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On October 27, 2018, Robert Bowers perpetrated the deadliest attack against Jews in American history when he stormed a Pittsburgh synagogue armed with an assault rifle and three handguns. Shouting “All Jews must die,” Bowers killed eleven people in their place of worship. Within months, Brenton Tarrant perpetrated the deadliest attack against Muslims in New Zealand’s history when he slaughtered 50 people gathered for prayer at two mosques. In the wake of these horrific crimes, Jewish and Muslim communities worldwide and concerned citizens across the globe began searching for clues about attacks that seemed to come out of nowhere.
In hindsight, though, these killings should not have been surprising. Both attackers were enmeshed in online communities that exposed them to content designed to make them hateful and potentially violent. Bowers was a member of a fringe online community called Gab, which, like similar online forums, is a bastion of hatred and bigotry. Gab has seen a surge in racist and anti -Semitic postings since the 2016 presidential election. Tarrant, too, was part of a fringe online community called Zig Forums, one of the most notoriously hateful online communities on the internet.
Platforms like these force us to reassess our understanding of how violence may be inspired by such hateful echo chambers. Even more broadly, as we have recently reported, mainstream platforms can sometimes push such individuals from an open community, such as Twitter, into fringe environments like Gab that foster acceptability of dangerous views.
In September 2018, the Network Contagion Research Institute and its partners published a study, also detailed in a Washington Post article, which indicates that the state of online echo chambers of hate is far worse than many may imagine. Analyzing more than 100 million comments and tens ­of millions of images posted between July 2016 and January 2018 to Gab and 4chan’s “politically incorrect” message board (Zig Forums), the NCRI performed the largest quantitative study to date regarding the rise of anti-Semitism and white nationalism on these popular white supremacist web communities. The study shows that anti-Semitic slurs and content doubled on these platforms after the election of President Donald Trump. During the same timeframe, these web communities also showed a dramatic surge in the expression of racism, including a substantial increase in the use of the n-word slur (see Fig 1.).

Fig 1. Use of racial terms and slurs over time on 4chan’s Political Incorrect message board (top) and Gab.ai (bottom), taken from hundreds of millions of comments in the course of over a year and a half of sampling.

In fact, anti-Semitism has reached such a fevered pitch within these web communities that the word “Jew” is essentially used interchangeably with slurs like “kike” and “(((jew))).” Set within triple parentheses, the now-familiar (((echo))) symbol began as an anti-Semitic signal of Jewish identity.
NCRI’s research also shows that these web communities influence the spread of hateful memes and images to more mainstream networks like Twitter and Reddit. This research (along with other studies) shows an uptick in hateful rhetoric on fringe web communities in the wake of significant political events or highly publicized extremist violence. Relatedly, some studies have similarly demonstrated that ethnic hate expressed on social media can cause surges in real-life hate crimes. The implications of this online-offline dynamic are highly concerning.
On Gab, Bowers demonstrated how online propaganda can feed acts of violent terror. On Zig Forums, Tarrant showed how violent terror can itself create online propaganda. In both cases, the shooters strongly signaled back to their fringe web communities with their criminal acts, as though they were including them as knowing co-conspirators. In both cases, the participation of these fringe web communities proves to be key to the scope

, sensationalism, and ideological thrust of the act. Moreover, both shooters claim the same twisted notion of “white genocide”—or the imminent destruction of the white race by Jews and people of color—as the motive behind their terrorist acts, suggesting a shared ideological motivation. In fringe online communities, many members indoctrinate other users based on the conspiracy propaganda of a “white genocide” not online violent extremists of other ideologies spreading a grievance used to justify their malign views.

