Heimat - "Homeland" 2019

WANTED: Narrator with good voice and good microphone.

Videofag here. I'm working on an "introductory redpill" video that addresses white genocide, the second world war, jewish influence, diversity, and future outlook regarding the anti-white agenda. A rough cut sample can be seen above, and the full rough cut can be found here:


I have all my bases covered, except for one thing – The voiceover.

I could do it myself, but I don't have a good recording environment. I'm looking for an user with a voice of gold who has a solid recording setup, who will collaborate with me (anonymously) to get this thing done.

I'll post the script and timings below. Timing cues are in greentext.

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Are you ready to wake up?
Europe is changing. New faces and dissolving borders are warping the continent under the pretense of diversity. This, however, is a front for something sinister.
Existential anxiety has reached its boiling point. That splinter in your mind, the old, gnawing feeling that something is wrong, is your instinctual reaction to the globalist agenda. It’s an internal cry for help.
The history of Europe stands at a crossroads. One path brings darkness, shame, and the forfeiture of the greatest heritage in the world, while the other brings light, life, and the strength of unity in our race.
UNITY is our strength, not diversity. Diversity is a sickness that can shatter a nation, as it has done in the past and will again manyfold, unless we UNITE to stop it.
The time has come to be CONFIDENT again.
Confident in our identity, confident in our history, and confident in the future we create for our children.
Europeans created the modern world, and that is a FACT. Whether we continue to push our horizons is a question of confidence, whether we can UNITE and PROGRESS in the face of globalism.
So take comfort in who you are, and in the people to whom you belong. Embrace it while you still can, because globally speaking, there aren’t many of us, and there will be even fewer tomorrow. But with a little hope, a little luck, and a little determination, MAYBE we can turn this thing around.
Nature is a game of instincts, not ideology. And instincts always win.


One century after their defeat in the First World War, Germany still struggles under the legacy of National Socialism. Nazi Germany - A nation hypnotized to commit atrocities of unspeakable horror, emblazoned permanently on the memory of an otherwise peaceable and industrious people. So why, after so many years, are some skeptical of the shame they allegedly deserve?
Well. I’ll tell you.
CONSPIRACY. A toxic word. It’s easy to hide an inconvenient truth behind a “conspiracy theory”, because it makes it sound crazy. Suddenly, no one wants to listen. One of the craziest conspiracy theories involves the origin myth of the modern West: World War II.
World War II precipitated the downfall and perpetual demonization of nationalism. In its place, we have limp democracy. But what if democracy isn’t what it seems? What if – despite everything we’ve been told – the Germans were the good guys? What if Hitler was right?
But that can’t be, that’s impossible! Even to SUGGEST that we fought for the wrong team, that evil won the war, and that the West is now ruled by Jewish plutocrats is simply UNTRUE.
Or is it? Is modern democracy just a façade for money? And if that’s true, who IS behind it? These are the same questions that once occupied Adolf Hitler.
A penniless drifter turned soldier, Hitler was a humble man who believed in triumph of the spirit over materialism, and the people loved him for it. They followed him into a war they couldn’t win, with loyalty they didn’t question, into a future they wouldn’t believe, all because they stood for what was RIGHT.
The Germans weren’t fighting for Hitler, or hatred, or world domination. They were fighting for Germany.
So how did this reckless, hypnotizing Hitler convince anyone to follow him? It seems all very odd, if he truly desired to conquer the world.
That’s because: He didn’t.
Hitler offered peace repeatedly over the course of the decade preceding the war. The idea that Hitler WANTED a war is not only wrong, it’s REALLY, DEMONSTRABLY wrong and needs to be corrected.
The financial puppet masters and blatant careerism of aristocrat Winston Churchill dragged England and the rest of the West into a war it didn’t want and didn’t need. And now, WE are paying for it.
How deep does the rabbit hole go? With the help of the Internet, historical information is more accessible than ever, and the official narrative is coming under more fire every single day.
It’s a can of worms that needs to be opened and scrutinized, because it lies at the root of our cultural sickness. To illuminate the truth is the first step toward the reversal of a terrible future. This truth Hitler saw in the people of Germany still sleeps in every one of us, and the Semitic enemy he died fighting remains the very same enemy we face today. You don’t have to believe it – this enemy would prefer that you didn’t.
But the rest of us? Well. We’ll take our revenge.


