Revolutionary right-wing Intersectonality

Revolutionary right-wing Intersectonality

The time has come to develop what I call right-wing intersectionality against the Judeo-egalitarian tyranny.
It consists in triggering or exacerbating racial, ethnic, religious, sexual and religious tensions everywhere and all the time, thus making this degenerate society totally ungovernable by Jews and, more generally, all the enemies of the heterosexual white man.
This new approach offers almost unlimited possibilities.
Excite hijab supporters against faggots and feminists, Arab slave traders against niggers, black evangelists against afro-feminists, white leftists against brown males of the Caliphate, seculars against religious, etc…
The first goal is to strengthen inequality as a social foundation by fueling racism, anti-Semitism, male supremacy and any form of organic hierarchy.
Any hierarchy is based on the pure balance of power, that is, the ability to exercise domination through coercion by one's enemies. Since the racial potential of white men is by definition superior to that of our enemies, any paradigm shift based on the exercise of brute force and the thirst for domination works in our favor.
The egalitarian mentality, which is actually a thirst for subordination of the strong by the weak, must be destroyed to unleash the Aryan potential. Submitting the enemy is not only essential but must be consciously sought.
Then, it is a matter of strategically neutralizing the enemies by stirring up hatred between the most enemy sociological components by playing on all their differences and determinisms.
Finally, it is a question of forcing the white masses to withdraw into themselves by defensively adopting anti-egalitarian, anti-universalist and ethno-differentialists reflexes in their daily lives. In short, to extricate it from their egalitarian individualism that prevents them from thinking of themselves as a united racial group.

This cocktail will make it possible to collapse Judeo-individualist democracy by actively participating in the destruction of society for the benefit of irreducible socio-biological subentities.
The interest of right-wing intersectionality is that it is nourished by left-wing intersectionality, which is based on allogenic tribalism and sexual communitarianism instrumentalized by the Jews, but to make it more impossible to create a unified anti-white front under Jewish leadership.
It is a promising weapon in the arsenal of white racism. As we are seeing, for example, with the case of Ilhan Omar in the US.
This approach radically breaks with the reactionary approach of defending the current system at all costs on the pretext that it is at least the cultural product of Westerners to the detriment of non-natives.
It is an illusion: this system can only be maintained by devitalizing the white man. It is doomed to destruction.

The more open the balkanization is, the sooner the confrontation with our racial enemies will take place. And time, for us, is essential given the demographic imperative.
Keeping this Jewish system under artificial respiration on the grounds that old boomers want to be able to retire before the racial cataclysm is not an acceptable argument. Wanting to save yesterday's degeneration in order to try to delegitimize the one that is already in place today either.
Those who are afraid of confrontation are those who have something to lose. Only our enemies have anything to lose.
The white race, whose youth is eternal collectively, has everything to gain.

O my brothers, am I then cruel? But I say: What falls, that shall one also push!
Everything of today- it falls, it decays; who would preserve it! But I- I wish also to push it!
Know you the delight which rolls stones into precipitous depths?- Those men of today, see just how they roll into my depths!
A prelude am I to better players, O my brothers! An example! Do according to my example!
And him whom you do not teach to fly, teach I pray you- to fall faster!-
Thus Spake Zarathustra

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Regardless if you meet up and share housing. Getting money and buying what you need for post 2024 America will be important. Use the system while you can.

I'll ask again; Are you doing this, user?

Are you?

No. I live in boomer-town. No one would be willing to pool resources with me even if I didn't know that communes tend to fail.

Yes, let us divide and conquer. Let that which is falling be pushed. Be agents of chaos and end the system!

When will you fags ever learn? It's not a fucking commune. It's a fucking house. How is this so diffifcult to understand? For 4 fucking years now you White niggers who act high and mighty with le red pill can never fathom Whites being together. How do you think boomers were when they were younger? You think boomers never lived close by to each other and helped each other out at times? What about our forefathers and ancestors? Whites wanting one house and living month to month are utter goyim regardless how "red pilled" they are. If you had 5 people with decent income together for even ONE YEAR you would have a small power base.