For Bowers, Genocidal Fantasies on Gab Inspired Real-World Violent Terror
In the case of the Pittsburgh shooting, Bowers demonstrated how a platform can transform fantasies of white-supremacist bigotry and hate into real-life murder. From the “white genocide” myth to associated anti-Semitic conspiracy theories about omnipotent Jewish control and the dangers of immigration, Bowers cited extremely popular themes – such as the “optics” debate – on these fringe platforms as his motive in a final post to Gab itself before the shooting:
fig. 1

We examined and decoded Bowers’ language within the context of white supremacist terminology and revealed an underlying, communal, ideological hostility.1 Anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are central to Bowers’ hateful rhetoric, and his mentions of “white genocide” – a propaganda term suggesting that the white race is “dying” due to growing non-white populations – are often paired with anti-Semitic conspiracy language. Research shows that believing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories most strongly predicts real and negative behavior toward Jews themselves.2
Beyond Bowers’ use of the term, we sought to understand how “white genocide” pairs with anti-Semitic tropes used by all Gab users. We deployed a machine-learning algorithm called “word2vec” that maps how strongly words associate with one another – i.e. how closely pairs of words are linked in context. Analyzing all of Gab’s approximately 36 million comments from August 2016 to January 2018 illustrated the relationships between terms related to #whitegenocide.
The words most strongly associated with #whitegenocide are visualized below, showing how connected they are to other terms (indicated by size) and their similarity (distance). The result shows the contexts in which the term “#whitegenocide” emerges within the Gab community (Figure 2).

Fig 2. Visualization of the “two-hop neighborhood” of word associations surrounding the central term #whitegenocide.
The themes we found are displayed in Figure 2, which shows that #whitegenocide conversations on Gab depict “persecution” themes espoused by white supremacists and other racists. This includes #whitelivesmatter, #waronwhite and # itsoktobewhite. White nationalism (shown in blue) associates closely with “white genocide.” Much of the Gab community perceives the would-be perpetrators of “white genocide” as “cultural marxists” (shown in green). These terms are closely linked to the “migrant crisis” (violet), and Jews (orange). Based on these diagrams, it becomes clear that white supremacists using Gab strongly perceive themselves as threatened by the Jewish community, and often spread dangerous conspiracy theories about how Jews and immigrants could bring about a “white genocide.”

Fig 3. Bowers' Language when tagging #whitegenocide: Kike, Jews, (((they))), Synagogue, (((Fellow White Person))), Goyim, Goy etc.maps to the “Jew” neighborhood of Gab’s communal language for #whitegenocide contexts.
When Bowers refers to #whitegenocide, his comments are closely associated with terms related to Jews (the orange cluster in Figure 3). Bowers’ final, three-line post before the Tree of Life shooting essentially utilizes three white supremacist rallying cries: Jews are responsible for immigration; immigration is destroying the white race; and public perception is less important than taking necessary actions to protect the white race.

The urgency of the call to genocide against Jews is unmistakable in Gab. In close proximity to references to #whitegenocide, Gab users include unfiltered enthusiasm for the murder of Jews, evident in references such as “hitlerwasright,” “tgsnt” (a reference to the pro-Hitler documentary “The Greatest Story Never Told”), as well as other cryptic terms like “gtkrwn,” which stands for “gas the kikes, race war now.” In other words, our algorithms show that, on Gab, #whitegenocide is often paired with explicit, genocidal sentiment towards Jews.

In Bowers’ case, Gab-fueled, unsubstantiated, perceived threat from Jews demonstrates the ways in which platforms can transform homicidal and genocidal fantasies into real-life mass murders. It is not impossible to imagine other Gab community members taking up the same cause.

For Tarrant, Real-World Violence Inspired Genocidal Propaganda on Zig Forums
Similar to Bowers, Brenton Tarrant, the alleged Christchurch gunman, announced his attacks in his preferred online community – for him, Zig Forums – before he committed them. His manifesto is completely continuous with the dark, troll-ish jokes of the most hateful of the community.

In his murder announcement, Tarrant actually jokes that he must “stop shitposting” in the community in order to post a "real life effort”; that is, a real life “shitpost”. He addressed his community on 8-chan directly as if they were co-conspirators and tasks them explicitly to “do your part” by furthering the next mass murder in the conspiracy.
Furthermore, he used the violence he perpetrated as an opportunity to call for the Zig Forums community to produce more murderous memes, which Zig Forums users reliably do. Finally, in his comments below (Figure 4) Tarrant identifies Zig Forums – more than any other platform he posts to – as his personal and reliable organization for incubating and spreading his violent ideology. Beyond the Bowers’ archetype, Tarrant did not subtly signal back to his community, but actively and publicly sought to recruit them as co-conspirators and identified that recruitment as a goal in his violence.

