Thailand: a German tramp travelling alone in a bikini is brutally raped and murdered by a local brown male

Thailand: a German tramp travelling alone in a bikini is brutally raped and murdered by a local brown male

An emancipated white woman was once again able to realize her dream: to be savagely raped before being murdered by a wild beast with high melanin.

Forget empathy, use your common sense. This trail obviously deserves its fate: one does not expose itself to predators of these Asian lands with impunity.
In your opinion, what would have happened if, instead of walking around at will on an island populated by brown people 10,000 kilometers from Europe, this German woman had been supervised, with some other women from her country, by 5 or 6 white males as part of an organized trip?
That's right: nothing.
That wild beast on methamphetamine wouldn't even have dared to talk to him.
This Thai ogre did not want to consume a Thai woman, otherwise he would have acted long ago.
No, he had been watching these Blondes come and go in bikinis, alone or in small groups, on his territory for years. He had been waiting for years for the opportunity to devour one of these idiots in need of exoticism.

I have no resentment against this Thai rapist, nor do I have any against a crocodile or a lion: he follows his nature.
Just as it will never occur to anyone to mourn the death of a guy who plays petanque on a railway track, it must never occur to anyone to mourn an idiot who ventures into the hunting grounds of the swarthy males of Africa, Asia or the East.
Nature is well made and these stupid tramps will be disciplined.
The only culprit is that German whore who behaved like a typical Western whore.

A woman has no idea what she's doing. None. The idea that his environment can be dynamic escapes him completely and for good reasons.
That's why us men are here: because we know what we're doing.
A woman is not made for the outside but for the inside, that is, a circumscribed space, free from any danger. For us, the outside is our natural space because we are itinerant hunters: we look at everything that moves, look for a threat on the corner of the street, look far away to see if something happens, no matter what.
It is the result of millions of years of evolution.
A woman, leaving the home, moves forward without question.
White women should only travel if their husbands have to travel. In which case, it is their responsibility to take all necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their wives.
Those who claim the opposite trivialize the natural unconsciousness of white women and expose them to the worst consequences.

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Is there video? sounds hot

Fuck off cuckchanner.

he tried to touch the bobs and vagean in real life

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Different bitch, that's Mardi Gra. Looks like the US to me.

same scenario applies, with the exception of the ending

why can't I ever get the formatting right :(

Is there a video to the groping incident?

Hey user, don't forget it's all the right wing war on terror, the right wing deep state, the right wing torturers, the right wing racists, the right wing congressmen, the right wing NATO that is causing this.

This is a left wing girl, is a victim of right wing capitalism. this one?

fap yes!

This place has been 2×cuckchan in last three months.

This user has a point. After long deliberation the Soviets banned rape.

they are reprisals. the politicians causing the hate with NATO actions obviously try to blame the victim or the enemy they caused trouble with.

not that i don't hate the slut for going to a group of mudslimes and doing that.

Horrible how young women can't show there breasts in public because of diversity/niggerfication for the economy.


god knows how many she was with prior to that shot on the sand. a dozen?

All the good Germans died in WWI and WWII

You faggots are the reason why this, or any board is dogshit. go away you stupid niggers.

Clearly the meth and the nigger IQ just exacerbated the tensions.

i like my news threads clear and simple, without mixing commentary and other cases

i hear there's facebook groups encouraging women to travel, and any comments warning them about dangers are deleted
evidence of this would be good

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I'd want to see girl going around in the nude, freely open to doing it. So I am against condemning her in any way, except that she chose to do it in front of degenerates.

Am I allowed to post the gore pictures here?

Most of those small islands are owned by rich Thai families or mafia families, kinda like some rich bootlegger owning a island off the coast of new york. Most of these murders are some rich Thai kid fucking a hoe and then something goes wrong, then the local corrupt police find some drug addict and pin the charges on him.

Google, Koh Tao island to see what I mean. It kinda like the movie Hostel.

No, this is a board for babies.

It could have gone worse. She could have survived, gotten pregnant from the rape and then decided to give birth to the mongrel.

pls do, I'm hard already

did you hear about this before say, 2003?

Hear about what, your Poundland whore mum?

you implied it's normal, when it isn't. most recently 60 between 2016 MAGA and 2018.

Good riddance.

also, can anyone find her social media?

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Try typing in whole sentences.

leftists are paying the price for rightist actions. ofc rightists think leftists are expendable and blame the victim, in the same way the police state does.

Back to lefty pol with you

Put down the meth pipe.

Typical kike behaviour.

are you retarted? leftiest create these problem for themself. it was her decision to travel alone to country where human life have value of cigarette pack. she wanted her adventure with awesome non white people. she wanted shiw amazing photos on facebook. she got it all and even some bonus.


local news
blurred body is only thing of interest

What a big nose. Like a Mr. Potato man.

