Putin's russia becoming world's AIDS capital and a mess

Russians are afraid of contracting HIV from mosquitoes


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And there's the daily anti-Russian shilling + slide combo from tel aviv.

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Stop sucking russian dick then. Now these PSAs are essential for AIDS prevention.

Faggot kike thread.

It would be healthey if russians had aversion to both fucking in the ass and mosqitoes. Being afraid of mosqitoes spreading AIDS while fucking with strangers in the ass is sign of shizophrenia.

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China's greatest ally.

Describe the show Redacted Tonight to us, its on Russia Today and anyone who watches that channel should know what it is.

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Theyre coming for the muslims and mexicans! White privilege! Trumps a bigot!
-Russian state media

Better exterminate the gays rather than just settle for intolerance.

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russia's hiv is so high because the government refuses to allow needle exchanges in gyms and homeless shelters. this is why aids is running rampant in the drug addict and steroid communities.

fake news, they actually hate each other

Should have stayed away from Judeo-Capitalism.

Americans and subsequently many American Zig Forumstards are taught by media to think in binary capeshit sort of mentality where even if their own gov are undeniably scum, the alternative power structure that would gladly tear them another asshole must the the good guy.
So Russia must be great, Russians are not way too often niggerish scum with double and triple Slavshit morality and Russification of Europe is supportable way and Jewtin must be their savior of all hwyte nations.
Don't forget about the Jewish Holocaust and fap to child models.

You've said nothing about the actual aids rate, only about people's perceptions of how AIDS is transmitted.

I googled it and apparently its spreading rapidly, and almost 1% of the adult population has it. For comparison its 0.3% in the states and almost exclusively blacks and gays.

Nah, this shit is everywhere. Some Russian Zig Forumstards and many normalfags think in binary

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Oh, so nothing of value is being lost then. Good to know that Russia is curbing the drug problem in an inventive fashion.

Russia super power by 2025

First Sexual Revolution in the world happened in Russia, 1917.
If you want to know how the USA and EU will look like by year 2091, look at Russia 1991, but with iPhone XXXI. Our past is your future.

Alahu akbar

HIV doesn't cause AIDS.
Where are the photos of all these millions of AIDS sufferers?
Where is the video of the AIDS wards filled with dying young women?
I mean, we have all seen video from Slavic orphanages, so they're clearly not squeamish about making it.
Where is the video?
Where is the video?
Putin is publishing bogus stats on "AIDS" to help the jew push condoms on the West

Lurk more.
Nearly all those studies are (((NGO))) projections coming from a 1998 WHO guesstimate.
At no point are the actual Russian health authorities involved because they literally REFUSE to treat people that engage in risky behavior (gays, junkies and prostitutes) as it's a waste of pricey meds.

AIDS is a fucking BLOODBORNE infection, it's not the fucking flu, it's IMPOSSIBLE to catch with a healthy lifestyle.

The whole thing about anti AIDS is a pro-GAY and pro-degeneracy crusade.
Yes… but the chances are EXTREMELY LOW, it's below 0.2% for a healthy heterosexual coit, with treatment the rate mother to children transmission is BELOW 1%. ( doi.org/10.1586/eri.10.94 ).

What significantly augment transmission risk is UNHEALTHY partners (with preexisting STDs, aka whores) and all the sexual practices that encourage the tearing down of mucous membranes (sodomy, repeated felatio, etc…)

AIDS is the self-cleaning oven of society, which is why the usual suspects are so worried about it and so engaged in fighting it.

This is meaningless in the grand scheme of things. I noticed the Russia-hate shilling had reduced after Mueller, but they just can't help themselves

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Russian women though, worth the risk.

Not going through the backdoor also massively reduces the infection.

I see no problem here

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It's far lower that that, pretending for a moment that it's a thing.
Check the CDC stats and understand what you're reading i.e the definitions in use.
White male rate within hetero relationship with a White woman who is not in the "high-risk" group, is so incredibly low that it's lumped into the "other causes" category.