Straight white men: The enemies of diversity, the last bastion resisting the slow extermination of the white race. This extermination is not a physical removal, but a persuasion to turn white people against themselves. The moment you realize what’s really going on, you’ll ask yourself WHO is doing the persuading.
SEX is a weapon against the public subconscious. Whites are so bombarded with sexual subversions that many have renounced children completely, with disastrous consequences for white society. Feminism and miscegenation have destroyed our fertility. Bingo: No white children means no more whites.
Some view the demise of the Europeans as a GOOD thing – karma for the sins of their fathers. This is a trick. It’s no coincidence that the most spiritually vacant, mentally maladjusted, and sexually degenerate sort of whites are those that have been tricked into hating their own kind. The best way to silently destroy a people is not by violent genocide, but by convincing them to STOP REPRODUCING. When we’re sold that children are expensive, bad for the environment, or better off being mixed, we either stop having children, or we have children that no longer belong to our race.
Abandoning racial integrity to mix with other races has created a generation of mutts with permanently confused identities, devoid of any spiritual home. Your genetic heritage is a religion of its own, and it’s vital to a fulfilling life. God is in your blood.
If you WANT to abandon your genetic birthright, no one’s going to stop you. But before you do, take a long, hard look at whether you’re doing it of your own conviction, or because you’ve been tricked by the propaganda all around you. There’s a reason race-mixing used to be illegal. There’s a reason why this law of nature is under attack.
Don’t let the enemy drive a wedge into your heritage. Don’t be ashamed to live for your children. Your children will be the future, just as you were the future for countless ancestors before you. Family is blood, and blood is everything. Protect your blood.

I have a good, deep voice, but my recording equipment is limited to an old headset mic.

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I admit, things were bad. The world lost the greatest war of our epoch and changed its color almost overnight. The faceless elite drenched us in their agenda of degeneration. Broken families, pointless careers, and existential hopelessness could be seen and felt at every turn. Our spirit was on the brink of collapse.

But now, the tides have turned.
The world has had enough. The law of nature has finally emerged, like the sun vaporizing darkness. The spirit of Europe has opened its eyes and is UNITING against DIVERSITY, one nation at a time. Our cultural immune system has engaged, igniting a passionate LOVE for defending our homes, and an open HATRED for those who would destroy them. Our duty is to restore the pride, fertility, and cohesion of our kind by simply more than following our instincts.
No more brother wars. We’ll set aside past quarrels to join forces in resurrecting our countries and stoking the happiness that stems from a firm identity. Together, the Europeans and their diaspora can reverse the trend of degeneration through MUTUALLY ASSURED REVIVAL. Our men, women, and children each have an important slice of this life cut out for them, and when we work together, we become an unbreakable force. We’ve got each other’s backs.
The question is… Are you going to join us? It’s people like you who will make this possible. If you do nothing and say nothing, we all go down in flames. So speak up.
Let your voice be heard. Don’t be ashamed to defend your heritage, your identity, and your kindred blood. Focus on positivity and be happy for who you are, who WE are. Join us, because we’re out there, and we’re waiting.
Even if – and especially if – you’re not religious, belief in your race brings a world of purpose. It’s an instinct that has been buried by the lies of the twentieth century, a century whose reputation will descend to infamy in the decades to come. It’s time for a return. A return to tradition, to instincts, and above all, to nature. Your people are calling. Now it’s your turn to answer.


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I can't wait to see this user. I really love the direction you are going in. I can't help you but I want to give you my support.

