About small arms

If possible, I would like to discuss small arms with you guys. I'll try to describe what I see as a problem in the first part, and offer what I believe is the solution in the second. I believe there is an unhealthy fixation on small arms in general, from hunting community to the amateur radio/survivalist/conspiracies communities and most important of all, our 'community' or movement or whatever it is. Could be wrong, but my belief is simple:

Small arms pride is like small dick pride.
It is very simple: categorically superior and just overall BETTER weapons are available, while legal small arms are near useless at everything.
I see guys among us who think they are ready for third world war because they own their civilianized pigeon caliber non auto glorified pistols. It is just low effort on their part. Purchasing such toys doesnt affect your ability to fight the zog in the least. They will still smoke you out. They will encircle you. Their vehicles are hardened, their body armor thicker than you can penetrate. They WILL call the nearest national guard to fire off a howitzer and blow up your wooden house and just say drug lab exploded or something. I mean I am sorry but there are too many people (some are even obese) who got trapped in this false sense of security because they own ineffectual small arms and they are even proud of it.

Ive been looking into armed conflict as much as I could, and being from former Yugoslavia I had a lot of civil war veterans to talk to about it, nearly all of them survived lots of combat. And I concluded that we simply must step our game up. Being properly armed in the modern age requires multiple phd's in physics and mathematics and electrical engineering, as well as billions of dollars in rare earths and precious materials for airforce type of stuff, however being decently armed is realistic and achievable and should be pursued. It only requires basics of chemistry and electronics, undergrad math, and basic academic level of mechanical engineering. We need to start learning about propellants and primers. We need to know how to weld and use basic machining tools and lathes (affordable). We need to learn at least trigonometry for aiming mortars and howitzers. How to entrench ourselves with sturdy enough support beams to survive both artillery and land slides in the trenches. How to harden vehicles. How to fight effectively, for example using flamethrowers in urban environment where fire can consume oxygen from rooms and smoke alone choke people to death. How to use indirect weapons even in close fights, like those portable 30mm mortars. And so on.

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Some of the best weapons of insurgents are mines. Finding a freshwater source in a wooded area, and setting up minefield in the woods would give domestic insurgents a fighting chance especially since urban and wooded areas help against air power which you assume you will never have. Serial production of landmines is not impossible. More serious people could probably even make some sort of smart mines, which you could disable magnetically/electrically for yourself while you are passing over them.

Also, about those massacres like Christchurch. Small arms are effective against softened dense targets like that but you never get away with it, you can never repeat it. What if you had a truck or a car pull a howitzer you welded? What if you shelled a mosque? In military context, they always mean howitzer sized caliber when ever they say "gun".

Machineguns (those that fire finger sized bullets and require tripods) are effective if you have overhead protection, dig out tiny grenade trench for grenades to fall in, its not impossible to pour concrete for machinegun nests. Household furniture (except books) is awful at stopping bullets, only books are good for this if they are thick but proper concrete should be poured earlier. All glass must be removed from your fighting position assuming you are fighting in a building, lamp posts cut down and even the house roof barb wired because houses get invaded from roofs and lamp posts.

If you are planning these massacres, why not also use mortar or a howitzer, and then machineguns and minefields to take out as many zog drones as you can too? People prepare for those for years, but all preparation seems to be buying a shitty small arm and then getting arrested/killed when cops show up, and all police really is soft target in military context.

Sure but weapons/military are essential to politics, just like economy, diplomacy, law/judiciary, and culture. Especially when you have this multiplying horde of outdated farming equipment plaguing white society with their feral uncivilized subhuman ways.

It seems like all unarmed weapons to get rid of undesirables failed, and armed efforts fail too. There is no excuse for not making these efforts better.

Found the leftist FBI agent. Git out.

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Small arms may be ineffective compared to the power of artillery, but you can't keep a fucking howitzer in your apartment or fire a mortar at your door without getting shrapnel'd. Most of the combat won't be large scaled battles, and for protecting yourself and surviving the only thing that makes any difference is small arms.

And how do you prevent getting waco'd?

