Alex Jones calls for an invasion of Venezuela

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Perhaps he should enlist and take action himself, if he cares oh so much about Venezuela. Along with the entire kike-loving, warmongering Congress.

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What do you guys think about the whole thing? What is worse, a socialist psychopath who at least in paper is against the jews, or a zionist neocuck who at least will get rid of part of the socialism?

Venezuela keeps re-electing him, so obviously enough of the people don't think things are as bad as they get portrayed up here [remember babies being thrown out of incubators, for reference] or they don't blame the current government for the conditions.

There's really now way to know whether that's true or they just falsified the elections by throwing out votes for example.

Just give guns to the Venezuelans. It worked out in central America with the contras.

I'm all for ousting Commies and Socialists with someone better but both sides of the conflicts are socialists, that means the conflict is what branch of socialism do you support. I support neither and it's irrelevant since both sides will just grow authoritarian with time. The Venezuelans, by the way, did this to themselves and it shouldn't be our job to undo their fuck up. They should have known better and allowed the CIA to overthrow Hugo Chavez in the 2000s but they supported him instead and now they're starving to death. The only reason why we'd want to get involved is to deny the Chinese and the Russians of a military base close to our borders. It's a decent casus belli but not a good one.

Don't fall for the propaganda, user. Elections in socialist countries are often a scam. If starving to death, hyperinflation, unemployment and black outs isn't a bad sign of the condition of the Venezuelan people, then Spics are dumber than niggers.

I think the safe bet is to ignore pretty much any accusations coming from the USS Maine/Lusitania/Gulf of Tonkin/incubator babies/911/Iraqi WMD accusation side.

This, but throw in I dont want to give kikes more money opportunities via oil and more import votes via human smuggling legal immigrants who only know communism.

Hugo Chavez was the one who came into power in the 2000s.
If you can't even get the basic facts right it's hard to take seriously your accusation that it was the CIA.

Jonestein is also pushing the Q LARP again.

Where are all the infocucks who used to post here claiming we were wrong about Alex being kosher shill? He's an open neo-cohen now and a sodomite.

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Protocols explain everything.

However, they don't expressly mention 3rd World mass immigration to West. But they do say stuff about "treat everyone equally" but that seems mostly about Czarist Russia and Europe.

Left seems legit popular. Hugo gave a huge sector of population their first taste of modern living with plumbing and electricity, schools, etc.

Alex Jones is a clown.
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and he nose it

Dumb idea
Better idea is to change the gasses of the atmosphere slightly so only whites can process the gasses. Ha if you’re brown get on down to I don’t care ha
Make o2 racist

Checked yeah we know
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Good to see that AJ is right about something… he gets things right sometimes. The reality is, there will be a humanitarian crisis in the United States if we don't secure that oil and assure it doesn't get shipped to Asia. VZ is sitting on 300 Billion bbls of oil, the most oil-rich country in the world.

The world is running out of oil, but with the right leadership, we might be able to keep that from becoming true for the United States of America.

Fuck the Chinese, fuck the Russians… they are not heroes, you bunch of halfbreed teenagers. They are enslaving the world.

Look at what's going on in China. The entire world will become a prison planet if the Chinese are allowed to dominate economically and militarily. Look at what they're doing to their own people. Wake up.

Is your middle keyboard bar ok friend?


Who knows, maybe he'll poison their water and turn their frogs gay.

only whites value liberty in any meaningful way. Of course Venezuela became an authoritarian shithole, every non-white country was one before we forced republicanism/democracy on them, and the minute we take the boot of their throats they go right back to it

Third world mass immigration is just a continuation of that. The "French" Revolution was very much Judeo-Masonic in origin, and has supported this ridiculous notion of equality since 1789.


This. Only the White man, and maybe to a limited extent, the Japanese, can truly understand liberty.

Wasn't that in reference to Yemen or Kuwait or some middle eastern shithole?

Remember when it was just about locking her up and some fat kike called soros?

That was used as an excuse to enter the Gulf War. It was supposed to be nurses at some hospital in Iraq who testified, but they were exposed as relatives of the Kuwaiti royalty.

I'm kind of split on this issue. On one hand I oppose the neo-con kikes at every turn. On the other hand, letting russia/china establish a foothold in south america that violates the monroe doctrine is probably not a good idea.

