Worlds most powerful man, cucked.

In seriousness, this is just a test run to get people comfortable with censoring the president. Next it'll be removing tweets for some sort of "rule violation", then an account suspension. All leading up to the 2020 election. to make it easier for the other side to win.

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isnt that just something that everyone on this board sees clearly?

Yeah right

The whole censorship thing could be abused like everything else the left does to "stop" us, totally won't backfire, totally won't make anons post posters and engae in more IRL redpilling, won't cause even the most normalnigger to rage when his favorite cartoon has been deemed 'unsuitable', won't cause more violent crimes/ shootings to happen since they literally killed the communication network and can barely even warn eachother, wont cause stocks to drop due to communication errors, wont cause even more violent riots, won't give rise to more extremist political parties/groups, won't cause us to take information underground and create literal information guerilla groups, won't cause people to meme "WE CHINA NOW", won't cause people to see through the (((news))), we totally can't get the majority of (((their))) communication banned the same way they've done unto us, we totally can't make a division between mutts, semi-black and full black people and get them to engage in interracial hate speech and report them, All of that? nah won't happen bro, just like how all the (((plans))) are being succesfull lately.

We need to make all communication stop if we can't communicate, how? EASY; just turn everything to hatespeech the same way we did to everything. Best part is we dont need words to communicate, actual anons are well-versed meme master which implies we can derive meanings and instructions from simple images and ideas the same way "threads" are made.

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The Turner Diaries is becoming prophecy more and more by the day

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So which video was it ?

Powerful? If he was power we'd have a wall longer than the great wall of china and taller than Mt. Whitney.

No we wouldn't.

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honk honk

Shut your mouth kike and take your ZOG puppet with you.

I have wanted to censor Trump since he moved be capital

That's funny because you've driven up interest in his video more than it would have originally.
Donald Trump not btfo, dup btfo out of you.

Which one?
They must have known it would get shoah'd.

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lol no one is interested in Trump anymore

I am 100% okay with this. Honk Honk.

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clown niggers gonna clownog

paap. peep. piip. poop. puup.

And this required a thread why? Could have picked any other subject to talk about instead of

The biggest redpill is the best thing that can happen to the Right wing, radical or not, is a Trump assassination.
For us, it is a win-win situation on every single front.
We get rid of Zion Don working extra hours to create Greater Israel AND we radicalize a countless amount of magapedes and right wing youth by making (to them) one of the biggest figures of reinvigorated Nationalism a martyr.
The damage done by the assassination would legitimately change politics forever, especially the struggle we are in now.
It would be accelerationism to the level that even Saint Tarrant would look like a child that sprayed a toy water gun at a brown kid from across the street.

Of course, everything happens in minecraft using a mod

The media will dig up everything about you and will eventually find out that you were not a deranged antifa and that would do completely the reverse of what this intends to do. You will give less legitimacy to our movement and completely pulverize the bridge between center-right patriotism to actual true Nationalism.

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Fucking Trump is a Zog piece of shit who sucks Jew cock literally every nanosecond of his life. Anything that the president does and his supposed “opposition” does against him is a carefully planned move. Everything that is done is 100% only to deceive goyim and advance Jewish agenda. This is the redpill everyone should have swallowed by now after the failure that Trump turned out to be. No matter who gets in office they always only serve (((them))). Nobodies message is ever true unless they call out the perpetrators responsible.

Just ask yourself what this censorship move does in the eyes of stupid trump nigger goyim? It’s a d&c tactic to make them go against the democrats. It also gives Trump more credibility that he is still “their guy” who is anti-establishment and fighting the good fight for the everyday average Joe. The Trump nigger only ever blames all the shit that Trump promised that didn’t come through because of the democrats. They are too stupid the realize both sides are controlled by Jews and they buddy, buddy with each other and work togeather towards Jewish agenda. That’s it. Get that in your dam skulls you stupid fucking trump niggers.

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trump is a powerless puppet

Wouldn't stabilizing the middle east be bad for Israel?

you should be hanged

It’s not bad because Israel won’t be affected only it’s surrounding enemies. Any of the Islamic countries that get bombed from zognald only protects the Jews from Islamic invasion and let’s them acquire more territory for greater Israel. All of the war refugees that have family dead and a hate for whites like no other will be sent by the humanitarian Jews to our countries and will be used to genocide us.

Go KYS stupid trumpnigger kike

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These things probably bring in a fortune in donations. He's learned well from the jews.

If only a boomer would kill that disgusting traitor of the highest order, aswell as his race-mixing daughter, her kike husband and their disgusting mongrel children.



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glow niggers getting desperate.

From the end of the Watergate affair up to 2003 I resolutely did my best to ignore American news. It was all intolerable; Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Dubya. Then in 2003 I realized what 911 was; a Mossad coup d'état. They weren't even trying to hide it, they were in our faces with it, laughing like bastards. So naturally I got angry. O'nigger was ignored but Trump sed…build the wall, yes. Then waited, then the mid terms came, and Bolton and Jerusalem embassy and the fraud was again revealed.

I'm going back into my self imposed news blackout just so I can at least try to be happy until the nuclear holocaust ends this filth.

"we need people"

Assange, to the best of my knowledge, is a hero of integrity and disloyalty, and an icon of fearless progressivism. The persecution of Assange is part and parcel with the patterns that have lead to the enslavement of the American leadership to terrorism, misery, and incompetence. Assange is a defender of the true law, that of integrity itself, and part of civilization’s bulwark against criminality.

Assange is not a criminal. His crime was defending that which underlies all progress mankind has ever achieved: truth.


That is a fascinating idea, user! That is authentically novel thought to me. It doesn’t align well with my intuitions, but I don’t truly know if it’s true or false.

Personally, I’m a pacifist, and I would never get bored and casually murder anyone. On the other hand, the nearest to murderism defenses that I’ve ever heard (ignoring the lies and/or shattered psyches of bigots) have been about how murderable uploaded people would be. One of those came from a “transhumanist”! She was defending a bizarre ethical model which prized quality of life but disregarded murder.

Insults seem like they might actually be important, but I’m pretty sure rape more commonly traumatizes people into permanent open or concealed hostility. Been there, never forgave the perpetrator. The interesting grey area is “beat up”. I honestly don’t know if a non-zero robot assault rate would strengthen or weaken the position of robot citizens.

I think one of the best arguments against enabling such behavior is that it would lead to intense conservative biasing to society, as people with unpopular ideas seem a likely target for optimizing a minimally violent strategy. It would make robots into replacements for the occasionally sociopathic and dishonest “community defenders” of existing humanity. All new ideas start out unknown, so this would with robotic efficiency hinder all new ideas.

That said, in terms of maximizing the humanity of robosapien citizens, self-defense pacifism could work wonders, as programming robots to have finite pacifism would give them verisimilitude without horrible cultural distortion potentials.

The real most powerful men right now are Kushner and Netanyahu

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Anyone got an archive of the tweet?
It's not showing up on his twitter.

What is that song from? It sounds really familiar.


This is some cringey shit. Did he really retweet this