Harvard Hotshot Exposes Illuminati

How do we let the news constantly scold us for our democratic pick - why does the majority of mass media act like they are "above democracy" and the country made the wrong choice? Did in their mind Democracy have a fluke and the people choose wrong - not in their best national interest?

We need some sort of shakeup in terms of Media & Political Access so small startups can compete with Propoganda Conglomarates - that way we can have more diversity of opinion. Because after the Baby Boomers all die out nobody will have a TV subscription and everyone will watch Youtube. Also the media seems to have amnesia, politicians never keep campaign promises, Obama promised everything Bernie Sanders is & more, Trump promised us a Wall, everyone is OK with constant lies. We need real fucking change. But CNN, Fox, and MSNBC will still be hard to compete with because the have Access - which smaller outlets dont. How do we fix this?

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we need to get rid of copyright law: if china doesnt follow it, why should our people?

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to play devils advocate –
– what could be a good outcome resulting from China forcing their population work tirelessly in the hundreds of millions?
– Answer: Future generations will be more adapt and evolved to be able to work and think better compared to a population with less pressure. The children of lazy people may only become more lazy. The children of people forced to work nonstop their whole life will likely be more productive.

Should we force our people to work like the Chinese?

That wouldnt be popular.

But would it make more productive people generations in the future?


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but, but, it might make some politicians uncomfortable to go against the grain

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2 l8 bow down 2 ur chinese insect overlords

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faggots got amnesia, bernie has even less promises, and less extreme promises, than 2008 obama

altho its tru that back in the day, tho Dubyah wasnt popular in Social Circles, unlike my boi Trump, the media didnt dare speak on his name

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bring me shekels

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Not even worth a (you)

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The Chinese don't have time to think user. I worked doing a job I didn't like for almost a year and the last thing I was able to do each day was brainfarting on things. Now if I'm doing a job I like, that's a different story. However only 10% (and less) of the global population are doing the a job they like. The rest are like mindless drones.


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The chinese are shit workers anybody who has dealt with chinese companies know they are yellow jews who lie about productivity. Its not about how hard you work anyway its about persistence and working smart. It would be far better to have Intelligent , Nationalist Whites who know how to manufacture robots and livable spaceships.

Tech>slave labor


Always fun to see new people find their way to this honeypot and get on mossad's list of people to kill.

Trump doesn't even want change. He wants change in North Korea, in Venezuela, in Syria, in China. Not here though. The banking system, the Supreme Court, a Congress that agrees only on Israel's right to exist, the gibs to nigs and too big to fail corporations, the holohoax museums? He has no plans/policies to fix any of these things. Only a foreign superpower like China can fix this mess. The best way to help is to not make the same mistake boomer parents did in WWII. Trump is a godforsaken faggot, the product of a corrupt system where bankers fund only candidates they know can easily be blackmailed like Trump or bribed like Clintons and Bushes. There is no domestic fix.

Trump helped Netanyahoo get elected by lying that Golan Heights belongs to pissrael.
Netanyahoo is responsible for destroying Palestinian homes, stealing Palestinian land, and for using white phosphorous against Palestinian civilians. White phosphorous is a chemical weapon.
What does Trump and burgers have to gain from helping Netanyahoo?

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Why would the kremlin want to draw attention to corruption in the Ukraine when a jewish comedian has just become the new priminister . Chabad runs the kremlin so that's not happening.

Why does Trump still kvetch about how the media mistreats him like he is still a powerless candidate rather than discussing policies that will fix the system? Because the fear story brings in the donations. Lots of kosher Superpacs make a fortune selling his victim story. Trump's job isn't to protect freedom of speech. His job is to say whatever he has to bring in donations.

Traitor Trump should resign. Fuck Israel.

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