St. Tarrant was a personal trainer

First time seeing this. Not sure if it's been posted here before nugg I've never seen any mention of it. Obviously not definitive proof but I don't think a Mossad agent would work at a local gym training kids for free for multiple years.

Gym manager Tracey Gray confirmed the man who filmed the attack and streamed it online was Tarrant.
She said he worked at the gym after he finished school in 2009 until 2011, when he left to go travelling overseas in Asia and in Europe.
"He was a very dedicated personal trainer," Ms Gray said.
"He worked in our program that offered free training to kids in the community, and he was very passionate about that."
Ms Gray said Tarrant did not strike her as someone who had an interest in firearms.
"I think something must have changed in him during the years he spent travelling overseas," she said.
Tarrant is known to have visited Europe, South-East Asia and east Asia.
His travels also took him to North Korea where he was photographed in a tour group visiting the Samjiyon Grand Monument.
Ms Gray said she recalled that Tarrant's father Rodney died from some kind of asbestos-related illness when Tarrant was finishing high school.
She believed that he still had a sister and mother who lived in the area.
An obituary for Rodney Tarrant in local newspaper the Daily Examiner in August 2010 said he died of cancer at the age of 49 in April 2010.
A family photo taken in the 1990s shows Brenton, a toddler with a curly mop of hair, in his father's arms. Rodney is wearing a Gold Coast Marathon t-shirt and his wife and daughter are beside him.
Tarrant inherited his father's interest in physical fitness.
"He was very good, very dedicated with his training' Ms Gray said. "He would train a lot, and some could say quite excessively but then he was passionate about health and fitness and making those changes in his personal space."
Ms Gray said Tarrant was in every way a model fitness instructor who went out of his way to help people and put in extra effort.
"I honestly can't believe that somebody I have probably had daily dealings with and had shared conversations and interacted with would be capable of something to this extreme."

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Daily reminder


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Bet an antigunner threatened to expose him for )))something((( if he didn’t kill people to give a pretense for shattering New Zealand’s gun rights.

All of us can do it. NPCs can't handle how bad things realy are.

Cool he trained kids. Now he training them to for racewar. Nothing will give you experience of killing muslims like Tarrant video.

Fuck off. Nobody want to read your crap here.

I also forgot

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Guys I remember just going down to New Zealand to vacate with my friends. Now there's whites and muslims clashing on the streets on a island more close to China and the Philippines than mainland Europe.

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The second video is conclusive.

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You're gonna have to try 500% harder if you actually want someone to believe you kike.

Unedited Full NZ shooting:
Condensed shooting footage with added hit markers and music:
Marty Robbins/Johnny Cash edit
Dope Fiend edit

Notice this shill doesn't post a link to the second mosque video.
Because it's much higher res than the livestream and the trickery is indisputable.

Hit markers on mannequins.

Your video is not even from second mosque. It is diferent attack years ago. You are shill here.

How (((organic)))

Rights aren't something that can be taken away on a whim by a cunt posting as a leader. New Zealand had and has no gun rights. Also read his manifesto you fucking 50 IQ faggot.

That isn't even from Christchurch you absolute faggot.

Confirmed jew fed nazi faggot.
Only jews say "kike". I

Take your Low IQ bullshit somewhere else.


Kill yourself kike.

every single thread, the first response is these fucking kikes attempting to derail the thread

it is no surprise to me that the Warrior-Hero Tarrant is a good man who has helped his community grow stronger and healthier

this is the way the average person always talks about great men. they cannot comprehend the righteous, intense anima that drives one to take action, because they live in a debauched society that has sapped their souls, and they have thus become content with mediocrity
I wonder what she would say if she heard about his experience with the mass graveyard?

How do you figure that tor nigger?

but you didnt even mention the six million


Same as Africans call each other "nigga". All the jews I knew took offense to being called jew but called each other "kike".

Kill yourself kike.

Yes it fucking is, you vile little kike.

