Zig Forums shills

Zig Forums raided daily by shills trying to associate Zig Forums with terrorism

I was always suspicious of those over the top posts about praising terrorists, even seen some posts about fertilizer bombs. Is it true that those praising Brenton Tarrant and Robert D. Bowers are shills?

They want to associate us with terrorists to give the globalist elite justification to imprison us, deplatform us off the internet and label us as terrorists.

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thejidf.org and

Mods are a part of it. Thanks for noticing reddit.

They seem to focus on the the main chans. But there is some public websites that are just as active and have the old pol feel.


Oy vey, then you might actually have to do something!

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well we do encourage mass murder on a daily basis

Tarrant has not been charged or imprisoned for terrorism so..

who's the shill eh?

Being tagged this way is just a step along accelerationism. It doesn't matter.


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It only matters if you are constantly defending the police because it would make you get cognitive dissonance, which is why the op exists. The op can't stand having his artificial MAGA world broken. Too bad you were too stupid about it op.

Hmm so CP is the only thing not covered? Close Zig Forums open for business to CP.


JIDF does exist but this is fake and gay and I've debunked this several times

1) Color is spelled Colour in OPs (((Q)))ushner mod-created images, which was a dead giveaway (JIDF are at thejidf.org and their spelling of color is correct US English on that page) 

2) It began appearing on the chans as soon as Trump was being called out as the kike he is and (((8ch))) stickied it while bump-locking and deleting ALL Anti-Trump Threads

3) No sauce. Literally any kikemod could have made this. 

Here's a JIDF page. "color" is spelled "color", not "Colour"


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Again, "Colour" in OPs image is NOT how JIDF writes "Color"
Nice try Trumpniggers

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Kill yourself cuckchan refugee

Other Zig Forums boards on this site and other chans?
Ya they are there, but dead boards and it should stay that way for a new migration I am feeling were going to get shut down one day.

CP isn't a shill tactic, but it is posted by FBIniggers through tor.

voat is better to reach normies, when I look at the main page seems to have plenty of kike free post.

neinchan.com/pol/ isn't dead, it's slow but healthy and it's likely the best place for NatSocs to migrate too. I know the critique of Gab and rightfully so but a shitload of us are there as well

Reported, that site is full of CP. No one needs your honey pot.

Shills don't exist, no organization would waste their time here

Blatant lies. Kill yourself kike

Here's the entire catalog you lying kike

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A perfect place to migrate in any case this place goes to hell.

Yes you are and so is the guy that wrote that cap.


Maybe you honk faggots are worth your weight after all.


Report submitted!

I am not concerned because 8ch.net is not a media company and is not responsible for the views posted by the users of this website. If they want to attack at that angle, then we get to apply the same rule to Kikebook and Jewgle.

The more they deny our voice, the more taboo we become. The more of a taboo we become the more interest we garner from the average normie.

The more they fire us from our jobs, the more time we have to devote to our cause.

The more they take from us, the less we have to lose.

What happens when we have nothing left to lose? I can’t wait.

You've been pushing that image both here and on 4chan, and I've yet to see you provide any proof of it being legit.

To top it all off, we have a great relationship with God. We know that if we die, our souls are taken care of. We are spiritually wealthy. The only person who can spiritual wealth from you, is you, if you betray yourself. They can never have it.

They're doing a piss-poor job of it.

He's approval rating is above 50% now, you idiot. He's got more than enough normalfags to have reached critical mass.

No, they just spent 100's of thousands and even million of dollars running studies on us just to show their friends.

That cap is from when kampfy ran the board, newfags

Shills basically are trying to sow doubt in every possible logical turn of thought. People who are basement dwellers will never get a whiff of what's really going on. Fear and ignorance are our biggest enemies.

IMO what makes people become bluepilled normies is the level of fear that has rooted itself into shutting off the awareness of the machinations of the global elite, which makes national socialists their counterpart, targets of projection and makes them bread and circus-worthy, spiritual feed for the devil worshipping pawns, calling themselves rulers of their lesser minded, fellow human beings. Bluepilled people can only become vessels of hate, fear, despair and contempt of the other maggots below them, they trample on, but are being raised as fed for the war-dogs, who in turn eat the maggots who get too big for the trenches they all are peddling themselves thorugh, and when they finally see how the real world looks like, they'll either kill themselves or run to the biggest authority they can see, who are the war-dogs. The war-dogs themselves are penned, and lest yourself want to become a killer, you need to know the only way out of the system is knowing it exists this way.

What makes a 'hardcore nazi' is the belief the fight must be fought directly against the forces of corruption, sometime forgetting he needs a more solid foundation of what is good than the family unit and racial similarities.
We're all in this together. What good is a family unit if it's a slave bond of egoistical consumers? What higher purpose does this serve? Can any family unit be happy with a competitive spirit alone?

I believe you need to decouple yourself form the system spiritually first.