Can't help with the voiceover, accent is too strong. Have a bump though.

Shame. The thing is, I have a good microphone and a decent narration voice (if I try), but the room I'm in echoes like a motherfucker, which ruins anything I try to record. It's also not able to be acoustically treated, so that option is out.

What's your native language? I'd like to do translations, if possible.

i wish that you could get someone like Snordster to narrate…he is not Zig Forums though…but if you could it would be a triumph

If you still need someone come this weekend I could do a recording for you. Vid related

Fuck this is the >>>/polmedia/ that we need.
One and a half years BABY!

Ukrainian, so not a priority for translation tbh. Western Euro languages are far more a priority.

I don't know if Snordster would do it but here is his info:

Heretic Productions. If you want to contact me directly, and not through Google+.. mail; [email protected]

Uncle Sam and Auntie semite; A wicked piece of work.

'The most dangerous man, to any government, is the man who is able to think things out for himself without regard to the prevailing superstitions and taboos.

"Every normal man must be tempted, at times, to spit on his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats..' - H.L. Mencken

As the producer of this channel, I place it into the public domain. Anyone may freely copy it in any part or in its entirely, without asking my permission, and without paying any dues. I do ask you to please link to this site if you do utilize the material.

I'll give it a go user. Pasting the script now

Northern English accent, but not Morgoth-level northren

This guy would be perfect.

Could you do a Russian translation? That would be huge.

Might make minor alterations where I see fit, but nothing to change the substance

Probably not as my Russian is quite weak. Though it shouldn't be too difficult to find a native Russian around here.

I have an outstanding voice, very deep and with a lot of natural bass, and generally I'm a very good narrator/speaker. Post a burner e-mail and I will get in touch and send a recording. Only problem is I have no recording setup, best I can do is speak into a standard, no frills headset mic recording using audacity.

Basically same as this user. I'm willing to do it but have no professional equipment. But if you can work with that I can supply the voice talent.

I can do that, as I'm a fluent speaker. But I'll only get to it in a couple of hours, got some of my own shit to do.

Go ahead, user. Just try to respect the timing cues so I don't have to re-edit all over the place.

No-frills mics can still deliver good results. Would you mind posting a sample?
I'll post a burner email in a moment.

Ya, why not. Just tell me what kind of narration you have in mind. Casual, ominous, subdued, angry, Goebbels-style bombastic?


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What the fuck are russians doing in Ukraine user?

nice job tbh, some tips:
get a native english speaker, whose voice is deep and well sounding. If you butcher the narrator, it totally fucks over the video, so don't hurry too much with it.

i'd rephrase the "west is now ruled by jewish plutocrats", i'd replace the word rule with something more negative-connotationed like controlled perhaps? And rephrase the jewish plutocrats to something which says the same thing, but in a way that the listener himself has to come up with that they're jews.

when you show asses and "degenerate" dance parties, make sure they don't evoke positive emotions. Degenerate has to be degenerate and not fun and/or sexy, but repulsive even to normalfags.

this is the name of the area, not race or ethnicity

Don't want to drop my voice on the board if possible for OpSec purposes because it's very distinct and recognizable, but post your burner mail and I will send you the sample via my burner mail. Sounds like you have a couple potential volunteers, this could be breddy gud if we do it right and pull it off.

The same thing the kike NEOCohens are doing…slaughtering, raping and killing the Germanic/Goth people.

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I'm really into audio equipment, and some of the newer cheaper stuff is rivaling expensive equipment. Here is what you would do to create a professional environment.

-Condenser mic through USB, not computer mic in
-Pop filter
-Noiseless computer fan
-Laptop in your closet

With this and some level editing you can get results that rival professionals. Clap in the closet and listen for any metallic echo. The clothes will absorb high frequencies, the metallic echo. They will also diffuse low frequencies, low level transients. Spikes in volume. This isn't too much a deal for voice.