Listen, all im saying is that lately the more you want to live in a normal white society, the less likely you are going to have a natural death. And I seriously dont think small arms is all you need to keep yourself permanently safe from the government, let alone anything else.

I too concur that 8ch[dot]net's "pol" community as we like to call it is quite radical and violent. Does any user want to talk about assassinations with me?

OP is either an idiot, or trying to get you killed
Insurgency would be the name of the game in a theoretical civil war scenario insurgents would blend in with the civilian population,
Take out targets of opportunity, especially infrastructure like electricity, water, transportation
Decent article with some good points, many others out there, examining what might happen in such a case where evil white Nazis fought their rightful rulers

Of course I'll be at home knitting kitten britches, praying for peace in Jerusalem

Ok but you wont be able to cut down electric poles and poison water indefinitely. You would be put on defensive at one point or another. And then what? What when you get found out? What when the civilian population rats you out?

People think that having a shotgun in their house makes them demigods or I dont know, while in reality they should be having concrete overhead fortifications and tunnels for escaping, landmine forest retreats, etc.

Another interesting topic is killdozer, guy who took a bulldozer and welded some additional iron as well as pouring concrete over his tank turning it into a bunker tank. Had a few firing slots and basically couldnt be stopped. He demolished half the town while cops kept shooting him nonstop and finally got stuck partially falling through a basement of some house.

it's only ok when the government genocides whites, I agree.
-t jew

Nobody said anything about cutting poles or poisoning water
If you find yourself in a corner against a professional force, you're either dead or captured
Just reconcile yourself to it
Hiding in the woods is a fantasy unless you can survive indefinitely and stay on the move
25 years ago, an Apache gunship could hover 15 miles away, spot you, and blow ur shit out
Now? If you find yourself isolated, pinpointed, you're most likely done for

I don't think there's ever going to be a large scale conflict. We're just going to slowly devolve into a cyberpunk dystopia where the government fades into the background and corps try to take it's place.

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Radar cross section can be minimized, infrared radiation absorbed, electrooptical signature tricked with contrast and whatnot. Its not impossible, but electronic warfare requires phds. I am talking about large scale population owning primitive cannon and rocket artillery. This is not impossible to make, hezbollah makes that kind of shit. If the zog bumps into a talented enough guy who can make a 70+ mm anti armor tungsten shell, or a serious and dedicated enough guy who could make a simpler missile like scud with airburst warhead, they could at least inflict meaningful casualties.

Sure they get you, but these pyrrhic victories pile up. Imagine if they had to train 2 new crews of motorized rifle grenadiers, and completely renew mechanization after every white nationalist arrest.

Even entire recon battalion is relatively small. And yet it causes absolute chaos. It doesnt even require full scale front penetration, if a small team can infiltrate the front and plant landmines in the rear, blow up fuel and ammo piles, snipe officers, disable communications, blind artillery spotters, radio interesting coordinates back for their own barrage, etc.

Minefields disable more tanks than any direct fire, and also slow down and cause more casualties on an army than most other action. If their water tanks and trucks/logistic battalion cant even more, they cant operate.

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Idk I was watching some conspiracy shit about vans watching people coming home from combat and some of its real. The paranoia is there in are government as I saw the watching thing was real. Think thats what it amounts to It does not matter what you have its your ability to use it and operate in stressful conditions. Lets be real you could stop 5000 antifa with a directed noise weapon and never fire a shot.

Guy that could take swamp water boil it smother the wood with sand then use the sterilized sand and active charcoal is still more of a danger then they guy with the basement of stored water in a war zone because he can adapt to change.

if we are going to filter down who can relay can posse a Resistance.

And thats why Antifa is retarded. They think they can conquer a standing government but can't weld 3 sticks of rebar together to make tire spikes to stop a convoy of trucks if they could not get them on amazon.

It's a high-level psyop rarely discussed as it's central to the boiling frog global Judeo-masonic depopulation agenda. Kudos to you anonBOT…

Oh yea they are going to shrug off the shackles of government bondage and be self reliant and fix the tractor part by welding it back together and not go begging to have there masters back right.

good thread

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You are absolutely right, I always laughed about a potential scenario where some Americans try to take on the government with their sissy caliber, non-auto guns only to get mowed down in minutes by cold-war era military grade weapons, not to mention modern ones like drones, microwave cannons, etc. Hell, a single WW2 era tank or artillery piece could do the job.