Tarrant’s characterization of the Zig Forums community is illustrative of just how radical the platform is. To our knowledge, the following analysis by the ADL and the NCRI comprises the first evidence documenting the extent of radicalization on Zig Forums. The results are deeply troubling.
A frequency analysis of term use on the platform suggests that Zig Forums’s penchants for white supremacy, ethnic hatred and anti-Semitism are more pronounced, on average, than even 4chan’s or Gab’s (figure 5).

This data suggests that Tarrant’s faith in Zig Forums as a platform for spreading terror and propaganda is well-placed.
The fact that Tarrant, like Bowers, references white genocide as the motive behind his criminal act raises a troubling theory: that “white genocide” acts like a virus on these platforms. It instructs recognizable and organized features of apocalyptic, terrorist ideology, including explicit calls to act on that information. By disguising the debate as one of “optics,” the community obfuscates its genocidal intent as if it is a mere popular, political sentiment, but this practice pits one radical sub-community seeking near-term violence against another that seeks to hide its true intent until the race war fully erupts organically. These extremists hide behind what they openly call “free speech” but seem to know is simply a public relations campaign hiding violent intent. We designed a search to discover how “white genocide” was in fact being used in conversations on Zig Forums to radicalize.
White Genocide

Fig 6. Visualization of the “two-hop neighborhood” of word associations surrounding the central term white genocide on Zig Forums’s Zig Forums
The resulting graph in figure 6 shows an evolution of the term that is clearly more explicit, apocalyptic and hostile, relative to its milder equivalent on Gab. To begin with, “Muslim” “invasion” appears to neighbor “white” much more closely in Zig Forums than in Gab. This suggests that the notion of a Muslim invasion of the white race is more pressing, or at least more closely related in context, on Zig Forums than it is even on Gab. Another noticeable evolution is cryptic, genocidal terminology, which on Zig Forums is far more active: “slaughter,” “exterminate,” “annihilate,” “subjugate,” etc. This indicates that the matter is becoming urgent to the point of a perceived emergency on this platform.

In the top right corner of figure 6, in purple, shows a new script for “acceleration,” near the terms “race war” and “black pill,” a term used, initially by incels, to describe a total loss of faith in society, or someone who has essentially given up trying to live within its constructs. The community advocates for accelerating the process that it perceives will result in the global chaos of an all-out, apocalyptic race war – presumably to include more violence like that of Bowers and Tarrant. The violent conspiratorial features of these belief systems are unmistakably radicalizing.

Preventing Violence Harbored Online
Gab and Zig Forums users bring violent, hateful ideology into comments about #whitegenocide and similar themes, by cloaking them in terms and references they know will only be understood within their communities. They depict Jews as murderous, all-powerful actors who seek to “racemix” white people out of existence. They depict Muslims and people of color as mindless enemy invaders threatening to replace white people and hasten the destruction of Western civilization.
The evidence overwhelmingly suggests that such platforms can serve to spread modern terror in ways that could not have been predicted from the early days of social media. Gab and Zig Forums fan the flames of bigotry and hatred and organize violent fantasies in online communities even as they fuel them in the real world.
There is no telling who else on Gab or Zig Forums may take cues from Bowers and Tarrant and act on the violent ideologies they derive from these online communities. In essence, these platforms serve as round-the-clock white supremacist rallies, amplifying and fulfilling their vitriolic fantasies.



RIP my sides.




Well, I mean, you fuckers kind of created that image by your actions. So…

That is so weird, I think this is plagiarized from another anti-White hate article.

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Do they actually have any proof that Brenton Tarrant was a regular Zig Forums poster?
For all we know his post on the night was the only post he ever made on this site.

Finkelstein sounds like a very trustworthy name.

So, when you write a message that contains the term "white genocide" they use that message to associate the other words in that sentence with "white genocide" so they can map it for their studies.

Next target needs to be one of these kike heavy hitter orgs.

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It would be a shame if in their next studies (which definitely they will use to testify in congress and to be cited by the media) the term "white genocide" will show up to be used on 8ch in the same sentence as "Palestinian genocide."