The main problem with Russia is that they act like an eastern multicultural USA, with their vast empire of muslime and asiatic populations. That's not a dig against Russians, just a reality of things as I see it. Western Europe is of course completely fucked, too. Not a reason to give up, but obstacles that can be recognized.

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Because they are. Had been for 101 years and counting.

Does HIV stay dormant in those eggs, or does it die?

As a contraceptive. It was tradition from Soviet times to avoid pregnancies. They had no condoms, or those were difficult to obtain. That is the reason why many girls from the east do willingly anal. It is like their first time.

Don't do anal and if only with a condom!

That's like toads being afraid of catchings warts.

I hope they pay you for this, Vovan.

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So all the commies posting everyone were the real Russian bots all along?

Just hang up one picture of this and and any man looking at the picture would be simply taken away and deported to America.

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in eastern europe it is customary for drug addicted men to pimp out their girlfriend in order to support their habit, so the johns come home, infect their wives and before you know ta-daaa its a russian aids baby.

lol, at this stage i think all girls globally willingly do anal.

Yes and no.
Borshtniggers like to seed discord, so they support financially and ideologically both far left and far right groups outside of Russia. The contemporary Russian state has no ideology whatsoever (aside of "get the money" and "let's keep this sinking ship afloat for as long as possible"), but its executives are all derived for Stalinist national-bolshevist era, so they behave accordingly.

Russia is not eastern Europe though. It's Northern Nigeria.

delet tred

never been proven that it cannot be passed by mosquito..this is a lie repeated to prevent rational containment action and hasten spread of the virus.

Consult the late Dr. Robert Strecker. If something in mosquitos could somehow clean the blood of HIV infected cells, we'd be trying to find out why to duplicate it's function or using mosquitos as insectoid dialysis machines, wouldn't we?


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Even better he was smoking crack, and telling everybody he was a member of the Russian mob.

Russia is the pride of Eastern Europe, get fucked

Wow based n trad Russia is so trad and baste!

ITT: 30 sliding shills and 2 illiterates.

No need to.
1. Mosquito has two tubes - one injects saliva to keep the blood liquid, the second sucks. HIV is not transported via saliva, and there is no contact with infected blood.
2. HIV replicated via T cells that have very special proteins, hence exists only among humans and chimps apparently. No other animal gets it, so HIV doesn't replicate inside the mosquito.
3. The mosquito actually digests blood she ate, so HIV virions get destroyed by her stomach juices. As they can't replicate with dead cells and can't infect the mosquito, HIV virions are destroyed soon.


When Africa exists, I seriously doubt this. Maybe among humans it'll have the most.

I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, having 1 in 20 adults HIV infected is kinda scary. On the other hand, half of them are junkies and the other half gays, all promiscuous degenerates. So nothing of worth lost.
Reminds me of 1920's Soviet experiments with lone mothers sending their fatherless children to the State to care while fucking away. The number of such "orphans" was so insane and they were such a drain to everyone that Stalin had little qualms sending them to their deaths against the Axis. Nothing of value was lost.
Children of the "enemies of the Jewish people" were taken to other special orphanages, basically children gulags, and as far as I recall weren't culled on purpose. They still were the children of the best families around with best innate traits, the goal was to brainwash them into serving the state.

HIV isn't really scary anymore, it's treatable and if you take the drugs provided you'll never develop AIDS.

HIV weakens the immune system regardless, and makes you vulnerable to blessed mushrooms.

"…because muh conjecture."

Mosquitos transmit Zika and West Nile virus , they can transmit HIV. Is West Nile/Zika present in mosquito saliva in some way HIV wouldn't be, is that what you're saying? How does popping a biting mosquito figure into your instant virus-curing mosquito stomach theory?

Nothing to do with HIV

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Just reminder for gajins who are not accustomed with Russian traditions.

Top is not gay in Russia.

Even more if you call him like that his has moral right to kill you (and certain circles he has obligation to do such or he becomes pariah)

Let it sink for while.

All female drug addicts are prostitutes.