They could however, effectively counter those with asymmetrical warfare, sabotage of critical targets, psychological operations, propaganda, all of which require serious education and training. And it would need to be highly coordinated.

Our army made amerikikes waste very expensive, state of the art missiles on inflated rubber tanks with microwaves inside kek. But it's a very different scenario as you actually have a standing army facing an invading force. For insurgency, you need to be able to secure the logistics chain for getting food, ammo, and other supplies. Otherwise, you are dead even if you have the most advanced modern weaponry and are faced by WW1 tier army that has vast numerical and logistics advantage. Rambo scenarios rarely work IRL. Why do you think Americans often got blown the fuck out by sandniggers in ME?

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The control grid in the US. for it to fail and collapse all that has to happen is 1/3 of the working class does nothing. That's it no stand off in the street no bagging shit and taking wet wipe showers for 3 weeks hiding in a sniper nest. Just nothing driving into town 3 times a week growing your own food using untaxed barter. The whole upper system fails the weak starve and the unskilled toil hardship and the Neo-libtards become freak shows that we throw lose change at until they kill themselves not being able to hold accountability of there failure on someone else or feed of there toils.

this is the cringiest shit ive ever read. its like a 12 year old typed this. Do you even know what "small arms" are, you fucking moron? a 40MM grenade launcher is a small arm, a M2 machine gun is a classic small arm. "semi auto" IS automatic. Kill yourself OP. you sure are fucking stupid. The NVA won the war in Vietnam with mostly small arms. youre fucking retarded and have no idea what youre talking about. go back to watching TV now.


You're right.
Small arms are so ineffective and redundant, that every army in history, modern and ancient, has ensured that every single soldier is equipped with them.
They were all doing it wrong.

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Think bigger. Think more fun. Think grandiose scale on achieving eco naturism. Chem bio weather genetic food fire water etc

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We have entire wars in the modern age where small arms inflicted 0 casualties. They are as a psychological factor for low iq troops. Like boots and helmets. It has more to do with you feeling like and looking like a soldier than anything to do with combat.



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(((ID: 308c3e))) is a shill and is using Iran as a target for explaining strategy. This should tell you something. Post is at >>>13106972


you want to deeply study and adopt ISIS small arms tactics for penetrating the gaps and avoiding the surfaces of your local defenses. ISIS tactics were devastatingly effective against an unarmed and undefended population to quickly seize and hold territory.

although ISIS did steal around 150 Howitzers as "Ghanima" war booty; which Obama conveniently left abandoned and undefended and wrapped in pretty red bows in the Iraqi desert just for ISIS, the real work horse weapon for ISIS was the Toyota truck with a 50cal mounted in its bed. with that, you have speed and mobility, which allows you to get the jump on the enemy, and spread out to make your numbers appears greater. the Toyota "Technical" also fulfills one of the requirements from the CIA's handbook on how to fight effective Guerilla Warfare by blending into the civilian population around you.

what the fuck is CENTCOM going to do–launch drone strikes on every white pickup truck on America's highways? checkmate Pentagon traitors.

you think pussy ass cops in Ford SUVs stand a chance against a 50cal moving 80mph? the cops will be greased roadkill. and by the time the nearest National Guard can mobilize to get a dozen overweight middle aged weekend warriors in Humvees to your coordinates in Bumfuckville USA, you'll already be gone to the next ambush point and halfway on the way towards establishing your first "Wilayat Hitler."

If you want to fight firepower vs firepower you will never win. You would achieve vastly more with information/propaganda operations to win hearts and minds and wake up whites. Destroying critical infrastructure that inflicts serious monetary damages on wall street and the banks.

Killing people doesn't win things really. The system is what has to be destroyed, by removing the pillars that support it.

