Man wearing a Trump shirt abuses people at Christchurch mosque

Tensions are increasing.

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"Have I started the fire?"
"Yes the fire rises"

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third hand quotations are the sign of expert journalism

Based. We should learn from him.

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Mudshits ARE terrorists though. This t shirt wearing man wasn’t wrong

no video? You are killing me user…I wanna watch a video of this…
I wanna see him telling the turk terrorists to leave NZ.

Things that never happened

Fuck off (((OP))).

No video…didn't happen. Remember when we trust the mudshits to tell the truth about anything? There is a reason why they are lying psychopaths, it is called taqiyya.

Family of Toronto girl who claimed her hijab was cut apologizes: reports


Awesome…very true, she should have been shot, so why was she spared thus far? So that she could make turkic mudshits children in NZ and breed like a cockroach?

‘You Are the Future of Europe,’ Erdogan Tells Turks [I assume he means all European nations they have invaded as well]

That is legit awesome. And true

Possible… although if the story is true, it's encouraging that white men are showing that they've had enough.

>>(((Man wearing a Trump shirt)))

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Of course, when Muslims set up rape gangs and rape literally thousands of young white girls BECAUSE they are white and in their minds, they deserve to be raped.. that's different and totally fine and it would actually be racist to point this out and speak against it.


I could use some extra cash and I look very stereotypical racist nazi. Jus sayin

Nothing new here user…even Zig Forums is so RACE TRAITOR that it thinks its women should be raped and murdered by subhuman filth…while they laugh at the fear, mock and slander the terror desperation and pain of their own.

Fucking based!

Just saying that the more pure and innocent the more Zig Forumss men love to see them slaughtered and tortured…meh, reminds me of globohomo bolshevism where the absolute worst of the jewish torture of the 60,000,000 was reserved for the beautiful, talented and pure.

There is nothing quite as fine in the minds of Zig Forums as seeing one of our beautiful and fertile potential young mothers brutally beaten with their legs broken and raped and then strangled to death while the probably cried for their mother or their father or God, none of which came to help them and no one answered their cries.

It is the 'state' of our people, I suppose.

Fine, but Trumpcucks are kikes and not welcome here

What the fuck are these jewish fantasies you posted? What the fuck is that subhuman thread you linked?

They expect one of us in the wreckage brother.

can't tell whether schizo or boomer

Probably a larping Jew or leftist

Friendly reminder

Most of the retards posting here are subhuman trash as indicated by their love of gibs and gommunism.

Cry more, goat fuckers.

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what did you say about my bitch, Christian!?

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No wonder you cucks are single. Curled up on your laptops masturbating to abuse of Muslims while everyone else is out getting laid😏typical

Read thread user. You will see how much the men of Zig Forums enjoyed seeing that beautiful innocent young potential mother raped beaten and strangled to death. Or people hate us and I am firmly convinced that our own men glory in the fact that we are slaughtered in front of them. They are egged on by muzzles and kikes but seeing our young girls and mothers beaten and tortured to death is something that they enjoy as well. Only a few comment are semites…the rest is our own people betraying their race and their own future by cheering on the end and slaughter of our women.

why the fuck would they be wearing a trump shirt in NZ? that's retarded.

is that what you muslims call rape now? sounds like you are becoming western lol

I sure am glad the mods will never do anything about all the shills and bots spamming the board but are more than happy to delete threads about forced vaccination laws.

I wasn’t happy my forced vaccination thread got deleted either.

There is no way just a little percentage of people in that thread were semites. It's obvious that turkikes and other non-humans would flood those threads, as a virtual way to spit to on the graves they made. They always have done that in those types of threads in the past, and even if there was a white man anywhere close to doing that, he'd be a soycucked traitor or a brainjacked dolt.

He was there for 15 minutes.

so even after this, their response time is roughly the same?

can't tell if you're a shill from the feminist camp or /leftypol either way, you're a faggot.

keep in mind, that harassment in commonwealth countries could mean not letting your daughter be raped by ahmed.

The key ingredient in White genocide is the approval and participation of White males. A race cannot be genocided without the express permission and approval of its men. I got banned for ‘sperging out’ in that thread and I can tell you right now, I was all alone…and that the men on Zig Forums gloried in watching our beautiful young potential mothers destroyed. I think you might be missing the larger problem user :^|

Even if you're right about all those suspiciously chimpish posts being 'white', that only proves there are a lot more traitors than I first thought. Also, in "European attacked and killed" threads just six or so months ago you'd see people getting fucking pissed at the bragging kikes claiming every single one was a race-traitor. No idea what happened recently.

The brainwashing is working user. They are so good at D&C and genocide by tearing nations apart from the inside that I see that beautiful girl like a little sister and I mourn her user, enough to cry over her while Zig Forums is busy taking the black pill and spitting on her corpse and calling her a whore. Yes user, there are more race traitors that you think as the psyops become more intense.

