Wall Street Hearing in the House - #1


Seven CEOs from the big banks are testifying:
+Jamie Dimon
+Michael Corbatt
+James Gorman
+Brian Moynihan
+Ronald O'Hanley
+Charles Scharf
+David Solomon

I can't believe you guys haven't made a thread about this yet. They are in recess and the second half of the heaing should be begining shortly. Moderators in the chat on youtube are nuking any free-thought or red-pills so if you are bored in the recess you can go make their life miserable in the meantime.

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=This is the best clip so far.
Basically the (((heads of 7 major banks))) lying under oath that they are all white.
Heres a link to the full quality video if you want to do a better job encoding than I did youtube.com/watch?v=_tAj7CcVoKY

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This board is ded. The jews at the head of 7 major banks are testifying and nobody gives a shit.

Representative Foster literally just said his entire district didn't want to bail out the banks in 08 and he voted for it anyway. He harped on how going against the will of the people was a trait to be admired. He did "the right thing" even though the people didn't want it.

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Of course they all voted to bail out the banks. The jews told them all to.

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This is a scripted PR stunt by the banks, why would anyone care?

I have no idea why the U.N. isn't calling for nuclear disarmament every time somebody from the U.S. government says something. It always reeks of massive stupidity. None of these low IQ people should be in charge of WMDs.

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"David Michael Solomon was born circa 1962 in Hartsdale, New York to Jewish parents." - from Wikipedia

So that took me like ten seconds and I just proved that at least one of them lied under oath. This while this probably is staged and means nothing. That was too easy.

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