Stress Management

What do yall do to manage and relieve stress? Knowing what I know about the state of the world, and the plan to exterminate my people is practically crippling at this point. This is of course on top of the personal shit that we all have to endure in some way. My stress is unreal, and is now manifesting as headaches and worse. I have no local group, and lifting weights and hiking doesn't really make it easier to look at a typical days news headlines. I'm obviously not asking for advice on which drugs to take or anything, more searching for a hobby or some type of practice to keep me sane.

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I ask this here, because the info we deal with and being a tribal White is a type of stress unique to us, at this point in time.

Change your state of mind. Practice mindfulness. Do things that give you a sense of satisfaction / achievement strive to be good at them. Accept that failure is a natural part of life and choose to learn from it move on.
A few things that shouldn't be avoided:

1. Socialising
2. Get sunlight / be amongst nature
3. Get exercise
4. Eat well
5. Not being a nigger

Get with the times joker. This is clown world. We do clown stuff here.

Unreleting faith in the final victory helps. Trust in yourself and your comrades.

Embrace the new world.

first of all stop listening to the doom merchants that deliberately want you to feel this way, and don't be a doom parrot, lead by example, never stop moving and improving, never stop showing compassion for those that deserve it, lift up your true friends and true family with you, and when the time comes (((they))) will be no match for your long-refined strength and light

you have to meditate 10 mins every morning and exert yourself physically and mentally until you are exhausted

congratulations, you fag
war will clear the land of people like you

I like reading Nietzsche mainly thus spoke zarathustra, and beyond good and evil. also might is right by ranger redbeard. mein kampf and occasionally siege. also when it comes to realistic approach to the white seperatist movement i listen to ghost wolf radio, and Tom metzgers broadcast from I've been wanting to post on him for a while he's been in the struggle for decades and has figured out a lot of what to do and not to do plus he's a cheery chap. funny old man still tough as nails ready to kick ass. seriously intelligent. that helps keep me pretty centered and focused on strength in whatever way I may need it. I like getting out every now and again and meeting people. usually I can drop a 101 on em I've even met some folks who browse pol. idk I'm the type I can pull what you really wanna talk about right out of you. sometimes you even score a date that's a good way to blow off steam. I meditate go on walks keep journals make music or something visual. creating is important I suppose and whoever you can. idk man do something you like to do while understanding that part of securing an existence for the white race includes you too and its important you stay cool as ice hard as steel, healthy and relaxed so you can dedicate your clarity to the struggle. keep your Aryan purity your spirit innocent. we all are just trying to defend what we love here by seeking these unpleasant truths. enjoy the struggle you're part of history here. love yourself and your kind and hate those who would want to harm or destroy that. you know what you need to do deep down whatever that is accept and embrace that. and also seek to understand nature more than man. nature has always treated kindly the Aryan who seeks to understand.

also don't lie to yourself when it comes to living in this freak show shit hole. look at yourself your patterns and habits that have been conditioned by the system and what in this corporatist oligarchy you've attached to, that you use as a crutch, and is degenerate, unnatural and will disappear and let that go. the money, redundant philosophy and theology, these used up sluts, drugs, institutions, being enslaved to tech and entertainment, the endless superficial goy consumer lifestyle accessories, and the millions of varieties of Monsanto human feed. the comfort party circle jerk will disappear. man will go back to his natural modality which has very little to do with manufactured cultures of the controlled population density zones. these human zoos. In the meantime blend into the sea of "people" detached from their rumblings and observe when the right moments for necessary action present themselves. become undomesticated. and need as little as possible. gain knowledge and skills useful for the tough times to come. go for the most effective targets when you must act not the nigger down the street. that'll get then care of shoot high. the system is the first and foremost enemy, government and corporations (watch the kikes too but to me there a consequential phenomena that occurs when Aryans don't handle themselves and society with mindfulness all sorts of decay emerges same with muds but the white sellouts and traitors as well) engage to dismantle those not the drones. only deal with drones in a matter that will aide system collapse. when you see what needs to be done and can minimize what the systems influence on you that will usually ease you out and reconstitute your drive and efforts to the 14

Talking to Jesus Christ about the jews and their lies.

