Finns Party Redpill Video Becomes Hit

The Finns Party's new video now in English about immigration, political correctness and censorship. Finnish media and lefties are so butthurt about this, Finnish version got over 400k views only in few weeks. Election season is on right now and The Finns Party is very close to become the biggers party for the Finnish Parliament. So you can only imagine the amount of media's damage control. All frens of Zig Forums i humbly ask you to thumb these videos up!

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I didn't know there is english version. I had no idea it is video for new political party. Good luck. Remember we had nothing in 2015. Now every European nation ( except Poland ) have party like this.

A bit too long and slow for my taste, but still nice.
Why no embed?

With the 10 yo raped in Finland this should help tremendously.

400k views? Paul Jewseph Watson gets 1-2M, so what? This is the new normal. Get 4 times that and then it'll be impressive

You have to understand for a political video and small country like Finland it's amazing.

Given that Finland only has a population of 5.5 million 400k views are fucking good.

Hakkaa PÄÄLLE Suomen poika!

that is based 13%. they should make shorter version under 3 minutes.

Yes and it isn't like the votes and view just stopped dead the moment you looked at it, people will continue to see the video.


More like 8%. Still good in my opinion.

You do realise how silly that makes you seem?

Voting won't change shit. That doesn't mean that we can't enjoy people slowly waking up and the resulting media butthurt.

But if you don't even bother to vote, how do you expect to win? Storm goverment with knifes and kill them all like some niggers from Congo? If you don't vote, don't cry about white genocide because you are part of problem.

Voting is like eating at a buffet full of rotten foods, even the dishes that aren't obviously moldy and foul are already spoiled. So why bother? Let those who are dumb enough to eat get sick. Then they'll realize that we need to go to the kitchen and cook up new food.
Obviously this will require cracking a few eggs.

Bretty good

Ive never got sick after voting.
Unless you count being sick from laughing at triggered media lefties.

Because it cost you few hours of your pathetic life. If you can't vote, you are not man enough to hold gun. Simple.

Well these guys were in government back in 2015, and all they did was cuck and let in unlimited amount of muslims. They are good for nothing. If they were good for anything, their financial assets would have been frozen and down by banks.

It's not for the American audience.

Youtube? You know that thing, the view counter. It's manipulated.

Wish i didn't lose my spurdo folder.

Don't forget to make your support of Nationalists visible and known.

"How to marry a Finnish girl" -Phil Schwarzmann

This book was written by a literal Jew.

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I fucking hate jews. They steal everything. Children's book titled
Things jew Steal
And Other Tales
Or something like that.

Things Jews Steal, a children's cautionary tale. Permission to do something with that title, user?

Because of what happened in the last government, the leadership was completely changed. Halla-Aho is our greatest politician since Kekkonen and he's a true nationalist. If you have any doubts about his motivations, read his old blog. He's written, for instance, that Sweden is already in such a terrible situation, that it can't be resolved peacefully. He knows how things are. He is not another Soini.

On top of that, their youth wing is going full on blood and soil. I'm even considering joining them with a friend.

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awful voice work

video was breddy baste, but I really wanted the monster to kill them

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oops - sorry - forgot to burn the subtitles in…. :D

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Writing and saying meaningless shit does not mean anything. The hard facts are that they are controlled opposition at best. If they were not controlled opposition, their organizations would have been declared illegal and all of their financial assets would have been frozen by banks and other such services.

They are attacked by the media at every opportunity and Halla-aho himself was convicted of incitement to hatred. They got kicked out of the last government because Halla-aho was elected to the part leadership. All the major parties have declared that they will not cooperate with them in the government (although they've softened their stances now that polls are showing their increasing popularity).
Many members (Halla-aho included) are members of Suomen Sisu. They are as radical as you can be in the current system, and like I said before, their youth wing is even more radical.
Unless you're willing to wait for Hitler or start your own movement, they're the best choice we have.

