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And the price for living in Cuckifornia just keeps on rising.
I almost feel bad for the poor sops, then I realise that this is karma fir helping turn the USA into Mexico 2.0

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This is Venezuela's fault. They should help their fellow hombres by surrendering to Israel.

There are more than a dozen of refineries in California so if the entire refineries is to close down now then commiefags are doomed to pay more or stop driving forever.

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California is a frustrating place to live. The weather is godly, the ecology is amazing; the women are beautiful. But the metropolitan areas dominate the local government, and they keep electing the same people no matter how bad they fuck up.

Part of the problem is that we absorb the limp-wristed faggots from the fly-over states. San Francisco actually has a pretty high turnover rate; fags die young. Half the fags in SF have a midwest accent. Please please please, stop exporting your faggots here.

I agree with you but this is democracy for us so we cannot execute them swiftly.

Jesus. Anyone remember when gas was $5 a gallon nation wide after the 08 crash? Californias done for

The great depression but in the west coast when?

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Fees are Taxable.
California Stupidity;
33% tax on fruit bought through a vending machine.
California still boasts the highest state income tax rate in the nation.
The highest sales tax rate in the U.S..
The 5th highest gas tax in the country. And don’t worry, if you drive an electric car they’ll still charge you a $100 annual fee for “offsetting your gas taxes”.
The only state in the U.S. that taxes carbon emissions.
Issues some of the most expensive traffic tickets in the nation. It is actually the highest when you count in the insurance premium hit.(when cars drive themselves and no moving violations tickets are issued, where will CA get the Billions in lost revenue from? maybe repeal prop 13 in a save the state bill?)
Requires licenses for 198 different occupations (the most in the nation). The national average is only 96.

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Commiefornia is a hellhole. The only time it was ever good and gained the positive reputation it did was when it was a solid red state.

Texas is next down the shitter unless they do something.


It's almost like they are unintenionally trolling the niggers they invite in and getting them to commit crime.

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Rapefricans are on the east coast. Mexicans are on the west coast.

The rampant gang activity in the state gets even worse with each passing year. (Los Angeles is deemed “Gang Capital of America”).
Violent crime rate is the 13th highest in the nation.
Accounts for 12.15% percent of the U.S. population, but a whopping 30% percent of Americans that receive TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and MOE live there. This amounts to almost 7 billion dollars per year.

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The good news is that the Mexicans cleaned out or are cleaning out nigger areas like Compton. Of course the bad news is now they're infested with Mexicans. But I'm impressed that there isn't a single racewar between Mexicans and niggers where the niggers won. They lost ALL OF THEM.

Oy, serves them right for not driving a tesla.

This post makes Bill Gates sad. He spent so much of fortune trying to cure nigger diseases. And Mexicans start killing all the niggers.

Blacks moved to Palmdale Lancaster after the Earthquake with FEMA Gibs.
Now MX have taken over Palmdale, and soon Lancaster, MX already took over China Town, pushed Asians to Pasadena-etc.
Total CA, not just L.A.;
CA Hispanic is Majority
CA White Alone is Minority

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The fighting ability of a large percentage of niggers seems to be somewhere between nil and zero.

A study in military incompetence
by Nick Downie

etc etc

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Foreign cunt. We didn't ask the wets to come here. Kike millionaires in the Central Valley like cheap labor, Democrats like cheap votes, and Republicans like not being called racist. So here we are. The best white land in the world is now overrun and the white refugees are fleeing. You're probably laughing at that, since you're either a traitor or a nigger. When we fix this, it will be with unflinching brutality.

Found this, because you are a faggot.

Doesn't explain why cali gas is $4 my state is above 50 cents and the average is a little less then 3 dollars and cheaper if you go to Costo

Isnt la 15% jewish?

1. Not a thread.
2. This was the case for almost a decade after 9/11. It’s not news.


Ausfags pay $7 per Gallon, just to keep it in perspective.

States regularly divert named taxes into their general funds to pay for things not listed in the tax proposal.

What are they?
As the name implies, a general fund is a large account which a governing body can use to fund any project.
What does this mean?
California is using "gas" tax to fund browns and welfare while allowing transportation infrastructure to crumble.


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voters are definitely dumb as shit, have you ever spoken to one? They know nothing, they are cattle

We're talking about real money user, not your monopoly play money. :^)

How many of those “whites” are arabs or jews?

7 in american or Aussie?

California is Spanish Quebec.

In USD and in US gallons.

All paper money is monopoly play money, user.

They're rolled in with "whites" because they are (((white))) user.

Burger have a cellphone bill tax?
Thats one greedy government.
How do they justify a cellphone tax? Surely the cell towers are privately owned.

You wanted 15 dollar minimum wage? Here's your reward. Yang gang

Connecticut is just as bad. We have a high gas tax that was supposed to be used for transportation ONLY, but every government department has been digging into it and it's all gone. So what do these morons in this state do? They vote in yet another Democrat. One who ran on installing tolls on the highways, but only for truckers. Now that's he's in office that's changed to tolls for everyone. Liberals are incapable of learning.

