JWO - Jewish plans for goyim in future

Know More News - Adam Green talks with two former zionist jews from Israel. Worth your time if you want to know more about Jew World Order, future jewish laws for goyim and plan for Nuclear War between Russia and USA.


EU gives credit cards for free to migrants.

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EU free money card for migrants.

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They don't really have an army. Seriously, wtf are the jews going to do? Shame us to death?

Better to redpill the normies as long as it is still possible:

Just seen whole video. Basicly they want New World Order with HQ in Israel. Ruling class is jewish and slaves is everyone else. Way they describe it is they see us as animals and this is all part of prophecy so it make sense in their minds.

I don't know how they would achive it without nuking rest of planet and then hunting down survivors by robots. Yet it is amazing how big plans they have. Pope, Trump and Putin are part of this plan. Plan was to start nuclear war with between Russia and USA but Putin care about his people and he refuse it. American goverment expected to kill some americans. But they also say that this war is back on table for us.

This is bit problem. If you start talking about this to normies they don't want to belive it. You see in their eyes they know it is propably true but it is so big and scary they refuse to care about it.

Actually, the jews are insulting god, because if it would be gods fate for the world, then god would do it with his own power, but what the kikes do, is manmade.


Kikes are the principle of Satan.

Aryans are the creative principle of God.

Gods chosen people (the aryans) must fight against satans attempts to destroy the world.


You do not feed a baby big steaks, you feed it with small and easy to digest food.

Same goes for redpilling.
Just search through the pages and you will find a lot of value.

I agree with you. But they version is they have soul from god and goyim don't. So they god on planet earth. They want to pass laws like critize god will punishable by death. That mean talking shit about jews would be punishable by death.

Yeah. I test this on my brother usualy. Because he don't panic because he already know who i am. Something like The Greatest Story Never Told, but about today would be good for redpilling normies.


The interviewees said penalty for violating Noahide laws is decapitation, that explains why the DHS bought thousands of guillotines a couple years ago.

That story was a hoax, but they absolutely plan on beheading us.

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Yeah. It all fit together. Usualy when i listen these podcast, i don't learn anything new but this one is realy worth watching.

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Oh really? Are stories about them buying 1.6 billions hollow points rounds and millions of plastic coffins fake too? It's real, all of it.

It is fake goyim. If it was real, you may panic.

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And Whites cannot fight back cause muh nadzess

White Nationalism is first and foremost the root cause of the death of white nations, culture and their people. They are the political 'AIDS' virus that has suppressed our white immune system from enemies that have and continue to seek our ethnic cleansing.

Millons of Whites in America are dying from poverty, lack of health care, violence and homelessness because they have no voice

We are not "white" nationalists, we are National Socialists.

Adam green is a true aryan warrior. Have no idea how his channel has not been shit down yet.



Jews have nukes.
It wouldn't surprise me, if Mossad took nukes and launched them from inside Russia, to look like the attack originated from Russia, so the USA would have to issue a counter strike.
5D chess, Jew edition.

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Rabbi, get the fuck out

Jews do not have the soul of god. They try to emulate Satan. That is the reason, why we will bring these wannabe satans back to hell!

Learn to write english you overpaid cocksucking jew.

Jews are not chosen. They actions give them away as the seed of satan.

End yourself, before god will do it to you!

You again. Ok. Thanks for bump.

Nukes are their key. We know they see themself as god so they have no problem to use them against us. After all we would be their slaves forever after that.

I don't say jews have soul of god. That is what they belive.

I know my english is not good and i agree with you jews are satan chosen people. It is their plan.

I apolgize for insulting you. I thought you were a jew who was pushing some kike narrative on me. You are welcome here on Zig Forums.

Kikes can believe whatever they want. God will punish them. But we can not expect that God will do all the work for us. We must help him.

So knock down the jewish power structure by taking away their hiding shield, which is the BIG LIE OF THE HOLOCAUST.

My gov is kicking natives from their homes and giving free land, housing and money to shitskin rapefugees, it's more likely than you think. The only way out is to crash the entire socio-economical system with no survivors.

