"Childfree" videos are the most anti-white place on the internet

Check out the comments: youtube.com/watch?v=fOcdy2wrIJM

Thousands and thousands of young white women (and it's always white women doing this lifestyle) praising decadent and selfish individualism and basking in a decaying late capitalism instead of caring about culture, humanness and anything deeper than a selfie.

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Every single woman I have met with these kind of tattoos and piercings that wasn't a full on dyke, was a sexual submissive. They do as they are told, when they aren't getting dick they do what the state/media/jews say.

White people are such a joke, at this point there is no recovery

What about the hundreds of good looking ones in the comments parroting the views? There needs to be a major cultural revolution in Europe because right now, they don't deserve the ground they stand on

When someone looks like that – yeah, they hate children. That look is a statement. They're telling you that they are against normalcy and traditional values and they're willing to be provocative about it. She could choose to be a 10/10 Aryan goddess but instead she mutilated her body and her natural female beauty just to say fuck you to the world. Oh well, these people will only be easier to find on DOTR.

Every single woman needs a man to lead them otherwise they will be led by jewish media.

None of these people even seem to be ful on SJW, if I'm honest, but I would rather these white people go extinct very quickly so we don't have to see their self-hatred anymore

It's not only white women, though. I just graduated university in Australia and I can assure you that almost as many born-here Asian women indulge in this lifestyle and they're just as stupid if not more so because they lack empathy. California is without question full of those Asian women and so are most other major cities, too. You notice more whites doing it because whites have been exposed to more of the propaganda but those numbers will change.

Every woman is inherently submissive period. The only ones who aren't are those surrounded by disgusting overly submissive numales that triggers their anti-mating defense mechanism and turns them into monsters.

it definitely isn't just white women - i've had mexican, mixed race and jewish women tell me they cant ever have children because it will take away too much from their lives. of course i agree and encourage them because they're not white lmao

East Asians are second in line after Whites to go extinct because of their selfish individual fuck-the-natural-planet lifestyles. But Whites are still far ahead to be the first to collapse, completely godless pointless people

No, they're just feminists. Feminism is the enslavement to the act and idea of rejecting your biological reality and living in a state of sexual entitlement. They hate their true selves and therefore the act and thought of having kids.

They will turn the world into a K-pop shopping mall of nothingness before dying of some man-made cause. They're too far removed from nature to not destroy it completely.

And yet Mexicans are the ones ethnically replacing both White and Black Americans. And tbh I don't mind, because they are way less degenerate, culturless and godless like the former two

This simply isn't true women used to be homemakers, that wasn't submissive, it was organized, communal, some were really good at it. These types have been stolen for industries such as accountancy. Many do very well financially.

it is treatable

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Isn’t it good that these women won’t pass on their selfishness to the next generation? We don’t just want numbers, we need good numbers. We should thank them for choosing not to pass on their selfishness.

LOL found the spic. how do you even fuck your women, they're all so fat and always pregnant

Spics may be the ugliest people on earth, honestly.

What do you achieve by posting anti-white garbage on this board? You just here to troll or do you actually think anyone here would ever agree with you?

These videos promoting a child free lifestyle to young white women in Christian countries will have to be saved as evidence of genocide against whites.

They never use blacks in these videos. They never target black or other minorities, only whites. Where is the diversity from this project? How come everything is always filled with ethnic minorities but for the videos which promote childlessness?

This is solid evidence of what is going on. All participants and related entities should be prosecuted.

Good. We don't want these scum breeding and imparting their views to GenZ2. Don't believe the hype, I see babies everyday. White people are breeding, and it's the decent whites doing it.

Why wouldn't anyone agree? Surely you would want to live in a more positive environment, rather than surrounded by your "fellow people" who try to make you hate your own skin ?

Meh. They're too old anyway and too broken.

Find yourself a 14 yo loli and make her a baby as soon as it's legal in your country.

Who the fuck cares about damaged goods.

he was mad i convinced spic women not to have children

one thing everyone can agree with is spic women look like goblins

You guys don’t even like far right women. Lol the amount of comments I’ve seen from men saying they want some sjw they can redpill blows my mind. And that women are naturally liberal so fuck it I’ll be a liberal. At I’ll have somewhere to fit in.