Not all things considered liberalism are brain damage. I personally have no issue with collectivism, as long as it is voluntary and not coerced. If taxes were optional, I think we'd have a much greater return on our public services.

I stopped caring when PNW gas pricing was more than CA even when living near a petrol refinery.

I'm talking about Democrat voters.

California's environmental regulations require a special blend of gas that contains more additives and they're the only state with such stringent regulations, thus the number of producers willing to make that custom blend is limited. California also has no intra-state pipeline network so whatever is produced has to be transported over the toad rather than to regional depots.

And yet American'ts wonder why they're perceived as stupid in the rest of the word.

Not all of you faggots, but i'm sure many of them reside in commiefornia

It's un-American to attack the intelligence of the people as a whole. Jews who think they can do better with their programs are what caused America's downfall.

You tolerated them, it's your own fault.

I almost feel bad for the poor sops, but then I remember that I live in Louisiana and that those "poor sops" can go fuck themselves.

Connecticut is strait fucked. There is no way out.
Their "teir1" workers are all retiring now. Boomers who made 100k/yr there was a trooper who made 300k last year only had to work 20 years then get to retire with full pension and medical. They could live for another 30 years. Some even end up "double dipping" and getting a 2nd 20 years in at another agency. Then they move to Florida to avoid income taxes.

The leftist Malloy even admitted in his last year that every single cent that comes in from the tax increases does nothing but service the debt payments. He did nothing to fix the coming shitstorm when he was in office. His whole plan was to escape to DC with a seat on Hillarys cabinet while the state crashed and burned.

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Here is a bit on how "sales" "tax" goes in the US.
The dumb thing is that "tax" could have simply been placed in the business overhead and the customer pays the same and never notices. However, to keep merchants from fighting the "tax" and "fees", the merchants are allowed to pass the "tax" and "fees" on to the customer. Customers are lazy faggots who already "paid" with monies and time and do not want to fight for anything just watch the niggerbowl as if it isn't the biggest cultural appropriation event in the world.

Confirmed police and gvt workers are actual cancer on society.

In their defense governments everywhere tax whatever they think they can get away with. I didn't think my country taxed cell phones until I just Googled it.

All those Whites have to be either really old, the top 0.5% elites (all ofv whom are probably shabbos), "white" (jews and sandniggers) or working in the film industry. There's no White culture left in LA outside of general hipster/richy rich culture labeled as "White" but isn't so.

You aren't as subtle as you think, fucking kike.

There is a huge difference. The city limits have always been mostly hispanic. Though it was Iberian Hispanics until the 80's/90's then mayanos started coming.

Yeah, but their average wages are higher. If you compare average wages to things like grocery/gas/etc cost, they work out about the same.

I don't understand the hate for Californians. If only whites voted in California Trump would have won - same as every other state. The reason the state passes so much stupid shit is because politicians import voters from Mexico, and law enforcement doesn't do their job to catch them. It's funny how on one hand you guys make fun of Californians for continuing to live in such a hell hole, and on the other hand you scream and bitch when they try to leave and move to your neighborhood. If this is you, sorry but it's only going to get worse as the 20 million or so whites high tail it the fuck out of there in the next decade.

Also, does anyone know where I can find a good source for Californian demographics? Every census keeps including hispanics in the white category, wtf is that shit?

The reason they complain is because most Californians who come into their neighborhood are shitlibs who vote for and promote the same policies that made their cities so shit in the first place

Probably to wage war on auto ownership.

"I had this wealthy friend who longed for taxes that would drive the poor off the roads so that just the rich could cruise around at top speed in empty streets like the communist party apparatchiks did in the Soviet Union."

"the mayor of Vancouver did this with a $10 million dollar bike lane to the downtown business district that ran to the two blocks that his house and the house of a major Paki financial backer lived on, effectively making their street a gated community that only residents could drive into . Verrrry clever."

Really? California is like 1/3rd white and half of those women are probably porn whores, considering most pornography is produced there and how much there is.


You find chinks and spics attractive?

The ENTIRE State of CA;
Hispanic is NOW Majority.
White Alone is Minority.
Hispanic or Latino, percent 39.1%
White Alone, NOT Hispanic or Latino, percent 37.2%

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The asian girls are actually the best girls in the state. They are by far the only women on average that maintain a sense of feminity and feel shame for committing degenerate behaviors. Every other race is basically trying to compete on who can be the biggest whore.


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With South Korea in the state that it is, can you really say that, user?

They live like american girls with shitty gym shorts/yoga/pajama pants for outdoor wear, feminism and degeneracy.
If it's socially acceptable then no, they will feel no shame, because that's how all women operate.
Asians are the biggest whores for white men, over half of them prefer a white man over an Asian man. They dislike spics, muds and niggers but if you're of the correct race then they will whore themselves out for you.

Tbh if it looks like we have no hope in 10 years I'll probs just get a gook/chink/nip and have a few hapa spawns.

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Because you pussies vote to bring them in, even though they're being stomped to death in their own state White Californians keep pushing for their own demise. Kill yourself.

