South Korea Has Now Introduced Measures to Block YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple...

South Korea Has Now Introduced Measures to Block YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Netflix in order to suppress """""""""fake news"""""""""

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Slow roll to reunification. Getting the kike mind virus out.

good for them

nigger they (the left wing government) are removing far right content


I rest my case. Kike mind virus.

And nothing of value was lost. This is one way to break the monopoly of these companies. Go cold turkey and ban them.

jews claim that everyones genuine identity is prostrating themselves to jewry


Well the Koreans aren't going to do a pogrom if they're busy on social media will they?
If social media is banned and they are offline discussing getting their freedoms back irl however….

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Only like every retirement fund is linked to those jewish companies. They're not going anywhere.


Good, removal of Jewish influence and thought policing is always a positive

How will I watch my gook-click then?
New season of starcraft was about to start!

Kind reminder that the Korea's are the Jews favored testing ground for Social Engineering.

Didn't I see this same fucking thread before?

Less gooks is always good.

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the proles will never allow this to happen in the west. it's a pity, really. the internet was a much more wholesome place pre-Google.

Thanks, I was looking for that first picture for a while.

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Even in Google's nascent years it was still a nice place to be.

Good move unless its replaced with something worse like the chinese.

North, South same shit now lel, famine dystopia when?

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Daily reminder South Korea is a jewish social experiment. South Korea has the highest rate of circumcision in the world, and they are major hebrew-philes. North Korea best Korea.

Netscape used to work fine on a 486 with 8 MB RAM (that's what I had when I got online). Mosaic and Lynx needed much less. Gopher even less still. I used altavista and webcrawler for web search engine, but a lot of sites were found by simply following links from another site or aggregates like dmoz.

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S.K. news have been memory holed and outright censored en mass much life the Yellow Vests. Just do a search on any half decent search engine and see how much fucked they are.

Their democracy is hanging by a thread and chinese are running more ops there than the CIA on the Middle East. We are about to enter a world of chaos son.

Makes sense as they are virtually all one person anyway, so why waste precious resources on duplicating the same content when you can zero in on controlling the feminized nation through conventional methods.



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Haha wew, looks like South Korea is fully JOG'd. I know nothing about the country but I've been enjoying Korean movies for a while and I've certainly noticed the constant increase of poz there, which is always a good indicator how far a country has come.

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Good, the less they infest Internet with their bullshit the better because majority while might be angry at the system they don't truly hate it and don't see the people in power as their enemy, instead they blame Japan which has nothing to do with the way those cockroaches live. The only downside is that this might affect the sane minority which despise their government and judaism teaching itself, but they'll find a way to get outside because they're not unintelligent morons like the rest of gooks.

So the only difference between North and South now is that one has mass incarceration and starvation?

One is an Israeli puppet state dog, another is an outsider.

Not only does that not make any sense, but the wings of government is a bullshit concept anyway. I think they should ban every other kike site, too.

They had a fucking cult vagina running the country skiing with samsung execs.

is the code available on github?
-asking for a friend.

No, a communist puppet state that is allied with israel is not an outsider. Fuck off.

Well, their religion is trauma-generated pathological narcissism.



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So they block their own propaganda tools?

The platforms in the OP image collage aren't the only major ones lad.


Why is it no good ?
In my opinion, they're doing the right thing.

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President Moon is predicting significant opposition to the unification agenda once what he has in mind becomes clear to the general public.

Right now it's all symbolism and smiles, but the end result of closer ties between North and South is the decline of South Korean state sovereignty and a bleak economic future for younger South Koreans.

It's notable that young South Korean men in particular lean strongly anti-Moon and pro-opposition, despite the fact that it is young men that are forced into military conscription. More than the Korean Democratic Party's feminist policies, it seems to me that young South Korean men fear the prospect of living in a future Korea that is economically harsher and more competitive even than that in which they live now as a result of a unification of the two Koreas' labor markets (it's also quite likely that North Korea will demand escalating subsidies as the price of peace).

Trump has been giving out increasingly unsubtle hints that he is looking for an exit from Korea, and would be delighted if the North Koreans gave him an excuse to declare peace with honor and leave the South Koreans to it.

Normalfags (peasants) fuck everything.

Then you need to actually lurk, South Korea has been the Sweden of Asia for a while now, this is nothing new on Zig Forums.

Please, everybody here knows what is meant by "leftist," "left," "liberal," etc. These are clear concepts here. There's no need to be pedantic about it, stop playing dumb for internet points.

There's a big difference between doing things for the right reason and for the wrong reason, you know this and I know this so cut the act.

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The new BR Myers is out, and worth reading as usual.

It's funny how it appears to tend toward a pattern of oldfag internet/tech companies are more red.


That the government is censoring what they consider far right content
How does that not make any sense
Pic related got sued by moon jae in put in fucking jail for calling him a communist.

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*and got put in jail for calling moon jae in a communist