Yes. The video will be automatically removed from yt if it contains words like "jews" or "white genocide".

Better to avoid the use of those words. For jews use globalists and for whites use native europeans. For "white genocide" use something like "replacement migration" or "foreign occupying force".

How about two versions then? YT is a limited platform for anyone who is serious about Nationalism. Honestly, I wouldn't even put it on YT, I would simply put a teaser trailer and a link to another platform.

Replace "Jewish plutocrats" with "traitorous bureaucrats"


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Here's the equipment i would get. Then take care of laptop fan and room acoustics. Even if you did just the USB mic and filter, it would probably still be ok. Keep in mind refrigerators and air conditioning vents.

Reaper is an uncrippled DAW that asks for $60 dollars and is very powerful. You need basic DAW skills however.

Record at 24 bit depth if you can.

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You could use a short version on youtube as a purple pill and for anyone that is interested a red pill version posted on bitchute.

Like, have the first two sections on youtube and the full video with section 3 on bitchute. Try to make the first 2 sections not contain any word that will trigger the AI.

All my videos from yt (most of them simple news reports cuts) that contain words like "jew/jews" and "white genocide/Hitler" get automatically either demonetized or put in limited state by the AI which transcribes the text.

You just upped the price by 34 bucks. Minimum.

Previous was $38. Now about $60. If you are ok for spending that, then that is the way to go. For anyone who didn't watch the video, the video says you need. Condenser mic, Audio interface, and laptop. That will make it sound better. The condenser mic + audio interface takes place of USB mic.

Good headset mic, Ausfag accent, could evoke a Tarrant vibe. Am I your user?

Hail Saint Tarrant!
SStrayans… :)

Just so you guys know, if you got another youtube channel, like where you use your voice to voice cute cartoons or some safe shit, youtube will be able to flag you down that you used your voice on another channel. They use this for copyright takedowns requested by youtuber content creators for when someone else uploads their video.

What about Dlive? pewdiepie is on it. any movement away from youtube is good. it's tos is shit though.

I have a minidisc recorder with a stereo condenser mic. Files covert to .wav format.
I am a natural bass, when I vidya I get comments on my voice 9/10 times. I will give this a go.

nah, no youtube. Just gonna upload to anonfile

I will send you a recording of the first part when I get home. I have a very clear voice. If it is to your liking I will complete the set for you and dump a drive with the files for you to dick around with. I have a professional setup and talk on the phone for a living.

Other option is garage band with apogee i96k. If that's a preferred format. That one records at 24 bit.

dlive is a streaming platform, the only alternative to youtube is bitchute

-Condenser mic through USB, not computer mic in

No you nigger, a discrete interface is always the superior solution.

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Fine you autistic faggots. Audio interface over USB, but whatever the hell do not use your computer's mic in. It's not designed for decent signal.

Audio interface>USB>Computer mic input

You are a pleb.

You're implying anyone connecting an interface to their computer wouldn't do so via USB/spdif but rather via RCA/XLR outs? I'm really just fucking astonished you call people plebs while pitching this as if it were in any way a realistic scenario.

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Propaganda )))Jew((( here. Instead of 'maybe' use 'WILL'. Much more powerful.

Jonathan Booth. See Apocolypse series. (((history channel)))

a great way to get instabanned off of Jewtube. nice aesthetic with the tv screen but it is useless if you want your piece of art last longer than 20 minutes on the site and if it is effective, they will do anything to justify taking it down

This. The full video won't last 10 minutes on Jewtube

Do it

Well it turns out my recording set up isn't good enough. The headset mic is just too fuzzy

Here's my edit for section 1 though. I tink it flows better but maybe that's just me.