And you wonder why you are on 8cuck lol? None of these faggots here have money enough to do shit irl because they are either stuck in a job or hopelessly stupid with their free time. Money equals freedom. If you have enough of it you can have more time off or buy shit that is good for you politically or otherwise.

Are you doing this?
Also, I already have a house and a gf so I'm doing this on a small scale.

Then this doesn't concern you. Keep on doing what you are doing and stop seeing my plan as some competition you fucking mouthbreather. It's to try and get Whites back to making money and power together and whether I am doing it or not is none of your fucking business neither does it matter. It's not about if I am able, it is about if YOU are able.

this just leads to waco 2.0, you absolute fucking sperg

you need to focus on getting into a better mental state before you try to tell anyone else a proper course of action

you are the biggest schizo fag on this site get out

What is the bet that you two are fags who jump to (((schizo))) out of fear of anons leaving the site to do shit irl that is effective?


Oh, how interesting.
This user was in another thread posting as well like this.

Excite hijab supporters against faggots and feminists, Arab slave traders against niggers, black evangelists against afro-feminists, white leftists against brown males of the Caliphate, seculars against religious, etc…

Of course the meat and potatoes of OP's good message get ignored mostly by you ungrateful bunch. We really need to speed up the balkanization of society along racial and ethnic lines. Amplify all tensions and try to increase racial identification. Whites need to see their volk again.

They fail because those people are just lazy and want free shit, and stupidly communes all appear to be nonprofit, which is stupid.

Good points, they should also be taught that it was the Jew, and not the white man who was responsible for all of their perceived problems that they blame us for.

Bump for interest.

Mennonites and Mormons. Both need a new Oecumen, this one's worn out.

Dark green environmentalists. Halfway between earthshippers and Ted Kaczynski. Natural allies if done properly.

Inb4 reeee, but, here's the big one:

Hoteps. Talk to Hoteps and Rastafari. Former are genius hyperstition hedge wizards, latter are not fucking kidding when they say they want a Selassie Restoration and a crusade for Abyssinia – they're the black NrX. War makes strange bedfellows.

That's a funny way of spelling Cultural Blitzkrieg.

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Right wing

Pick you moron

Both are kike D&C mediums.
(((intersextionality))) is a means of forcing a controlled group into a bad goyim group that isn't yet controlled.

Is this what the honkpillers have been going on about this whole time? I just took them for a bunch of defeatists and didn't really understand the meme. This sounds like the best strategy we've got. We can't vote our way out of this nor can we shoot our way out while our enemies are all focused on us, turning the world into a free-for-all is our best hope.

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but I agree with some of the lads here be sure to choose your white allies wisely. A lot of young white men are nigger tier and deluded by materialism. Still always choose the worst of yours over the best of others

This is about coopting the idea and inverting it, read the OP you niggers.

I find that materialism is an easy vice to purge, there are (((some))) who are innately greedy but when most men get removed from the mainstream culture they quickly drop it, provided you show them a new meaning to find in life. Certainly you should prioritize men who are less materialistic but in 2019 you may have a hard time finding them, so if you can't just look for men who are on the pipeline (politically incorrect leftists -> libertarians -> civnats -> ethnats) and are competent at some sort of skill or trade.

Women are materialistic by default but they're also malleable if you aren't a pushover. Really the only requirements you need are that she be a virgin and white, if you're older and not unusually charismatic you may need to soften on the first requirement though or simply opt to devote yourself entirely to the cause through some other means by ignoring women maybe nonvirgins aren't that bad I wouldn't know.

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Do you view family hierachies the same way, where the father's own wife and kids are his enemy? If so, then you're part of the problem, nothing different from a sodomite kike.

"Intersectionality" is CultMarx realizing that ad hoc tribal grievance is inherently unstable, and trying to duct tape black nationalists and Islamists and feminists and Chicanos into a Katamari Damacy ball of political opportunism.
It's a dumb solution to a dumb problem.
Instead of repeating CultMarx insanity we should reject purity spiralling and accept people that are pretty much three-fourths on board. Dennis Prager is a Zionist and an apologist for the Talmud, but apart from that he's good. Peter Thiel is a homosexual but apart from that he's good. Look at the full spread of the Dark Enlightenment chart and recognize the true diversity.