Who created these videos? Who ordered it? Who paid for it? Who pays for the promotion of these videos?

N s a and qanon please gather all evidence and data related to this propaganda campaign. Genocide is a threat to the preservation of the nation > gitmo.

Men lead women follow. What she means when she says she does not want children is "until now I dated only losers who were not worthy of putting a baby in me". Do you think they would not like to remain pregnant if you were a tall blonde Chad who lives in a 10million mansion?

See, the main problem with Zig Forums and similar forums is that you fucking losers are traditional and don't have much experience with women. I dated females like the one in the video when I was a kid. What happens here is that in the west people choose to extend their childhood.

Point is, women like the one in the video have the mind of a child, of course they don't want children when they are children.

women absorb whatever views they can from powerful men in their lives

In relation to the man the woman was always the submissive element in the house, it was never a democracy.

Already have done mate. She's woke too.

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This. It boils down to hypergamy. Women would rather die childless than marry a guy who doesn't earn enough goybucks.

Damn she's cute. Congratulations.

It's not even goybucks, although that makes it much easier, plenty of "bad boy" broke guys have girls on their dick 24/7. It's about projecting strength and dominance, which is hardwired into a woman's mating instincts.

More like socially accepted daddy coolness. Sure, opening doors and making her food is the demand these days, but just try slapping dumbshit opinions out of her head in public. All time-old European strength and dominance will get you in prison.

You're right about the ones born in the West. However, the ones born in their homes are the way they are for a reason. Nothing wakes a man up like seeing how older Korean men treat their women in public.


More like:

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Good. If you're that easily indoctrinated into kosher ideology then your bloodline deserves to end with you. There isn't any time left to worry about saving far gone cultural Marxists. Personally, I wouldn't want to anyway. Survival of the fittest.

These are programmed.

We should just leave them create all this evidence. Videos, newspaper articles, abortion propaganda in the next few months, it will be used as proof of anti white genocide.

Reminds me of this dyke cunt.
The one who has a youtube channel about why she only wants nigger babies (she has spawned one already, the other died in utero).

You know what to do.

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They're child free until they get close to the wall.

orthodox jews will always abuse the welfare system. That kike is not suffering yet

It's all about looks and nothing else. It's just that most Chad looking guys are so called "bad boys". Ugly losers swap the cause and effect, copy the bad boy behavior and end up in trouble. Some also end up as male feminists completely misunderstanding how reality works.

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That's misleading, it's about charisma which is a combination of your looks and social skills.

I am actually quite positive about this because it smacks of desperate kikery. The tide is turning and they're trying to do as much damage as they can, while they can. It doesn't take much argument to teach a woman the error of this type of thinking, I've done it a few times in about 30 minutes. It will become easier as more and more barren roasties lament their pointless existence and younger women realize that they do have a choice.

My sister was watching one of these whitewashed Turkish TV series, and in one of the scenes, the female protagonist had a "nightmarish" vision of her future, in which she appeared dressed as a regular housewife and surrounded by three cyring children.

Looks like everyone, even Muslims, are getting this shit.

Child-free has even moved on to small cats.
If a feminist overfeeds herself, she could overfeed her cat.


Being childfree eliminates any sexual / emotional attraction in a relationship.
You might as well call eachother office collegues that overeat at Olive Garden or (insert cheap ass casual dining place here).

She's bound to have mixed children in about 3 years tops. I would bet money on that.

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i'd love to apply a quick, sudden pull on that nose ring

u tero?

tits or gtfo

This here is why most of women shouldn't be in politics. Instant emotional tantrum leading to irrational behavior.

Women are more emotionally vibrant and men are bland grey and black static characters.

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>didn't watch youtube.com/watch?v=91GV_FU8OEA

Thats a funny joke.

This. Honestly marrige or common law should only be allowed for couples who plan on having kids within 5 years. And not adopt a nigger kids, your own spawn.

insted of tits, just gtfo. leave. you don't even deserve the degradation.

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Sure, if you count irrational tantrums and being both more susceptible and inclined to emotional manipulation as 'emotionally vibrant'.

Men are just grey characters that surround a pink woman. Just look at this epic battle in Captain Marvel.

People like this deserve to be killed in a mass grave.
No trace left.

No redemption

Of course, the [special] people have their hand in every elitist industry the world over.

