Chaos in Mexico - Africans and Haitians Trying to Invade America via Mexico (VIDEO)

As if the border problem couldn't get any worse, now we have masses of nig-nogs to deal with in addition to the beaner caravans already trying to invade our nation:


Chaos In Mexico: African & Haitians Await to Cross into U.S. (VIDEO)

African Migrants Await Permites to Cross Mexico-U.S. Border:

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Big Beautiful Door goyim

A highly publicized "event" on the border wouldn't definitely draw more media & government attention to the crisis.

Wow respect to these diverse people of color. The whole atlantic ocean couldn't keep them from their dream of watching Beyonce and Baseball. Of course the people smugglers will have stripped them of their vast personal wealth, so they're going to need gibs, quite a few gibs, all those men and those two women.

A dream come true

If Haitians were given the chance of living in America would they remain loyal to Haiti? If not then why keep them in Haiti, what future do they have in Haiti? Why not empty them out into Africa?

You're not getting in no matter how many times you post it, jose.

Believe it or not, Mexicans (in Mexico) seem to be smarter, more nationalistic, and more anti-immigrant than Mexican-"Americans".

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Further proof that caucasians, asians, and hispanics need to team up VS niggers & kikes

Can confirm, although Tijuana and Juarez are nation-wide ridiculed for doing it because they are themselves invaders in the aforementioned cities and some months ago they did shelter haitians who went on to do shambles in the city's center and were subsequently thrown into California.
Make no mistake, mexicans are highly xenophobic even to our own people because of the culture barriers inside, it's a very well known phenomenon even when overly taboo to call out and shit on the capital citizens (like how in America they have this city-slickers from L.A. or NY against the flyover state citizens, except in this case they are also a separate race)

The rest is true enough, in my state one of the cities organized and made a lot of cheap sandwiches, filled bottles with tap water and threw it out directly inside the caravan's buses in black trash bags so to avoid the immigrants to step out even for a moment.
This after many immigrants (up to 500) started living in one of our small towns with a population of 300, and they did this because the very townish people offered them food and chairs as sympathy. Obviously soon enough the mayor asked personally to our governess to kick them out due to rapes near the school, and supposedly she did but the cartels had already recruited some of them.

Mexicali is one of the places to look for, those guys are real tough and half of them are chinks, last time this happened they clubbed many hondurans and burned their camping houses in one of the city's plazas (the chink kiosk)

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I'm Hispanic and I hate this shit. Keep them groids away from our Latin and white women. They all need to stop coming.

ur a mutt

This was inevitable after I saw the story a couple of years ago about Walmart paying its workers a dollar more.

Take a hint from the Jews and just poison the water.

Making room for China.

A popular joke around is to put laxatives in hot sauce, but even if some funny guy poisoned the bottles it would've been futile, as the other user said the immigrants refuse almost all help because they are not hogs (marranos was the word, ironic i know) and wanted full dishes (comida corrida would be the term, which means a humble entry and main dish, very small dessert and drink)

Unite against the jews. Stop complaining about the endless amounts of symptoms they sending your way and demonstrate against the jews. Also don't give the migrants free food, give em copies of the protocols.

Dude, you have bigger things to worry about like kikes mating with your women making mutts who look like you to the averagw retard but has loyalties only to isreal.

If we don't protect both our borders from boarders our loved ones shall perish. They will show up at your door


forget the wall, just institute a live fire border. any civilian can go and waste illegal crossers. we are so cucked. these goblins don't even get any prison time or anything. fuck boomers and their compassion bullshit.

You dont even know what the words you use means. Jews are caucasians. So are the vast majority of spics. Considering the niggerish state of north american caucasians I suggest a more civilization carrying approach would be asians vs everyone.


1. Best option is to turn the shitskins against the real enemy of humanity!

Most of America is basically non white. At this point it might be helpful to pray the Yellowstone Caldera explodes.

Some one should pay the local cartels to deal with it.

This would only give jews a path to refugee status in China like they got in the USA during WWII. They want that victim status like heroin junkies.

"Camp of the Saints" (now on youtube audiobook) pegs Trump's epic civilization ending failure SO perfectly.