So remember boys and girls when discussing matters such as the Kalergi Plan, 9/11, USS Liberty, King David Hotel, Protocols, 200 years together, Jews and their Lies, Camp of the Saints, 1984, Brave New World etc, Barbara Lerner Spectre, remember just keep things respectful, a little decorum, no room for hateful misinformed rhetoric. It's just silly to be angry.


If you don't have a vpn, get one.


There's a few others. It's as low as $100 for 3 years, and if you're nervous go through Coinbase.com to buy a little bitcoin and pay in bitcoin.

If you're super nervous, buy some bitcoin, transfer it to an exchange like BITTREX and transfer it into Monero (xmr) which is a privacy focused blockchain. Then you cain pay in XMR and no one will ever know you bought a vpn unless you tell them.

Yup, poison their studies.

better to use TOR for Zig Forums
use a VPN on a separate browser from your normie internet activities for your political browsing.
separate browser for everything to avoid browser fingerprinting.
and don't use the VPN when doing your normie browsing, let your actual ip capture that.
compartmentalization is everything.

Dont go to school tomorrow

Why do you actually need a VPN though?
For the record I am posting with one, but its not like you absolutely need one right?
Maybe I'm just naive but they can't arrest you for just posting shit on here

Very reputable.

2017, 2018, 2019, 1984, 1984, 1984…..

The end. The world fucking hates us now. The death of the white race will be met with mass celebration aroubd the world. Might as well kos to get it over with.

they can kill when feel a real threat. 1984 it's not funny dystopia.

Cuckchan and Gabbai BTFO.

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Glow harder, CIAnigger.

Jews - low IQ homeless sandmoneys. Irony is lost on them, that is why they joyfully try to exterminate the only people willing to indulge them

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I barely see it used for anything other than blackpill bullshit. We need to get those jew numbers up. Naming them always makes them cringe back, thinking “I’ve been found out.”

they'll arrest you for anything they can, and they'll certainly at least pay a visit to your house and ask you questions if they discover you. Don't underestimate how utterly the system hates white males.
use the TOR browser for Zig Forums ONLY
use a vpn for non-normie browser on a separate browser
use a different browser for normie browsing without the VPN
lastly, don't threaten violence in any way, that is a first class ticket to prison.

Zig Forums is slacking. calling niggers black. you guys are too nice.

They treat White as a slur, a negative, while we treat it as a positive. Typical jews being genocidal cunts.
Sageing for doubleposting.

i think only about acceleration

Man we gotta pump these numbers up, thats not even a passing grade.

jew kike

black nigger

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Their actions? What about their words and their actions?

The ADL (Anti-Defamation League) president Abraham Foxman had a speech on August 25, 1998 in New York where he said:

“We control governments. We have created dissension among our enemies
and made them kill each other. We have effectively silenced criticism
of our affairs and we are the richest race of men on this earth… I speak
of the death of the White race. The complete removal of all means of
reproduction of the so-called Aryan race. Men, we now control the
destiny of this race. It is now time to make sure the White race becomes
extinct through miscegenation and having a virtually zero birth rate.
We have all enjoyed the vision repeated all over this world every day of
THE LAST WHITE CHILDREN playing with little dark children and knowing
that they are being set-up for their eventual destruction. We can ruin
the ancient pure blood of an Aryan child by convincing him or her of the
altruism of begetting interracial children. We must expose the race
mixing of the urban centers to the suburbs and rural areas of this
country. More aggressive programs to integrate these areas are now
underway through HUD. It is worth any price to annihilate the next
generation of White children. We want every White father to feel the
sting of having their children marry colored mates and produce biracial
children. We must use our power to discourage White men and women who
still persist in getting together from producing more pure White
children. They will be ostracized by not becoming part of the New
Society of all races. This will dissuade most of them. We will deal with
the less cooperative goyim by murder and imprisonment. Finally, we will
see the end of this White race. Impressionable White children will have
their minds molded into the agents of their own destruction. Already,
our efforts have succeeded in making the “men” of this race grovel at
our feet. Men, you and your ancestors have worked hard to make sure we
would have the power to hold the destiny of this race in our hands. Now
we have it. Perish Aryan Goyim!”?