That's pretty funny. It's times like these we remember that Jonestein admitted to playing a character on his show in court.

It is very disingenuous to make arguments like this on behalf of a country/economy that has done pretty much everything in its power to not radically alter its energy consumption patterns.

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That's what I was thinking of, yes.

Not enjoying surfing the Yuga/riding the tiger I take it?

Lovin’ every minute of it my man. Feels good to be the bad guy of the world tbh. Weird but ok. He’s at the top of the list. The THE criminal terrorist mastermind the clit commander. The butterfly warrior , the Tyrian purple poet , the pee pee poo pooo pisssssssssssSS KRIEGSMARINE glasser
CRIKEY his words should be stopped immediately

I guess if the Americans insist on having their military in Estonia and Poland, Russia and China can go ahead and create more Cubas in the Americas. What's good for the goose is good for the gander, I say.

To be fair user, anyone would have done the same if the Jewed court system was trying to take your children away from you because of your speech.

I dont think you understand what is going to happen if China takes over the world. Its not going to be nice like when the USA did it.

Based Alex. We have to do it for Israel goys.

Who cares about this washed up obese neocohen kike tool?

Kek. Bugs are funny things
Longer version:

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Alex Jones is Bill Hicks

Ah, yes, the old false dichotomy of the "anti-Israel" politician who implements the full domestic jewish agenda inspired by (((marx))), or the anti-marxist politician who is fervently pro Israel (and still does jewish domestic stuff anyway even when pretending to be against it.) This fake battle of kike vs kike has been going on since the end of WWII.

The new US-backed dictator is actually even more communist than the old guy, so it's not a mystery why.



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and invite millions of them to the USA

They're whiter than Mexicans.

Be forever.

Who cares? As long as they're pro-gun, pro-family, and pro-Qanon.

Same lie they used against Iraq.

Kill yourself kike.

He's gotten worse since he was deplatformed, the jew has cowed him. Not that he wasn't the perfect shabbos, the jews just like to fuck with their gentile cronies.

Funny how Jonestein talks about the baby incubator hoax, but leaves out the fact that the Holohoax "survivor" Tom Lantos was behind it.

Daily Reminder Jews are behind this shilling


Going to assume the only people making this argument are government shills.

They need to hire better people. This is the lowest hanging fruit that is still literate.

Venezuelanns voted for this

Why do we care.

Just watch him get his ass handed to him during that David Duke interview. I am sure he had an earwig with a direct line to his live-time master telling him what to say. Duke mopped the floor with him.
Also I don't remember the dude's name, but recently Owen Shroyer had a guy on that flat out called out their zionist ties and how they never criticize israel. Owen was a stuttering mess.

I said Hugo Chavez.
I don't actually know if the CIA did it or not but I wouldn't doubt it. It's not like CIA interference in Latin America is anything new.

Owen is just a useful idiot who gets in feminists' faces so he can talk about them squeezing his nuts for 4 hours. He doesn't know shit. Jonesy boy seems to know about the Jews and has on a lot of guests against Israel but he has to be very careful about what he says or the ADL will slaughter him if he so much as nods to a statement that gets the color of their tie wrong. (skip to 1:14:10 for him talking about Israel)

I think he has good intentions but he seems to only have a Jewish understanding of history. He knows about the Rockefeller Foundation funding the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute and Julian Huxley working with Ludolf von Krehl but he believes globalists did it in support of Hitler when really it was to set up a stay-behind before he rose to power so they could sabotage the movement. Controlled opposition constantly harasses Alex so he has come to believe national socialists are evil satanists. He's too simple minded and emotional to realize it's a psy-op.

Venezuelans have said they want to handle their issues on their own and for the US to stay out of this. What the hell they're gonna do about it though beats me. Guaido is a puppet to internationalize Venezuela's oil companies and Maduro is a damn idiot for letting half the country's GDP depend on oil exports. Their whole country is fucked because people believe money comes out of the ground.

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How is what is happening in Venzuela America's problem?

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You're a fool. Of course Jonestein knows better, he was married to his first jew-wife by Texe Marrs, and used to have people like him on to kind of cover the jews as a way to maintain credibility, back when the average IQ in the truth movement was higher, but thanks to mentally retarded Trumpniggers, he can show his true colors and blatantly lie to his followers about things like the Q LARP being legit.