They shame you for loving your people. They call you a ‘white knight’ and like a horrible decay poison the body from the inside.


I wouldn't be so defeated, you don't know if your efforts shitposting against boasting subhumans and the people they manipulate with shaming and shitty language tricks has worked until the next thread. Especially when there's an influx of newfags, and shills to shill them.

Anyone lurking the thread who becomes convinced is likely going to keep lurking it, anyone posting in it with doubts sown is going to keep saying what they've said to save face. Another trick they exploit. The next similar thread is a fresh start for both of them. And when you're saying things that are true, it's impossible to unlearn. No one stops being NatSoc, unless they did not truly know what it is to begin with.

RaHoWa is a diverse and inclusive movement and we are not broadcasting the proper image to reflect our progressive ideals.

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you don't understand, the guy your relying to is a bit of a whack job, more so than most, his heart is in the right place but gets pretty far off base quickly…. he's referencing the thread where the thai guy raped and murdered that german girl, he's misinterpreting people basically saying "you reap what you sow" as "i'm so fucking happy and glad she was raped and murdered" …they are not the same thing.

i agree with you reap what you sow, that poor fucking girl should have had people in her life who cared about her enough and who were intelligent enough to warn her and stop herself from putting herself in that sort of danger….by no means am i happy she's dead or that she was raped…don't buy into that guys bullshit, he's overly excitable and lacks the ability to see things clearly because of it…like i said, his heart is in the right place…just needs to reel it in a bit.

You fucking kikes said the same exact thing (victim blaming) in Morocco. It is always the women’s fault…never the semites fault. You are even excusing them here in THIS thread. You make it sound like you are being sympathetic while you are spitting on their corpse. It never ‘gets old’ does it user? And when you aren’t continually bashing our kin you are bashing White men. Oh if only ‘someone’ cared. Yeah, if you hadn’t destroyed our people for the last 2,000 years with your torture (((inquisition))) and your planned and orchestrated WW’s ‘’ maybe someone would care’’…about this poor girl (spit on her some more). It’s not actual ‘sympathy’ you are displaying, you are still blaming the victim every single time.

Fuck your optics. The KKK tried optics for years electing leaders with doctorates and then later to the point they even invited niggers. How'd that work out for them?

Also I bet this means in your mind that no one is innocent, that little children are temptresses when they are raped by you and that if someone has never been hurt ITS THEIR FUCKING FAULT for being victimized. I have worked with innocent young women like that girl before and they know NOTHING about the minds of you animals. The things that you thing are ‘justified’ have never occurred to them in their life.

haha unironically fucking based

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What happened to the real Zig Forumsacks that supported Trump, huh? Fuck all you fucking nazis Trump is DOING HIS FUCKING BEST. Fucking deflect all you want but Trump has REBUILT america from the fucking ground up! MAGA! Fuck I hate you far right retards we are trying to appeal to the libshits but you ain't helping us by killing people or shouting obsenities at PoCs. C'mon you dumb fuckers we're MAGAing as ONE
Hop on the fucking Trump 2020 train or gtfo off my board you stupid millenial larping nazis.

Poe's law is in full effect.

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Just saying that if people could anticipate the SICKNESS IN YOUR MIND their would be no victims because they would have anticipated sick fucks like you before you could rape and kill them. Certainly makes your ‘original sin’ more prescient doesn’t it. >she was born GUILTY and she deserved to be preyed on by you, right kike?

No need to be a zealot about it.

I hope this is ironic shitposting. Even if he might got after some token spics (he isn't), he's cucking to kikes and niggers even more than king nigger did. He's a disgrace, no better than a leftist.

Persecution is grounds for murder. It says it right there in their holy book. Merely not believing them, and not bending over to accommodate their rites, is grounds for you to be murdered. The only thing holding them back is the means to do it and (usually) no legal ramifications for doing so. So killing Muslims in return is just rational preemptive self defense with only a legal consequence and not a moral or ethical violation.

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Siege faggots will siege. What can you do?

Are all these people getting thrown into prison for decades for this?

If so this is stupid and they should just be killing the last of the muslims until there's none left instead of going to prison for mere words.

Haven't read this thread in full but I have a sister who I've warned thousands of times over and over to stop going to shitskin countries and hanging around shitskins and she keeps traveling the world and has already been mugged several times but continues to spout off far-left talking points and excusing it all. Nothing short of being raped to death is going to change her mind. She even got pushed over in Chile from behind and her phone stolen and several other times she's had stuff stolen. She never fucking learns and is fated to be one of those "stupid liberal women gets raped and beheaded" webms sooner or later. Fuck I even recently told her about what's going in South Africa and she says she wants to go there next, told her that in May the communists are killing all the Afrikaner there. She just responds with South Africa is the safest part of Africa. It's still an insanely dangerous place to be and most whites are trying to leave that shithole to come to Australia as refugees, just abandoning everything to do so, business and properties and everything. Yet she's dumb enough to think it will be just fine and dandy to go there. Seriously, the university brainwashed her, and she even says she wasted her time in university cramming her mind and then forgetting literally everything, and that her degree is bullshit (she immediately got a job that didn't require a university degree). She never wants to have children and has a literal vegan soyboy French boyfriend. I can't save her.