That is ok. I am on Zig Forums for few years. I found this video intersting because they talk about plan from jewish perspective. I know that Holocaust should be exposed as biggest scam of century. Unfortunatly these boomers are too much brainwashed by jewish propaganda, that they never accept truth about WW2. These are people who belive in Q and are christian zionist who support Israel.

I belive there is real god and there is fake god aka Saturn. Fake god that control reincarnation on this planet earth. Jews worship him and see themself as rulers of Earth. Reptilians, astral realm etc. I know it may sounds schizo as hell, but that is what i found so far.

More you know, more it fit together. Some people think this is all simualtion on some big xbox in real world and we are plugged in like in Matrix and NPCs and everything is just part of program. I think it is bullshit. But NPCs may be souls from fake jewish Babylonian god Saturn.

It's nice we see more defectors but they aren't saying anything we don't already know or other past defectors haven't made clear. It is the insidious nature of why they believe they are chosen people and what it means. Not that it matters since they aren't chosen anymore when Jesus voided their covenant.

People who believe in Q are hopeless, and even if they were somehow able to come to the truth, the fact that they ever believed it means they would only be a liability.

Just pray for mass boomer suicide whenever Trump's presidency ends without the "plan" coming to fruition.

Thankfully that's why the direct telephone line to Russia exists.

They don't have enough nukes to accomplish that, nobody does. Not even Russia, the US, and everyone else with nukes combined. They're overrated and thankfully they'd be doing us a service by fucking over (((cities))).

How did one person get so profoundly stupid?

It is more or less just last update of jewish plan for us.

Americans should vote anyone except Trump now. Trump is just puppet of Kushner at this point. Nothing more than actor to shake hands of other politicans.


but that is how jews lose. still it scary that nuclear war is just one point of their plan

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Youtube not working?

Subject to the jurisdiction thereof….
As the 14th amendment reads, the children of people who are naturalized citizens and "subject to the jurisdiction thereof..' become citizens.

This does not include foreign diplomats who have diplomatic immunity because they are not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States.

Nor does it include foreign nationals who enter this country illegally since they are under the jurisdiction of the country of their origin.

It's time to stop the stupidity of allowing anchor babies.

The (((SCOTUS))) wont take a case that addresses this question, because they know they will be painted into a corner and either go completely rogue and declare US Govt invalid and issue Surrender of USA ruling, or declare not JUST Anchor Babies to be Illegals and ready for Deportation, but also there off-spring to as many generations as it takes for Mexican Govt authority to end (3 gens IIRC).

Wake up America. The Law says we can and should reduce current Hispanic population from 20-30% down to the correct about 3-4%, using Cattle-Cars back to Mexico.

Q is spelled KU and KU is actually a code word for CIA.

Do you believe the glowniggers have no fun in fucking with the masses? They do and they get a laugh out of it, every time some retard hopes that Q (=KU = CIA) will save him.

As if these glowniggers would ever bite the hand of their kike overlords.

I do not think that you are a schizo. You are on the journey to discover the truth. A lot of what you tell sounds like David Icke.

He has some good points.

Basically jews are the seed of Satan.

Aryans are the seed of God.
Aryans are the true chosen race.

Satan wants to destroy the creation of the Lord.
It is our job to prevent this!

Trump is such an obvious kike puppet that another term would be good for us. He's the accelerationist candidate who will stoke the flames of jew hatred.

You could but it is same like with your weapons. You don't use it. You let jews to run whole show.

I don't who exactly is behind Q, but it is mind control operation. CIA or Israel. In the end you will find jew on top.

Unfortunatly Icke is propably right more or less. I have my own experiences.

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My uploads from Nazi Antartica thread.
Dude explain David Star rulers and his experience.




Seiner Prophecy also looks more real every day.

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(((Adam Green))) < no jewwry a name then that. Total plant and why he's the new e-celeb against yids.

As far as those two fat, boomers in nowheresville go, they have no power. Kike dreams is all that is. Going on jewtube to talk about nuclear war lol as if they have anything to do with anything because whatever shitty, ripoff business they run.

The world dies after a US/Russian exchange. The Russian defense system is automated and once it detects (from space and land) something coming over the Arctic circle, they unload EVERYTHING they have, which is over 2000 missiles many of them mrvs.

You've been watching too many jewish videos. The radioactive material has a fingerprint if you will and from various treatises, everyone knows what everyone makes. So that slick idea of yours is out the window.