The thumbnail perfectly displays the male face, with predatory gaze.
Every hollywood "female" is a man in drag.

"More like socially accepted daddy coolness. Sure, opening doors and making her food is the demand these days, but just try slapping dumbshit opinions out of her head in public. All time-old European strength and dominance will get you in prison."
You are 100% cucked, I hope you're a shill. You should be saying shit to make a bitch's head spin. If you are, you're on the right path.

Of course, when they are 50 and men no longer wish to woo them for sex, their attitude somewhat changes. Every. Time.

Everyone, see here. This is what the thoughts of a (((christian))) looks like. As you can see, a major impetus in our racial replacement is this idea that as long as the 'other' is (((christian))), they get a pass (at minimum). This is why unrenouncing (((christians))) must die on DOTR along side the jews and their ivading hordes. This is why you must renounce the (((jesus))) fiction and embrace the fedora (without becoming a faggy leftcuck too)! To be (((christian))) today is to shame yourselves and your clans!


It’s great that the worst and most dysgenic elements of our society are refusing to breed while fundamentalist Christcucks have tons of religious white children. Eugenics at work naturally!

It is unfortunate. To be Atheist does not implicate being anti-children, anti-race, pro-(((jew))), pro-invader, pro-globalism, pro-queer, etc. Such implication is an appropriation of Atheism by the left, and my conspiracy spidey sense is that it's actively fought in conservative circles to keep the right stupid, docile, and pliable with a convenient fiction.

That would be the case if our countries weren't being invaded. People who make a big deal out of a declining population are like CEOs complaining that there is not infinite profit growth. It follows that if there is a baby boom, there will be a baby bust.
The good thing is this is self correcting, less people in the upcoming generations means land/housing is cheaper and wages pay more so they can afford to have more children. The problem with that today is most white countries are being invaded so the younger generations are less populous but also suffer the ill effects of a baby boom (higher land/housing cost with lower wages).
Assuming we survive this current plague it will leave us better off, but it would be better to not have this mindset plaguing us during an invasion.

at first I thought it was bullshit but ever since i stopped watching that kike shit they all do seem more than a bit off

just downvote it, and comment something redpilling to those fucking NPCs. Even if they're dumb and unreachable, at least we'll rustle some feminist jimmies.

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Stop posturing, gamma.

OP, this was fairly big here… 6-12months ago. There's a weird name for these cunts… something natal.

And yet your bitch ass is so terrified of us that you still shitpost via Tor. While you yap, we know that you know you'd be crippled in person. You wouldn't say boo, little jew boy.

imagine gaping your ears like kinky jo's asshole. lol. stupidest fashion statement of all time. she looks like a fucking plains monkey.

That's the White man's job. He creates the culture, women maintain it. Why is it unmaintained? Because White men have left their post. Women are being women without their White masters to guide them. Nothing new here. Obvious solution is obvious. Sage.

The childfree community enormously overlaps with the right-to-suicide community, and both are populated by intelligent, demoralized people, usually in college, usually eco-friendly, utilitarian, and misanthropic. That every video features europeans is more a visual representation of the demographics concerned with preserving the planet than any planned genocidal propaganda.
At least, this is what I've observed in the circles around reddit. Then again, reddit, so there may be some propaganda on the boards themselves.


This is just women projecting. In reality, women are freezing eggs like crazy. The sheer amount of post-wall 30+ bitches trying to settle down after they spent all their time on their "career" and on the cock carousel is rapidly increasing. There's going to be an entire generation of women that will never have kids, will never get married, and will die alone because they are degenerate sluts. They'll always say they're fine with being single, strong, and independent, but late at night alone in their beds they are suffering and drowning themselves in tears.

So yea, they're going to reap what they sow. It's fucking hilarious.

and the get was…

This thread means nothing. 8ch how did you get so gay so quick? Mods killed this place.


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Right on the money. IMO self-sacrifice and personal responsibility are two main thresholds that one should pass in order to grow into maturity. Taking responsibility and sacrificing yourself in order to make something other than yourself greater, is the anti-thesis of "individualism", to which "no-childers" suffer from in massive numbers.