So, are you ready to wake up yet?
Europe is being changed.
New populations and dissolving borders warp the continent – under the pretence of diversity, of equality.
But what if the true motivation for this is something far more sinister?
Existential anxiety seems to have reached boiling point.
That splinter in your mind, the gnawing feeling that something is wrong in your world?
That is your natural, instinctive reaction to an agenda of cultural destruction set out by globalists,
long before your birth.
The European people stand at a crossroads.
Down one path is shame, displacement, and forfeiture of our heritage.
Down the other - lies pride, life, and the strength of unity in our people.
Unity is our strength – not diversity, as the trope goes.
An excess of diversity is a sickness that shatters the unity of a nation.
This has happened in the past, and it will happen to us if we stay on this course.
It is high time we relearned what it means to be confident!
Confident in our identity
Confident in our history
And confident in the future we build for our children.
The fact is that Europeans built the modern world
Whether we continue to push the boundaries is a question of our confidence.
Of whether we can unite in the face of globalist forces that would tell us we’re nothing special.

So take comfort, and pride in who you are, in the people to whom you belong.
Embrace it while you still can.
Because globally, there aren’t many of us, and there will be even fewer tomorrow.
But… with a little hope, a little luck, and a lot of determination, maybe we can turn this around.
Nature is a game of instincts, not ideology. And instincts will always win.

Where the fuck is OP?


watching the video for a bit i can say 2 things:
hopefully the intro doesnt actually take up almost half a minute. People wont like having to wait so long for the video to actually begin

and second; the music gave me the idea that maybe with the footage shown this could instead be narrated as if it was some happy advertisement talking about the great new changes that we'll be seeing, while discarding ideas such as a "white race" (a white family fading off could be shown in this part)
and how to behave as a white person when your city/neighborhood/town become multicultural and you can't offend anybody.


Are you ready to wake up?


"Europe is changing. New faces and dissolving borders are going to radically change the way you live your day to day life. This, however, is not something to be feared."

"Here are some tips on how to live in a 21st century city, filled to the brim with people from all over the world:

dont say this and that, avoid wearing x and y, if you see someone of color speaking don't say anything. this is their country/city/neighborhood now just as much as yours"

the idea would be to make something that on the front seems happy and helpful, as if it were to come out of a leftist propaganda machine, but below that is the sudden realization to whoever watches that they're being replaced and their home is being passed to someone else.

avoid any and all reference to nazis unless you want to turn normies' brains off.

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I can tell you how this thread goes
Tis a desperate kike adaptation to their fishing attempts being rebuffed time and time again.

People like you are genuinely starting to anger me. Who is not a "kike shill" to you? You are so paranoid that if you were a German in 1930 you'd probably call Hitler a Mossad agent. Fuck off to stormfront or whatever hole you can jack yourself off on and stop shitting up the discussion of this board with your schitzophrenia. Walls can't talk and nor can dead men.

The voiceover can be posted on an anonymous file sharing platform and put together in editing by OP without any incriminating information needed.

pic related "(((nordfront)))"

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More importantly, Any voice actors for an upcoming new Atlantic Murdoch clone episode?

I'll take anyone willing.

He's somehow right about it. This type of shit should be organized on a telegram group or some other secure platform, not in the open on fucking 8ch that right fucking now is read by the the ADL (see )


Are you from the White Art Collective? I recognize the scene with the TV at the bottom of the spiral staircase.

If anyone would like to send private samples, please upload them somewhere and email me a link at [email protected].
If you want, include your ID from this thread in the email. Good anonymous file sharing platforms include 0x0.st and file.io. Unfortunately, I can't send outgoing emails from the burner address (unless someone has a better recommendation than Maildrop).

Casual, however you think works best.

Noted, will change the script accordingly.

I have good equipment (AT4050, Scarlett 2i2, Ableton), but I don't have a good room to record in, and my voice isn't voiceover material.

You must have missed the bit where I said we're doing this anonymously, nigger.


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Video editing used to be a big pastime of mine in high school. I’m surprised I can’t tell where you sourced any of your footage from, but I’ve got to say that I fucking love your style. The way that the clips and music flow together is very professionally done.