You're exactly like White women who fuck niggers. You disgust me.


Ya that's what I'm doing. I don't regret my decision, my girlfriend is a great person and I'm happy. I tried to get a tradition white girl. They don't exist and the ones that do are all married by 22 anyway.

I guess you haven't met many asian girls then. I can tell you that 90% of the asian women I have dated, including my current girlfriend don't fit your stereotypes. They don't curse, they cover their mouth when they laugh, no social media, and they don't drink. There are plenty that are corrupted but if you grew up in a (((melting pot))) like me, you become racist enough to spot the difference. Once you understand you can easily target the right asians. I wish I could say the same of the white girls in this state but I can't. They are all trashy liberal arts majors riding cock carousels or trailer trash.

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They drive shorter distances.ublic transportation is actually really good compared to just about everywhere in the US. Colorado comes close, but they are loaded with other problems.

Fags go to the Fag metropolis that is and always will be SF, stop crying and maybe Brexit your state and make Jefferson a reality

They moved to other states to escape the hellhole and implemented the harmful policies from Cal on other states. It is like aggressive cancer spreading all over the body.

Let me explain to the hate for Californians, as someone who lives here. They really and truly believe in socialism and equality seek to implement it. See, they pop up in well-off, beautiful cities where there's a thriving middle class and want to try and make things like that for everyone. So, they vote for socialists who raise taxes, increase gibs, and decriminalize loitering all in the name of protecting the poor and disenfranchised. But all this does is attract more niggers and the homeless. With the increase of niggers and homeless, their prisons start filling up because niggers gonna nig and homeless gonna get high and collapse in a gutter after shitting against the wall of some mom and pop store. So rather than addressing the issues, the socialists decriminalize even more behavior and de-fang their police departments. This gives the niggers and homeless free reign and attracts even more of them, who take even more gibs. And in order to fund these gibs, the taxes are raised higher and higher, while the city enters a decline because the streets become littered with needles and shit while nignog gangs murder each other in the alleyways. So, in order to deal with the new murder problem, the socialists enact gun control laws which does absolutely nothing but make things worse for the law abiding citizens who remain.

Now as the city gets worse and worse, more people start moving. Some of these people are normal, right wing people who have done nothing wrong and just had to poor misfortune to live in a city that got taken over by socialists. The problem, like everything, comes from these arrogant socialists. Once their streets start become breeding grounds for cholera and hepatitis, do you think they try to fix what they've done? Hell no. They look around and say 'Wow, this used to be such a beautiful place what happened to it?' and then move someplace else. If not out of state then out of county. They move someplace where the cost of living is lower because they don't have high taxes, someplace where the number of non-whites is lower because they have no gibs, and someplace where the streets are cleaner because they keep the homeless and drug addicts in line and don't encourage them. And they buy a house there (at far above market value to outbid any natives), look around and say, 'Wow, this place is great! Too bad about all the selfish, racist right wingers not doing anything for the poor.'. And then the whole process starts over again.

They are locusts. They are a walking, talking, arrogant plague that destroy cities and salt the earth and they don't even have the decency to lie down in the mess they made, or even try to clean it up.

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I am from a war torn third world shithole and even I hate californians. Your levels of gay and fag are worldwide notorious.

well written; capped

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That is a high quality post so keep it up good work, user.


This too.

Not karma, exactly, but rather the inevitable result of bad policy.

I have to drive more than a 100 miles each day to my shitty City job in Los Angeles.

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Sadly they will never learn so I doubt they will change their dangerous stupid beliefs.

Quit driving and start riding on the bike. Use your brain, you useless idiot.

good. fuck california. i hope everyone there dies of aids.

this. i seriously want a ban on californian immigration. they shouldn't be allowed into other states.

My Software Company hired a few gook chicks last year, because "diversity", I hate them as much as the pajeets. More so, since two of the gook chicks married White men and use the husbands' European last names.

Riding a bike 100 miles every day? Also I don't think you'll ever want to use Los Angeles public transport, even the trains are pretty third world.

Yes, get up very early and get fit. It’s good for your heart. Stop paying the taxes, faggot.

Frankly the states are much better off becoming nations.

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Fuck America, you faggot.

Stop projecting.

Good work on the high quality posting. Keep it up. Now this is what seperates 8ch from the 4um deluge!
But, how can whites stop them?

You are proving my point that they are still the best women in California. The wife is supposed to take the last name. The vast majority of white women in California would either make the man take her last name because it breaks the (((patriarchy))) or hyphenate their last name to include both. Many progressive women see the practice of taking the husband's name as backwards and outdated. What those gook chicks did is actually very traditional and telling.


In the bay area there are a lot of chiggers. They're not as savage, but can be just as obnoxious as actual niggers. It's kind of like Brazil where you have to go to nice areas to find decent people however A LOT of the (((whites))) up her are if not part jewish. As of consequence, there are a lot of Happa kikes too.The worst personalities I've encountered have been half lampshade half gong mongrels. Extremely insecure, autistic and they find it difficult to find anything outside of monetary value out of something.