No one is safe from corruption. I live in California. I have lived in both the North and South part of the state. I can say without doubt however that out of all the women in this state. Asian women are least likely to be degenerate. Sad to say but it's true here. I might be bias though. Living in this state so long has made me cynical and jaded. I've dated plenty of white women and all of them were bad. The only good relationship I've had is with my current asian girlfriend. She won't even swear in public and doesn't use (((social media))). She might not be white but I'm not giving up someone like that. I don't get it either, she was born and raised here so logically she should be shit but she isn't.

That's probably true. Most of the whites here were raised by boomer scum or the offspring of boomer scum. I am certainly seeing more asians becoming scum as well but their dictatorial family units inherently resist better.

Mexicans though… they certainly don't follow the "I'll never have children" lifestyle. Most of them get pregnant before 18 and half the time it's an older somewhat close relative like a cousin (although they are all fucking cousins). Disgusting people. They aren't even having the kids to milk the welfare state either. They are literally just too fucking stupid to understand how babies are made. I know mexican girls in their mid 20s that think they got pregnant through a blowjob. At least blacks are honest they just want gibs and understand how babies are made.

I'm ranting here but there is A LOT to say about this state. Asians are the least of the problems here. Personally, I'm fine is they stay here as a minority. They are at least the only race in this state actively trying to keep brown people segregated by neighborhood. Unfortunately, they rarely vote and most of the asian voting block is stupid millennials. They only manage to keep spics and niggers out of areas because they are Jewish-Lite Landlords. My girlfriend's uncle (in his 50s) outright admitted to me that he takes less rent on a property he owns specifically because it's a white family. He knows they won't cause problems. Since he looks like a rice paddy peasant, he flies under the state radar even though I'm almost certain it's illegal to rent the way he does. The properties aren't shitholes but if some state agent finds out rejected niggers and spics who would pay more in favor of whites he would go to prison. His landlord buddies that I talk to are all basically the same.

Don't believe me? Look at crime statistics in the Bay Area. It's like 70-80% of violent crimes committed in San Francisco and Oakland are blacks attacking asians. Usually old grandmas. Spics aren't much better. So there is plenty of motivation for asians to keep these people segregated. Whites, at least in the cities not so much. Only boomers are landlords and they manage their properties from golf courses in Arizona or Florida or their Tahoe cabin.

Or it may be a good thing because it eradicates malignant, spiteful genes that before the modern age would have been deleted by evolution


No, I'm saying that modern society enables combinations of genes to now thrive that would have been eradicated by evolution because they stop the genes from being passed on.
These are malignant, spiteful genes - they drive the individual to do something that is not good for their propagation or the good of their kin/culture. In the past, the genes would not be passed on, but now with the support of an indulgent culture, they can thrive.
Possibilities for this include trannies, gays, the desire not to have children, the desire for single motherhood, incels, pedos, (even niggers if you want to push it) - all potentially combinations of mutated malignant genes (a danger to overall civilized society) that have always occured, but were once curbed by the simple doctrine of the survival of the fittest. Modern culture has redefined 'fittest', so these genes get passed on

You're a retard

Spite is an emotional stage of somebody that is tired of getting kicked around by people that are either perceived or proven to be lessers.

Nobody punches down. They always attack their betters. That's the core of why Jews hate reactionaries. Reactionaries are the people in a better social or political position than them.

Jews don't attack White Nationalists. They either co-op them, or send their golem out after them. People that won't align with a prepackaged group really piss off the Jews.

Are you tracking what is going on now? There's more going on here than you think.

I think you'll have to do your own research on evolution and spiteful genes because you're completely missing the point. The jews are just using the concept I have outlined to their advantage.
You may actually unwittingly be agreeing with me, but seem unable to articulate your message or incapable of understaniding mine

Niggers also have been doing home invasions on asians because they don't use banks and keep cash. There is quite a few stories in general with most of them ending in brutally murdering elderly asians and a couple where the asians manage to blast a few of the niggers. The beaner population keeps growing because they keep letting them in. By the third generation beaners turn in to full on soyboy beta fags in the US.

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Which chromosome and gene cluster?


Not this shit again. I can without a doubt tell you that you are wrong. As in, I have had direct penis to vagina contact with a woman seen in more than a single movie in the past decade.

She's gonna regret this badly once she reaches 40 years old and likely kill herself.

what the fuck