Before that you'll be pulled and pushed by the deep unconscious levels of corruption - the dark tunes of the human spirit - that actually feeds on your will to fight it. Like you tend to fight against the oppressor, or torturer, instead of letting him see the pain in your eyes, knowing you're not to blame, making his Ego take over the energy, he knows, he's also just a pawn of playing out.
The heart is the only place we can stay and know peace, and it is not fanaticism that makes the fanatics able to withstand inhuman levels of pain and torture, but faith in the higher powers, they tune into. Meditation and contemplative prayers directly influences the surroundings and induces a pleasant way of living, not only for yourself, but also the ones around you. Prayer actually opens a path in the multiverse, and the opposite of that is cursing other people. Don't meddle with the dark, kids. You'll drag yourself down with it more than you'd like to believe.

Only love matters, gents. Some people are beyond salvation, though, so save your energy for those people you can help pull out of the water crust along with you.

The best of luck to you, anons. Blessings, and peace out.

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do they actually think that?

your site is shit and so are you, fuck off.

this is what a well poisoning kike looks like

Violence doesn't work because it supports the only way to get the power to become popular.
If you are not familiar with the general public, the gang dare to take risks, it will not help you.
Acceptable, country. Like the Mafia.
Of course, people are afraid of the Mafia, but no one went after they fought this and nothing faithful to the mafia.

They might want to make this board so bad that everybody leaves except the shills so that the shills can use this board as a false flag operation base.

Neck yourself fag.

How do you fags not realise this is the way yet?

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I guess they don't believe Trump can rally the browns in the Americas to die brutal, horrible deaths in China. Who can though? Biden?

Because they think the first two points are mutually exclusive. If you spend a lot of time here you will become convinced that EVERYBODY is out against and hates whites, when that is not the case. Vast majority of normalfags don't care about politics or race shit 90% of time.

Are you doing this, user?

Woah. Deep, man

Who gives a shit? Accelerate.

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not saying that its a bad idea, its not
but just "making money" is very naive to say the least
not only it is not enough to accomplish anything, but the way the economy is made, its a losing game
its like gambling against the casino to see who will get richer 1st
we'll never make more money than the banks when the economy is controlled by them
and their whole game is controlling the economy to buy out every industry, company, land and profitable venture, its what they do
all those big companies that were founded by a visionary white person, or family ? they are all owned by some shady "investment group" that you know fully well who it belongs to
their game is to make us trade our lives and what our ancestors build for their worthless paper

you get the point perfectly that we need to organize and be self sufficient
you dont see how that will not be possible with them running the economy tho
we need to find a way to have control over our own economy if we want to survive

Whoever wrote that is a basic bitch who has only just discovered the government is lieing to him which is why he still trusts what museums tell him. Was obviously not around when digging up on wikileaks podesta emails and why he kept using food phrases although the name pizzagate itself can be attributed to kikery to make people think the pedohunt is ridiculous. 5G celltowers, vaxination and everything like that is basically a matter of how much you, yourself, understands various topics related to science and history by studying independently on your own.
The doomsday part leads me to believe he's been burned by Happening threads, especially deliberately fake Happening threads, so he just shuts down everyone who talks about those topics at all being essentially No Fun Allowed. Thinking about it makes me miss when you could just randomly pick a politician who made a mistake in his lines on 4th of July and pretend New York is doomed.

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Do the opposite of everything on this list

Reminder this could be a false flag op to dissuade accelerationism

It's temporary user. If you do it for a year and get your shit together, you can leave that lifestyle with more money to put it to something you need. Consider it a way of one last wage cuck before bailing out. How can meet up without resources? Unless living in the forest is good enough but then you lose more ground.

If Whites held ground in the system at least we could dictate our money and resources to ourselves.

Sure you did moshie. Go eat your penis tips.
Hes the kikes bitch but that does not change anything, causing both trust and distrust helps fracture communities.

Go eat your penis tips.

Take great care when posting here. Your lives are being recorded and you all are terrorists in training


yes its a nice start, Im just trying to say that the war on economy is a lot more important than what most people perceive
having control over the economy means having control over our own lives

This place is already a mod compromised shill infested hell. How are the mods on neinchan? Do they ban shills?

Thank you shlomoberg for your very good advice and blackpill. I love Israel now.

mlpol.net is superior.

oh yeah that dweeb.
keep reposting your fake shilling "guide"


I second neinchan, will check out mlpol.net. neinchan is comfy though.

Ask yourself why the front page is always the same.
etc etc

This faggot red-texting every single post is a known shitposter, he just IP hops all day long

Anyone who clown posts is a shill

Neinchan is a literal honeypot 4shill clone.

Prove it.

infinity is compromised. try to make your own threads here, and make some whitepills. if it's not their controlled news thread it will be deleted. pic related should have slid off organically, but it was positive, so it was pruned. 8ch is compromised. See


We already knew it was compromised a while back, the issue being that theres not a worthy place to migrate too. Just shit tier (((suspicous))) clones that include some weird fethis or in the case of neinchan, lower thread quality/ post quality than even 4shill. The moment kikewheels sold the site it was already over.