I go sometimes innawoods, just making a fire roasting some sausages and leaving some onions to slow cook in the ember. Paradoxically, sometimes I listen to the most infuriating bullshit while tending the fire, but it doesn't captivate and drown me emotionally as it would when I'd listen at home. Most of the time I just be there sitting quietly or playing like a six year old would play with stones in a creek. A few hours like this take me down to Earth for weeks.
Bonus points for being dirt cheap, nobody can take it away (nobody is there to police my bonfire at a creek, come get me if that's ALSO illegal) and nobody will disturb you for hours. If somebody is there, he (almost 100% it is a he) will just greet and go along, because he also seeks this kind of outer and inner silence.
Bonus-bonus point: You never encounter ragheads, shitskins or niggers. Never. They somehow don't even cross a little forest between city parts.

Start laughing at the insanity of the world instead of being stressed about it.

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When it gets a bit much:
Three day fast (water only)
In secluded natural setting.
No phone or other devices.
Maybe some light inspirational reading.
Be present.

More long term maybe try keto?
keto euphoria helps but not everyone gets it.

Another good tip is don’t spend too much time in a virtual world like the internet.

In his early twenties Joseph Goebbels wrote these “ten commandments” for dragging yourself out of depression: (probably helps with stress also)

But you know, being stressed is only natural.

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I sure as fuck don't post shit fucking threads.

Gym, lift weights

The first thing you have to do is to realize that it is not your burden alone to do something against this crazy world. If you believe that you have to find a way to make things right again, it will probably crush you. And I don't mean that you should become defeatist. But all that can be expected from you is to push the system a bit closer to collapse. Because we surely cannot reform the system. We must abolish it.

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praying, lifting weights, sleeping

how long does a pedestrian have to interact with you voluntarily until you are able to pie them in the face and not face simple battery charges? I believe there is a point where they consent to the interaction, acquiesce that they are interacting with a clown as entertainment, and accept the liability that they may be pied in the face. for example, if you wave the pie around like a circus clown, and are dressed like a circus clown, they must be aware what you are going to do with it.


I still have bad days but it helps.

I understand that it is a lot to deal with. I have struggled a long time with weed and lust. They are nothing more than control systems you are actively engaging in. Do not allow you sexual energy to dissipate. Practice semen retention. Strive to be fully conscious at all times, and work toward awareness of ones feelings. Do not lul yourself to sleep with weed and sex. You're no better than the average whore.

Some good advice. Thanks bros. Sex wont be an option for probably awhile though, and weed is for niggers I'm not looking to get fucked up. Shit just adds up after studying the decline and endgame for 20 years.

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Stop paying attention to politics and come here less often.

i plan ways to combat white genocide

-go for a drive
-have a smoke
-go to traditional mass (this is huge for me, it helps me put my worries in perspective)
-read something apolitical, older books are generally better
-get a dog

Just accept honks as consent and/or initiation of physical assault, therefore making your pie delivery legal as long as you run away honking loudly once the target has been blinded and the audience made jolly. Then once you've reached the getaway car have your 24 troupies get out with the tommy guns and pie them with lead.

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They only just climbed down from the trees.

Meditation practice might help. The key thing is practice - dedicating time regularly to cultivate your mind so you're more joyful, loving, compassionate and full of equanimity.

Reading books about meditation and not actually doing cushion time is like reading books on bodybuilding and not letting weights. Just reading a book wont change your brain/mind.

I've lived in meditation conmunities and devoted years to esoteric practices.

Samurai zen (eg watch "ghost dog" and/or read the book "hagakure") has been very helpful for me. But don't just read - meditate too. Samurai zen is probably your style.

If you start out with regular zen (thich nhat hanh) or a practice like metta, it might be too difficult for you. In metta, you practice developing good feelings for your "enemies". When I tried that at first I found it hard to generate good feelings for Guinea worms, and gave up. And even t. Hanh's zen is so hippy dippy I didn't like it.

This book is also awesome

If you know your zen you'll see that M Aurelius is pointing to the same thing. That's basically zen by and for whites.

If you meditate and then do (self-inquiry) via the process at - you'll find that 95% of your suffering goes away, because almost all the time, humans are lost in thoughts about i/me/my and these thoughts make you miserable when you take them seriously. The downside is that if you don't have the typical sense of self you might seem really odd.

You might just skip the meditation and do self-inquiry ( - which is free - but if you've meditated a bit you can do LU in a few days or weeks and get giant ROI.