Disinformation. Indoctrination. Financial controls. All that type of shit. You have to control the narrative. For example going and shooting up all the power sub stations for NYC would cause billions of dollars in losses for the ZOG. And it would be insanely hard to prevent that stuff. The dispersed and soft nature of the power grid or other infrastructure type targets would mean they are extremely hard to protect against and would cause incredible disruptions, mostly to draw attention to what your narrative is.

If everytime you did that you sent news media and online media a manifesto about what must be stopped, i.e. illegal immigration, white genocide, etc" then you FORCE the people to choose a side. Your side or their side. And eventually you get enough attention and support to your side that you have undermined the ZOG.

fatties are making the country vulnerable to attack

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Op is in tel aviv


Generally speaking communists are wrong; yet when they speak of revolution one should pay an ear based on their history alone.

Mao identified three stages of revolution:

This is all fairly logical stuff. Whites are in stage 1, therefore our goals must be based on whatever will prepare us for an effective guerilla war, while solidifying necessary support among the people to wage a guerilla war. Pierce touches on this with a bit more real politic mixed in insofar as 'maintaining support' is concerned.

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Good. Combined with the endless race-baiting by nigger and spic senators the chinks will be able to steamroll the jewnited states in a decade or so. RIP weimerica.

daily reminder to network in your communities, strive to attend and participate in city counsel meetings

Arguing for big arms is not an argument against having a side arm to protect your ass.
And when the shtf you are going to be a nuisance to the military. This is just asking for a fucking airstrike on your home.
If you want to walk around without a handgun and think you can do anything with a multiple ton howitzer cannon other than keeping it in your garden is retarded. You think you are giving great advice here? Do you seriously think we are swimming in cash? Even if we were, who the fuck would even produce heavy weaponry that you cannot just make from sheet metal? Tonns of rare minerals. This is not minecraft. Processing materials and producing desired metal composition and tolerances for such purposes needs a whole factory, not just your home crucible.
The better idea would be to come up with easy wepon designs like mac10 to make illegal gunmaking, bulletforging a child's play. The power is in numbers. If half of the population is self armed then it has the upper hand. Learn to make bombs out of household chemicals, even if it requires making the precursors. It's easy to produce chlorine gas. Learn the process behind making it safe for storage in large volumes and ready for use. The problem for us is creating terrorism. We need way to cause political havok through assasinations and race violence with the lowest risk. We need gadgets like home built drones from plastic moldings and pvc pipes, programmable microcontrollers. These give no trace and can deliver explosives, chemicals right where it hurts for the kikes. Set up big stacks of barrel bombs on trucks/vans/jeeps/whatever vehicles and park them at a building where the big rats concentrate. Destroy banks to fuck with the economy, destroy anti white monuments as a symbol. For fucks sake don't think you are Rambo or Rockefeller. We need cheap stuff like gasoline and dynamyte.


I would hardly imagine a war where soilders are playing tag.

Have you ever heard of guerilla warfare or ever saw a revolution at work? In the modern times where the state and the military is so modern and effective that cutting the power line can paralyze half the military complex and the country while people assemble organically.

The one thing I learned playing Arma 3 and Operation Flashpoint is that you gotta have anti-tank rockets and mines, or at the very least large amount of high explosives (to sneak in and put them on the tanks, although that has a much higher chance of getting yourself killed than actually succeeding).
If the government turns against the people, sure, some are going to defect. But what they aren't going to have the balls to do is fight back against the parts of the police and the military who do grab the guns and supplies, and put dissidents in jail.
So you still have to fight against half the military.
All the individual components are there -rocket engines, explosives, thermal cameras, open source computer vision software, mode aircraft hardware, 3d printing, metallurgy-, you just need somebody with the funds, knowledge and land to put it together and test it.

Wishful thinking.
If you disable a piece of infrastructure you deny it for yourself too.
The military has a lot more backup systems (in terms of power such as generators and batteries, communications such as satcom, jamming resistant spread spectrum radios and regular satellite phones, logistics in the form of air transportation and armored vehicles etc.) than the insurgents do.
The US "lost" in Vietnam because they were too restricted by the orders coming from Washington to actually be effective, plus they didn't have the tech they do nowadays. But in reality they didn't lose. For every dead US soldier there were like 5 dead vietcong. And the vietcong had all kinds of modern military hardware being sold or donated to them by Russia, plus they had a network of tunnels and they were used to the jungle.
The modern right insurgency has none of these things.
Look at the middle east wars. The sandniggers were absolutely massacred compared to US loses.
The more I think about it the more asymmetric warfare seems like a meme to me. Sure, it's asymmetric in the sense that one side gets absolutely BTFO and the other doesn't.