The funniest thing about this thread is the whole UNDERLYING NARRATIVE that kikes and a wide variety of other subhuman filth actually belong in our nations in the first place.

Are these people trying to say we want some kind of race war now, or to gas the Jews?

Well, I've never been so insulted in all my life!
Zig Forums is a board of peace.

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Sh . . . shutting it down didn’t help?! oy Gvalt!

Its afraid.

and desperate.

This entire paragraph is beautiful for some reason, lol.

It really is a nightmare for the kike.
I genuinely believe they are lacking in self awareness like they accuse us of.

Its not afraid its terrified.

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I fear that much of that is me, catch up boys..I don't capitalize subhuman filth like they do…they are so polite

i've had enough of these goddamn hebes. all they do is scheme and ruin our countries. we need to crash wallstreet too. the whole system is designed to import third worlders.

- to add to the count
we need to make them count globohomo as well AND turkike perhaps to make the faggots uncomfortable and let them know that they too are not welcome here…pedohomo


IRL IRL effortpost IRL effortpost IRL effortpost effortpost effortpost IRL IRL effortpost IRL


doing my part to get those numbers up on soichan


"A heretic Gentile you may kill outright with your own hands." ~ Talmud, Abodah Zara, 4b

"A pregnant non-Jew is no better than a pregnant animal." ~ Coschen hamischpat 405

"Every Jew, who spills the blood of the godless (non-Jews), is doing the same as making a sacrifice to God." ~ Talmud: Bammidber raba c 21 & Jalkut 772

"You have not begun to appreciate the depth of our guilt. We are intruders. We are subverters. We have taken your natural world,
your ideals, your destiny, and played havoc with them. We have been at the bottom of not merely the latest Great War, but of
every other major revolution in your history." ~ Mayer Amschel Rothschild on his deathbed, 1812

The Rothschilds, owners of 80% of the land in Israel, are descendants of the satanic Jewish Messiah Sabbatai Sevi, who was proclaimed to be the Messiah in 1666, and had more than million followers, until the Turkish Sultan forced Sabbatai to convert to Islam, from where the
Dönmeh were created, who around 1915 murdered over one million Armenian Christians. The Sabbateans are into the Kabbalah, and
especially into the Zohar, a demonic book that claims that there is no such thing as evil. According to the late professor Gershom Scholem the Zohar claims that when the Jewish Messiah returns, the light of life for all "Gentiles" (non-Jews) will vanish. The Talmud claims that the coming Jewish Messiah will destroy Rome, that non-Jews will be slaughtered, and Jews will be allowed to rob non-Jews from their gold and silver.

"Gentiles exist only to serve Jews as slaves. Goyim were only born to serve us. Without that they have no place in the world. Only to serve the people of Israel. Why are gentiles needed? They are only here to work. They will work, they will plow. They will reap. We will sit like effendi and eat. That is why gentiles were created,” - Rabbi Yosef, Sha Party,

these fucking nevrotic moron kikes

damn. feeling so proud right now.

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They know the jig is up and are gonna try to paint all non-conformist ideas as "myths" "ideological indoctrination" same old same old.

What this tells us is: DOUBLE DOWN, ACCELERATE

If they ever shut the chans down, you know what time it is: IRL SHITPOST TIME

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ofc they do not know this

point is it doesn't say shit user, it's just like last time… they simply try to convince average joe, that oy vey we ai n shieeet, so therefor what we claim is credible

well they are not, it's worthless

here is the #1 reason why you should use Tor and/or VPN to read/write to Zig Forums.

you never know just how bad things are going to get. someday soon, the kikes may annul the First Amendment. someday soon, anyone who even hesitates to cuck themselves before (((The Deep State))) and offer up their wife to be gang banged by a pack of muds and offer their bed and open their home to illegal invading spics and niggers and Muzzies will be guilty of the felony of WrongThink and ThoughtCrime. Anonymity is precious because it gives you the Element of Surprise. never trade it away because you are lazy or because you prefer convenience. convenience is the death blow to security.