That (selfinquiry) is a huge tip - lots of people meditate for years and never get that they don't exist as a thing that controls their thoughts, feelings, actions, etc. They don't get that there is only your sensory experience right now, and you don't "do" it. Eg you don't need to do the seeing or translating of these words into English, and then into meaning. It just happens. Your experience just happens, and it is uncaused - you can't find anything making it happen, that can explain why it is like something to be you right now. It's not clear where it (experiencing) comes from. Where does your experience go when you go to sleep? Where does it come from when you wake up? And it is clear this "i" we talk about all the time isn't a thing, with a color and a location. You can point to your body, but that's not you (reading this now), because if we're cut you in half, which would be you? If you're in control of your thoughts, stop thinking. Ok, tell me what you'll be thinking the thoughts from now - you clearly don't exist as a thing controlling your thoughts.

It really is possible to be happy when you are jobless, girlfriend-less, under survillance, facing going to prison and being hated because you don't want whites to go extinct on the planet the way they went extinct in Rhodesia. I get that I can't help it that i fear for the future welfare of whites anymore than others can help that they are afraid of me (for entirely spurious reasons). I really just want world peace.

More tips:

This box works - and if you meditate you'll develop quicker -

Matt Tenney was a prisoner who started meditation in federal prison. Check him out. His first books (out of print) talk about his state of mind (amoral, selfish) that for him in prison. It might resonate with you. He does not sound like a shitlib.

Sam Harris is good on meditation.

Thich Nhat Hanh has "Fidelity". It might put you off because peace and love hippy hippy, but if you're suffering, who cares? If you focus on cultivating joy and relaxation through mindfulness of breath, it will be about 2-3 weeks and you can be super happy just breathing.

I personally like the hagakure by tsunemoto. Samurai zen. It is all about performing under pressure.

I hope we can all bring about world peace. I think meditation might help.

Eats popcorn, the implicit white man snack

What stress?

This is me waiting for that final knock on the door - if they arrest me now, my mugshot will be in a clown suit.

Tsunemoto writes in the hagakure: "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly.” Master Ittei commented, “Matters of small concern should be treated seriously."

Forgot pic

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I play video games, drink beer, and almost two years ago took up smoking.

Currently waiting to die or kill myself if I end up in a worse situation than I'm in now, and I probably will.

Is the shit on your hands for self defence?

Go to a local synagogue and take up yidfly huntin, it’s the new cool thing to do. Everybody is doing it.

I used to have a fucked up biorhythm. When I started going to bed earlier and waking up before 10-11am, I felt a lot better. Try going to bed earlier and eating proper food, in proper amounts and at the right times. Im not a nutritionist or anything, but common sense will tell you what's shit and what's good. Try going on a few runs at least twice a week too, no need to push some limits, a few kilometers is alright for start. If you're some lard ass just go for a walk. Also, eliminate negative people in your life, the ones who add nothing in a conversation and just hate on everything. Drop the video games and go shoot a few hoops, play football or tennis or whatever you're into. Simply enjoy the outside more. Careful tho, socializing with the wrong people will just make it worse.

Just don't take your insulin, put you in a right trance.

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I laugh at retards who make posts about stress on a NS.

Be helpful in some way - learn something useful & know that your ancestors weren't a soft vagine like you. Learn tactics - use your superior brain & figure things out that need to be done.

So either kill yourself or go kill jews. No other action will ever change anything.

Go to the Gym, do a Sport, engage in an intellectual hobby. The basics user. The SIG basics.

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I would first take a hair mineral analysis and see what is wrong internally. A lot of stress and other symptoms is usually a vitamin/mineral deficiency which can cause parts of your body to overwork to compensate. For example, after my analysis in my consultation i was found to be in a constant fight or flight mode which was draining my adrenals all day. One thing that was suggested which really helped was to find a nice adrenal glandular supplement which i have found to work very well. Make sure its high quality, mine is $70 a bottle.

I could go on and on but the advice is unique to the person so get a HMA and see whats up.

I beat a shitskin. No lol, don't care if you believe me or not. Random, usually young and male. The comedown from the adrenaline later is exhausting. Sleep great after that. I REALLY like violence. Like I would rather kick someone in the face with steal toed boots then fuck a qt. I did enough of the later when I was young. I don't recommend either though, it's just me.