That's more like it. The war really has got to be won politically. People have no chance against the military.

Don't be talking about my small dick like that user…I got small dick pride.

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No wonder they hate the fact that I love biologicals…there is nothing they can do against them. We are never going to win against ZOG unless we go this route

every time Zig Forums shit is brought up here it highlights how most of you are fatass anime nerds with no guns who know nothing about warfare. youre not redpilled if you dont own a concealable handgun with multiple mags and a centerfire rifle with at least 1000 rounds stockpiled.

teach? maybe? Actually not all that interested in standardized warfare user…I mean a little yes, but things are moving pretty fast in terms of the technology and standard warfare needs to keep up, chop chop….

theres nothing to teach. either you can visualize accurately or you are ignorant. id have to write a book if i wanted to list tactics. handheld drones, booby traps, stealth, sabotage, false flags etc etc etc etc etc etc etc

having guns is the easiest and still one of the best things you can do if you have the will to kill that is. anybody saying firearms are obsolete is a fed.

Not obsolete, but you can't shoot a virus user. pew pew…a stochastic drone will be able to avoid your bullets, and microdrones with explosives or toxins will not even be noticed by you.

Definitely piqued my curiosity.

With some scrap metal and centerfire primers you can make pretty good mines/booby traps. It seems like the muzzies were using slingshots/catapults to lob bombs in their urban fighting, which seemed pretty simple and effective while also being very cheap and quiet. I'd imagine that launching canisters of ANFO with a fuse and blasting cap would be well within the means of most anons.

Anyway, my take on asymmetrical warfare involves chemical weapons/poisons. For years I've had a fixation with DMSO; Dimethyl sulfoxide, a cheap, easily available and very unusual liquid solvent that gets sucked right through your skin and enters one's bloodstream along with whatever is dissolved in it almost immediately, with one being able to taste the DMSO within a minute due to its quick spread throughout the body. It has been used as a needleless transdermal drug delivery system, and I suspect that it would be very effective at delivering all manner of incapacitating irritants or poisons.

So Imagine pure DMSO loaded with pure Capsaicin or concentrated Oleoresin Capsicum, the stuff in pepper spray, and dousing one's adversaries with the stuff. Body armor wouldn't stop it, and I imagine that their whole body would be "on fire" within seconds. It would be fucking brutal.

What about buying kilos of pure Atropine/Scopolamine/Hyoscyamine beladonna alkaloids or strychnine from China and making a deadly concentrated solution with it? I bet that within a minute the victims would be dead or close to it.

If you're worried about opsec, take some time to look for "antique pharmacy/apothecary bottles" with original contents for sale, I've found some wild stuff over the years.

"DMSO also dissolves many inorganic salts, particularly transition metals nitrates, cyanides and dichromates. DMSO is miscible with water and most organic liquids."

Check out the solubility/miscibility charts here, the stuff is amazing and would rock the world of one's enemies: gaylordchemical.com/literature/dmso-solubility-data/

You could douse a hundred of the most heavily armored soldiers with the stuff and they'd all be dead before they had any idea what the hell was going on. I'm kinda surprised that I've never heard of anyone doing this in the various riots or color revolutions of the last decade.

The CIA controlled 'color revolutions' :^)
"I am not just the president of a CIA color revolution, I'm also a client."

This this fucking this
The enemy is trying to stop us at stage 1 by preventing us from gathering and changing minds. They've been incredibly effective at holding their mental territory and halting any attempts to even discuss what's happening with constant bombardments of "SHILL", "RACIST", "NAZI", "GLOWNIGGER", etc. Any buzzword that halts conversations is a tool of the enemy, regardless of who shouts it or why.