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Dumb jew.

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Also notice the hilariously fake blood.
Where did you ever see blood transparent like that?
Where did you ever see blood that runs like that?
Where did you ever see blood that doesn't turn dark as it dries.
Their theatrical "blood" has separated out into water and glycerin, hilarious fake bullshit.


I'm sick of arguing with you faggots, go to that thread to get BTFO on all your retarded points.


Get out nigger. This is complete and total bullshit that has been disproven many times. Posts like this should be bannable at this point because its clear they are being made in bad faith.

Brenton Tarrant Files:
Video Part 1: >>>/brentontarrant/1
Video Part 2: >>>/brentontarrant/2
Manifesto: >>>/brentontarrant/3
Thread: >>>/brentontarrant/4
Facebook: >>>/brentontarrant/8


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Notice this kike doesn't post a link to the second mosque video.
Why might that be?it's because it blows the whole hoax apart
Neck yourself.
The video (in this thread) which demolishes any claim that Christchurch was legit.
Watch as shills keep trying to get you to watch the grainy webcam footage and have your mind fill in the blanks, when there is HD that shows you everything (and nothing).

Thats rad!
I reserve rad for special accolades and you get one!
Inb4 shills say its a shoop

Zig Forums is a board of peace.
Those of us who are genuine traditionalists will continue to expose the Zionist hoax which is Christchurch.
Watching frame by frame helps to cut through the various concealment strategies the person taking the film attempted to use.
Don't give them the opportunity to employ what amounts to "quicker than the eye can see" sleight of hand - watch the frame by frame dissection of this garbage.

There is absolutely nothing conclusive about that video. Hell you don't even have the ORIGINAL without the shitty music overlayed ontop of it. You know why? Because you aren't from here and you got it second hand off youtube or someshit where people were trying to avoid the censorship by changing the audio.

Your video proves there are people shot in a mosque. Nothing more, nothing less.
There are no bodies coming back to life.
What do you think this is a George Romero film?


Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a shill post looks like 👍

You have a very demoralizing job shillanon. I couldn't keep it up. Hope theyre paying you good

Different mosque
Different country
Different continent
Different year
Different decade

Nice attempt at outgrouping, but I think that any astute user is going to notice that you have deliberately omitted the "proper version" (or any version) of this video from your list of links.
Why is that?
Why would you deny (((fellow nazis))) another video of dead muslims?

Why do you people continue to lie?
I've proven it was the same mosque, are you functionally retarded or did you post immediately after being asked to come here and support the hoax, without checking the thread first?
Zig Forums13109626

Report False flag Derailing kikes. This thread was talking about Brenton Tarrant being a personal trainer and now its total shit thanks to these Anti-Tarrant CIA shills

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Comparison of the video you are claiming is from a different mosque, country, condinent, year and decade, with article about Christchurch.

You do realize that the fat fuck in the grey apron also appeared on international television kneeling before the crowd at the memorial speech, right?

You don't get to decide when your hoaxes are exposed.

This is the part where you say we aren't seeing what we see.
Go on! Dance little jew boy! 💃


you can see the casings hit the floor in that video. they dont disappear at all. wtf are you on about?

Tarrant didn't leave any survivors or anyone who could walk on their own or who could talk to the media the next day. He was thorough and eliminated his targets. The media needed some imagery and people to interview to sell their bullshit narrative, so thats why you have pictures of the same dumb muslim everywhere. Anything sourced by the media is going to be fake and a fabrication. You haven't discovered a false flag, you have simply figured out that the media fabricates shit to spin stories in the direction they want. The jewish media lies… congratulations do you need a medal?

Disappearing casings and CGI are jew well poisoning tactics.
OP might be legit and just not realize he's been stung.

He's a shitposting faggot, that's all you need to know

This makes me think, I would never do any PVP on any minecraft server. I cannot stand the thought that someone would be rifling through my inventory and my buildings like that afterwards.

