Average user IQ both Zig Forums and cuckchan vs Jewish IQ

It's commonly said that Jews deserve to rule over whites because their average IQ is 115. But whenever you have IQ threads on here or cuckchan by far the most commonly reported IQ range is 120-130 and a lot of those reports are from anons who have been professionally tested like me(I got 139). If the average user IQ really is greater or equal to 120 then would that make us the most genetically superior cultural group on Earth? I can't think of any other large cultural group on Earth with tens of millions of members. By that logic then wouldn't we have the right to rule over the world instead of the Jews?

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Obvious slide thread

Let's shit sage this

Jewwish IQ is a lie based on cherrypicked samples and fudged stats. They're lesss intelligent than whites, even less intelligent than Native Iranians who have about 106.

Bump just because

They use the same trick as the chinks: test only the smart ones.

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Yes, OP. We do.

Sage the slide, turbonoggers.

And this blatant lie is just as commonly debunked.

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I have never seen data suggesting this, first off.
Data suggests Ashkenazi average IQ is, AT BEST, about 112.
Assuming a similar standard deviation, 15 points, that comes out to about 1.39% of the Ashkenazi Jewish population over IQ 145.
6,000,000 * 0.0139 = 83,400

There aren't.
First of all, only Ashkenazi Jews appear to demonstrate a higher average IQ, most other Jewish clades are sub-100 as far as average.
Second, only 95% of the 6 million US Jews are Ashkenazi, so in reality, there's not 6 million 'Jews' in this context.
6,000,000 * 0.95 = 5,700,000


>(((Steven Pinker))) – who lectured on “Jews, Genes, and Intelligence” in 2007 - says “their average IQ has been measured at 108-115.”
That's a mighty big range.
That's a big disparity from (((Pinker))).
From "Natural History of Ashkenazi Intelligence":
"They score 0.75 to 1.0 standard deviations above the general Europe an average, corresponding
to an IQ 112-115."
"This has been seen in many studies (Backman, 1972; Levinson, 1959; Romanoff, 1976), although a recent review concludes that the advantage is slightly less, only half a standard deviation Lynn (2004).
Ashkenazi Jews have an unusual ability profile as well as higher than average IQ. They have high verbal and mathematical scores, while their visuospatial abilities are typically somewhat lower, by about one half a standard deviation, than the European average (Levinson, 1977; Levinson and Block, 1977).
Han Eysenck (Eysenck, 1995) noted “The correlation between verbal and performance tests is about 0.77 in the general population, but only 0.31 among Jewish children. Differences of 10-20 points have been found in samples of Jewish children; there is no other group that shows anything like this size difference."

Jewish white boys’’. This is the Bachman (1970) study in which the number of Jewish boys was 65.
>In the (((Herrnstein))) and Murray (1994) data set in which Jews obtained a mean verbal IQ of 112.6, the sample size was 98 and was not drawn to be nationally representative.

>This is Backman’s (1972) analysis of the data in Project Talent, a nationwide American survey of the abilities of 18 year olds carried out in 1960.
>The study had sample sizes of 1236 Jews and 1051 white gentiles (in addition to 488 blacks and 150 Orientals).
The existing state of the research literature on the IQ of American Jews is therefore that some studies have shown that their verbal IQ is about the same as that of gentile whites while other studies have shown that it is considerably higher at 107.8 (Backman, 1972), 112.6 (Herrnstein & Murray, 1994) and 112.8 (Bachman, 1970).
>However, the last two of these studies have sample sizes of fewer than 100.

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Read the protocols of zion.

The only reason kikes are in positions of power is not because their intelligence but because their ethnic solidarity. They know if whites do that its GAME OVER for them.

kikes also give each other awards to make it appear like they are the best at everything. Like the Oscars, churn out a holohoax movie and its a guaranteed oscar or emmy.

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by who? faggot OP?

This is commonly said and true

When did average group IQ become something to flash around? I mean if you're a 100IQ dullard, you don't get a special pass depending on what group you belong too.