So is there gore pics?

This. It's forced evolution time. All sexy woman who fall for noble svage meme have to die.

what kind of parents let their daughter go on holiday ALONE ? especially where their a lots of fecking browns?
fecking idiots!
just stupid, fecking stupid

Where are you ratards coming from?

Remember this couple? So romantic, love on the beach as the palm trees whispered in the evening wind.

We here at Best Gore have been giving the truth about popular Third World vacation areas for over six years and I can’t help but wonder if either of these two frequented Best Gore, they would have avoided taking this little trip. Thailand is a xenophobic nation that hates everyone who is not them, this has been proven time and again and yet many still flock there because the land itself is beautiful and the women are easy. These were not pedophiles or drug addicts nor were they engaging in anything seedy, they went to an exotic place that the mass media promotes as beautiful and wonderful and like all sheep, they never questioned going into a third world country that is so poor and corrupt that they throw their own children out like garbage. Third Worlder’s do not want you pretentious, white First Worlder’s in their land. It’s the same as the dumbass whites going to the Middle East. Fucking foolish.

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Give non whites the chance and they will butcher you. This is the hate they have for the Aryan woman, and they want to let them in by the droves.

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fuck. jpg will be enough

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This board, smh

But you do have resentment OP. You feel angry. Everything is being taken from you as well as every other white man. Your land, your women, your respect. It makes you angry when you see story after story of yet another white woman who has been killed horrifically by some non-white pos. A pos that feels entitled to take your land and YOUR women and laughs in your face while doing it. In fact, he would be welcomed on your land. More welcome than you. These white women are a victim of circumstances. EVERY side looks down on white women. They’re nothing but a tool for whatever side has something to gain. Stop swallowing your pride lest you swallow it all. I can feel your resentment through the screen. Don’t confuse a human monster with an animal. “Animals don't behave like men,' he said. 'If they have to fight, they fight; and if they have to kill they kill. But they don't sit down and set their wits to work to devise ways of spoiling other creatures' lives and hurting them. They have dignity and animality.”
― Richard Adams, Watership Down
There’s only one race that can say they at least have dignity. The white race and we’re being eradicated. Sometimes you just have to get mad OP. It’s time.

Getting whites to Thailand is probably a jewish ploy tbh.

Flights from jew owned airlines need to be filled, jewish hotel chain rooms need to be filled with foreigners and package tours need to be sold.

Helps with miscegenation as well and bleeding white countries dry off retirement shekels.

I have been to Thailand before. It's a barely functioning highly corrupt shithole where cops shake you down, work ethics don't exist and turd world simpletons hate you for your "undeserved" riches.

I's called politically incorrect for a reason, user. Rules are there to be broken.

PNG is never the correct format for photographs.

Yet another White traveling thot gets killed, instead of being with an upstanding White man, she listened to Shlomo Shekelstein, and other thots on Instagram to go travel to shitty brown third world countries for exotic penis.

Looks beautiful. Totally worth rape and death

These poor bitches are lead astray. They want to see the world and experience new cultures, yet no one ever says that they have barely seen a fraction of their own country.

ZOG can no longer pull the wool over our eyes. Unfortunately their plan to destroy our unity with our own women has worked ceaselessly. They don’t need to do anything else. Our birth rates are abysmal. I’d never want to admit defeat but…………….damn.

Oy, must drop some goypills

This shit is old

What I don't get is how do all of the japanese girls in Japanese rape videos enjoy it so much?

Anyone ever see that, no, no, no, turns into a vibrator on the pussy, a lot of nipple tweaking, removing the panties then a who lot of pussy eating, then the japanese girl is saying yes, yes, oh I love it so, while she is fucked by 4 guys and then 9 other guys cum on her face.

Is it an ancient Chinese secret I don't know about?

No. It is porn movie where people fuck for money. Do you think Batman is real?

actually no, the japanese have been raping girls for hundreds of years, my thoughts are they simply don't murder them after raping them.

wish that something like this happens to you/your woman/your children, you shit

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"Empowered" women are extremely oblivious to the world surrounding them (aka, retarded). We either disempower them really fast or they all will die by their own stupidity.

Remember that they never got colonized, so they aren't afraid of cucks.

Oh no evolution!

She was in holiday, you freak.
Didn't even wear a bikini, uncover meat the prophet would disapprove!

Thailand is a popular tourist destination for millions since years and 90 percent Buddhist. Thailand is also very dangerous and criminal place with a corrupt police that is involved in criminal activities itself. Murder is often covered up as "heart attack" or "traffic accident".

Another point is with the decline of the west, western people are becoming more often objects of attacks. That is easy recognizable for anybody watching.
The host countries don't care anymore, don't fear the wrath of the west.
So yes, even, you internationalist crowd will experience the "enrichment by diversity". It will be not limited to "loser" in the West "that can not compete". Just look how hostile and xenophobe India has become.

