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Governments worldwide and the LGBTQ community have been left completely stunned as the rainbow flag, which historically has commonly been known as the gay pride flag or LGBT pride flag, as symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements, has been hijacked this week by the right wing in a dramatic move.
Most of the alt-right leaders have already fully embraced the move releasing this on some “official” outlets. in the darker regions of the internet fourm world.
They have been sharing this meme as a demonstration to inform their followers of the meaning:
To note, investigation has revealed that the larger right-wing community is now beginning to use the image in irony, or indeed in support of these new values. Some left winners have been quick to denounce the rainbow flag as a “hate symbol”. Others are upset that their symbol is being involved in a debate at all.
Governments and senators worldwide are still reacting to the move. Here are some prominent examples of what some are calling “state sponsored hate”.
This comes in the wake of the #ClownGate, where Pepe the Frog has now become a clown and the new symbol of the emerging policial right wing.
There are many other examples which are now being called into question.
The ACT Government is left questioning what to do with this state funded roundabout you can find in Canberra.

The “Australian Pride Network” has yet to take action on the latest developments.
There are also a host of government’s and originations that are yet to react to these developments.
If you see the rainbow flag on any official logo, it’s your civic duty to call, text, email or otherwise contact that organisation to ask for clarification on this issue.

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Didn't this just start a few days ago? I'm pretty sure that guy is just browsing pol to find something to write about. Things like this wouldn't spread if journalists didn't sperg out about it.

Fucking idiots, the kkk was using thew rainbow for segregation back in '06. It's not a new "hate" symbol, it's an old one.


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What journalists don't want to accept is the duplicitous nature of homosexuals. On the surface they pretend to be accepting and tolerant, because they are now accepted and tolerated; but underneath they are deeply Islamophobic. Well you would be unless you secretly craved being launched from a rooftop. It's just one of the many paradoxes having a Zio Marxist puppet show masquerading as politics creates.

Fucking good. I think I actually hate faggots more than I hate niggers, because there are only like 10 niggers in this town but a shitload of shirt lifters who hijack the downtown area once a month for their faggot pride shit and have fucking trannies reading books to children at public libraries.

Cant wait to see it burned as a hate symbol.

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Love it, Trump was mocking these faggots, convinced the dumbest of them all to vote for him and what he really meant was "Kill Them All" Trump is a true 4d chess master, celebrate all the pansies dying.

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Just wait until they inevitably tie clown hair to the rainbow and then homosexuals to the rainbow, so on and so forth. Fire up your meme machines, boys. Honkler's future is calling.

I bet he wiped his ass with that flag



This goes to the deeper nature of why the left is fucking retarded. They want to be the giant tent that welcomes all non-white Christian males, which doesn't work because various groups have opposing interests (i.e., faggots hate mudslimes, niggers hate kikes, spics hate niggers, mudslimes hate women, etc) and that's what led to the fucking retarded Oppression Olympics bullshit they're forced to champion.

Seems pretty quick on the draw, yeah. I doubt the idea spread beyond Zig Forums that fast, but if journos want to spread it themselves I guess they're welcome to it.

The whole point of this op was that the left would pick it up and do most of the work.

Fuck, we need one of /ourguys/ to be a sleeper agent, get hired by some popular media outlet and then have them feed shit like this all day. If I were capable of concealing my power level, I'd do it, but that ship sailed long ago

New fags detected. Git gud.

Wow. Trump really is a white supremacist. I knew it.

That would be pretty amusing. You're getting paid by zog to read Zig Forums and repost their memes in a leftist format? That's pretty ideal living.

For clarification on what a rainbow is?

Honestly Europeans always saw them as good omens especially Nordics they used rainbows as part of their Norse religion itself as the road to Asgard long before and the faggots stole it. Its also a better White symbol since all those colors show up in our hair color, beards and eyes. It really never made sense for faggots to use rainbows over just a one shaded flag.

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Thats the shittiest fake site I've ever seen. At least learn how to use fucking wordpress.

Maybe? Low traffic.

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Become a leftist writer and sperg out.

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Be very careful with reckless adherence to:

Apparent opposition can be manufactured. There is basically nothing preventing the left from creating and channeling fake right-wing "memes" to the MSM, to intentionally sensationalize as a means of earning trust. It's a way of trivializing and disarming far-right narratives into something kosher ala Alex Jones.

Good, you can stop spamming your forced meme now.

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I'm just here for the lols

Only left wing kikes don't want to reclaim the rainbow.

ROYGBIV isn't the pride flag fucko.

This is genius tbh.

We need to keep pushing this. They will eventually abandon their white supremacist rainbow fag flag.