White Americans will be glad to have Sharia Law replace Constitutional Courts.
Do you see shit-people running wild in Sharia Law nations (not European nations under going "transformation" but actual settled Sharia nations)? Nope, because Sharia Law don't play dumb. If a nigger steals it ain't because he is "oppressed" its because he still has hands, and Sharia Law can fix that. :)


exactly, Muslims are a symptom, Jews are the disease.

If Muslims, or Mexicans, didn't exist Jews would be using other sub-humans to do the exact same thing.

These mass migrations are not these sub-humans idea, its always a Jewish idea. Both Mexicans, Niggers and Muslims are all normally happy to live their entire lives less than 10miles of birthplace and are hardcore "home boys" who LIKE living in big stinking slum house with 100+ of their closest family. I noticed this even among young boys. Me and my crew would be hot to go on some adventure, general object being max distance from home, but non-White school chums would WANT to be at home with Momma, aunties, cousins, everyone up in everyone's shit.

Jews learned that in civilized (White) culture a victim is the most empowered person.

Jews don't present themselves as Victim in non-White culture because among savages that only means they have 'loser stink' and taking them in might bring wrath of whoever made them "victims" in first place, and victims will only be full of bad ideas and bad advice that made them losers.

To non-Whites, Jews present as having inside track on White man's weapons.

I pitched this idea way back on cuckchan before fullchan even existed. My suggestion was to install remote controlled sniper and machine guns on the wall, then the system can be paid for by renting out the time to gamers who could control the systems from home. It's like a gamer version of the night's watch.

The idea of Jews being oppressed in the United States is absurd. They are more than prosperous. They are over represented in all the positions of power and influence.

and yet they cry out "anti semitism" when we want to stop funding Israel's ethnic cleansing.

Interesting, americans are going to get a taste of what europe got for decades now. Have fun.

What's the deal, Danny? Why are you spamming your info here?

They will need your daughters pussy and your sons asshole for raping as well.

What can we help you with Mr. Coulson? You should have the training already to deal with this, so what do you need from anons? Or are you offering services to anons?

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We are going to have to organize soon FBI or not.

Zombie movies are predictive programming. Deep down we all knew it was coming to this.

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Haiti is not sending us their best-
what? Oh that IS their best? FUCK.

Raid your local police state, march on Mexico City, and declare a white supremacist state in Mexico. Slaughter the Mestizos, pass anti-miscegenation laws, horde the Natives onto reserves far away from population centers, salvage what's left of the white Spaniards and open Mexico to European migrants and maybe, just maybe in 100 years, Mexico will be like Argentina.

Das Rite

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Is it really "morally repugnant to be anti semitic"? Why are you here, Mr. Coulson? Just curious…since you aren't 'anti-semitic' I would think T_Donald would be more to your liking but I too am curious what you keep advertising on Zig Forums.

You have no idea how well equipped and trained the cartels are.

The Federal Government will encourage European immigration, and it will not restrict, limit or burden with any taxes the entrance into Argentine territory of foreigners who come with the goal of working the land, improving the industries and teach the sciences and the arts.
Very hwite, nigga

That's why it's called war.

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why not *what you keep advertising

That is because they are global CIA branches, whatever tech the CIA possess they also possess. I did some research on MS-13 in South America a while back and low and behold I found that they are intimately connected with a synagogue in Washington DC and the US government. One particular person is so well protected that mentioning (((his name))) will get your web page 'deleted'.

Gotta admit, I'm kinda hopin Danny says its go time and to head to TX ORP

There is a lot of 'brown' in your last two photos user.

They could have had a true Emperor more than a hundred years ago but the Mexicans wanted him executed in favor of the Freemason Benito Juarez.

Before the US Civil War started Freemasons and jews which ran the government, and still do, were scheming to wipe out the European populace in Mexico by funding their man, the Freemason Benito Juarez. It wasn't until after the South lost to the North when this genocide could be pulled off to prevent any European colony forming in Mexico or South of it according to the Monroe Doctrine. Emperor Maximilian of Mexico allowed any Southerners to move into Mexico and give them land but once Maximilian was executed, I'm sure none of these Southerners who took up the offer lasted any longer than other Europeans in Mexico.