Such a dumb fucking idea… The economy and with it, jew wealth would largely go away. Plus with anarchy in the streets, guys like us are going to visit many jew homes of which we have extensive lists and kill these fuckers. Nice, slow, long night of torture for that big mouth, whore actor on twitter followed by that bank president etc,etc.


Like it or not. They tell you jewish plan/dream. You know that is what they belive in. Doesn't matter if it is bullshit or not. We know they are not chosen people. But they do and they want their NWO/JWO.

Adam Green is real deal.

Checked and kekd
What are you? Some kind of newfaggot?

This is one of the top ten eceleb battles of all times
they both seem jewish to me

Basketball magnet rim tech is real btw.
They put magnets in the black strips on the basketball.
Place your bets.
anyone want betting tips? I'm the best at boxing and mma

This has been happening in Canada as well. All kept hush hush of course. Massive family subsidization of immigrants, when they come here they are helped out with monthly installments based on family size, houses, jobs, vehicles. Probably laundered by the government through (((NGO))) groups. Dropped into a small white community all on the taxpayers dime. It’s unbelievable how blatantly obvious this is and how the general population of European nations and colonies are blissfully oblivious.
There is a storm coming

I think Adam is sincere, but the apparent influence Chris Bollyn has on him is worrying. I've hated kikes long enough to remember the days when Bollyn, Hufschmid, and DBS were attacking everyone with bizarre, feces-related accusations, and even re-publishing Frank Collin's "Deguello Report".


Gastelum will win by ko


"Zachary K. Hubbard" (fake name in my opinion) is a deeply white-hating kike who fellates for niggers. Why do jews love niggers so much?

Because they are easily socially manipulated and engineered and they are more violent and reckless than any other race.
I think both of them are jews.

I think most of these gematria jewtubers are just schizophrenic or suffering from other mental illnesses. JAM has unfortunately gone down that path.

Jewmatria is real tho.
Guess who's behind it?

how exactly is ruining your country financially going to help you? This is a meme that I hear frequently that I have never heard a good explanation of.

Imagine the implications magnetic holes in golf could have!


Slam jam slam jam slam jam
Jam all innur face work that body
Hoop there it is


The kikes think genetically engineering the red heifer, wiping out Esau who they claim are Europeanss, building the third temple on the site of the al aqsa mosque, formenting a global war before the year 6000 on the jew calendar and enslaving all the POC goyim (remember there will only be non whites left) will make their messiah appear.

I am your efendi goyim!

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Adam Green is controlled opposition.
There are no nukes - nukes are fake.
OP is a faggot and I'm so fucking tired of people even here being so doped and retarded.

Adam Green is controlled opposition yes. But nukes are fake, look into it. Also this is a board of peace and antagonizing jews only emboldens them to continue the genocide against white people.

I seen some videos of nukes. They looks real enough. Yes it could be scare tactic. I don't think talking about jewish plans.

Everyone can controlled opposition. You, me, anyone. This logic than nothing is real and everything is Mossad psyop is useles. Because you will do nothing because whatever you do, you do what jews want.

So we should love them and hope they will not kill us all. That's sounds like solution. Just be calm cattle to slaughter. Fuck of rabbi.

This video is fucking incredible.

USA is about to get nuked by russia. 100%

They probably all come from the same psychological warfare farm.
Research Cass Sunstein.

Killing all jews prevents that. Violent action is the solution.

Real Holocaust was never tried.

An essence that you call a soul is indestructible, unmovable, does not feel hunger or pain, it is fully aware and in communication with all that exists should it desire so, it can be, see or do anything without any effort, thus it is completely unable to experience anything.
In order for something so unmovable to learn it must willingly limit itself via biology and physical conditions, otherwise what you have is an immortal child who sees reality but does not comprehend it due to not being influenced by it in any way.
The soul must give itself amnesia to be able to experience free will otherwise its infinite knowledge prevents any discovery not already understood by all. A soul grows itself a personality and a human being to experience, humans are not complete entities who have souls, it's the souls who create and utilize humans as integral parts of themselves. When a person dies and see's Jesus, Buddha, loved ones and so on it's not really them but their very own essence welcoming them back.