New Swedish Church Guide for LGBTQ Kids Labels Jesus 'Queer'

New Swedish Church Guide for LGBTQ Kids Labels Jesus 'Queer'

A diocese of the Church of Sweden has recently released a new guide for "Christian queer kids", local news website Nya DagBladet reports.
According to the media outlet, the guide “contains definitions and concepts, a bit about the Bible and LGBTQ, as well as Bible stories that it claims are related to LGBTQ people”.
The definitions explored in the guide include terms such as like "cisperson", "gender fluid", "non-binary," "queer," "two sex norm" and "rainbow fairs". The document also reportedly insists that the Bible is not against homosexuality.
Jesus himself is described by the guide as a person who “broke the norm” and was “queer” for the way he lived his life, with the guide further claiming that he "did not defend the traditional family."
Jesus’ mother, Mary, dared "to break traditional sex norms in a patriarchal society", while his father Joseph turned out to be a person who "breaks the norms in terms of gender expression and probably went in a suit intended for a king's daughter", the guide reportedly states.

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Ahhh well sweden was always destined for this, but I have to admit that I feel bad for the xtians despite not being one. It would be a real sin if someone burned this church down.

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Will they talk about Sodom and Gomorrah?

Honk Honk

Sounds like shameless season 8 was broadcast in Sweden lately…

I'm guessing they don't teach this to the general congregation because it's easier to indoctrinate children? Well, who knows these days.

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The Second Coming cannot happen soon enough.

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Sweden's been there for decades.

When will Sweden finally burn? It's embarrassing to think of them sharing the same genes as homo sapiens.

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These are the final stages of full subversion before the end goal of complete death is reached. It's now or never.

Glad I read the thread before posting.

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Christcuckolds have always been faggots.

Their "priests" and "popes" have always been boy fucking eunichs and cut the balls off of many young white men who were kidnapped and tortured into priesthood.

Cuckolding is common in the bible for instance Arbaham sold his own wife into prostitution to an Egyptian pharoh, esther was sold into sexual slavery to a king so she could suck his dick hard enough to stop him from killing all the jews.

And lets not forget joseph, whos wife fucked god and had a baby thats not his, a death sentence of stoning in those days and he raised this kike called jesus until he became a man.

Christianity is by definition cuckoldry.

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God hates sexual degeneracy.

Look on the bright side, soon Sweden will have a Muslim Majority and this church will be gone.

Not gone, but converted into. And they might happily allow that.


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Shill your crap elsewhere yid.

Should have implemented a hard dick on him now when they go all in. Swedish men are useless and the women should all be beheaded

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Use the Paraclatos. Remember Nashab.

pick one

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Now that's what I call HERESY

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Jesus was a kike faggot, this is just Christianity taking it's final form.

We should also make our own religion for those absurd religious legal protections.

if you lurked more like you were told to you'd know (((jews))) even lied about being jewish (of Judea) you reddit fedora tipping nigger newfag

The Universal is not the Particular.

Your semitic larping ends here.

>I'm a fedora faggot that doesn't know what a Jew is or how the term was subverted by the (((tribe)))
The Bible you despise was ahead of you fedora tipper: "them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie" - Jesus, Rev 3:9

So what ethnic and religious group was Saul born into? When Saul harkens back in his writings about judeans, is he not talking about the religion of his people and their history?

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Wow! How new are you? LURK MOAR!
What (you) & NPCs call "jews" are Ashkenazi converts to the dead religion of the Scribes & Pharisees who implemented their Satanic practices (Kabbalah, Gematria, etc) into it, labelled it "judaism", and marketed it as "original Christianity". They have nothing to do with "the people of Judea" (such as Saul) - who are called "jews" in (the first English translation of) the Bible.
The Bible itself contains a prophecy warning about this happening (Ibid.)

Rabbi Yehoshua was just trying to purity spiral to fellow kikes. OT was written to unite the Jews, NT was written by the same Jewish authors to D&C goyim (especially whites)

True Jew fallacy got debunked countless times, but you astroturfing shills keep pulling it. Anyone who chooses to identify with that tribe of scoundrels over his own ancestors should be thrown to the lions.

Plenty of room in your fedora for your brainlet.

I'm still a member of the Swedish church I found out some time ago. Apparently the fee is payed by your employer or something so you don't even see it. I've been contemplating quitting.

I think we should split the world in half, 1/2 GloboHomo, 1/2 National Socialist. The two halves will be separated by radioactive DMZs

"Turn the other cheek" is not meant to be an invitation to commit sodomy.

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Further evidence that christianity always leads to subservient degenerate cuckoldry.


Christians belong on a cross.