I would be happy to lend my voice, whether or not I fit the pet you imagine, I’m not sure, however, I haven’t played with multimedia in a while and I have lent my microphone to a friend. I could get it back within the week, though.

Excellent work, brother. The message must be spread.

Thanks, user. I'm a professional video editor (job title is literally "video editor"). The clips were sourced from all over the place. Music videos, TV shows, movies, documentaries, historical archive footage. The bitch of making a video like this is sourcing the clips, because it takes forever, and now I have upwards of 100GB of random video clips eating up my hard drive.

If you record a narration, please post it. I'll keep this thread alive if it starts to die out over the next few days. I'll be finishing this video one way or another.

you can use cock.li/ email and tor

and you might want to join some telegram group

My mic is shit (built in pc mic) but I've been told my entire life that I've got a voice for radio. I'll give it a shot in a while and upload a few lines to see if it's of acceptable quality.

Fuck off Torpedos

If you're going to be changing the script then have it done by tomorrow. I work very long days and if I have to faff about sorting through this thread just to figure out what exactly it is I should be recording well then fuck it.

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I'm pretty well versed in acting and voice recording but I don't know if you are looking for a female voice at all? British with a moderately "posh" accent too.

I'll give a shot at a few takes today. My mic pics up a bit of noise but I'll just throw it into audacity and generate silence and it'll sound just fine. My voice isn't that deep but my speech is eloquent and fluid and I easily pick up on the inflections you want.>>13108224

Full, updated script here.

A woman's voice would be even better. It would lend the video credibility to the female audience, and the male audience will certainly listen to a female narrator.

By all means, give it a go. Post your recordings somewhere I can download them in high resolution.

Definitely not true anymore. I know many people like me who speak little Russian and instead speak English as their second language.

This! It's a genius idea. This is our way of reaching normies.
Make them feel uncomfortable about the changes while supposedly celebrating it. Then their brainwashed minds will register the message without their immediate NPC_reject_bigotry.exe programme kicking in.

Nice video. I can't voiceover, but I have determined this simple public ZOGnet link is the final redpill:


I have a mic and did a podcast for a while. If you're still looking I can give you my twitter

Did you find your man (or woman) yet? Are Americans allowed to apply? I don't speak with a regional accent naturally but capable. I may miss the boat on this one, but do you make many videos? Would love to work with anons on this front.

Here's the Russian translation, OP:

Honestly, I think you are all over the place. You begin very normalfag-friendly, then immediately jump to "Semitic plutocrats" and "Hitler was right", then go back to decent stuff about Churchill dragging Europe into the war. Then it's again a see-saw between some very convincing anti-porn stuff and "your blood is your religion". I have removed both mentions of "semitic" for that reason and simply left "plutocrats" and "enemy".
Remember, you are trying to reach normies and fence-sitters, not the already redpilled. One does not go from "hmm, I don't like what's going on in the world" to "GTKRWN, your skin is your uniform" in less than 10 minutes. This will only shut normie brains down.
To be honest, I'd rehash your script, make each section at least twice as long and make the narrative smoother and more streamlined. I'll do it a bit later in the day, if I have time. Until then, the translation is ready.

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Op, don't slack on voice stuff. Get the 100% gold setup.

Re20 Microphone with pop filter.
Avalon Design Vt737SP
D/A of your choice.

NPCs like novelizations, do something like a cross between pop culture Hollywood gay shit like Purge with actual prediction of the future like Turner's Diary

I'm pretty sure they mean an audio interface that takes in RCA/XLR vs a straight-to-USB mic.

For voice over you honestly don't need a special room.

Just use a closest that has lots of hanging cloths. Literally lots of the most famous albums vocals were recorded in the showers of bathrooms or closets.

Attached: closet-vocal-recording-1024x680.jpg (1024x680, 76.76K)

No one has posted a recording yet. If we get ten anons saying they'll do it, only one of them actually will. I'm still waiting for someone to follow through.