Isn't that exactly how it used to work? I mean they didn't used to transport people to live with African tribes. average standard of living

It also indicates the likelihood your offspring will be intelligent. Gives a general estimate of your intelligence based on your race. When culture and religion were in harmony race also indicated ones values. Stop the hate. Segregate.

Yeah, in a complete vacuum where outcomes can't be judged and everyone is a slave.

IQ is only used to recognize under-achieving intelligent people.

Anyone who boasts an IQ is really boasting an upper-limit on what they've actually achieved.

Well done. You're quick at recognizing patterns.
Why don't you fuck off and go and achieve something'

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Ironically, it is now being more widely used because niggers can become 'successful' through affirmative action.

You’ll see what we’ll achieve in your lifetime. Don’t you worry. Or perhaps you should, because we are not in the least. There is a certain peace when you understand your soul is cared for. What are our past accomplishments? Just look at history. Need I remind you? As if I would bother.

mate, we can already see. you make an art of degeneracy.

>..see what we'll achieve..
Pathetic cunt.
You're not part of a club.
Some past IQ's have invented things. Some past IQ's have been fucking autists.

Stop trying to parasite credit from others achievements you useless fuck.

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Most anons have reported to be IQ120+ INTP/J types, literal master race. We are also the ones kikes have tried to eliminate the most (see t.stock archives), but mostly by programming their normie golems to be hostile to us, and by creating a society where there is no place for us. Which ironically, brought most of us together, in a position where we have managed to learn the actual truth about the world and make some minor dents in ZOG machinery.

Jews have a very narrow, and highly limited type of intelligence, namely the one that allows them to be very successful in social manipulation and cheating, sometimes in other areas as well, but that's mostly due to mixing with whites. In general, once you start seeing behind their veneer of lies and deception, they become extremely predictable. They completely lack abstract intelligence and creativity, making their "intelligence" more a thing of an animal instinct, no different to how certain insects can display highly "intelligent" behavior without being conscious. As long as you see them as people and assume that they think like you do, you are still under their deception. Once you start seeing them as mindless insects, or computer scripts running on a very strict instruction set, they lose any power over you. They are just highly advanced, and very realistic AI/bots (like the ones you encounter in video-games), and those, no matter how overpowered they are, can be eventually defeated by creativity.

Jews go private schools, Jew only schools, you think those schools stick to the rules, you don't think they might give them better grades than they deserve or give them some of the answers, Jews can't be trusted, everyone knows that, so the grades received by Jews at a Jew school that has Jew teachers and Jew management staff, those grades can't be trusted

A was friends with an Orthodox Jew that went to a Jew school in Toronto, they taught all sorts of stuff the Canadian government wouldn't approve of nor allow, such as teaching the pupils that Jews are going to take control of the world one day and enslave all non Jews one day, also that they'll make non Jews follow their religion, ant that refuse will be murdered, any that do it will be allowed to live as a slave.
Slaves are allowed to marry Jews of selected but they officially are still a slave but their kids with their Jew master won't be a slave.

That's what they teach at Toronto Jew school, do you really think the grades the pupils receive are legit at a school that teaches stuff like that

The right to rule comes from conquest, not from superior IQ.

The non-White races will just claim White inventions as their own if we lose, it doesn't matter if a race can invent something. What matters is if this race has the will to survive as a coherent and cohesive group no matter what happens.

no one gives a shit about IQ that doesnt anything useful.
You act, to impose will. Tell me if you rather have an IQ 130 15yr old or a 30 yr old IQ 100 killer.

Get shit done. Where is the measurement of courage and dominance, because I think there are alot of smart white people that are not doing shit.

If they are not already part of the jewish indentured servitude system, then they literally have no other options but to join it or revolt.

The most common behavior of Jews is to lie, Op.
If your IQ was as high as you thought it was, you'd have done the fucking math.

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Kikes are all inbred, they come from 300 turks living in northern persia. They aren't big brains, they're ruthless merchants who take advantage of their host's apathy. They're merely schemers, not actually intelligent.

It is not just their intelligence, but their willingness to use it and gain influence. Most highly intelligent people are not actively trying to rule over others, so they get ruled by their inferiors instead.
Rights are irrelevant until you can enforce them. If you use your 139 IQ to advance like minded people into positions of power, then we can talk about rights.