Remember, you can't fight a joke. Trying makes you look crazy. Think about how our enemies look to normalfags when they fall all over themselves sputtering about OK signs and frog clowns drinking milk and waving gay flags for Hitler.
No one is afraid of that. It's clearly a joke. But they are afraid. They're terrified. And when they try to ban it, more and more normalfags will wake up and realize that the crazies are the ones in control.

pretty good if i do say so myself

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Is this a perfect moment to introduce normalfags that hitler respected other cultures and races or does that have to wait a bit longer?

By all means, go ahead.

I'm not sure they would be ready to believe that about an Austrian anti-capitalist vegan artist.

What teh Fugg
I think I should make a thread where we claim Todd Howard and Pete Hines as our Fascist Leaders of POL

A little longer I suppose, slowly got to have plant seeds here and there before attempting it.

P4v gud noob

Not some shitdicks who rape children's buttholes or fat hairy dikes that look like and want to be men.

Cap this and use it against me when I run, please.

Barely yesterday. Less than 48hrs.

I take it this is the continuation from the previous bread, so

here's a variation with my earlier

t. user

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Taking back the rainbow symbol is a major win. God reserved that symbol as a symbol of his love for us. It is ours.

Claiming this metaphysical ground will only drive us further into the heart of the collective zeitgeist allowing us to steer the “overtone window” even more. Can you hear the noosphere?

Yes but they all fit nicely under the tent of nationalism.

Why not a white hakenkreuz?

Ya looks nice.

Red for the blood of our enemies
Orange for the fire of the Aryan spirit
Yellow for the wealth of the White race
Green for the restoration of our planet
Blue for the eye color of the master race
Violet for the love of our people

What part of…
Do you not understand?

This one is stupid. Its too blatant. The OP one is best, use the idea of the separate colors to represent the separation of the races.

I know one of your waste of space journalists are going to click on and scroll through this thread. I hope you stay a while and listen. I hope you stop and read this very post, because there's something you need to know. You need to reflect on where you are right now and why. Your job is to write things which will cause people to click on your shitty website and generate traffic for it. The ones signing your paycheck don't give a fuck what you write, so long as it makes the advertisers happy. The thing which is in vogue today is spreading moral panic about 'white nationalists', so you come here hoping to find something you can write about. And you have. You saw a bunch of Zig Forumslacks scheming to make the rainbow flag its own symbol. Just the same as with milk and the 'okay' sign. You knew what we were doing, but you still couldn't help yourself. Your demand for 'hate' far exceeds the supply, so you will gobble up anything we shit out.

Because you are an addict. You are addicted to hate. You need it. That's where our relationship is right now. We are the dealer and you are the two-bit whore. It doesn't matter how upfront we are with our plans and how exactly we intend to cause chaos. You got deadlines and we got your fucking slop ready for you 24/7. There's articles studying just how quickly we can spread memes and now you are unwittingly spreading them for us. Enjoy your time on Earth. Your social media account has a long lurid history of your anti-white rhetoric and you wont escape the consequences when your power structure collapses.

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Do not let up. MORE natzi rainbow flags! MORE!

because it merged into the border.
However, as you wanted

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It seems to me that hijacking leftist symbols is extremely effective. They can't meme either, so they have no counter attack.

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Don’t let (((them))) take the control away from us.

You absolute MADLADS
I love it!
Keep up the good work.

Not hard to do, study/work hard in the right areas, build a convincing social media presence, and apply to all the media companies.
Works for other agencies too.

Interesting post, great idea, let's definitely use that concept in the next successful meme war campaign.

Teddy bears.

Finally! Now lgbt freaks have no wear to spread their disease flag. It OURS now!.

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Well done lads, keep it up.



No it fucking wasn't, not for centuries. Fucking fags stole it and heavenly justice demands another have it.

Rainbows as a symbol belong to the righteous long before Jews "handed it over" to degenerates. The rainbow has been waiting for us to take back its dignity.

The faggots stole the rainbow from God. We’re just stealing it back.

Eat it, sodomites.


In Norse mythology, Bifröst (/ˈbɪvrɒst/ (About this soundlisten)[1] or sometimes Bilröst or Bivrost) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard (Earth) and Asgard, the realm of the gods. The bridge is attested as Bilröst in the Poetic Edda; compiled in the 13th century from earlier traditional sources, and as Bifröst in the Prose Edda; written in the 13th century by Snorri Sturluson, and in the poetry of skalds. Both the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda alternately refer to the bridge as Ásbrú (Old Norse "Æsir's bridge").[2]

According to the Prose Edda, the bridge ends in heaven at Himinbjörg, the residence of the god Heimdallr, who guards it from the jötnar. The bridge's destruction during Ragnarök by the forces of Muspell is foretold. Scholars have proposed that the bridge may have originally represented the Milky Way and have noted parallels between the bridge and another bridge in Norse mythology, Gjallarbrú.


