Reminder that over 100 million white men and women died in ww1 and ww2 (primarily young male soldiers before they had...

Reminder that over 100 million white men and women died in ww1 and ww2 (primarily young male soldiers before they had families and German citizens)

the world population grew about 3 times since ww2, so


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I'm guessing you didn't link to bestiality.

no to "the greatest story never told"


Thanks to Jews and Poles. Watch your mouth Mordechai. We like uncle Adolf here.

Reminder OP is still a massive faggot.

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Im sorry but it was jews who started both world wars.

I'm sorry but Whites didn't have to get involved. Keep blaming jews though.

I blame jews because its the jews fault. Facts dont care about your feelings sweetie.


Go back to eating foreskin and rearing your sons and daugther you nasty little inferior kike.

Did the jews want to start a world war war with between Germany and the Allies?

If I offer you cocaine and you take it, that is your fault. Whites were majorities and killed their own people, but of course it was the jews. They always had the power even when we had generals and politicians who were Whites.

Cope more.

Trying to blame White people for the actions of a parasitic class of rich and powerful jews is like blaming a woman for being raped or a child for being molested.
While Hitler bears a share of the blame for the war that eventually killed him, White people have never been given a choice on whether we want to be ruled by jews. It has always been imposed on us by the jews themselves.

The only choice one can make is whether to fight back as Hitler did or surrendering as everyone else does.

Sounds cucky to me and wanting of slavery. Whites have had ample opportunity to connect together and return the tide. What did they do? Run.

Well, Hitler did fail so I wouldn't copy his every move. Though we either get together and start gaining power or lose out.

If you offer cocaine then you are a drug dealer and need to be exterminated!

In Europe? So you expecting we will just give jews everything like stupid goyim? I know jews are fucking cunts but at least you could try to have argument.

If you are rushed by a bunch of drug addict it doesn't mean you are wrong and should do drugs as well.

What you should do is get more powerful weapons and don't hesitate to use them

Come together with jews? Hell no. After you let muslims in? After you destroyed Europe 2 times by World Wars? After Black Plague?

Jews are eternal enemies.

When was that?

That's my biggest critique of Hitler. Germany vs the world is silly. There were plenty of people and nations with grievences against the jew and his works who would have made good allies.
As Rockwell said; This time the world.
That's the only way to defeat this serpent.


He says behind a keyboard. And you wonder why kikes allow coke to rip through America? They don't fear faggots like you. That is my point. You just said kill dealers but kikes are still pushing their shit. Great job at proving me right.

You don't even know what my argument is apparently.

We have been doing that though, you dumb bitch lol

No, with Whites. How wasn't that obvious, you sperg?

Now what?

Basically, yes. We either swallow the pride pill and ally with those we wouldn't otherwise want to or see our Nations get even fucking worse. I advise wage cucking for 1-2 years, saving up and then pulling out but that is just me with a simple but effective idea that doesn't require the aid of feds or kikes

If you think that revolutions can just happen without any planning or effort, then you need to do some actual research on the serious infrastructure that all revolutions need.

Good luck with planning between you and your dog with 10$ to your name. You will surely rock the world with that level of power. Come at me when you've been here longer than 1 year and got over your initial edgy phase.

The World Wars were the beginning of the end of the White race.

I wish I lived in other timeline,, where the White powers peacefully divided up the world.

We could have carved up China into colonies and completed the ethno-globe, but instead we killed each other.

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44 million non-black babies have been aborted in the USA since Roe V Wade. (and only 16 million black).

But abortion is supported here because it also kills some blacks.
Therefore WW1 should be supported because it also killed some blacks.
Your post is redundant.


Do you feel the need to say that, because I'm unimportant; or is it that you feel the heat rising and start sweating, you have therefore a urge to vent?

You're missed out on an exponential.
You can be sure the kikes did the math behind every German male having 4 kids.

If you're wondering why you're so lonely. Why you've never met your waifu and that you have no friends, it's becasue the kikes murdered her grandparents before they had a chance to start a family. Always remember that.

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Whatever. What’s your point? Birthrates are nonexistent.

What a shocker

Learn some real history, rabbi.

Hitler did nothing wrong!

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It must really itch, that you do not have a foreskin anymore, doesn t it?

Jews and their inferiority complex is an endless source of fun.

thanks to jews

Holy shit, the kike is retarded. Filtering the whole thread.

Yes but what about the 106 million jews who were gassed in gas chambers did you ever think about that you nazi?

Russia's population should be closer to the U.S. had the purges not have taken place. At least another 50-100 million white russians would exist today had that not happened. That's including the war losses. Minus the war losses and who knows what it would have been. The birth rates were insanely high (highest in Europe) at the time and the purges radically dropped them.

As big of a loss of life as WW1 and WW2 were the real loss came from the lack of men and women to make children (even if at a lower birth rate) and the drop in the birth rate just by all the events prior and after the war (science, technology, cultural shifts). That by far was bigger than both wars combined.

damn kikes. May Gods wrath come upon them!

White war 1 and white war 2 was just elite whites and tryhard westaboo japs fighting for power. All those whites who died were nothing but tools to the elite power struggle over the world.

In the end nothing of value was lost and goes to show further proof that whites are the most barbaric people in the world. A handful of innovative white men create weapons and the rest of the white populace murder eachother like blacks do in non-northern Africa only with greater efficiency.

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>>(((white elites)))
This is the most semitic post i came across in a while

Jew, does your missing foreskin itch again?


The cool thing about history being cyclical is that dumb cunts like you will get to experience how wrong you are firsthand.

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