You're not very good at this. Are you female?

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I wonder, with all the new blood about here on Zig Forums, how many people just got woke the fuck up about your filthy fucking degenerate tribe hiding out like cockroaches screaming at us all to "hurry up and kill each other! B…b…before you come for me!"

Tick tock, heathen.

You're even admitting it. Your mind is too weak to keep your lies contained and they leak out into your posts.
Pretty funny.
See how the kike admits the truth?
Where did I claim to have discovered this, or that it was a false flag? It isn't a false flag, it's a hoax.
So since you don't get your information from the mainstream media, where exactly are you getting it from? Please be specific.

Except the Tarrant video wasn't sourced by the media. The Tarrant video was sourced by Tarrant, thus its credible. You are basing your decision off the bullshit constructed after the event by the jewish media. You are an idiot and you are spouting information created by jews. This makes you the enemy. Reported.

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Sadly the jew has designed this one with a sound knowledge of alienated White masculinity. Young men are aggressively defending this fantasy character because for once in their lives they think that they're dealing with an example of true and positive masculinity.
That's why they scripted him as successful with the ladies, going against the grain of casting "incels" by default. It makes the character look like someone who didn't act out of depression or frustration, but out of a higher (spiritual) motivation. Much like Evola's differentiated man.
Lot of work went into this one, he's no Adam Lanza or so.
There's a dialectic between hoaxes and hoax exposers. As we bust open their bullshit and expose it, they go back and refine their method.

Is English your second language?
That sentence means no one survived the attack, it's just that all of it after the first "or" is what we call tautology.

You're going to rage now because of jew delusion about superiority in languages and rhetoric, so I'm going to give an example of how stupid what you wrote actually is.
Yes, you're that ignorant.

not a far cry from semite
you are arguing in bad faith and shilling a narrative that has been disproven many times

I think he was chubby as a kid and thus worked on staying in shape as he got older. Its an admirable trait. One of many Brenton Tarrant possesed.

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I don't think a single user buys this bullshit. The prime minister is a fucking tranny who was an office clerk in England less than a decade ago.
This is honestly worse than sandy honk.

Link the thread where the video was "disproven".
You can't, because it never was, because every time it's posted and the problems pointed out, shills like you swarm in with ad hominems, attempts to ban and claims that it's from "another mosque, another country, another year, another decade."
When that doesn't work you claim the matter was previously settled. In fact you try every deceitful, underhanded and semitic tactic in the manual.
Every time that video is posted, a few anons wake up.
And there's nothing you can do about it but kvetch.

Not exactly a clerk, it worked for the Blair government iirc.

That's to say, it was being groomed for the position by one of the most notorious war criminals of the 20th century.

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Get fucked you stupid glownigger subhumans.
All released the same day as unrelated to shooting.
No it wasn't you retard, he drops it few seconds later. Anyone can count how many mags Tarrant went through and how many mags he had on his plate carrier. Duh.
No, it's blue shoes with white soles, shill.
Absolutely pure lie for anyone who ever seen the video
Absolute retard and total noguns.
Yeah, according to literal fake website full of lorem ipsum default filler. Fucking hell.

Daily reminder that all shills will be hunted down and tortured to death.

see webm

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Natural too. Always look at the shoulders. Theyre a dead giveaway of anyone juicing. Theyre a tiny muscle (anterior deltoid) so the slightest growth (by way of supraphysiological atp storage) makes them appear very rounded and cartoonish in juice heads.
T. The expert in the subject matter.
Yes LEOs, you never caught me and I can teach you every detail of the business inside out. 15yrs without a job, must have been begging on the streets!
I'm offering consultation. The highest level exposure, for a price.
Mans gotta respect his govt. You fought your way, I fought mine.

Here is an infographic you can add to your anti-shilling collection. Don't expect false flag cia niggers to understand video compression though.