You need to be detached to a degree, not entirely, you must be aware of the unfolding tragedy but you must be detached from it enough so that it does not hinder you. Yes Hitler lost the war, yes we're being genocided and betrayed by everyone and everything, yes you cannot tell the truth to nigh any soul and even if you did they would in all likelihood not want to hear it, even if you put your very soul and body to the singular task of holding onto the fragments of civilization it is not enough for only group effort may be able to in some way to salvage that, and yes the world is fast descending into terminal darkness it may never recover from in anyway.

But you know what, you're still here, i am still here and so are many men all over the world who still possess the virtues and the manhood of our forefathers. That indomitable spirit that conquered every continent, every depth, every height that this world has known, that forged every tool and thing and created every great work and organization, that great European spirit is still there it is inside every one of us, you must only seek it.

So i ask of you do not despair, do not give into hopelessness, focus. Focus on yourself first, be right, be well, be ready, be good. But that does not mean you cannot have a beer every now and then and that you cannot enjoy things. You should, god knows you have more right to such leisure's than about anybody else on this earth in this time. But do not squander your time either use it to accomplish goals, productive, intellectual or financial or whatever you set your mind to.

Whatever happens in the future we do not know, and perhaps our enemy do not know for sure either, so forge out of yourself the man your hour demands and when you are done and you are fine, seek out others, no matter what happens it only makes sense to seek those who you can depend on. A family in spite of all the insidious poisons levied against that very notion today should not be forsaken either, no matter how unlikely making one in this time seems. Under all circumstances these are the things that will benefit you the most. And what will benefit you the most will benefit us all the most.

Who knows what the threads of destiny and faith have in store for us all in this nightmare reality not of our own making, but who knows what might happen, if the right man is in the right place at the right time, no matter how unlikely the odds maybe, just maybe there is a faint light at the end of the tunnel.

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Marry her and make babies or gtfo

work out. fat nationalists get the gas too.

I will attempt to keep this from reading like a blog post, bare with me.
Everyone deals with stress, few learn how to master it. Spend a weekend and dive deep into your mind, ask yourself tough questions, like, "what am I afraid of?", "why do I react to x like this?", "does this hold power over me?"
Understand your stress, embrace your stress, YOU are ultimately in control of every minuscule thought that passes through your mind. Your subconscious may pickup on something that you're unaware of, so keep that in mind.
I used to deal with lots of stress.
Until I accepted that I will die someday.
I suggest reading "The book of 5 rings".
I am human, I still feel all emotions, including stress. But stress does not have any control over my life.
Don't dwell on the problems of the world, be aware of them, but remember user you're not alone.
Find a good woman, a good hobby, change your job, embrace family, learn something new, take a week and do nothing yes seriously take a fucking week off and recharge, it'll do wonders, volunteer to teach something you're good at.
How about, take a month off of /pol. Don't worry user, there are plenty of anons here who can keep the fucking torch lit so you can find your way back.
/Pol needs men/woman of sound mind/body/soul if we are to beat the (((fucking kikes))) for the future of our world.
Accept that death will come, embrace every moment before it passes, love every second good or bad.
Don't forget to subscribe to Pewdiepie

Just know in your head that one day, you will get to save your people. That's what I do. Works pretty well for me at least.

I say worry but don't let the worrying cripple your life. (((They))) do not care as much about you knowing about them, although the psyops will seem like it, but more so that you are afraid of (((them))).

Do not fear the Jew and their braindead puppets. By existing every day, you are a thorn in their side. The more you improve yourself, redpill people, and work to have a white family, the more you turn that thorn and cause them pain.

Death to the kikes. Hail victory, brother. Hitler did not make it in a single day, neither will we, but as he and others have made it, so will we.

"Those who want to live, let them fight, and those who do not wish to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live"

fuck off pothead faggot

Remember: all stress is in the mind.

8ch and voat can be telescopic magnifiers of black-pills, so if you're getting physically stressed out - DO NOT VISIT EVERYDAY. Take a break. Only let positive things or shows get into your mind. Chill out.

Remember, the kikes are most stressed out than us. They are in a constant state of paranoia and stress which often results in them overplaying their hand. Also a kikes perception of reality is the "The Jew vs the World", so they see EVERY single other race and country as a threat, tool or slave. They are never at peace until they attempt to eventually enslave the planet.