Gab and Zig Forums: Home to Terrorist Plots Hiding in Plain Sight

adl.org/resources/reports/gab-and-Zig Forums-home-to-terrorist-plots-hiding-in-plain-sight

It doesn't matter. (((They))) would associate us with "terrorism", inflict sweeping censorship on the internet, and ban guns whether Tarrant, Bowers, and Roof had existed or not. There will always be a data point they can skew, emotional argument to push, or false flag to commit in order to push the Agenda.
They are Consequentialists; Ends justify the means. Anything and everything is acceptable in order to achieve their stated goals. In light of this, how we present ourselves is largely irrelevant because, as always, KIKES GONNA KIKE

Neinchan is not the best but a lot of us will probably eventually end up going there when here and 4cuck either get taken down or so compromised they're unusable to most users. Also I have to admit I was impressed with how much begging and shilling the owner did everywhere since he first made 3chan.io, you just don't see that kind of labor of love anymore.

(1) and done

I didn't want to believe
>just shit tier (((suspicous))) clones
at least at neinchan posts don't get pruned there, all there is here is /news/posts. how many times are you going to read about a white girl raped and murdered? it takes away from political ideology and digging threads. anything good here is shilled to oblivion.

Tarrant has only been charged with 50 counts of murder and 39 counts of attempted murder. No terrorism charges. Brenton Tarrant is not considered a terrorist by the government which has him imprisoned, so how could supporting Brenton Tarrant make you a terrorist?

Fuck off OP. You are a shill and have been trying to shut down Tarrant for almost a month after the event.

Violence is the only path forward. Dehumanize yourself and face to bloodshed.

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He even uses the standard shill lexicon while writing the post claiming to help you identify shills.
Jews can't help but throw this around and I'm curious why, does it mean something else in yiddish/tie in with another word through gematria?

Fuck off. Your way of doing things is dumb as fuck. You build up power through money and resources.

This is how you get black bagged by the FBI.

8ch is an entire board of catfishing and entrapment now. that's all this is. tarrant love is inorganic. you can tell immediately when they post.

But you don't lol Nothing illegal and no one knows. So get fucked.

fuck off boomer

Violence is the only path that is left.

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You speak for yourself, here.
You don't speak for me.

Keep fed posting but Whites will move towards my idea because it actually works.

No one even mentioned that, you fucking loser. Keep fedposting though.


Im figuring half the newfags here didnt even read your image. Its bullshit. Utter bullshit.
I can really just stop here but lets point out some more nonsense.
And then the cherry on top;
Unironic fucking eksdee.

Neck yourself.

Typical cointel pro disinfo

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What you both miss in your argument is that both methods are necessary.

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I will concede that point. All I am saying is that these spergs are trigger happy (if they aren't feds) and have no power, nor social backing. They will die within one fucking day and have the hounds (zog bots) come after us smarter ones. We need money, housing and numbers first, no?

Keep losing faggot.

Sure, build white communities, but we aren't going to be able to build white communities because its AGAINST THE LAW. Keeping minorities out of an area is something you go to prison for. The only way to build white communities is to remove the jews and hispanics by force. We are past the point of peaceful resolution, only blood can make our nation pure again.

Anyone who is anti-white-violence is necessarily pro-white-genocide.

Kill your enemies, then you win.

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He just wanted to deport them, like Ben wants to. (Can't post duplicate file anymore)
Jews get the oven regardless

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Want to know how I know for a fact this is fake? Making us believe the truth about Trump is exactly opposite of what they want. Whoever created this, created it with the intention of fooling people on here into thinking "It's only the shills that want you to recognize Trump for the paid Jewish shille is, so he must hit really be a Zionist piece of shit that has done literally nothing for white America!!!!"

And some of you are actually stupid enough to bite.

Unedited Full NZ shooting:
Condensed shooting footage with added hit markers and music:
Marty Robbins/Johnny Cash edit
Dope Fiend edit

Once again neither of your plans are mutually exclusive. Some men will work within the system, spreading propaganda, recruiting, acquiring funds, etc. IN SUPPORT OF those who take the "edgier" approach. That is how successful guerrilla forces work. Fighters AND legals.

Kill yourself boomer. You will never see your retirement money and its your fault. You destroyed our nation.
Time to go home to reddit.

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Brenton Tarrant Files:
Video Part 1: >>>/brentontarrant/1
Video Part 2: >>>/brentontarrant/2
Manifesto: >>>/brentontarrant/3
Thread: >>>/brentontarrant/4
Facebook: >>>/brentontarrant/8


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This one is my favorite so far.

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Zig Forums is definitely associated with terrorism. But that doesn't mean they're terroristic in nature. 99.99% just want to and do get angry at news and masturbate, and that's it.

I'm 27 and do building work. There is nothing stopping me from making 20-30k after tax a year and building up a community in my area without anyone knowing, you genuinely dumb faggot. I bet you can't even grasp what I am saying because you are a stuck in house loser lol Get outside more, you mentally bullied bitch.

When these babies shut the fuck up get shit done then I will listen but us adults have to work in the system so these whores can go fuck it up? Nah, fuck these stains. They need to play the game as well or I will see them as an enemy.

OP is a shill. Don't engage him.


You can't even raise a family on that money. Jesus, what a fucking moron. Holy shit the jews really have you by the balls don't they?

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