It's a terrible idea. The US should just stay out of it. This is obviously a plan to take Venezuela's oil and to install a Zionist in power. Nothing more, nothing less. Best case scenario would be if the Venezuelan people deal with it themselves and oust Maduro

Leave this board, neocon.

The double space shill strikes again

What do you think lol?
This is a National SOCIALIST board, after all.

More food for me.

Fuck that faggot, but do you realize how fast the standards for English writing have fallen? A single generation raised on cellphones and twatter, and in less than 2 decades 80% of college attendees have forgotten the rules of basic text formatting. I remember when McDonald's coined the phrase "I'm lovin' it", I remember the very first day I saw that. And I thought, "Well here we go, full steam ahead to the destruction of language." To trivialize the word "love" as a possible response to a $1 shitty hamburger is nothing short of linguistic terrorism. But I'm sure you've never even considered such obvious things, have you? That's because you're both stupid and ignorant.

Now behold, the future of language that you've created for yourselves with your lazy way of writing. In 15 years YOU will be the 30 year old boomers, and the "kids" won't even be able to write in English anymore, and will mock you for using text-based language. Watch it happen, you lazy fucking faggots. I'm fine with being the last fully literate person on planet Earth.

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Judging by the comments, it looks like he failed to unity. Oh well. It's not like their opinions or votes matter. One idiot there posted a link to a petition.

You clearly don't understand the game being played on you

No one cares about your dick pills jewns.

No, no, no.

Underrated post.

Can Alex Jones get even more gay? I remember watching him back when Bush was in office and even then he wasn't this much of a zionist shill.


The issue of Venezuela has to do with oil, not choice of government. Both Maduro and Guaido are on the political left. The difference between them has to do with oil.
Because the US is now a net exporter of hydrocarbons, its dual strategy is to lower domestic demand while also keeping foreign oil exporters out of the market.

well um yeah. it's the same sales strategy the US has used for 20 years to get the plebs on board
Bad government/spread democracy/evil dictator - which nobody believes.
4d economic strats which the public eats up because they get to feel clever and apart of the game of thrones plotting

I would also point out that the need to reduce domestic consumption of hydrocarbon goes a long way to explaining Trump's proposed gas tax hike. If the US develops it's export market for LNG, I would expect tax hikes on natural gas to follow.
MAGA = starve domestic consumption to help exporters

Know more news?
Adam green?

the third world exists for us to extract resources from and use in an actual civilization.

This guy is a shill for the Jews. Every single company that infowars interacts with is owned by kikes.

Why the fuck is this a thread?

Oh i'm sure you're correct. Was just pointing out that America always uses the 2-tier (moral imperative + geopolitcal) reasoning and that it works so damn well.
Everybody goes to bed happy knowing they're doing the 'right thing'.

This nigger has an MLM handbook right next to his copy of Mein Kampf on his Coffee table The very essence of the old saw "When in Rome.." is the crux of his scolding. Americans are such 'Rebels with out a cause'. I blame this cultural leprosy on both nascent technology & mass infusion of the semi literate POC Hollywood and sports-ball archetypes into the collective consciousness of the Folk..This programmatic propaganda has metastasized our insidious and perverted 'pop culture' with the brevity and bastardization of our proper English prose and grammar.




Checked and agree.
Loving it

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Who cares? Even his most die-hard fans from a couple years ago see through him these days.


I hate neocons and the CIA but the Venezuelan situation is like the stopped clock being right twice a day.

the second you start your media career you begin an exponential curve of selling out. imagine how far he is along that curve at year 20+

just show anyone that clip of him admitting a mossad guy stopped by to ask him some questions. BIG THINK

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No it isn't, you're just a retard who thinks they're being "anti-communist" by backing Trotskyites. Let me guess, you also think Pinochet and the John Birch Society are BASED and "fashy"?

no. go fuck off and be an edge lord in your daily LARP

you replied to the wrong guy i think tough guy

What is the purpose of this thread?I was pretty sure that all anons here and there don't take Disinfowars seriously… It's obvious pro israeli, controlled opposition, disinformation platform. He spreads fake and retarded 'conspiracy theories' to discredit legit ones and take our attention from real problems.

hes trying to say hes become a neocon warmonger which isnt too much of a shocker.

I guess I was the nigger today.

was meant for


We couldn't have to do such a thing if people in south america had embraced the ways of the great hero Augusto Pinochet.