Remember there is only like 20 million or less Jews on the planet and probably 800 million+ white Europeans/Russians/Slavs etc. They are way down in numbers.

Also, change your perception of the decline of the world. From a naturalist point of view, those Europeans who mix breed and mongrolize with arabs or africans actually exit out of the European gene pool permanently (natural selection, which is a good thing). Those who remain will carry the torch of civilization.

It all comes down to changing your brains perception of things so it's less stressful.

I think there's a lot I could do for the people of this world, especially Germans and their subordinates, but I fear I would be assassinated before I could effect the change I envision. I think a nice, supplemental-to-memes production from this board would be exhaustive essays, either printed on a few pages or delivered as a speech, which would serve to adequately red pill normies and offer a vision for the future with actionable directives, to serve as a last speech given before theoretical assassination to clear the speech-giver's conscience before death.

Shit like, "we all know corruption runs rampant at the highest levels of government and commerce, but few of us bother to understand its origins and mechanisms."

then talk about all the things: lobbying, planned obsolescence, rockefeller medicine, all wars are bankers wars, media consolidation, social engineering, technology suppression, america's secret establishment, central banking, holocaust truth etc, etc,. Give your rhetoric ethos with quotes and assassinations from/of high-value individuals.

then offer a vision for the future with UBI, life extension, adequate mapping of resources and efficient distribution thereof and comprehensive education for its management. free education and a path to self-actualization for all.

Leave them with a visceral sense that their liberties have been infringed upon and their potential for prosperity intentionally cut short. Illustrate a well-defined central plutocratic enemy and give them talking points and mottos and action steps. Maybe put central banking at the center of all modern tyrannical outshoots and "meme" End the Fed into a central American political tenet.

Moral of the story: short, exhaustive essays to support our cause will serve as a force-multiplier in tandem with disparate, dispersed memes that will over time to avenge our fallen leader, in whose name we will rule over the planet gallantly for 1000 years.

Most russians get the rope, I'm talking 90-95%

Are you talking from your Jewish perspective?

Yes I understand you Jews hate Russians, lots of expulsions and pogroms for the last 2000 years. It's pretty obvious why there is Jew hatred towards Russia.

Present day, KGB King Putin seems to really be fucking up the Oded Yinon Plan by backing Syrian. Good reason for more hate?


You can try some of the short meditations on YouTube.

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Just realize your limitations as a human being, you don't need to change anything except yourself and prepare. Everyone dies eventually anyway so focus on positive things and simply resolve yourself.

calling me a yid doesn't make me a yid. Jews don't hate Russians. All Russian propaganda is pro-Israeli, pro-Jew, pro-Muslim, pro-Christian. Genocide is the only pragmatic answer. Prove me wrong.

Yes, reading books about meditation is not enough.

It's like thinking about doing push ups, instead of doing push ups.

Every moment , every second is the perfect time to meditate, nothing is more important, don't delay it. You have to do it daily.

It's like tooth brushing, you do it every day no matter where you are or how tired you are.

Start with one of those short 20 minute meditation videos on YouTube. Anyone can do it. Honestly, jogging is more complicated than meditation, it's so simple.

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Sage advice bros. My goal is to move further out into the country, get some dogs, build a shooting range, and stop going to the gym and instead just own my own weight set at home. build a fire pit and get cozy. might try some of the other stuff in here too. thanks again.

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Killing jews and niggers without them being able to expose me.


I sprint a mile and yell from the bottom of my gut, imagining I'm ripping apart jews. Weights don't do it for me.

Read Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, the one of two philosopher kings in history. Having a stoic mind is like being a clear pond in the storm. Practice it every day and you will eventually reach the mind of a sage.

Learn to breathe properly, meditate, exercise regularly.

The more well rooted you are in the basics of mental/spiritual/physical/emotional aspects of life, the better you will be.

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I'm going to try and condense down a somewhat complex subject. But this should get you started.

Stress depletes magnesium and calcium. Magnesium is essential to serotonin production. Calcium is essential to dopamine production. No amount of even "good" exercise will help if you're not restoring essential electrolytes and nutrients. Speaking of exercise, if you're not obtaining Glutamine, you're now losing gains and GABA. Don't neglect Potassium either.