IQ is a Jewish reductionist meme.

141, and that is with me bombing on the math section. Outside of discreet maths involved in programming, I can no do maths user.

Which test did you do? Did it have a verbal/non-verbal breakdown?
Did you try any game theory? Seems like the kind of thing anons might want to get trained in.

Agreed. I tend to notice jews have sacrificed creativity and spatial intelligence for pure processing power. Like an i9 computer but no gpu. Perhaps its their weakness? How do we exploit this?


139 IQ, you said…?

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That's the long con I like, best way to up Tarrant's high score.

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That sounds wrong.

The highest IQ countries in Europe have an avg IQ of 103-104 before factoring in nonwhites. The white population of the US has an avg IQ of 103.

China's bs cheat IQ and Japans avg IQ are like 105.

No way Iran has an avg 106, even for white Iranians. Maybe100.

(((Vox Day))) of all people does a pretty good job of tearing down the jewish IQ myth. He has a pretty lengthy blogpost about it on his blog with sources if you are interested. I don't have the link off hand.

I don't know my IQ but I had a composite ACT of 31 and a reading comprehension of 36. I never applied myself in school and it wasn't until I matured that I realized I had cheated myself. I never feel intellectually challenged by smart people I meet but I am not an expert in any field and have only myself to blame. I've been concentrating lately on learning how to convince my fellow whites that society is working against them and that they need to recognize the threat and organize on a local, national and global level to combat and destroy that which threatens our collective future.

Holy shit he's right

Jews rule over Whites because they worship or believe themselves to be them. The corruption of our scared traditions is entirely to blame.

You can also thank this man, for creating the merchant caste.

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It wasn't him, even Clovis, his predecessor converted because a pagan wanting territory from the surrounding Germanic Arian Christians would look worse than a Trinitarian doing the same. The main problem was Constantine and why Constantine allowed the jews to build a jewish Synagogue in what is now Cologne Germany in 321AD. Once the jews are allowed in, they never leave, even if you tell them to go, even if they go, in a few years they'll be allowed back for the same reason they were originally allowed in.

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it's not just solidarity, but they are able to blend in among their host population. Their host population interacts with them without even understanding that they are a separate race of foreigners. Their crypis techniques (bleach blonde hair, nose jobs, European surnames, etc) are what allow them to move about undetected. Second, they engage in parasitic behaviours that are damaging to their host. When their host is weakened, it provides less resistance to them infiltrating all institutions from academia to government.

also: read books from library genesis about host parasite relationships, and you will really start to understand the ecological role that jews play. They even engage in parasitic castration (cucking) - that is common among parasites in nature.


jews don't rule the world, they create a curtain and they rule in front of it so the puppetmasters can stay hidden

not that they're all good people of course they aren't

for your shitty datamining: I had my IQ tested as 116 when I was around 12 or something, and recently I did 2 online tests, once as 134 and once as 145. Since IQ results are said to vary around 15 points when testing, I'd say I have around 130 IQ.

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Not pure processing power, imagine having a processor that only has instruction sets for deception, lying, subversion and theft. As well as for placing backdoors and gaining control of other processors, along with a large cache for storing previous history. It would be retarded for everything else, but highly efficient in what it was made for.

To successfully counter it, would require parallel processing among the others, so their processing power would not be used for the KPU (kike processing unit), frying each other's circuits for it's benefit and protection.

All the processing power in the entire multiverse cannot comprehend the full extent of kiketronic fagularianism.

Yes but fuck that, I don't want to rule anyone, just get the fuck away from me and mine if you're not me and mine.

If Zig Forums has high iq than that of kikes why dont we control the world already.

typical mid one ten mindset

My I.Q. is 83.
Kill yourself, wagecuck
Get to work it's almost time for my NEETbux

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Have you ever tried convincing someone of something but they just stuck their fingers into their ears and started shouting "LA LA LA LA LA"?
Now imagine there being millions of those people in front of you, a few of them kicking and punching at you too and a couple of thousands of extra hideously ugly people standing behind them all, patting their backs.