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Finland's political class and media are absolutely terrified by this ad. They claim it attempts to incite violence towards them. Last night we saw the last TV debate before the election, and every party leader focused on attacking Halla-aho for his immigration and climate change policies.

I think there's a decent chance we'll win on Sunday. Latest poll showed the Finns Party is only 3 percentage points behind Social Democrats, the current front-runner. It's a common phenomenon that the right-wing populist parties get a lot more votes than the polls predict.

Trump was attacked in the media constantly too, but seems rather controlled. I don't really trust Halla-Aho and he looks quite faggotty on top of it all, still I'll probably end up voting for Perussuomalaiset. It could theoretically matter.

Maybe I'll vote for pic related.

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14. päivänä 88.

Veri nais.
But I think I found my candidate. His responses sold me:

Spread the message to kill all jews whenever you spread redpill videos. Redpilling isn't enough. People and subhumans must all be conditioned to kill jews on sight.

That doesn't make any sense. Everyone who thinks that these problems can be solved through voting is a gullible idiot.

I don't think voting will be enough but it is start. If you don't vote, you are useles as Varg. If you think you can start killing people without any support on global level, you are gullible idiot. Memes or youtube videos will not solve problems. But they are part of bigger thing. Same with voting.

You have got to be kidding me. That cover image is real. Clown world is real now… I… don't know what else to do but honk now.


The user you replied to is right, look up Golden Dawn or National Action and see what happened to them. If (((they))) cannot control and/or suppress the opposition from gaining popularity, they will make it illegal.
The only way to get rid of international jewry and their disgusting minions is with direct action. Don't get me wrong, propaganda like vid in the OP always helps, but its only useful purpose at the moment is to shift the moral compass of the masses in our favour, nothing more.

Perfect, you replied just in time

The system is our absolute enemy.
There must be total disregard for the rules of the system.
There must be no compromise with the system.
The goal must always be a total eradication of the system and it will never happen if you play by the rules of this same system.

Support is definitely needed for any radical action (which is definitely needed to completely remove the enemy), though it's laughable to think you'd need support on a global level.

I agree with you. I know 90% of these politicans will do nothing more than get free money and BMW. But it is still better to have there some fags who at least pretend they want to do something. Than ordinary folk can see hope and do something too.

बराक ओबामा की ट्रांसजेंडर गुदा


Perussuomalaiset seem to be doing quite well in the election. They're second now and there's a possibility they will even be the first.
Even if they win, I don't have high hopes that they won't (((fuck it up))) somehow, but at least it shows the rest of the folk that we are getting sick of this kikery.

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European values aren't going to be voted in. In another 10 years even if whites have begun to wake up, by then they'll be out voted by muslims who are on average having 8.1 children per couple in france.

Hopefully their eyes open soon enough but only time will tell.

This movie from 2005, "Frozen Land" shows an assortment of Finns dealing with globo-homo economic and cultural pozz in an interesting story. Its not ideologically perfect; but it is palpably superior to Hollyweird.

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400k is 10% of eligible voters in Finland. Bretty good, I'd say.

shit like this only fuels my hatred for the kikes

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Looks like typical Soros fake right-wing controlled op.
Kind of obvious at 2:50 when they portray a Finnish schoolgirl in sexualized slutty way.

The jew can try to trick us, but his naturally pornographic mind will always betray him.

all "acceptable" right wing parties must kiss the wall

Good on the fins.

Based finns

Never seen this redpill before.

WEll save it for future use.

Bump for finland


Final bump.


Why do you have to kill them "nigger"… It's language like this that kills the message for people that view themselves as civilized but are secretly an overly emotional person which is most boomers, most young people even if they should have intellect, etc.

Call them negroes. Then it's just a non-emotional fact. Dogs are dumbed than negroes yet we don't hate them… Noone listens when you use this language, only people already woken up.

This better fucking be real. If it's fake then i urge any finn to infiltrate AND MAKE IT REAL.


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see the new boss, same as the old boss
Fear forces change and it works both ways