Yolande Zauberman's film "M" exposes child sex abuse by Israeli rabbis

Frenchwoman exposes Jewish child predators

This sounds like a useful film lads. There's also an interesting thing about it…

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Good shit tbh.
Like Goosebumps or Boy Meets World.

nice trips sir

Heh. R. L. Steine. I got the reference.

in b4 suicide'd

Are you SURE she's Jewish? (((Zauberman))) does sound like a Jewish name but I could be wrong.

You'd think any jews that aren't cool with raping and eating babies might try to disassociate themselves with the worlds oldest sect of Nambla

Zauberman is german.
Zauber means magic.
So her name is MagicMan.

If you want to get technical about it then the man should be mann.

Adding on to that.
The reason for many jewish names using german is their infiltration of civilized society.

I'm not saying she isn't a Jew, She certainly has the nose for it.

Almost certainly, you can see she has that ginger jew blood like Ferguson, Fransen etc.
What this is most likely to be is an attack by the ultra zio types on the israel is a sin types that often try to help palestinians and probably help run the bds movement.

Confirmed she's a jew.

It's a blessing and a curse being able to see them, for reference the male counterpart often poses as irish, think "computing forever", for those that have ever copped that little crypto fella, to be sure, to be sure, so it is.

That dude is so crypto it's laughable. They'll also often pose as italian decent. Claiming Roman heritage if their nose is too prominent. It all depends where their ancestors infiltrated.
We know the common steins and bergs. But I'm certain there are plenty stereotypical jewish names in other cultures and languages.
Would be interesting to get a compilation going to see how far their infiltration extends and to better spot them if they are using another countries names.

TIL - Some Jews I would eat the ass of.

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I wouldn't recommend eating them. Even after baking them in the oven.

That compilation idea is good..would be great to see something like that, even a really crude one, and have it as reference to keep building onto

Found the chosen one.

It's funny like some of them have actual tribe names but people don't even know those, so it's like an in joke between them on the goyim. Have you had a brimful of Asher, cos I know I fucking have…
Getting to believe Benjamin must mean "comedic civnat schmoozer". Graham/Ingraham probably means pirranha.

Made a thread

Ya I fucked that up

IT's not crossboard….


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>that (((nose)))
How very French!

What am I looking at in this picture?

You can tell a lot about the ethnicity of any surname from their obituaries or funerals.
pic related -
The late Esther was a Jew, per her obituary, and the second SERP (Taking Photos) names one "Gal" Zauberman - the same first name as the Israeli actress who played Wonder Woman in 2017 (a former Miss Israel), Gal Gadot.

Most likely the Frenchwoman Yolande Zauberman is a kike.

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read entire thread

clue is in the name but it's a Beluga doing the Anteater meme, but in the water, because it's a whale, unlike the Anteater.

yer mum after unloading my 6 months of nofap on her sweet tulips

nose V
single arch eyebrows
wide eye spacing
lower lip larger
yup easy to spot

Of course she is. What is doubtful about it, everything cries from the rooftops KIKE!