While to some extent, guarding against purity spiral is necessary, some of your proposals leave us back, ultimately, in the position we find ourselves. To truly satisfy what you describe, I would think pure sepratism would be necessary in the end, with a "I don't tread on you, you don't tread on me" kind of attitude between you and said Zionists, homosexuals, etc, except at a State level. Certainly that would be most preferable to satisfy the empathetic drive, but practically speaking I think it would just be a retreat and put anyone trying to save, or rebirth, the West in a position of weakness once again and simply allow them to be carved up once more in century's or several decades' time.
There is a reason for purity spiral and it is bore out of a desire to shore up points of weakness. Eventually you must declare the product safe, however. But if you consistently allow even small things, well, that's eventually how you get the MIGApedes. I don't think there's really a better, more textbook example. Malice is the wrong approach to take, I agree, but that doesn't mean those things falling outside of the window of acceptibility in such fundemental fashion should be tolerated within confines of said window, so to speak.

The beauty of it too, is everyone alive other than White drones who drank the Kool-Aid know that this is what the world is anyway. So it isn't the hardest divide to exacerbate either - just remind these niggers how much they all actually hate each other.

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Aint the real world a wonderful place?

This, although I will provide more ideas.

Love it, user.

"Intersectionality", like "racism" works both ways ('reverse' racism doesn't exist… it's just racism). I had to study it as part of a core unit at University (they don't let you graduate unless you're indoctrinated or can lie well enough to pass) and often use its principles for laughs when dealing with feminists.

Check out to learn how to speak like them and how to deconstruct their social constructs

But this is taking it to a new level, trying to get them to fight among themselves.

I say take it a step further still…. start suing people on the same grounds of "being offended" the left has already argued. Courts can't discriminate in an identical case where the only difference is race. If they do, you expose their hypocrisy. It's a win-win!

Still amounts to internalizing what amounts to jewish pilpul and ultimately portions of their world view. Anyone poisoned by intellectual judaism must be mutually annihilated by the jews and their pets in the coming ragnarok, only people untainted with such thought patterns can remain.

Just join Islam. Silly westerners care too much about material things and having adulterous relationships or bumming each other.

We happily settle down in nice families and breed like rabbits. We will win purely on numbers, our protocols also give us a stronger character than your weak butter knives. How many far right people do you know that would die for their belief system? Yup thought so.

Racism is also against our religion so we aren't stuck in your ever dwindling so called inbreeding genetic purity.

Don't worry you can live in peace once we've won, the global power structure currently in place will need some changes: interest based monetary system will have to go (sorry Jews and banker scum, no more freeloading).

Join team Islam and help us win the game. Three wives extra free (while stocks last) XD

Read the op dumb fuck. We're all about appropriation.

he does, he does spiritually but he does

just as god owns us all. You know king of the universe, His property is the universe. Same to with all hierarchies. The king owns the country, as the chief landlord, the father owns the household

Your pithy poorly fleshed out ideas will lead no where.

Why not try Islam, a decentralised system with exponential growth and a common protocol.

Fuck islam sandnigger.

Your on the wrong board

Still no one has asked me to stop

Bumping for effort post

no idea what you're saying homo

Intersectional anti-Semitism is what Jews fight against the most.
I recommend it.

What is it?

Not him but jews have made literally everything worse.


Every single person in the Americas, Europe, east Asia, Australia, South Africa, and a fair amount of the Middle East is worse off because of them.

It's actually eye opening to type it out, I could go on. The sheer magnitude of their wickedness is insane. It isn't even balanced out against anything considering nearly every jewish inventor was part of a team and took credit.

My point is that every conceivable problem has been made worse by their presence. Seriously, just pick an angle and there's a legitimate grievance from any walk of life.

Problems will always exist, they just make it so much worse that they end up being at the root of nearly every ill as it becomes intolerable.

>the (((people))) who have power easily maintain it when all others are divided

'Meanwhile do I talk to myself as one who hath time. No one telleth me anything new, so I tell myself thine own story.'

Is this a book or something?