aliens to most Australians. As soon a they don the capitalist attire, well that coupled with their paper work makes them true blue Aussie.

Controlled opposition.
It's exactly what they want.
Was rolled out years ago in the UK.
Doesn't affect muslims etc whatsoever.
Bullshit. It will be revised to exclude clothing.
You're a really gullible goy who has no idea how the jew gets what it wants.

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my god I wonder if these negros built massive cathedrals down there before they came here and did it(according to the bbc).

no? mudforts?

but I am looking for this one song… I cant find it was from last night