we may need you when TSHTF. if you were fucking lazy and got your name put on The Watchlist, along with the other few thousand who browse Zig Forums, then you are of no use to help us in our direst hour. because you will be under surveillance, you will be "known to Authorities", you will have secret grand jury indictments against you ready to roll out the moment you might become a threat, and you will be persecuted and fired and evicted and your kids will be forcibly adopted to some pedo pizzagate elites and your wife will divorce you to get the train run on her by Tyrone, Hot Nigga, Pedro and Muhammad.

you might be the only goy left who is in the right place and the right time with your finger on the trigger. why would you so early on betray your usefulness to the birth pangs of the coming Fourth Reich, and reveal yourself to (((TPTB)))?

from the 1940's and up until at least 1973, the FBI had a nation wide List of names of dissidents to round up in the case of a National Emergency and/or Martial Law. it was called the "Security Index", and J Edgar Hoover kept this off the books and nobody knew about it except for him and a handful of his most trusted Deep State reptoids. there were hundreds of thousands of names on the Security Index. the FBI kept tabs on everybody on it–their travels, their associates, their addresses, their families and friends.

what makes you think the Security Index ceased to exist in 1973? what makes you think the Security Index does not still exist, except now with millions of names of Americans on it? what makes you think everyone who ever poasts to Zig Forums isn't automatically on this new Watchlist? what makes you think 25% of NSA's time and resources are not dedicated to grooming and maintaining this list of the biggest domestic security threat to the US govt? what makes you think (((TPTB))) are not keeping you and millions of Americans on The Watchlist now just because they can because it is so easy due to the amazing leaps forward in tech have made it exponentially easier to mass surveil and track you as compared to pre-1973 when such an endeavor was entirely manual, required high man power and was error prone?

so my best advice to you is to work very hard now on your OPSEC and try to remain invisible for the civil war that is coming. we need you. i need you. the white race cannot take risks this time, we cannot afford to lose, because if we lose that's it for this planet, the monkeys will take over and human civilization will be a new dark age for the next thirty thousand year until evolution repeats the cycle.

What if you're a bong?
Is it even more important?

TANYA it is better

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Someday soon Whites may decide that they have had enough of the bullshit and simply start killing every subhuman they can get their hands on…

You just never know what is going to happen now do you, user…

In the meantime, lets not pretend that 'rule of law' has any meaning in our nations anymore.

great post. opsec is key.

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They won't. The white man is an eternally tamed beast that will never fight back ever again.

All the more reason to acknowledge that we truly have nothing to live for. Everything we hold dear will be taken from us for all eternity and that fact will be celebrated by everyone around the world. It's more worthwhile at this point to just form a suicide pact.

Almost stopped reading right there - 'new analysis' is another term for 'reframing'.

The theme of this 'new analysis' is simple fear-mongering.

It's just (((fear-mongering)))…

We've examined and decoded Jewish terminology within the context of 'seeking the destruction of the seeds of your Amalek'… and found subversion and intention for white genocide - right there in your holy scripts, in the words of your rabbis, in the persistent actions of our (((politicians))) - ever the outcome leads to white genocide. Hmmmmm, curious, donchathink?

Do you ever wonder why otherwise intelligent, reasonable folks could come to this conclusion? What we've discovered in the Jews is a pervasive lack of self-reflection. Collectively, Jews act like emotionally immature medium-IQ paranoid schizos. Do you ever stop to reflect on why in the corners of the internet where all truths can freely discussed, Jews end up being utterly despised? Perhaps folks don't like what the Jews are doing to them, hmmm??? We are not blind.

Succinctly put, good job.

Again, what's deeply troubling is what (((you've))) been doing. You are vindictive rats that prefer to erode the foundation of Western Civilization. That there is a place where folks can talk about what you are doing must worry you to no end.

Here, you lie. Zig Forums is a board of peace. Only through peace can peace come about, which is something Zig Forums has recognized since its inception. Newfags get on here and wildly vent their frustrations, yes, that happens all the time, which is why its common to see comments such as "lurk for two years before posting". Newfags, such as yourselves, don't understand how to approach Zig Forums, much less what it is, and ultimately where it leads. Zig Forums does not lead to violence, but rather to an ironic understanding of the deep-shit to which (((you))) have brought our world. Zig Forums advocates for a distinctly multicultural world, not a mixed one, and therein lies all the difference.