Thanks for the input, user. It's a rough draft that needs polishing.
That section was intended to be anti-miscegenation. Feel free to post your own revision. Unfortunately I'm not very willing to do a re-edit of the video to make each section longer, as it's already taken me ages to source and edit all the clips, and additionally the music is not very flexible to being arbitrarily re-cut. Try to rewrite in a way that will fit the current video timings.

You have no idea how many times I've recorded in retarded locations like this, in the closet, under blankets, between couch cushions. If I can't get another user to do it, this is what will end up happening.

You have a great voice. OP should get in touch with you.
Also, what would you charge if others wanted your services?

Attached: lunch.jpg (961x595, 54.06K)

If you want a girl i could do it. I have a really good mic and know sound engineering. Im also a singer

Give it a go and post the recording. We've had a bunch of anons post ITT saying "oh I'll do it", but no one has followed through yet. Fingers crossed someone delivers.
Updated script can be found at pastebin.com/f0HA2yXF


The YT algorithm won't be able to match a speaking voice with a singing voice, but this is something to be aware of if you've done other narrations.

instead of asking anons to just spontaneously contribute, you have to take the leadership and get in contact with them. Use an email that you can talk back and forth with, or use Telegram, Wire, Riot, ricochet, there's dozens of apps/programs that allow encrypted chat (not that you're doing anything illegal ANYWAY so man up and represent yourself). Start asking specific individuals to help out, and if you don't use one for this job, you can reach out NEXT time for the next job, if you can get a list of 4 or 20 NatSoc voice actors, then you have a network pool to choose from for the appropriate video and your videos won't end up sounding like it's just 1 guy in his basement.

Start a telegram group, that's my advice. I have a shit voice but I love this sort of collab thing so consider myself following.

The worst thing you could do now is give up because nobody fulfilled your magic expectation. This is YOUR project. YOU take leadership. Give us an email we can talk to you with and you might get 1 or 2 guys responding.
Protonmail, Tutanota, runbox are good emails for basic levels of security.

Attached: lose.jpg (960x719, 78.77K)

Adding to this, you think that whatever voice actor you get is going to spend the hours it takes to figure out the pacing of your script? No, you need to be on a voice-call (riot and telegram do encrypted calls) with them directing and explaining what you want the mood to be.

I like where you're heading with this, keep going, hell I'm sure that places like New Awakening would even PAY for good propaganda if your videos are good enough. Take control of your project, LEAD the people. The only one who cares about this project is YOU, this is YOUR baby. Nobody else cares.

Pro Voice man here - I'm doing it part-time.
No worries, they have a lot of trouble tracking voice modifications that still sound natural. I don't have a Youtube, Soundcloud or whatever else. Don't need it. While I am a solid tenor, I can make it a deep resonance that sounds highly authoritative.

How do you want the raw audio? Vocaroo? Do you have a throwaway email address that would be good for something like this? When I can get to a quiet spot tonight, I'll record something tonight for this.

Pic related - this was when I just got my boom, and my laptop was in the shop. I got myself a mini-tower since then, and is a lot further away so it's a lot quieter now. I still use the same microphone though.

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how about [email protected]? Is that safe?

no idea, but it's based in finland so at the very least the NSA can't look at your storage. Add to that it's encrypted so I'd say so but I'm no Zig Forumsie.

Good advice.
Believe me, I'll get it done. I make stuff like this all the time, usually alone – anonymous collaboration is new to me – but it will get finished. I made the "To Kill A Hero" video posted a couple weeks ago (vid related).

On that note, I set up a dedicated email at [email protected]. Probably should have done that before creating this thread, but hey.

Record to a lossless format (WAV, doesn't matter) and upload it to a site like file.io. You can send me a link at [email protected] when it's ready, and we can collaborate further if revisions are needed. I really appreciate it, user.

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Sorry, this is OP. Changed my VPN exit node.
Also, vid related, forgot to attach.

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