Of course, but I still would've expected that somewhere someone hoodwinked by cianigger propaganda might have gotten the bright idea to deploy some poisoned DMSO. It's so simple and looks so different from any typical threat trained for, you could walk right up and dump that bottle of "water" on their head and they wouldn't know what hit 'em.

Gotta love that HIV Botulinum mod with chemophile shell
Aka: how to permanently fuck water supplies

This is just some anonymous asshole's perspective on guerilla warfare, based on his armchair historical interest. It is in no way, a call to violence. Violence is bad, and people die when they are killed.

That being said, in a guerilla war, insurgents hide in plain sight within very densely populated areas. It's not about who's got the bigger gun. Insurgents will engage security forces from school houses, hospitals, and occupied apartments. They may or may not get blown the fuck up, it all depends on their timing, but an observer can count on a lot of civilians dying needless deaths in the process.

In Gaza, Israeli security forces claim hamas uses human shields when they shoot mortars at them, and they use white phosphorous anyways on the hospital that they claim was where the mortar emplacement. Now, who do you think the Palestinians caught in the crossfire are angry the most at? The more extreme a government response is, the more a populace is radicalized.

Do not discount the masses, they might not take up arms, but they'll certainly help out in their own way, because the war is now directly affecting them. Maybe they'll provide valuable intelligence, do some favors, hide a few important people, even vote, anything they think can make a difference. In the case of The Troubles, the IRA was affiliated with the political party Sinn Fein. Today, Sinn Fein is now one of the biggest parties in both Ireland and North Ireland. Moral of the story? In one hand, the IRA gained power from the ballot, the other from the Armalite.

There is so much more to war than just dudes with big guns shooting each other. Sure, a government can use drones, but should they? Al Qaeda and the Taliban often uses drone attacks as propaganda against coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and their MO is all they really need. As an example, did you know that drone operators were supposed to engage first responders if they attempt to provide medical aid to the target? After all, how will the community look at drones shooting ambulances?

The masses will remember how their father, mother, brother, sister, son, daughter, or lover died a needless death, and that is why the cycle will continue.

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"Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of man" - George Patton
The advantage of a guerilla force is that it doesn't engage in static, open warfare against superior military forces. ISIS tried that transition from guerilla to conventional warfare and got raped, because even your concrete bunker is going to get flattened by a laser-guided SDB or Hellfire missile.
You cannot forever hide in the woods when militaries have thermal imaging, satellite surveillance, milimeter-wave radar and multispectral imaging that can see through foliage and camouflage.
Guerilla is about mobility, mobility, mobility. Wherever the enemy military goes, you must be long gone. You CANNOT conventionally fight an enemy that has aerial supremacy.

Wew, OP is retarded. SCUD's are immensely complicated and sophisticated, they are liquid-fuel gyroscopically guided ballistic missiles that fly over 4 times the speed of sound. Look at how much testing, work, brainpower and resources Germany put into developing the V2 (which the SCUD is basically a cousin), it cost more than the Manhattan Project.
Even Saddam's Iraq, a relatively advanced state, could only manage copying and reverse-engineering (poorly) the SCUD to make shitty jerry-rigged models. Even North Korea had lots of Soviet assistance and help from Russian scientists to develop it's missile program until they got proficient enough, and that costs like double-digit percentages of their GDP for decades.
Sorry for the going off tangent, but BALLISTIC MISSILES ARE NOT SIMPLE.

But OP is right about the "muh guns" obsession, a real war involves much more than just light infantry fighting with small arms. You just have to take a look at all the DIY weaponry out of Syria/Iraq to realize that.

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Take your pigeon caliber pistol you probably aren't even old enough to own and shoot yourself, you projecting leftist faggot.

He has spoken exactly what I was thinking. Fucking based.
Have a rare Mein Kampf.

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I hate big gets that aren't really anything outside of the context of discussion.

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Everything on this website reads like a little brother anarchist cookbook that wont fit in. Fuck you mods for selling out and catfishing anons. Theres a special place in hell for you. Inorganic.

1. No, they won't.
2. They will support and defend the government as they are marched thereby into literal death camps.

Check'd. Valuable post, you earned those digits.

