What are ways to circumvent the coming censorshoip laws? We might have to get creative in our ways to communicate. I'd be grateful if someone could post this meme on jew chan as well and link it here because my ip range is blocked..

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Out into the streets.

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ya fucking right

Its a different time now, as long as people have their basic needs met they won't revolt with violence. Or at least they're very unlikely to do so, only if you have lots of low paid working class people (like with the yellow vests) will you get that. But people who are relatively comfortable will still be voicing their concerns and trying to shift the agenda in other ways.

We're wearing white t-shirts and hats and going for walks and meeting at local parks when we have no more online to attend to. Srs

Encrypt the text.

Create a browser extension that decrypts the text only if you got the key.

You could write messages anywhere on the internet, to users of that site it would look like:

"Jsa 8t1 9ie1s, r25e x9i ojp"

With the encryption active, you would see:

"Gas the kikes, race war now"

Make flyers and put them in peoples' mailboxes at night.

Wouldn't that type of code be easily censored? "No encrypted messages allowed" Plus we need to reach normies. Other than that its a good idea.

I guess there needs to be a lot of us for that not to be shut down.


Possible. But what if the encrypted text is shown in Yiddish, imagine the news title: "Reddit bans texts written in Yiddish"

Or it could just be normal words with double meaning: "Fun red bikes, ride for all"

Yeah I wonder why faggot. maybe it's because you're Eurotrash

we could always use programs such as asemica, its open source and makes any garbage look like semi-proper plaintext, as long as everyone is based off of the same large set of words.


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The whole NZ shooting was likely a mossad job though, multiple anomalies in the video. But handing out leaflets might be good if its targeted to conservative areas that might be succeptible

you can use demographics.virginia.edu/DotMap/

but I think the most effective areas for posters would be known leftist infested areas like Berkeley, guaranteed appearance in the news

weaponized irony (and memes obviously)

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The kikes will not get away.

Fuck you jew-shill. The top of her head flew off, how anomalous was that? You scared boy? You really scared? You should be boy because you'll have to be a man soon


Everybody of note who worked on anti-censorship tech has been bought off, blackmailed, or converted to Islam and wants more censorship now. The knowledge is not getting around. There's proton and tuta… tor is rumored to be compromised and i2p has no users… that's all I know of.

I want to look into creating a BBS
It has to be SSH and not Telnet.
Create the same imageboard in IFPS or i2p
onion site…….

What about ipfous or i2pfous or sometjing along those lines.
There is a few but nano seems to be the most reliable.

Oh ya remind anons when it's ready could always use another bunker for migration incase this site gets shut down.

Realized mumerals.

Start thinking about how to make it decentralized. Protocols like Usenet and FidoNet are a start.

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Decentralized protocols will eventually fail.

If the central world government is eventually established all countries will loose their sovereignty and become states. Shutting down something like Tor or Bitcoin would merely require a edict upon high sent down with a list of IP's.

user, the sun is going to burn out and everything that ever happened on this planet will be lost in history forever. You might as well kys now. :^)

So it is possible to make the whole thing less comfortable…. If internet providers shut down for at least one week, chaos will be everywhere. A modern version of sabotage.

We'll be a Type 1 civilization before then, complaining about inter-planetary race mixing and the Earth-II solarists trying to form a one galaxian order.

It's simple. You say your sexual orientation is darwinist. You are now legally protected from discrimination for wanting to gas kikes, gays, shitskins and all the other subversives wanting to destroy humanity.

That's the entire point of acceleration. Force the hand of the ZOG to quiet dissent, who in turn makes life hard for the average joe. The average joe will then ask "why are they doing this".

There aren’t any. Fuck off, coward.

That German is atrocious. Embarrassing. You better not post that anywhere before asking an actual German to correct it.


This. Secure or public, pick one.

Let ZOG remove any lest vestiges of legitimacy.

LMAO, filter this fucking idiot.


Filter all kikes

saw this, pretty interesting angle

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Keep fighting bigotry and intolerance Zig Forums. Justice will win in the end.

How about not giving a fuck about censors, and when they come knocking at your door you welcome them with lead?

Kill the censors.

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Their censor ship is perfect.
Because its so public and ineffectual.
They could get away with shutting it down when only a few were paying attention. But they let the genie out of the bottle when they gave us the ability to communicate on a large scale without the gatekeeping of the past.
Any attempt to shut it down while allowing free communication results in natural and instinctive circumvention of the censorship efforts by the simple means of proxy terms/memes/winks that are easily understood by all yet nebulous in themselves.
'OK' for instance.
Or 'bowl cut'.
Or 'subscribe to pewdiepie'.
Or clowns.
So they have three options:
1.Shut it down. Stop all internet communication completely. No social media, no chat rooms, nothing.
2.Ineffectually censor like a school teacher telling you not to swear and then having to monitor everyone all the time not only for explicit wrong think but implicit wrong think to a degree that even the normie begins to notice and is doomed to failure because its ultimately out of the loop and playing catchup with a zeitgeist it is not only empowering but worse, can only lash out at like an ogre with a club trying to catch a fly.
3.Control the narrative. Use AI and shills to create a false consensus and acceptance for their imposed 'reality'. The problem with this is that cognitive dissonance is a bitch and actual reality always wins.
Never interrupt an enemy when he's making a mistake.

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What are you using?

I've heard good things about lokinet on /g/. Might be pure shilling though. Layer 3 onion routing sans the Tor project bullshit. It'll take some time until it becomes usable. I hope it doesn't end up like freenet or that shitty reddit tier javascript dependent one. (Sorry I forgot the name of the latter.) What a disaster.

Not him, but that's umatrix

subverting other organizations from within. online and IRL


smoke signals
paper airplanes
carrier pigeons

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Such beauty in the sophisticated culture of the slavezi who lacks a will of their own and considers independent thinking degenerate

We must protect total broken slavery from censorship mmyes, this is the perfect way to oppose censorship.

God, you cuckolds.


muh ceneorshiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiip

Hello schlomo


Kicking things to the top is a way of partially fucking with the undignified people who are so obedient that they censor this place. Comments disappear, threads disappear, but thread order remains disrupted. It’s like the shillanoia threads always said: sliding works.

Reciprocate the firewall.