The best time to travel the world has passed long, long ago. The world is becoming an increasingly hostile environment for whites. No jew worship will save you, you are on the list too.

*nglo subhumans and the subhuman slavs should have listened to Hitler.
Too bad. It either gonna be a slow death or nuclear hellfire now.
Unless somebody speaks the truth…

The bitch was retarded, but this case still goes to show the animal instincts of lesser races and why trying to coexist with them is akin to inviting an untamed lion into your house.

these damn women are stupid when there are incel whites everywhere. it's sick. she probably knew she had a dozen in her already and was terminated her own value.

EVEN IF YOU HATE HER YOU CAN'T BLAME THE VICTIM. WOMEN SHOLUD BE ABLE TO BE SAFE AND GO OUT WHERE THEY WANT. it's ok to hate her, but crimes like this aren't her fault.

there's some time missing in this video. what do you think happened? she waited in that shelter i bet, so you think it was deliberate some kind of tinder hookup maybe. user?

agree, the colonial British would have lined up 100 darkies and shot them all, as retribution, btw, retribution works.

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Why are you blaming the woman Schlomo?

Why are you posting that pic of blonde showing tits even though it has nothing to do with the story?

Why are you trying to shill inceldom so hard?

Yeah, to a nigger club to hop on a nigger dick. because it is a cool thing to do.
Fuck off.

Well, at least she refused sex.
I guess.

Back to the kitchen, whore. Oh wait, no well off man would take you into his home anymore.

i'm against that example but she shouldn't be killed for it. shunned yes, hated on yes.

I don't like the caption. It suggests that somehow the country of Thailand is responsible. Not the best propaganda angle, wouldn't you agree?

Lmao, go kill yourself, loser.

t. chad

Thats not better than killing the whore, you know? They literally can not exist without a social group maintained by male created work and wealth.

Fuck off incel.

t.real chad

Even tamed lions you have raised are a mortal threat. They lack the instincts, or have the wrong instincts not to perceive you as prey in an unfortunate moment.
Same with nigger, just more dangerous.

Need to send royal marines, us marines are faggots constrained by roe

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Lolwut, are you retarded?

Are you fucking shitting me? Whenever colonizers showed up, thais put up zero fight and let them in. Hooray, welcome to our new overlords! It's just the Thai way, they don't fight back.

Here's how they deal with a muslim uprising in the south. The king decided to bomb the muslims, with PAPER CRANES.

Guy actually looks really dark, could be muslim. Doesn't look like regular thais.
Pic of perp and two cops. Perp is nigger black.

What's funny is that Ko Si Chang is super close to Pattaya, the hooker capital of thailand. You can have sex with hot, hot, hot chicks (asian though) for a few bucks. Been there, didn't partake, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tempted. I don't understand someone raping and murdering around there. Just doesn't make much sense unless he's muslim.

been there done that $25 dollar, bang pussy, come inside, 1 hour fucky fucky

in 3rd world countries girls don't scratch eyes, bite dick, claw, fight back, knee to the balls, that is how you get your head smashed with a rock, 1st world countries this is what girls are instructed to do, 3rd world countries girl gets raped, it's over, continues washing laundry. Dead bitch is a darwin award winner no doubt.


Maybe so, I hadn't considered that. Certainly, going with the flow would be a very Thai thing to do.

you have to give some time because it's unintuitive to go with the flow.

he's saying he would take it up the ass without a fight if a homosexual got him….interesting opportunity anonfags

As always, she got what she deserved. Its still sad. Yes, sad that the kike has completely poisoned our societies with lies like equality, so allowing our women to travel alone and behave like stupid twats. Its really unnecessary to arrest these men, they did exactly what she displayed as if she wanted them to do. Release him.

Eh, isn't that the previous one?

White woman traveling solo is asking for problems. Too bad jews brainwashed them with Hollywood poison.

It would be better if wrote solo traveling or something. I can fix it, but not every picture i post here is some propaganda masterpiece.

Not my fault Thainland is such tourist trap.

it's not her fault. it's not deserved.

hate her is ok but she should be able to go around naked or doing anything she wants in the open without anything happening to her.

I know, right? She should be able to swim with sharks and not get eaten.

Expat girls either travel in groups for protection or shack up with a sexless LBH male expat provider (sex for safety) because in SEA countries they WILL be robbed have their phone snatched and bashed if they are by themselves.

You are an easy target walking around with a smartphone worth more than 6 months salary for the locals and if you have some cash it is going to be a fuck ton for them.

Silly bitch deserved it (well not really us whites are to blame for the media corruption of women that tells them solo travel to "find themselves" is good).

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ok, moishe