After Juarez successfully completed his mission he came to Pennsylvania to be inducted into the Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States in 1866 which is also the year of the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and to be among the first to see the coming of the Talmudic Rabbi Marcus Jastrow to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who founds the first rabbinical college in the United States.

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He is fine with jews though user…why not just sign up with the military, they are fine with jews too…as a matter of fact that is what separates us from the entire planet. We are not 'fine with ZOG'

Things heating up.
All it takes is a single example and these invader fucks will turn back.

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always 90% of men in the "refugees" ………. clown world

There's a whole lot of moving parts. I don't pretend to know more than I know. For me, it's game theory. Im going with those that look and act most like me. If Im wrong, at least I acted intelligently

Hello Mohammed, you'll have to leave too!

Traditional European law for thieves, robber and Mohammedanians is a sling of rope

Fair enough…I have considered that it is someone fucking with his company and not him at all…why would he risk his business to be here anyway? He has nothing to gain by helping a tiny struggling minority and everything to loose.


Imagine if your lifetime of work that you put your heart and soul into was disappearing in front of your face and suddenly the mainstream narrative switches to labeling you as the enemy of the land you not only swore to protect but actually took a bullet for?

It's far past time for action. Not state sponsored BS, real White Nationalists letting every mother fucker on earth know that this land simply won't be lost to anyone or anything.

Circle them out and I'll tell you if you're right or wrong.

It's depressing but Mexico's race mixing's been going on since the Spanish arrived. I watched a really good documentary on it on YouTube. I would have preferred if Maximilian survived. Not sure if he would have turned around the whole demographic but Mexico could have been much whiter, drug free, and stable if he had survived. Shame he was Jewed. The French should have supported him to the very end.

Millions of our ancestors toiled with their blood sweat and tears to build nations exclusively for us user. They burnt up their lives, struggled and died terrifying and excruciating deaths in an effort to ensure that their work could be enjoyed by us, their progeny. Not 'owned by us' because we are an unbroken chain into the distant past and future offspring but enjoyed and cared for by us so that we could share with our own children.

So I completely understand his frustration, even if I don't understand his motivation. But I would note that millions of our people died to gift us with the environment and life that we live now and we are shitting on them and their memory when we treat it like it is meaningless or not even worth getting off our asses to defend.

I am sympathetic to you both if that was his or your reasoning.

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More FAKE NEWS❌ It would be one thing to use a real picture from this year. It is another thing to set up a go fund me page under the Lies of funding a wall for Trump because Africans and Haitians are in Mexico. It is very difficult for people to migrate out of Africa Without a commercial aircraft. Please do tell us how the migrants arrived in Mexico from Africa….and please don’t say George Soros😏 Your attempt at extorting money from gullible right wing cucks is impressive but makes you look very stupid😏just saying

:) I don't need someone to school me on the color brown user. I have eyes and I grew up in the very heart of an invasion. I know what 'brown' looks like.

lol, faggot.

Choose one.

April 19th is just around the corner, user.
There's usually something that day.
Be careful what you meme.

First we should demand reparations from the Haitians because they genocided the coloreds. Then we can discuss where the Haitians belong.

Y”aAAAAASH!!! MoOAR NIGGERS!!!!!! COME TO OUr Country And rape our women and genocide us. P.s jews fucking ROCK!!!”
~white people

This is literally how I feel most white people are like in modern clown world. Why can’t we be tribal like all the other races and fuck up anybody that threatens our people, like literally all other races do.

I’d prefer Hell user

Found the D&C fag.

"Donald Trump to Democrats: Change the Laws or We’re Putting More Illegals in Sanctuary Cities."
BHO 50,000 unaccompanied "Bus" children were shipped wherever BHO wanted, not divided up by State Population, swing state NC received 1,200 (population 10 million) what a co-winky-dink.
Illegal Adults do not need Family member sponsors, so Trump can send them wherever he chooses.

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can't help but chuckle he seems more perturbed that they rejected the beans and tortillas than the rest of it.

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That is because he knows that they are economic migrants and it is pissing him off. I felt the same way when the muzzies rioted and burned down one of their European shelters because the m&M's were halal