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Why are rainbows beautiful?

The colours are segregated.

It's a fact. If you mix all the colors together, you get basically "shit brown" color. honk honk

MAKE IT REAL, Zig Forums!

Let's meme this to reality, to MSM. Everything is going majestically well. The clown memes synergy very well with the rainbow flag.

Now it's not time to be purists and let it die in fringe politics, let's make it mainstream.
Next step is pushing it to "alt-right" rallies, making them our soldiers. To make it work with them, among the alt-right we push it as being about immigration and not about race mixing. We push it about being the symbol of humanity because of the alliance of God with Noah (it used to be actually used as a symbol of Humanity and Earth). We push it about keeping each people, each color, into their own lands, it's about diversity, no one in the "Right" will complain about it.
Old people will love these narratives, they will wave it for their civic-nationalism. It will work very well. We make them burn the brown flag by making they think they are burning the symbol of illegal immigrants and muslims.

In the other side, among the Left, we push it's a white supremacist symbol against racemixing, we give them what they want, so they bite the bait as it's intended to be. When they see their enemies waving their flag and burning the brown one (symbol of the oppressed shitskins), they will get buttmad. They will spread the idea as they cry about it everywhere. They know symbols are important. Symbols are very important, and we are taking the rainbow flag and the idea of diversity back to us.

While we push that multiculturalism is about immigration, we slowly move the overton window to race-mixing. We start distributing our red pills to the ones waving or burning flags. The idea behind these flags are very strong. Even people who don't give a fuck about race-mixing and brown people will embody the "leftist" strawmen, just to make fun of the Left and to scare them. Same goes about any clown meme (with rainbow hairs as well). Accelerationism will be normalized, the overton window will be ours.

We just need to push it the hardest we can to reality. To rallies. We must ass blast the leftist media. Both sides will be our soldiers. That's our dialectical trap. That's how we win.

Next we'll have our own Pride Parades!
Semites won't be invited since they are toxic, hateful individuals who don't believe in White Pride. As a White man I take pride in being White, I was born this way.

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I think we can use Gandhi for that, and Hitler's popularity in Asia and Arab countries.

Guess what the ugliest colour in the world is?

Subhuman Brown


On the plus side, it is being used to discourage a terrible habit the National Socialists themselves banned.

This honestly. What people like to forget and ignore that words indeed do have powers, just by taking back the words 'RAINBOW' 'DIVERSE' 'UNIQUE' etc we will shift the dicussion in our favor; lefties do NOT want to be caught discussing nazi rightwing unique diversity rhetoric.
They can't talk about it since that would legitimise the take-over. They can only use their journalist cronies to spread 'their' message about this ordeal, whilst in reality they are spreading OUR message.

Either way it's over for them; they just davy crockett'ed their own foot. It's gonna blow up all over the place


Look what I found we could be using - 80s retro logo for Atari games console.
all roads goes back to gamergate senpai


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It's Wednesday, they need something new to be outraged about. All part of Zig Forumss cunning plan

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Gay nationalists?

no i have seen polacks on 4chan trying to reclaim the rainbow for years
its in the bible

They know it too, they cannot exist without white
Don't envy, aspire

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They can't talk about because it doesn't stand up to logical and scientific scrutiny.

Nazis are gay clowns now?
mossad psyop successful

You know when the best part will be?
It'll be a year or two from now, when you discord fags don't have all this fun to distract you and all those internal voices you've been running from start getting louder and louder until they overwhelm and crush you.
Personally, I don't think it's enough of a price to pay for all the years and years of transferring all your faggy pain and suffering to those around you, but hopefully the universe takes notice and eradicates those who live to tear down what others build.

Capturing jew symbols would be good.

you're a retard.

Imagine if you told someone 100 years ago about that this would be how politics is done in 2019?

The "Star of David" is just the stolen-by-jews ancient Vedic symbol for the heart chakra.

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Also spread this far and wide boys. Time to shit and get to work

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Says the obvious yid…..

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It’s nice user. It speaks louder than ten thousand pictures. This is sure to make the oyying and veying intensity. Be sure to wear hearing protection lads. Safety first!

a variation with pixelized text to make it look similar to the Atari rainbow logo.

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Yep, we need to meme it back as a religious flag.

Difficulty: old testament

with text

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and then there is this fag
this fag is a destructive force. It takes all it's faggy pain and all it's faggy suffering and is trying to transfer it to everyone else using memes.
What a piece of shit you are.