So none of this happened

do you think niggers and faggots can be reformed?
do you blame the coyote for killing the sheep?
do you blame the sheep for being victim to the coyote?
do blame the Shepard for not guiding and protecting his flock?
would you throw your daughter in a hyena den?

nobody wanted this to happen to her, all of us would like our revenge or to never have had this happen in the first place but it has, you can't uncrack an egg. it was stupid for her to go there in the first place, much less alone, without a male escort. she failed on every level to get in the position for that piece of shit to do what he did in the first place, it does not absolve him, not in any shape or form. her father didn't teach her the realities of the world that we live in, the society we live jaded her to the realities of the world we live in…much like the sheep, you cannot blame it for it's nature.

if you think that is wrong then maybe there is hope to reform the niggers,kikes and fags into actual human beings, i tend to believe a yote will always prey upon a sheep. some sheep if they live long enough will learn to avoid the coyote however….there's some red neck wisdom for you.

yeah, a guy a know was a big deal photog in cape town, doing all of these spreads in liberal articles about how how white people still live better than black people there, raging faggot, anyways for years he was going on about how if you're just street smart it wasn't that bad of a place…like 2-3 years ago he suddenly just STFU and got out saying "things have got bad, gotta go"….you used to be able to go to some of the places…as a strong healthy guy, i wouldn't say that's the case anymore.

no I think they need to be killed without regard to the 'liberal agenda' judged as a nation and found wanting because they breed true to their nature. I want ETHNOGLOBE. There is nothing that can ever be redeemed or reformed about the subhumans. Ever. Their DNA is bad, they will fuck and devour until all Life is gone without stopping. But never in a million fucking years would it occurred to me to blame my own kin for something bad that happened to them at the hands of a predator. I am not in the practice of KILLING MY FUCKING KIN or thinking that they deserved to be eaten because there is a predator around. I kill the predator/parasite and then my kin will be safe.

A herd of herbivores could kill their predators pretty easily by stomping them to death but instead THEY ACT LIKE PREY. When you blame the VICTIM you are acting like prey and not like a predator. A predator kills what and when he desires…prey laments and says that the one preyed on was defective.

You have a prey mentality. It has been instilled in you by people who HATE YOU and HATE YOUR KIN (wife, sister, daughter). Predators don't ask permission to kill, they simply do what needs to be done.

I am not angry with you but I feel sorry for you for not understanding that you are the reason that we are being killed. As you very well know, compared to you, 'I am 'crazy' because I am studying biochem so that I can bring about the end of our enemies forever…but I think that it is you who has lost some vital part of your masculinity and responsibility when you agreed that it was 'her fault' and began to act and believe that you were prey instead of a man.

Top kek this shitlord

Definitely need to kill the breeders and potential breeders of any invading parasite. That is the most important thing that you can do…when I have a parasitic invasion I forget about killing the males, I only kill females whenever I see them. Rodents…know what I mean?

swearing in public is illegal so this guy is probably going to prison


Your sister needs to see some good gore vids. The Danish girls in Morocco having their heads sawed off is a start. And the Swedish NGO skank hostage getting hosed down with an AK by some stone age chimp.

Who else could do a huzpah like that. Europeans are too civilized for that.

Imagine being a foreigner in another country with a vastly different society than the one you come from, and your values instilled in you cause you to absolutely hate not only the society, but the people in it who allow you to reside in their nation. Then having the gall to complain that people are giving you shit for being different. It's like their unwillingness to return back to their country of origin is a total confession of how much better white societies are.

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Pretending to be retarded is still acting retarded. You can do better things with your time.

Fuck another 18 months of this fucking shit.
"we all need to leave" New Zealand, the post said.
Because we wouldn't take Madagascar, but NZ will do us nicely.

Not really


So any other sources that can confirm this story?

ok this story is also in the NZ herald which is supposedly one of the main newspapers for that shitty island. So it's tentatively legit.

I find it hard to believe he did this and the police on site didn't do anything to stop him.


Nope, the shitskins are HUGE liars…just like their kike brothers all they do is lie day and night to gain advantage. No video, NO BELIEF. Also, we are debating this like there is SOMETHING WRONG with saying the truth…the Truth is that she too should have been in that Mosque that day.

If you say it enough it might come true (in your mind).
There is nothing on the planet that is superior to Whites.


Pick one.

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I think of all the White victims of terror attacks.

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Fuck your shitty kike pozzed optics you loser.

MAGApedes are literal spastics, it's not just an insult but a verifiable fact


Imagine my shock.