AGL's, heavy machine guns, anti-aircraft guns, mortars, RPG's and the likes are not small arms; they are classified as heavy weapons and/or crew-served weapons. And the NVA, won the war with those weapons, not just small arms. NVA was the conventional North Vietnamese army which had artillery, tanks, jets, surface-to-air missiles and everything else. You're thinking of the Vietcong, who did not win the war by themselves.

based Tor 007 secret agent

This. Winning a revolution is about winning hearts and minds and bleeding your enemy dry by a thousand cuts, not hiding howitzers in your garage.

The people won't help our white grandchildren, because they'll be white in a majority shit burrito country. They won't help us now, they sure as fuck won't help later. Not when we're minorities. They'll surrender like the cowards they are.

g l o w

i have no pic but i must check

i-is that y-you, guerilla warfare history a-user? … b-b-baka.


lol stay mad faggot

If that were true, then why are we still in Afghanistan? Afghanistan has been in a series of nonstop wars for about forty years now. Why are there still people taking up arms? Why are our boys in uniform still dying needless deaths on the other side of the planet? It's because there is still a number of the populace who secretly support the Taliban. This does not mean they take up arms. They instead will provide help that they can minimize them from being harmed themselves.

In order to survive, an insurgency needs people to stay back and have plausible deniability at all times. These people are very valuable.

Besides, do you really think your own family would be cheering about you or another family member dying if the government blew up a hospital that maybe killed a sniper or two?

Nah, I'm just an asshole with a similar interest in guerilla wars. He ought to post about the Balkans, I feel like a late stage civil war in the US would look similar if the military broke up like the JNA did.

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heiling that id as well.

sounds like an interesting topic. may the board be blessed with a quality thread about it.

Imagine if the average American could get a hold of a shoulder fired rocket launcher? Revolution over night.

Not quite, that number is closer to a 1-17 kdr, the slant eyes got utterly BTFO, if they didn't have the advantages as you described, that number would likely be twice that or more. The US military could have genocided that entire country if they so felt like it.

More of a force multiplier/equalizer. He's still a grunt, but now he is grunt that can combat armored hostiles to some extent, he can still get shot, and he probably wont be able to do shit against anything heavier than an average APC, but I digress.

Seems like a poor tactic for several reasons.
For starters shit like that is high on "the list" and will more than likely get you v& if you try to fuck with it or and anything more lethal than itch powder.
Second you have a good chance of fragging yourself which leads me to number 3
Poor dispersal methods, any method you use to try to disperse the shit will often times have a lot of collateral damage, whether its you or bystanders will depend on the method, either way, it's really indiscriminate and it will fuck up everyone nearby, which form a PR standpoint, makes you look REALLY bad, plus it gives trump the go ahead to launch tomahawks at your airbase should you have one.

There is a reason the cost to outfit individual soldiers has compounded over the years.
It's because a guy with poor fitting hand me down shoes, a worn out musket, and a fucking wool hat is going to get his shit pushed in almost immediately, even more so now that shit has improved so much.

Force multipliers.
That is the point of all of this, because a guy with NVG's, a semi auto 308., steel toe combat boots, kevlar helmet, and a chest rig with ballistic plates and magazine pouches for faster reloads with absolutely annihilate the musket man, because comparatively that individual soldier alone is worth 30 musket men, so imagine a line of musket men in a line shredding the single musket man, that is what you get. Only thing is that their power and efficiency is melted down into a powerful concentration, so you take 30 POS muskets that can't hit shit and you get a gun that can drive tacks at 100+ yards, you look at his armor plate, that's the equivalent of 30 guys worth of wool coats to stop a bullet in 1 inch of material. If 1 musket man gets smoked out of the 30, there are still 29 still standing, this equates to the modern man get a cut of taking a hit to his vest, he still has 29 lives left.
So sure, the man with the musket may be able to kill 30 musket men over a period, but he is going to get his shit fucked by the hundreds and thousands of other musket men equivalents that he pissed off.
It's about concentrating force, if they had to stand off with some poorly equipped guerilla fag, they're sending the man power of 30 men at him.
It's much efficient to use a tractor trailer to haul stuff than it is to have 1,000 horses trying to pull the same weight, this logic applies to modern soldiers.