More importantly, you have to understand the effects of cortisol. Cortisol is your body's "stress," aka "wear & tear" aka "fight or flight" hormone. Exercising helps your body's regulation of it, which is good, but if it's already too high, you will only get more cortisol. Cortisol keeps you awake and blocks your body's attempts at healing during sleep.

To reduce it can be easy or challenging depending on your lifestyle. Reduce or eliminate caffeine entirely. Caffeine stimulates the adrenal gland which is where cortisol is produced. Look up and take adaptogenic herbs. I highly recommend Ashwagandha and Rhodiola Rosea, and DGL Licorice.

As others have mentioned, stress management requires an active state of mind in combating it. Proper diet and protocol consisting of adaptogenic herbs helps take the edge off.

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I have tinnitus in both ears from the military, how the fuck do I meditate? I've tried it and the only thing I can hear are my ears ringing

Ever watch the Accountant? Remember that scene where he was pretty much blasting music, lights and overloading his senses? That's also an type of meditation on the other end of the extreme. Same way old monks would use pain and deprivation to induce 'closeness' to god. Or people would haul off to some waterfall/whitewater environment. All of these are just tools in the kit to get you to pull yourself away and into an different mindset, to break the typical comfort zone effect of repetitive patterns in life in order to obtain an different outcome. Ever notice some soldiers overseas would go into an 'zone' when shit happens and operate almost without any emotion or response but were exceedingly 'intense' in action and purpose while most others were amped up on emotional reaction? Some people can take that sensory overload and channel it into an altered state of mind were everything but what matters melts away and yet everything is processing, another type of meditation in its own way.

If silence and peace cannot do it for you, go an alternate extreme. Humans are very adaptable.

i play vidya while stacking silver, bullets and anything else that will useful for the collapse.

Dreaming of the day to put a bullet in jews, nigs, muslims and traitors.

Prepare yourself user, the time is near when we take back our destiny.

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Do stuff related to pic related as you dehumanize yourself.

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I'm delighted to see there are real meditators here.

You might read about me soon - going in for my red flag hearing Tuesday. Might get arrested there. Or perhaps sooner if they do it to me that way. My understanding is that I have done no crimes, but my trolling is so compulsive, scary and makes me look like an evil guy, so I expect to get run through the system.

I will do all I can to get arrested in a rainbow clown wig. I often wear a clown suit at home, in case they raid.

I got to this point because of Sam Harris and

Sam's "free will" was huge, but his "waking up" and did the rest

I think Sam might live at
1* S O**e **e
P* ****s.

That's a zero knowledge proof - or at least that's my intention. A blog had his address (a while ago) and am putting it out here so he can make sure he and his family can be safe - because he might get blamed if/when I get arrested.

If I know his potential address, whomstever lives there needs to be careful in case some crazies try to attack him. I trust he has the money to protect himself given the zipcode. I'm not revealing his address in full because that might be illegal, and I definitely want him and his family to be safe and happy. His actions have led to me being happy in unspeakably difficult times.

If Sam had had some white nationalists on his show and demolished them, I probably would have been swayed and would not be looking a being a political prisoner for the foreseeable future.

I expect to get shafted despite never having done a crime. Sam's excellent take on free will had me loving my enemies and no self has me suffering 95% less than previously. But it has me here too.

Now I just want W.P. - world peace.

And for the people I scared - I'm sorry. I know fear isn't nice. Unfortunately I'm wired to troll, just as you're wired to hate/fear/despise me and want to hurt me.
Sam Harris and I get that as we dont choose our minds (no body does) none of us have free will. None of us can be any different than we are. So love and compassion arise naturally, even for gamers or parasites. I genuinely wish my haters well. And I'm sorry to everyone I've bothered so far and all I will bother as long as I live. Unfortunately I could not have done otherwise.

Do /sig/

Making a personal media server to hold my own version of hulu. All redpilled tv shows.

Having one or many hobbies is always good, but if they are purely used as a means of escapism, then you won't ever feel better. It may sound trite, however the reality is that you need to search within to find a sens of balance. Shit, being a bulwark for the White race against an entire world is not an easy position to be in, especially when you're bombarded by a constant stream of propaganda designed to make you feel helpless and alone.