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You willing to post a personal image to confirm your position, buddy?
I am…

Yea, hes natty as fuck. Delts are not the size of pumpkins and his biceps don't bulge when in the relaxed position.
Also, no cobra traps.

This is the level the false flag shills have stooped to.

Already have it brah, just forgot to post it. Good you posted it.

What's that say about you, considering its a level you won't rise to?

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False flag shills confirmed for feds. Only feds want you to post your picture on 8ch.

Get out nigger. Where do you think you are? Its so obvious you don't belong here.

Oh thats right, we were discussing this video
Right here👍

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You don't belong and that video proves nothing. Theres no proof thats even in new zealand. Its a bullshit video attached to the incident after the fact. Ontop of all that nothing that you claim happens in the video actually happens in the video. Nobody "comes back to life".

Who fuckign cares? What does that have to do with anything? This is literally bait for Jamal and his schizo boomer buddies to spam their same tired "nothing is real everything is fake assholes and elbows" garbage with personal endorsement from the mods.

We aren't discussing that video. We are discussing Brenton Tarrant being a personal trainer and you decided to spam the thread with your nonsense. You better hope you are on a VPN because you are getting banned as soon as a mod checks the mod queue.

Boy you sure are defending this event even in the face of firm opposition.
If somebody didn't know better, they might think you had some incentive to so so…


No need for a vpn
Nothing to hide
All my comments are my own
I am, in fact, a jewish nigger larping as a white supremecist.
Im literally black. I just like white culture more than nigger culture. I cant identify with crime and ebondicks.

Just call them what they are, liberal faggots promoting that Jewish, nigger-loving hippy bullshit.

bullfuckingshit. He just looks like he did more cardio based workouts than super heavy power with weights.
I have never juiced and I'm jacked af with bulging delts and my biceps pop when relaxed even though I don't work them directly at all,m y traps are fucking huge though because I do super heavy benchpressing .
I do no direct stamina cardio only 2 days of sprints and 3 sessions of heavy bag work per week.
I'm not built for running away I'm built for running into.
Not that have an issue with cardio based workouts like Sir Tarrant, it's just not for me. And tbh cardio and isometric strength are far more useful in a gun battle, not to mention a smaller frame = a smaller target
I assure you that you are not jacked AF
You are not natural

No exceptions

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Do you really want me to post a Frame-by-Frame analytic? You will lose mate. Big time. Yet you will forever continue with your bs.

The New Zealand has the build of someone who lifts weights on a regular basis, but he was a rather short individual. His height is somewhere between 5'4-5'6 (I am a photographer for an event company firm and judging height and weight off photos is one of the things we are trained to do). He is not that heavy (because he is short), somewhere between 140-160 pounds depending on bone density and such. Most likely somewhere right around 150 but judging weight is somewhat more prone to a margin of error due to things like bone density, amount of muscle vs. fat., etc.

He has a decent build for his frame, but his frame is very small and he himself is very small. I was honestly shocked at how short he was when I saw him appear. Especially for a "white" guy growing up in a developed country he is very small.

He was not a big guy, but then again you don't need to be when you are well armed like that. Anyways he was a somewhat confused individual. While the shooting may sadden some, I personally do look on the bright side of things, and in this case it will help law enforcement structures purse "white" nationalist groups more effectively and with much more severity.

guy, this men is not st.Tarrant..
see at his haircut, Brenton was be curly + darker hair color


C.I_A scout or Islamic recuiter, either way it is not looking too good.

It was pretty obviously staged in order to outlaw "white nationalism".

Clearly he made all the self improvement threads. Continue his legacy and improve yourselves.

ignore kike faggots. they're terrified right now, and require us to be demoralized

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sage. go away mossad


Brenton Tarrant fought the invaders. It scares the kike scum to know that WHITE MEN are starting to FIGHT BACK. This is why they attack our heroes with this bullshit. They want us demoralized and not ready to fight.

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Go away Jew.

That hit me right in the feels. This was a man filled with righteous anger and a will to do whatever he could to right things.