Accelerationism is a recognition that (((you've))) won. (((You've))) so thoroughly subverted our society that it can no longer be recovered. Accelerationism would highlight the inevitable, what (((you've))) been knowingly - with the malice of foresight - been pushing us towards: complete societal breakdown along racial and ideological fracture lines. Accelerationism is an admittance that we are already in an outright war - with (((you))). Neither social nor environmental nor technological progress is possible any longer. All that is left for us to do is fight back.
u ain't nothin yet

Ironic shitposting is 'hateful'?

Honestly, this 'new analysis' is just fear-mongering. NPC's may unthinkingly swallow it, (((politicians))) may march to its tune, but the truth be told is just scaring people into more of that blind hypocricy that (((you))) constantly use to grease the wheels of your program of subversion. Why don't you fuck off back to Hell?



This goes double for anons outside of the states, America has no qualms about selling you out to your government and for many of us it is already illegal to post or even view this website.

Interesting selective outrage considering Brenton Tarrent was more active on Twitter and he actually livestreamed the shooting on Facebook. It is as if the ADL targets and persecutes social media groups based on their minority status. #DiscrimiNation

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Checked. kek
Hey adl what are you going to write when you learn that we’re turning the gasses in the atmosphere to a form that only white peoples’ lungs can process? Genocidal maniac won’t cover it. Think bigger adl you shitskin juden filth
Honk Honk

that is a super interesting point user. Eliminating the competition.

Ahh, we left him for Jesus long ago.

Everyone's going to ##Zig Forums now

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It's like they're advertising the honeypot to help track future Tarrents more easily,

Faultless. Wish I'd written it. Thank you user

Is this only from Zig Forums or the whole board?

One autist went 50:0 KDR against a building full of camel fuckers, what do you think will happen when your average boomer tier conservative with a massive collection of firearms realizes that the squeeze theyre putting on whites isnt subsiding, rather getting continually worse? You can see why they want to censor us to get out ahead of this occurring.

I know he enjoys portraying the White numbers always going down but the early 60s actually had the highest number of Whites in American history since we started considering farm equipment as "people" in the census… numbers close to 95% White. Thanks to the babyboom and increasing violence in the ghettos due to black drug based gangs being an issue again.

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He he he ya ha ha ha ha
Tough shit our ideas got out and infected the mind of even boomer cucks. Most know the teams now. Joe six pack is all out of beer

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ADL like DOJ and FBI is beyond reproach. This place is a cesspool of illicit terror activity. Soon is the nigh time


Accelerationism: everyone wants it.

Follow me on twitter: @dannyocoulson

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You sound like a Jew. Don't be such an eager beaver. Try holding back abit. Lure them in, entice them, with the mystery.

For example: I wonder what would happen if Jews self-deported …

Zig Forums is a board of peace. Those who commit violent violent acts in the name of Zig Forums are not true Zig Forumssters!

They think me posting shirtless abos is a terrorist plot now, wew

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That's a white lie
That's the pot calling the kettle black
Jew Nigger Kikes

It's interesting if it wasn't formatted shit and most of the things there not even being slurs "White, Jew and Black"
I mean where is Spic, Boong, Gook, Sandnigger, Fag, Coon, Jigaboo, Wetback, Nip, Slant, Petrolnigger or fuck even Cumskin

you first

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

Kill yourself, tor-pedo.

So if we use every 3 sentences the word LOVE it would fuck up that algorithm?

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White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

Do it faggot.

I love that. It’s pure love and lovely at the same time. Maybe if it wasn’t wearing that lovely loving headscarf it could’ve gotten its crikeeee crikeeeee our properly. Bless it’s heart and head kek

If that day should ever come, this country will cease to exist because it would result in an all out revolution.

You're posing as someone else, but don't ruin your life.

This is an ADL thread, user.

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It's amusing how agent jamal was given one job and fucked it up. All he had to do is read Facebook and twatter all day looking for guys who might talk about killing immigrants and he just opened another tab and watched porn all day. Good job, Einstein.

This is the definition of "imminent threat".
Privileges will be escalated.