Ok but what would you do if SAM and the HEAT weren't around? what then? how would you deal with tanks and jets who are looking to turn you into chunky salsa? Modern jets are fast as fuck if they need to be + counter measures, heavy tanks are near fucking impenetrable titans so its likely your little arpeegee wouldnt do shit to it, you would need a titan level equivalent to even think about facing it. However for the sake of discussion I'm going to assume that you not own any AA/AT weapons, and that you are not in possession of a modern tank with a 120MM cannon + HEAT or sabot shell munitions. So what is left for you, an ant, to combat these wasps and scorpions?

chcekd ajnd keked

Honestly artillery is useless in guerilla war, and a 50 Cal can be bought once you're 18 with no questions asked. That shit can Pierce through a hummers front screen. Idk what your even on about op.

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dude, Chinese chemical suppliers will produce anything if you have money. I used to know Chinese narcotraffickers that would bring in meth precursors and they would just mislabel the stuff when it comes in. Nobody actually knows what specific precursors look like.

I suggest you read Fry the Brain, and study how effective the role of an urban sniper was during the Bosnian Wars, the Troubles, and during the Iraq wars. Concealed, and accurate long range sniping will always be a HIGHLY effective means of resistance.


I was going to ask: "Can you actually buy a long range rifle in the US today? Like one with an effective range > 1km"

Apparently no problem: cabelas.com/product/SAVAGE-AXIS-II-XP-W-WEAVER-SCOPE-RIFLE/1849999.uts

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i mean you have some points but discrediting all chances because everyone has small arms is pretty brainlet tier, but you're probably a glow nigger because this is very glow nigger tier shit, we're like 10 years from being able to even dream about any sort of revolution

This is an important one. imo

I think mortar would be the real killer. There wouldn't be a government building against the people left in sight

Flamethrowers are also small arms you armchair Sun Tzu.


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You would take your shitty homemade mortar and shoot the plane while it's on the ground.

Missing the forests for the trees, user

While heavy arms are absolutely essential in engaging state forces, do not discount the effect a single rifle has not only on the insurgent, but those who see him.

4th gen warfare is based on legitimacy of the government(s) in question. It is Napoleonic Levee en Masse at it's logical extreme. Afghanistan continues to be a basket case due to the fact that a Taliban member in your village carrying a simple AKM is a more clear, real and present force than a platoon of US soldiers coming by every week. Yes, the insurgent will die many times, but insurgencies do not need to win wars. They simply have to avoid losing them; it is unknown player game-theory. States on the other hand require wars to be won, decisively if possible. It is what made the first Iraqi-American War so quick while the second dragged on for years with thousands of deaths. The US Army was no longer fighting the Iraqi Army but the Iraqi people

Digits checked on a five star post.

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Yeah I don't think OP is completely wrong but the idea we need to be making howitzers and mortars is, I think, a bit extreme and a great way to get sent to prison before anything happens.

Plus, if there's ever a large scale civil war, like a nationwide civil war, there will be troops who defect and allow artillery and heavy weapons to be stolen.

And if that doesn't happen, if the military remained totally united and fought against the American people, we wouldn't have that much of a chance. Sad to say but it's true.

I'm sure the average Iraqi or Afghani didn't have artillery or RPGs before the War on Terror, but once the US came to their doorstep they were able to procure those weapons.

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, user! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot citizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.


Lol, none of you losers have any defiance left. Defy yourselves first, and reintegrate. It isn’t hard. Modern productivity is high enough and getting higher; you can ride the surplus and be better off than skulking in the corners like a lying bigot.

Dumb nigger, congratulations on displaying your lack of understanding regarding warfare and armament.

You know how you can look at a well kept and traditionally fashionable man and tell that he's probably right-leaning? You don't want to be that guy. Look like a soyboi, look like a druggie, look like a hobo, look like a wigger, but for the love of God, in a fictional guerilla situation, do NOT look like a fascist

Such as?