My little lad is the future. I've made sure that as many aspect of his life is healthy and redpilled as possible. He's only a month old, but he's escaped circumcision and I'm currently researching if there is any safe method of vaccination for him (currently not). He will be a rationally educated lad from the comfort of home. I'm in a racially (nearly) homogeneous society who already practice above (White) standard behavior (not saying I'm kike-ish, only that it's higher than what we usually as Whites expect).
Having his future as my laser-focus really cuts out most of the unimportant or unmanagable aspects of my life. He already has a credit union account with an amount going into it every month, I'm investing in various types of sources of revenue (We practice what 'The Richest Man in Babylon' has to offer) and he will be educated in the successful tried-and-true methods of success.
I pick up various tidbits from here and other sources (some controversial to Zig Forums like Stefan Molyneux, but can filter what is good). I am also slowly chipping away my personal flaws and failures as I focus on him: I have plans to work on continued weight-loss and exercise, types of food, relationship to sugar and sweets, and all other practices for physical and mental health. My wife is one of the most wholesome and un-tainted women I know, who genuinely experiences classic things as if it were the first time (She's watching the Lucy Show lately but has leave it to beaver next), knows the domestic skills and does all them as if it's her duty.
Sorry for the blog-post, but it is a worthy goal for all men to arrange their lives in order to achieve this blessed and happy path that I'm going along. Men: cultivate the virtues in yourself and seek them out in your future (or current) spouse. Prepare your life for your children so that way they are raised in a wholesome manner and ready for the future. If this is not possible for you, please set things in order to be a good influence on whoever you can and see to it that the future is secured for the following White generation; you are in unique roles to fight in whatever manner you can against the enemy. I (and others) are your kindred. Good luck to you all!

Find some vector and fight for victory in it harder, this could be in your personal life, in your learnings or some other creative avenue. This is how you should relieve so called "stress".

"The readiness to sacrifice one's personal work and, if necessary, even one's life for others shows its most highly developed form in the Aryan race. The greatness of the Aryan is not based on his intellectual powers; but rather on his willingness to devote all his faculties to the service of his community." -Adolf Hitler

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Done. Thanks for the tip!
World Peace!

Well Fed….for stress relief some publish light reading material, or drop off a few well written magazines at the local mosque.
There was an Aussie who did both last month.

Done. Thanks for the tip!
World Peace!

Ontario user reporting in. How do I even measure my stress? I know I have insanely high stress levels and I have been in the ward before but what is the best way to actually physiologically measure how much stress my body is in so I can be aware of it and actively address it when I see the signs? I struggle with insomnia and aches and soreness and such. I also find that a little time with Zig Forumsacks IRL does amazing things for me stress wise but I rarely get to meet any Zig Forums anons.

I have chronic issues with over-exercise.

I am planning on changing how I exercise so I stop as soon as I feel warm / slightly sore and no further. I think I will get better sleep and better results.

Currently I spend several hours at the gym going hardcore, every single day, and it leaves me in so much pain I have to go to an RMT and a chiropractor to unfuck myself, and I can barely sleep even with sleeping pills and Rub A535.

I like to exercise insane amounts as it stops the pain mental and physical for awhile as the adrenaline masks it but then it all comes back but worse. It's an addiction it seems…

Make sure you workout regularly to physically and mentally tire yourself so you can sleep and cant stress so much. Dont read Zig Forums all day and get stressed, make sure you have some hobbies and socialize with people with those same interests. Just realize you dont have to be in the Zig Forums mindset all day every day

Meditation and aerobic exercise like running and swimming do help.

Have yourself tested for high blood pressure.

You said you are not interested in drugs. However, beta blockers, which are drugs that treat high blood pressure, also have mild anxiolytic properties. That means they reduce anxiety. Stress. This is not widely reported.

Atenolol and metoprolol are prescription beta blockers that are not controlled substances. That means medical doctors who prescribe them are not under heavy scrutiny in US. Side effect with atenolol: more frequent urination.

Do you have some good sources for it? I've looked around already but haven't found it. I'm looking for non-ejaculatory practices, not coitus conservatus.

Dont give up

My 20 cents:

I do combatives and so should you.

bad advice and it's illegal in most states unless it's legally called a green or bikepath

Listen to some soul healing music.

1. Lift heavy things repeatedly
2. Practice Hitler speaches

I don't have stress in my life. I just stopped caring.

Also kys for using niggerized words.

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KYS kike


A daily low dose of xanax has changed my life. I actually feel human again.