Honk Honk
I found a nigger muzzy.

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You really trust online IQ tests user?
If you do you have a spring-temp IQ.

holy fuck you kikes are desperate

You are losing.
Check mate motherfucker.
I told you I was going to clown you.

can anyone tell me what's the difference between cuckchan and 8ch now?

You are on it
You got clowned.
Get it.

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eggman pls

How did Nepal even achieve such a low score? Every country around them has a score 30 points higher than 43. Actual chimpanzees score around 55

indeed, they ar not smart, they are just a highly-made bots, a lvl 2 NPC, nothing special about them, both quran and bible said that they will cause a lot of thins in the word eventually, this is our fate, but, after a certain ammount of time, people like us will rise, this is also our fate, (((we))) are not just a small group of people that make a silly pics on the internet, we are the future, we should be, again, this is our fate.

That's false though. The score is from an extremely small sample of scholars, which would score even higher if you analyzed whites professors. On average, the jews generic populace score lower than asians and whites.

You misunderstand the fight we're in OP
Polite sage


4chan Zig Forums as a probably has a higher IQ due to the diversity of the userbase. 8/pol/tards are mostly shrill stormfag boomers and bullied zoomers who need a hivemind for comfort.

Yes. I rather hate talking with normies. Normies are so brainwashed its painful hearing their opinions.

And in East Africa it's common knowledge that the Chinaman has the biggest dick of all the races combined, the infinite chink.
Because we don't need to lie, we're White.


Don't assume they aren't conscious, user. Even Aryans' behavior is still a program of sorts, although vastly superior (in our view) to the Jews'.

We have already won. I reign will be formally realized in 100 years

135 IQ chiming in. Gas the Kikes, Race War Now!

sure we are very intellegent

Id say memetically superior
pic related hmmmm

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That's Bolsonaro is trying to do in Brazil.

do these "whites" groups filter out beaners?

Yes, a golem. But every NPC, even the ones that shoot you through 3 walls from the other side of the map, no matter how imbalanced and OP they are, can eventually be gamed and defeated by creativity.

It reminds me of how I defeated Carpa demon as a sorcerer in Dark Souls, he lashes at you in close quarters, giving you no chances to keep distance or cast (interruption), usually one-hit killing you. So i did the unusual, I put that ultra heavy armor that gives you a lot of protection and prevents interruption, being barely able to move and not dodge, allowing me to take few hits and cast enough times to kill him. The key is to think out of the box. That is our fate, as the man to come.


Jews are the final boss to reach next tier civilization, they are literally the great filter.

They are semi-conscious (in a similar manner as more evolved animals are), but they lack Self, they are also incapable of meta-thinking and self-reflection.

No it's not, you are just not aware enough to see it as anything else (you are only observing the very limited portion of the "code" that indeed behaves in a rather clockwork manner). Determinism falls apart when numbers become complex and big enough. Sure, most white people are NPC's as well (and their genes do not change that), but they have the POTENTIAL to become player characters. With Jews, this potential is very small, almost nonexistent. Genes are only a potential, not a manifestation. Manifestation can only be truly guided by immaterial forces.

148.8 IQ here. can confirm jews are clinically retarded.

european is the master race.

Courage is more selective than intellect in nature.
You should go talk to vox about how great your IQ is, write it on a broom handle and shove it up your ass.

no shit genius.

think of it like this. collapse of civilization is coming. you are thinking what group of people would you try to save (you can not save all of them). only logical thing is to save the persons who have high IQ (if we go by definition that intelligence refers to our ability to learn quickly and adapt to new situations). and here we are..i personally think it was genius idea.

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Jews are specialized for :
Manipulation, deception, fraud, infiltration. theses are all anti-social behaviors, and can be learned. Jews recruit other sociopaths to their nepotistic hive, its a religion that clings to a myth of pure race.
They are Arabs racially , a mix of African an Asiatic. the Ashkenazim are that same Arab mix added to southern and eastern European. There is nothing clever about what they do, its just parasitic and always requires a host. They need to be removed from their European hosts.

Jews can't even compare

We are the master race for a reason.

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The fuck?